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Location: Medical Area
for none to see

Indigo stared down at the sterile bowl of shifting water with a mixed expression.

Moments ago they were trudging through the wastelands that surrounded them, aimless and empty, simply trying to find reasoning to their existence; and now here they sat with the first instance of a safe moment to wash themselves of their grimey layers. I wonder just how far the layers of grime go. You can only scrub so much.

Frowning, Indigo slowly shifted their flickering eyes around their space, picking up cold greys and off whites that reminded them of...something. Of course they couldn't remember what. Their eyes dropped back down to the water so they could scowl at themselves momentarily before continuing. Though most of the colours surrounding them were dull and plain, there were definitely ones that stuck out.

The first one to catch Indigo's attention had been Poppy's hair. It was a brilliant shade of red, vibrant like the petals of a freshly bloomed rose. They swayed to and fro when she moved, trailing behind her like tendrils of fire, threatening to burn Indigo if they stared for too long. The second was the garden that stood adjacent to the revenant, a lush patch of paradise with a wide assortment of things that Indigo wasn't sure even would see each other in the wild. They could rememmber some of the names of the plants; cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, but there were alot that only rang bells in their mind and lacked any substance of a name. Perhaps if they asked Poppy, she'd be able to help them fill in the gaps.

They looked back down at themselves, glancing momentarily at the neatly folded stack of clothes placed beside them. It had been given to them by the medic, a replacement for the disgusting fabrics that they wore at the time. They'd have to ask for more privacy if they were to change. Would they have to get rid of their old clothes? Something about it made Indigo uncomfortable. Though they were dubious and crusty, they were one of the few constant things that Indigo had in their journeys across this purgatory of a land. Maybe they would be able to wash them, would that be a weird thing to ask?

So many things were changing at once for them, and the worst part was that it was still uncertain if it would be for the better. These people welcomed Indigo in, though reluctant thanks to the stench, but an act of kindness alone could not be the deciding factor of someone's character, especially a whole group. For all they knew, it could be an elaborate trap to get their guard down. Perhaps these people were like Indigo, forced to consume blood to survive, and Indigo would effectively be a lone sheep for this pack of wolves. They hoped to whatever gods were listening that it wasn't the case, trying to ignore the incessant churning in their stomach--

Indigo jumped at Poppy's voice, their body jerking and causing some of the water to slosh out of the bowl and onto the floor. "Shit, sorry, I can clean that up, um--" Poppy's words registered, and a small blush heated up the apples of their cheeks as they stared forward at the silhouette of the medic behind their sheet. "No, but thank you. I stuck for a second, that's all." Indigo glanced back down at the bowl, grabbing for the rag that rested in it and beginning to soak the filth off of their hands and arms. They were embarrassed to have already been caught off guard so easily, shrinking back into their shoulders. "Is there somewhere a little where I could clean up and change? I'm not really vibing with the idea of being nude around a bunch of strangers with a couple of sheets between us." their tone was honest and blunt, but the genuine notes in their voice sweetened their delivery substantially.

It wasn't just the being out in the open that bothered them, but there were so many new things, Indigo felt a sort of sensory overload begin to take a hold of them. It was hard to keep a clear head when anxiety began to freeze the tips of their ribs to stab into their chest. They needed a moment to take everything in, to really be able to process the fact that they, at the moment, were not starving and wandering empty destroyed streets with nothing but their own thoughts to keep them company.

Up until now, that was all Indigo ever knew.
In Code Vein 26 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay


Location: Outside The Crow's Nest
beating hearts

A few things had happened in quick succession. The last step that Indigo made was right on beat with the siren beginning to sound. It caused them to nearly jump out of their skin, lurching back and grabbing for the hilt of a throwing blade that was hidden in their waistband. Well, if they didn't know I was here before....

There was a muffled K A N G against the door, followed by dampened cursing and a loud
that accompanied the image of a stranger bursting through a stained glass window and hitting the ground.

Indigo's breath caught. They stared at Vincent with a mixture of realization and bewilderment. As the stranger stood up, glass shards embedded in his arms, the other revenant's eyes widened, purple electricity crackling in their pale irises. Maybe it's just...adrenaline... Their expression quickly turned guarded. They had to be careful, they weren't sure who these people were, let alone if they welcomed people like Indigo around them. Their nose scrunched in response to the bath statement, and their mouth opened to speak when the door swung open, exposing a small, strange looking girl to Indigo's view. She looked disappointed, like she was expecting someone else to be at the entrance. A taller man accompanied her before the door was shut quickly, practically in Indigo's face. They frowned, counting the number of individuals that had exposed their appearances. The glass man. An odd girl. A dark haired and light haired man. Another....Indigo's brain stopped in its tracks when their eyes spotted Poppy. The wings that buzzed behind her confirmed what Indigo had been wondering before. They weren't the only one that was strange. It brought them some form of relief, but also more anxiety and confusion. She's different, though, not like what I've become... And then a drone. Indigo took a few feverish steps back, bringing up their hands as a sign that they meant to harm. Something in their head told them that technology like this could be extremely dangerous, and at this point, they hadn't penciled 'Get blown to smithereens by a drone' into their agenda, so they were careful to do as it asked.

