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Location: Dining Pavillion

Andy frowned at Cassian. "Says the person whose dad runs camp. My dad hasn't made much of an effort to talk to either of us. I only just barely saw him at the solstice and didn't even talk to him there. How would it be any different from the last eleven years?" She asked a bit in a huff. They hadn't invited Cassian over to talk to them and he was treating them like children, which fine they were, but still, it wasn't cool. "As of now, I've said more words to you than my father. What do you want anyway?"

Her day had been ruined by Apollo showing up and melting the snow. Now this older kid was trying to act like he was her friend. It was a bit frustrating. She looked over at her Aunt. Mads knew she was there watching, she had acknowledged her and Andy had acknowledged her back. But Mads hadn't waved her over so she was going to keep her distance. This looked like it was a Roman thing, and even if Andy had some Roman legacy in her that didn't make her part of their weird military thing.

Location: Dining Pavilion

Niah raised an eyebrow at Mads explanation for what had been in the box. She had no reason to doubt Mads. But it was a surprise. Why would Apollo risk that? Was he setting Nancy up? Jupiter had already punished him recently had that broken Apollo a bit? Made him want to lash out against his own children?

Her other eyebrow went up when Nancy asked for a bit of Mads blood. Niah looked over at Apollo sitting in his 'chariot' "Is this a setup or something? Is he trying to get you trouble with Jupiter?" She asked honestly. Niah was worried, she didn't want Nancy to get in trouble. She decided that if she had to she'd administer the Physician's Cure. She wouldn't let Jupiter's wrath hurt her friend.

Rose Buckner

Location: Forest -> Rumple's hideout

Rose kept her smirk small seeing Megan take the lead. She wasn't the slightest bit surprised. She followed the lead ready to fight if necessary, but the need didn't arise. Rosalia had a good point. That had been too easy. It didn't sit right in Rose's stomach. There were also the random people thanking Jack now that he was found.

Merlin made them all invisible again and both Sierra and Layla were in firm agreement that leaving was the best plan. But that scream set her teeth on edge. She wanted to go too, but what if someone was being hurt. What if they could help that person? Rose hadn't thought of herself as a hero, she didn't want to start being dumb and going into situations that would be a very bad idea. She also didn't want to leave someone who was screaming to die or anything.

Rose knew Megan wouldn't care anymore though. She had her brother and would want to leave right that moment. Rose understood that. It was how she felt at the prison. She glanced at Merlin, he had gotten them this far. How did anyone do anything in this dang world without magic? She hated it. Wanted nothing to do with the Magic. She wanted to figure out how to survive with her brain and hands. Magic had gotten them this far though, hopefully it could get them out of the situation.

Colby Jackson

Location: Outside the Tower

"It's not a demon cat." Colby defended. Though he couldn't actually be certain about that. He frowned when they were told to get back inside, but the urgency was enough to get him to move. "Come on up Silky." He said and patted his shoulder. Then the other. Jack jumped up followed swiftly by Silky. The weight seemed balanced well enough that it wouldn't be a distraction as long as both cats played nicly with each other, which it seemed like they would.

He hurried inside and looked at Maddie when he joined them. "You can't hear Silky? She told me her name. I know I'm good with cats but I've never heard them actually talk before." He was a little worried, but he tried to think about it rationally. He was in a world of magic and he was part cat. Maybe no cats had talked to him before because he couldn't, not that they couldn't.

He paused and looked at the black cat on his shoulder. "Can you talk to? Am I the actual cat whisperer?" Colby had been obsessed with Jackson Galaxy. That was where Jack's name actually came from. He had been named Jackson, but Colby only ever called him Jack.

Niah Bautista

Location: Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

"I can distract it while one of you goes for the gem. Once we have the gem we can either escape or kill it?" Niah would be perfectly happy dropping the whole of the mountain on the dragon if it came to that. She wasn't totally excited about the idea of playing distraction for the dragon, but she was decent enough with a sword, and out of the three of them could fly which gave her an advantage that the other two didn't have. As long as she was able to control the armor...and more importantly it didn't turn out to be cursed. A part of her still expected something to go wrong and the armor to try to kill her.

"Mads...Do you think you could make yourself invisible? Long enough to get the gem and get out?" Niah wasn't certain if the ability was possible, or if Mads had the strength after climbing. She still looked exahusted. "Even better if you can do it to both of you and you guys get in and out without being seen. Hopefully, the dragon doesn't have any extra back up." She looked toward their goal. They could sit and watch for a bit and see if they saw other creatures.
"I am pleased you feel better." MZ-33 said taking Raynor's comment seriously. "I do not know how to use explosives. It is not in my programming. However, if you instruct me on what needs to be done I can follow the steps." MZ-33 said matter of factly.

A blue glow appeared showing the map of the droid facility. MZ-33 pointed to a room on it. "This is the primary power reactor room." A path lit up. "This was the planned path for the attack." There was a preganate pause and then MZ-33 said. "If we follow that path we are more likely to find resistance. It would be best to use whatever distraction the original team made to our advantage." It also would be less likely for them to find any survivors if there were ones to be found, but MZ-33 didn't say that. She wanted to see what Raynor's decision was without drawing the conclusions for him.

