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I enjoy adventure stories with action, comedy and drama. Also I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and Mass Effect. Not very good with romance to be honest. I will not roleplay with smut to be quite honest. Also no graphic torture stuff whatsoever because I will have no part of it.

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Hearing their cheers Isabella climbed onto the railing with her back to Pysko. Best not to disappoint. The rookie thought with a grin. Then she flipped into a moonsault in the air, attempting to slam her weight upon Pysko.
It had became a world of hurt for Isabella. Nevertheless, she refused to tap out even she gritted her teeth from the immense torment. Her stubbornness was reinforced upon being cheered as Bella by a number of the fans. Upon being freed she forced herself even as her back was searing in agony. She rushed forward, countering Psyko’s attack with a superkick.
Isabella’s eyes widened in alarm as Pysko ducked from her attack. A moment later she was hit by a super kick, knocking the wind out of her and fell to the ground. She barely had time to register what happened before being lifted up in a powerbomb. Then she crashed into the weaponized tables, letting out an agonized shriek.

Her back suffering twofold pain Isabella laid there. Fighting back tears and the injuries sustained, the rookie slowly forced herself to crawl to the ring. Amidst all the noise and madness she rolled back into the ring. Soon enough Isabella tried to get up using the ropes as leverage.
CS Template
Real Name: Isabella Cortez
Height: 5’1 ft
Build: 114lbs

Personality: Competitive, thrill seeker, easily provoked and eager to prove herself.
Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Profession before becoming Wrestler: Waitress
Signature Moves: Bulldog, Dropkick, Headscissors Takedown, Elbow Smash and Spinning Heel Kick
Finisher Moves: Springboard Forearm Smash and Moonsault
Back to her feet Isabella watched Pysko roll out of the ring. She grimaced at how much pain the previous referee as the medics came in and his replacement entered. Hearing the crowd chant her name made the rookie smile again and raised her fists in the air. Looking back at Pysko and noting what she's doing Isabella grabbed the chair still in the ring and slid out the side of the ring.

Sneaking up on her opponent while she was finishing her preparations Isabella suddenly charged again. Then the rookie would attempt to hit Pysko with the chair.

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