"U-um..." their voice was low, sounding somewhat masculine with a slight rasp to its timber. "Indigo. Call me Indigo." They shifted uncomfortably from side to side, slowly lowering their hands to clasp together in front of them "I...I don't have an answer for that second question. The only reason I'm here is because I've been following that--" they gestured behind them, "river for a while, and it led me here. I saw the lights coming from the windows and...I haven't seen electricity since...." Indigo hesitated, then finished, "since I woke up. Listen, I don't mean any harm, I don't want any trouble, I'm just trying to figure out what the hell is going on here, and you lot are the first upright and alive bodies I've seen that aren't those monsters." Continuing to wring their hands together, Indigo avoided each set of eyes, deliberately looking down at the ground. They weren't sure if they were making the right decision.

Maybe they know what's going on...maybe they can help me. Slouching slightly, Indigo let the thoughts race through their head, catching them every so often and then releasing them like thrashing fish back into the raging rapids of his mind.

But what other choice did they have? They wanted desperately to find sanctuary from the hell they had woken up into, and this was the first time they'd seen anything close to it. A reinforced building with alive people inside. "I'm just trying to find answers, and then I can get out of your hair, and you can forget this ever happened. I...I just want to try and make sense of all of this." Indigo grimaced, still staring down at the ground and fidgeting with their fingers. Either they made the right move, or they'd have to take off running shortly. Only time would tell at this point.
Time to check RPG every five minutes for the next 12 hours I guess? Good luck to everyone!

not me literally every single day holy SHIT


Location: All over, & Outside The Crow's Nest
born again

It had been six months since Indigo had woken up in the middle of a crumbling street, their body aching and their head pounding. As soon as their vision cleared, however, the pain was gone, replaced with an irregular-feeling heartbeat and a hunger so intense that they felt their stomach would start digesting itself; they quickly found out how to make that go away as well, however the solution had left a rather bad taste in the revenant's mouth. They'd never forget the faces of the corpses that provided them sustenance.

They had spent most of their time scavenging ruins, coming upon countless bodies along the way, all in different phases of decomposition. Some of them were so shredded that they couldn't even be immediately recognized as bodies, but rather hunks of flesh torn from their origins and strewn unceremoniously about the place. It was a gruesome sight, one that Indigo forced themselves to get used to.
Get used to it, looks like this is the norm, now.

On top of the human corpses were stranger ones, ones that looked...wrong. Amalgamations, humanoid-looking things that had off colours and incorrect anatomy. Something that might've been human at some point, but lost such a role what, Indigo wasn't sure, but they didn't want to find out.

It had only been a few days into their revival that Indigo had killed their first Lost, and the adrenaline it had provided fueled the poor starving body to its next meal. It was a small one, smaller than them, but it had a bite that ripped a nice chunk of flesh from Indigo's arm. With strength that had startled them, Indigo grabbed the small goblin of a creature and smashed its head into the floor until it was no more than a weird, pulpy black substance. The small break that the creature's death had gave Indigo just enough time to see the bite heal good as new, not even a scar left behind.


What was weirder was the fact that the creature had also seemed to begin its own healing process, and Indigo watched in disgusted fascination as its weirdly-shaped head began to stitch itself back together.
I suppose that's my cue to go, then.

The first months of Indigo's new existence was spent in this state of limbo, fighting unkillable monsters, scrounging up blood from corpses, looting deserted buildings, and trying to remember exactly how they got in this situation to begin with. When they realized just how much of their memory was missing, Indigo had a cocktail of mixed emotions inside of them. Part of them wondered if it was for the better, maybe their past was just as gruesome as their present, and who would want to remember that? The other part was mad. How could they just....forget? The longer they dwelled in their head, the more they realized how they seemed to have far fewer memories than gaps in them.

Maybe it's better if I just...don't think about it.


Early morning had snuck up on the insomniac who had been trudging along a river that stretched for-seemingly-ever. Something in the back of their head told them that following rivers was a good navigational tactic, but for what reason, they weren't sure. All they knew was it was a path to take, and anything was better when it didn't have as many hordes of Lost as the cities seemed to. They took a moment to rest, splashing their face with the fresh babbling waves and watching the blood on their face wash back into the waters. They were covered in blood, from head-to-toe. Bathing had been a rare thing to come by, especially in the last two weeks leading up to them finding this river. Even with a water source, Indigo felt way too exposed and vulnerable attempting to clean themselves, so instead, they simply dealt with the stench of old blood and death on them. It was a sour smell that made their eyes water, but it was better than being killed while naked, so at least they had that.