It was a test. Raynor could chose the more dangerous path that could lead to a higher chance of failure, capture or death. Or the safer path that was more likely to succeed. The harder path would also give them a chance to potentially save people. Neither was the correct answer, but MZ-33 knew which one her first master would have chosen.

"If you require other assistance let me know." It was a vague offer. Truthfully not very helpful considering how little Raynor knew about the droid's capabilities. If protocol droids blueprints were one thing someone had spilled oil over the blueprints that made MZ-33, and hadn't bothered to clean it up.

Location: Hawkeye's Homestead - Missouri - Quinjet (Medical bay)

For a moment Niah didn't know what the outcome of this was going to be. She could only hope that the demon wouldn't win and take over her (or someone else over) and kill everyone she cared about. Any other outcome would be a better win for her, even if she died in the process. And while the President of the United States who used to run an organization that would have happily killed her was performing the exorcism it felt like she might die. Weirdly she was still okay with that though she knew it would make Bonnie sad and she didn't want to make Bonnie sad. Because yeah lacking the fear of death was the weird part of this day.

"I'm alive. I'm me." She said, wanting to move, sort of wanting to vomit from the pain. She thought of how Zoya had looked being aged preternaturally in front of her eyes. She thought of how someone who didn't exist anymore had had his heart ripped out in front of her. She thought of how Bonnie had stood between Niah and death and Niah had written reality so Bonnie hadn't died. She thought of Antoine and how he had convinced Niah to join Phase III but had died in the process. Yeah, she was still her. Head full of different realities with faces and names and deaths no one but her remembered. But she was still herself not some demon bear. She spit out some bile.

"Is there anything I can do?" Niah asked her voice raw. She didn't think there was much she could do since Spider-man had webbed her down to the table. God, she was tired.

Location: Missouri - Hawkeye's Homestead

Matt quickly stepped out when Bonnie told them to, he had been about to anyway, but he had to be honest with himself it was interesting to watch an actual exorcism be performed. He stood awkwardly outside the med-bay with the others. "We could go check on the flerkens." He suggested.

As much as Matt didn't particularly care for Niah hearing her scream like that was unsettling. But the screaming stopped and he hoped it was okay. He hoped Niah was okay. He didn't know her like the others since she hadn't been with the team when he had joined and he hadn't gone off to fight a demon bear with Oliver and her. What he did know about her was her devotion to her criminal sister and that was why he didn't like Niah. But if his own sibling turned out to be a criminal wouldn't he want to protect them too?

He walked out of the Quinjet and took a long deep breath of air. Matt had some idea of what Niah had been put through before he joined the team because of Cass, but he hadn't ever talked to Niah about it and he suddenly felt bad for judging her without getting to know her. Cass and her were friends he owed her at least to try to understand.

Location: Omega Building: Renegade's Apartment
Skills: Enhanced Reflexes (passive)

She grabbed her jacket and pulled it on checking the pockets. She was fine leaving the rest of her clothing since she had the stuff Max had magiked on her...provided that wouldn't just disappear later. She decided to grab the clothing and ball it up before tucking it under her arm.

Andy flinched. She couldn't help it. When Zari started yelling and slammed her sword into the table. She hoped for whoever had touched Zari's things that they wouldn't be found out. She wanted to shrink away and disappear. Something about how Sunshine talked about this place and how someone had been messing with Zari's things made a bit of sense.

There weren't rules, not like the laws among humans. Everyone was sort of their own law protecting what they wanted to protect. This woman hadn't cared to actually protect their things. "Zari, Sunshine said herself. This place they do whatever they like. You weren't there to stop it so they just did as they pleased. Now you're here they won't mess with it again." Her voice was quiet and low. Like she was Jamie teaching her how to punch something without hurting herself worse in the process.

Ed Penior

Location: Space Jail
Skills: Thamaturgy: Shield, force

"Hello Klara. A pleasure to see you again." Ed nodded to the young-looking woman who had joined them. It was nice to have additional backup. "Honestly, I think the guards just enjoy a fight." He shook his head. There were precautions against this sort of thing back on Earth. He was surprised that the supposedly hardest prison to escape was so easy to start a riot in.

Ed saw that Annie was distressed and placed his hand gently on her shoulder. "Come on it'll be okay." He tried to reassure her. The good news was he thought the right battery had been pulled. "Where to now Rocket?" He asked loudly over the gunfire and the alarm.

[hider=held roll]Ed will turn his shield into a pointed snow shovel to push people out of the way so the group can go where Rocket tells them.[/color]

Rose Buckner

Location: Forest

Rose quietly sighed releived when they got to the other side of the bridge. Everyone ducking down and taking positions near the wall. When Sierra had her legs back Rose gave her a thumbs up with raised eyebrows asking silently if she was good. A common question from server to server across the floor when a customer might be annoying. She trusted Layla's count. Layla and Cass were hunters too. If Layla counted twenty there were twenty that she had seen. Rose knew there could always be someone she just didn't see. But there were going to be at least twenty.

