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Current Man the new Attack on Titan opening song is such a banger. I can't get it out of my head
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Michigan here as well. Must be something in the water
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I forgot how cool Bleach was! Holy crap!
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Yes I am a Makima simp. Yes I would bark if she told me to. I am not wrong


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I guess I'll keep the last time for now. But when/if Dark Cloud decides to join i'll switch it up

I added the Class and appearance. Though i'm still uncertain of what role

I still gotta do the role but it's pretty much done

@KenjuGuy Bro my characters first name is Arcos.

Hell of a coincidence. Don't worry, I'll change the name when I get the chance to when I get back home
I still gotta do the role but it's pretty much done

i'm interested, i've pretty much got my character figured out.
Finally got my brain in working order for a post and there we go
Jun felt a bit awkward at suddenly having Tomiyoka disband from the team. From his point of view, you should charge at whatever your desire is full throttle without backing down. "You're leaving the team huh, that's too bad. Especially after we just kicked butt together..." he tried no to shown his sadness about it, so he wouldn't look uncool. There was also the frustration, "I've been there too, doubting myself, I mean. Even someone as great as me has had those moments before.....but hey, as long as you promise to stand on the same stage with me again someday, I can't be too mad. That's just your way of facing your challenge!", he finally finished off with a grin and fist-bumped the younger competitor.

"Wait that old guy is joining along with us- HEY KAI WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TALKING TO ME LIKE I'M SOME WILD ANIMAL!?" he had been curious about the sudden induction of that white-haired fellow becoming apart of their group, but the rude comment from Kai had allowed his emotions to become too wild for him to focus on that subject any further.

"ANYWAY, about this festival...hmm, well a genius like me has alot of skills, so I can't be sure which exact one to focus on," he spoke arrogantly with a grin to his face as if anyone would be amused. With his confidence, there wasn't exatcly any particular event he would shy away from. However, hot-blooded challenges were obviously where his direction would go. Then, that was when Tomiyoka brought up the prospect of the Performance event. "Ahh that's not a bad idea Tomi! It would be a great way to spread my genius to even more people around if they can hear me and see me up close! Not to mention, I bet there would be a bunch of glory-hogging showoffs there who can give me a challenge! I'll teach them a lesson about their over confidence!" Jun pounded his fists together, unaware of the irony.
Yo, im interested, I gotta decide on a decks in mind.

@Shiyonichi our tastes in RPs are too similar!
I'll be getting a post up soon!
Gotcha, yeah Jun would be hopping around multiple shops but mainly Takemori now throughout the week
Jun watched as Seo left off in a huff, and despite the obvious antagonism sent his way, Jun grinned and waved off someone he thought of as another rival to his list. While he proudly folded his arms, another former competitor introduced themselves. Judging from the voice, he figured out it was the old man he had faced in the first round! Not only that, but the younger fellow next to him must have been his grandson!

"Oh it's you guys! I never got your names! As you could already tell, I'm Jun, Imagine Victcory's 'Once In A Centuary Genius!'"

He arrogantly thumbed toward himself in declaration of his name which was already obvious by that point.

"For real though, you guys were great out there. Actually had me sweating! Your piloting skills are no joke."

He scratched his cheek while thinking of the tight predicament he was put in while in that battle. The boy continued on with a friendly smile.

"Your reaction skills were crazy, it's like you guys were NewTypes or something! Yeah I'll definitely come back to face you guys any time! It would be pretty cool to learn those moves you! And heck, you can learn from me too! I'll teach you the Jun-Style of going beyond your limits with no fear at all!"

Laughing to himself, Shark went out of his way to shake both of their hands.
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