They wouldn't admit it, but Indigo was terrified of what had been happening. Disassociation was one of their strongsuits, but without help from an outside force, one could only step out of reality for so long. Every time they had to look upon the ruined place around them, Indigo felt like they were missing something. A stranger in a world that did not want them. Someone who shouldn't be alive.

Why did I wake up when none of those others did? Of all the countless dead bodies they had come upon, not one was rising from its grave as they had. Indigo couldn't figure it out, and it bothered them severely. Why them? Why was this happening?

After Indigo eventually continued their journey down the riverbank, something started to become visible in the distance. It looked like....well, actually, they weren't sure. The word "observatory" came to mind, but what exactly that was and how they knew what it was evaded them. Perhaps it was a fragment of a missing memory. Indigo scowled inwardly.
I just can't seem to escape every damn reminder that I don't know shit... They continued to study it as they approached, furrowing their brows when the realization hit that there was light coming from some of the visible windows. It had a large metal door that Indigo assumed was the entrance; that paired with the barricades looked mighty unwelcoming to an outsider. They wondered if there were others in there. Until now, Indigo had assumed that the power grid of this place had been completely blown or shut down. The only other time they had seen a lit window was....

Pursing their lips, the tall revenant took note of the appearance of this observatory, how it seemed...taken care of. There wasn't much dilapidation around the entrance, and as they wandered around the back, Indigo began to lean even more into their suspicions that someone lived in there. There was no way a building like this was well-taken care of and lit -- when everything else around it was in shambles -- without someone being in there.

But if someone was in there, what would they do? Would Indigo even want to risk meeting someone who might not take kindly to strangers? They had survived just fine on their own for this long -- 'just fine' was giving them way too much credit -- so why would they risk it?

Their stomach growled.

Indigo frowned and wandered back to the entrance of the observatory. They couldn't seem to make up their mind, pacing back and forth, going through different situations in their head. Perhaps they could just knock? No, what if whoever was in there wasn't looking for visitors? They couldn't just act all neighbourly and expect the same out of someone who had to experience similar horrors that Indigo had.

Perhaps they should just...move on. It wasn't the most interesting option, but it sounded to be the safest one at this point. They took a couple steps back, staring at the observatory with an unreadable expression. Their grey shirt was torn in multiple places, brown with the amount of blood and guts soaking it. The pants they had on were black and did well to hide the filth that crusted them, but not the rips. The individual's hair was a mess of semi-matted curls that had a burst of white-blonde also stained brown with filth. Their face was smeared less with grime thanks to the river water, but the grime sticking to their arms was steadfast. Thankfully, their jacket hid those parts well; It was hard to tell what was ink and what was blood on their arms. Their tall frame slouched slightly, a defeated stance that did nothing to make them look anything less of a looming, blood-stained vagrant.

Slowly, their feet began to take them backwards. Hesitant and full of what-ifs, Indigo couldn't turn fully around to begin exploring somewhere else. There was just something about this building that drew them in, despite its unknown occupants with unknown intentions.

Perhaps it was the idea of possibly finding a sanctuary in the hell they had woken up into.

bump, got two more spots that just opened up.
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hi everyone, i'm khosmik, nice to meet y'all, um, exit told me about this group and i thought it'd be pretty cool to try out! I haven't rped with a large group in a while, but I have alot of spots open so I'm confident I have the time to put into a thing like this. I don't have any knowledge of this game but it seems like a super dope concept and I'm super excited to see if I can pop in here! :3

Alrighty, here goes nothing!


| AGE |
-24 when passed, woke up as a revanant about 3 years later.

Tall & Lanky- No, seriously. Indigo stands at 6'5, built like they barely ate in their life, a stark contrast to their physical prowess.

Androgynous- Gender roles don't pertain to Indigo, nor do gender-specific appearances.

The Physical- Their hair is a mop of black with a birthmark on their scalp that turns a chunk of it white-blonde. Their eyes are a storm of greys and blues that tend to give off the appearance that they have the eyes of a corpse, fittingly so, being that they were one for a while. Their skin is pallid and almost sickly-pale. They have long limbs, long fingers, and good posture.

A Punk in their Past Life- Indigo prefers grungy clothing with rips and tears. Their casual outfit consists of these, though it's hard to tell which rips were on purpose and which tears were simply from being a homeless vagrant for a long period of time. Their mission attire consists of a homemade "battle-jacket" that is covered in random patches, tears, chains, spikes, and the like. Black pants are the staple for Indigo most of the time, whether on a mission or just casual. Another constant in their wardrobe is their large, scary-looking combat boots that they woke up with, also black and scuffed from assumedly years of use and abuse.