She nodded at the idea of the stealth route. That was what she preferred normally anyway. You couldn't hunt deer by storming into their home. You needed to be quiet and nearly invisible. She considered the group. Those of them with hunting skills should go first to take out any opposition that was impossible to sneak past. Then the second bunch should be the ones with less skill for that sort of thing. And a third group taking up the rear that could deal with any threat coming from behind. She knew that Megan would insist on being in the front, and she couldn't blame her for that.

"I think Cass, Megan and I should take the lead. Layla you could cover the rear of the group so if anyone sneaks up from behind us you can take them out before they are a threat." Rose suggested. It was a good mix. Megan was a melee fighter and Cass and Rose could keep her covered if she decided to charge into a situation. Everyone else could figure out where they want to be in the group.

Colby Jackson

Location: Outside the Tower
Skills: Magic!!!

Colby joined Maddie outside and took the book to the page he had opened it to. He frowned for a moment looking at the page. Wondering why Maddie had picked that one. He shrugged and started following the directions on the page. If this worked it would be super cool. He recited the words and felt something inside him shift around. Like he had found the magic that was in his blood.

His skin tingled a little and then in between Maddie and himself at his feet slinked a beautiful cat. He recognized the breed instantly. It was a Serval. But there was a bit of magic in the air around, like Colby could taste it. The cat wasn't like Jack, who was pearched on Colby's shoulder looking at the new cat very curiously. Jack felt solid and looked solid. The new cat was softer edged.

"I summoned a cat." He said a little surprised and looked at Maddie. "Jack be nice to your new sibling." He told Jack and then set him down so the two cats could snif each other out. It took a moment but they both seemed appeased. Colby looked at the spell again reading the extra details. As far as he could tell the cat would just stick around and listen to him.

Colby knelt down and considered the cat, let it snif his fingers. "Now, what shall I call you." He said out loud.

"My name is Silky." He heard very clearly in his head from the cat. Colby's eyes went wide and he sat down on the ground.

"Maddie did you hear that?"

Location: Dining Pavillion

Andy nodded to Arthur and then looked up at Cassian. She didn't know the older kid very well. But she knew he was one of Mr. D's kids, which was weird to her. Mr. D didn't like kids yet he had them. He still hadn't even called her by the right name yet. She had barely met her dad, but at least he had called her by the right name, she was used to having non-existantant parents so that didn't bother her.

"Isn't Nancy an Apollo kid too though? Like that's her dad and Zeke's dad too." She asked confused. The way Cassian spoke about Nancy it made it seem like she was just a Roman and not a demi-god like the rest of them. Andy knew that her aunt Mads had the same mom as Rebecca but the Roman version, which made Andy sad that Rebecca had never met Mads. She never knew they were related too. She knew that Niah's mom was a river.

Andy noticed that there was a new girl over by Mary who was claimed. The girl looked about her and Arthur's age. A part of her was a little excited, but also nervous. The last girl their age had died horribly. She hoped this girl would live longer.

Location: Dining Pavilion

Niah didn't like letting Nancy go off alone with Apollo, but she respected her friend's desire to speak with her father alone. If it were Niah wanting to speak with her mother alone they would respect that. Not that her mom showed up very often either. With Nancy gone to talk to Apollo and Zeke walking off in a huff that left Niah alone, mostly, with Mads.

"What was that he gave her?" She asked quietly as she could to her friend. She had seen it but didn't know what it did. She watched the chariott for Nancy to get back out. Hoping she could catch a glimpse of Nancy's face before she made herself look calm and collected. Niah wanted to gage for what she'd be dealing with in the future. They still didn't know what her vision had been too.

Location: Emma Frost Memorial Hospital - Terrigen Ward -> Outside the Magda Eisenhardt Memorial Housing Complex
Skills: Enhanced Reflexes (passive)

Andy couldn't help but give a low whistle of appreciation. The place was beautiful. She looked to Zari though and nodded. "I agree with you. If anyone touched my jacket I'm gonna punch them." Her punches were a bit more dangerous than most, there was a good chance the person she punched heart would stop. She didn't have a lot of belongings, but her jacket was her most prized one.

Andy didn't know all the attachment reasons Zari didn't want her robots touched, but she could understand the sentiment. She'd tell Zari later when there wasn't anyone in earshot if she figured out who needed punching she'd punch for her too. She listened to the descriptions of the buildings. She wanted to know her way around the place. And in her ever paranoid manner, the best way to get away. A part of her was itching to run. This place felt too much like Northwood but with a pretty face.

Max walked past her and clothing appeared on her. At least it was all dark. And the weird hospital stuff was gone. How they had gotten her old clothes off and that on was beyond her and she didn't want to think about someone moving her around like some weird frozen doll. She didn't really care about clothing, though she liked to keep her semi-goth appearance as best she could. But beggars couldn't be choosers. "Thanks." She told Max.
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