Ink & Metal- Indigo has tattoos all over their body, except their face. There is still space to be able to see the pale skin that sits below, but they have a significant amount of ink on them. Their piercings consist of; two bars through their tongue, a medusa that sits on their cupid's bow, a ring in the middle of their bottom lip, and a bar through their bridge. Their chest has also been pierced, but those are often not visible thanks to their loose shirts. Their ears are gauged to just over a half-inch, with four more piercings on each ear, some in cartilage, some in the lobe.

Inquisitive - Off-Kilter - A Bit Strange - Charming

Inquisitive- Indigo will be the first one to ask questions, even if it's not a question anyone else might have. Their brain craves information no matter if someone else sees it as useful or not. They are curious to a fault.

Off-Kilter- There's something off about Indigo, perhaps it's the fact that they manage to be socially awkward and charming at the same time., or how quickly they can change from that charming character to a feral beast. People in the world before the Collapse might've chalked it up to mental illness.

A Bit Strange- Can you blame them? Being alone for most of their previous and current life has done a number to the way they interact with the world and those who live in it. They mean to harm to anyone who has the same intentions for them, but might still leave an odd taste in the mouths of those who meet them.

"Something ain't quite right about that kid."

Charming- Indigo naturally is very kind and friendly to people who don't pose a threat to them, and will go out of their way to help with tasks, bond with people, and try their best to make anyone in their presence feel welcome. They know what it's like to be an outcast, and would rather not see someone else go through the same.

AB+ - Indigo is incredibly strong, fast, and agile. They use their abilities to as much of their advantage as possible, even if it means harming themselves in the process.

Their energy colour is a UV purple, like a blacklight.

Indigo cannot remember the troubled life they led before their awakening. Even if they could, they'd most likely prefer not to. They grew up in an absent household of inexperienced first-time parents that were in no way ready for a child. Never really getting enough care or nurturing, Indigo was exposed to the cold of the world before they knew how to process it correctly. They left their space early, a vagabond that traipsed through the abandoned streets carelessly. They hadn't a great sense of self-preservation, leading to their early but inevitable demise. (Hiding the rest for the story)

Empty Handed- Indigo's main weapon is themselves. Due to their ferocity in battle, they prefer to rip apart their opponents with their bare hands. Their punches and kicks are fueled by their supernatural strength.

Throwing- They are also extremely adept at throwing blades. Their strength allows them to fling things, usually knives, through the air at terrifying speeds with incredible accuracy. Just about wherever you could possibly keep one, they have one hidden on their person.

The Zoomies- When they're not leading a frontal assault on an enemy, they're running around at impressive speeds, throwing knives or whatever objects they have, causing annoyances to help distract their targets and get them out of their element.

Movement & Acrobatics- They like the element of surprise it gives in their fights. The way they move about in battle is a bout of graceful chaos, a dance with no rhyme or reason other than a means to an end. They're well-versed in acrobatics, often parkouring to vantage points or simply for leisure and exertion of energy.

Achery- Indigo first learned how to use a bow and arrow, but lacks either of those on their person due to losing the items long ago while fleeing from an unfair fight.

Obliviously Observant- Though Indigo spends most of their time listening and absorbing information, due to their social ineptitude, they tend to completely oversee some more obvious things in conversations with others. When having to do things such as catch double-meanings and read between the lines, often Indigo will come up short and have no idea when something goes right over their head.

Over-exertion- Indigo tends to push themselves too far when it comes to their abilities, often lifting things far to heavy to the point where blood gushes from their nose. Their strength's limit reaches its peak at around the weight of a vehicle. Their stamina peak can fluctuate depending on the situation. If they're zooming for too long without giving themselves a chance to catch a breath, they'll often stop abruptly to throw up and/or collapse. They don't feel satisfied until they're sure they've done everything they can and they're trembling on the ground in a puddle of exhaustion.

Pride & Loyalty- They have a hell of a time backing down from a challenge, a weakness that lead to their downfall in their previous lifetime. They've associated fighting with blood, and so a Pavlovian response will often take over. Indigo is also loyal to a fault, and if they decide to attach themselves to a person or people, they will fight for those individuals until their head rolls.

Feral- Indigo takes all of their frustrations and pent-up emotions out in battle. They perk up at the sound of a fight, and often will be the first one to jump into one. They don't necessarily instigate, but their blood thirst doesn't assist with peaceful solutions. They crave the adrenaline rush that fighting gives them. It's hard to get them to stop once they've started.

Indigo is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. They do not present as either masculine or feminine dominantly.

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