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Current Man the new Attack on Titan opening song is such a banger. I can't get it out of my head
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Michigan here as well. Must be something in the water
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I forgot how cool Bleach was! Holy crap!
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Yes I am a Makima simp. Yes I would bark if she told me to. I am not wrong


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Saito Kurusu


With a stern expression Saito moved out of the car with an umbrella at hand. His movements were smooth and calculated without any sign of slouching or leaning. Yes, like always, Saito would act as serene as a swallow. This was a rescue mission for the sake of Agito's brother. As this was a mission, Saito of course already took the mission seriously, however the same couldn't be said about the others. Some were off making small talk or looking to have a fun time. It was an embarrassment, but the worst offender of all was always that damned Gojo.

"Is he serious? How can THAT GUY be the top of the jujutsu world? Does he not understand what kind of example he's setting for future generations!? We can't trust someone like him. For the sake of all Jujutsu Sorcerers, something has to be done about the goofball!!"

He clenched his fist as he stared a hole at Gojo's back. Of course, no matter what Saito said, nothing ever seemed to bother him. The boy was starting to have thoughts about starting up a mutiny. Yet that would have to be for another time though, as he had to focus on the mission.

First of all though, he had to open up his umbrella in preparation for the rain that was soon to come. However as Saito looked at the sky, he didn't notice a single trace of a rain cloud. Thinking it odd, he looked at his watch for the time. The moment he did, his teeth gritted against each other.

"You have to be kidding me!!"

With a roar he threw his umbrella hard against the concert ground, snapping it in half. With a huff and eyes frantic, Saito opened up his cellphone and looked back at the website he had as his homepage. "Those damn crooks at the weather report stations don't know anything! They said it was 70% of rain at this exact time and not a single drop has come down! I knew it wasn't going to rain and yet I believed them anyways! Can you believe these crooks! They should be sued for their lies! No not even that! They should be cursed! Everyone, from now on, if there's any mission to help the 'Taka7' News station from any curses, I say we ignore it! Whose with me!?"

Upon waiting a while and covering his throat after his ridiculous rant, Saito regained his composure as the cool and calm intellectual he portrayed himself as and adjusted his glasses. "Anyways,... Agito. Please inform us on any info you have, in a concise, orderly and quick manner if you don't mind. As both 'Taka7' and Gojo-sensei are both useless when it comes to giving information." Saito spoke naturally without a hint of emotion in his tone. As always, Saito was one focused on order. That, and the importance of weather reporting.

Ya boy is still in the process of working on the character
i love me some good Juju. I'm interested!

Kallun shrugged at the un-enthustiatic nature of Sanji. After all, it didn't offend Kallun in anyway if others didn't partake in his fun. Perhaps the cold breeze of Drakesfoot was starting to wear him down mentally? The green-haired swordsman pondered that and then frowned as he followed behind Sanji. "That brings to mind an idea for me, wouldn't training in extreme cold do wonders for stamina? Even more effective if naked!" Kallun held the door open for Celeste while pestering the other man with his ramblings.

The wooden floors gave very little noise from the weight of Kallun's boots stepping on them. Noticing this, he had to give credit that this was a sign of a very fine and put together establishment. He felt that this was certainly a suitable place for his party and himself to occupy in. He was as proud as ever to prove his loyalty to the Silver Hawks and always seek the respect that the name deserved.

"A wonderful place, but we can't allow ourselves to get too slothful, no?" Kallun grinned as he walked up beside the flames. The fire's dance almost seemed to mirror the excitement of his eyes as he watched. Still, he didn't bother taking a seat, being as energetic as he was after all.

"How about this, to prove our superiority over the elements of nature, we have ourselves a race around town! Just for fun of course. If you've seen my top speed while on the hunt, you'll know that I'm no slouch!" Kallun laughed immediately afterwards. He was of course only mostly joking in that statement. Simply trying to light some vigor of play within that stoic Sanji. Also, he didn't dislike tooting his own horn.

"What about you Celeste? I noticed you seem to enjoy the luxury of life, but a lady is also all about discipline, yes? Am I right in saying that one has to make sure not to get too comfortable?" With a relaxed smirk on his face, Kallun passed the question onto her. Ironically, while talking about the mundanity of life dragging one down, he was partaking in that leisure right now with this unremarkable conversation. He knew that, yet it had not bothered him in the slightest. For he was simply enjoying their company.

@KenjuGuy Sanji was speaking with Celeste, not Kaitlyn. IDK if the mistake was intentional or not, but figured I'd let you know. (Celeste probably wouldn't be too enthused to have been mixed up with her maid lol)

FUCK, gonna fix that


"Now trust me when I say that many of foes have tried to steal my swords, but none have ever accomplished such a feat!"

A confident booming voice resounded throughout the post office. The many clerks and attendants had expressions of utter exasperation and exhaustion upon their mugs. As much as they tried their best to look professional for their guests and customers.

"And do you know why that is, young lad?"

The astute warrior off lush green-hair tossed his question for the young post boy beside him to answer. From the look of the young post boy, the answer wasn't very hard to figure out. With a pained voice as if he were simply reading from a script, he responded with a sigh

"As you say; 'Because you're Steadfast Kallun of the mighty-'"

"That's right! The Steadfast Kallun of the mighty Silver Hawks!"

Kallun roared with the confidence of a lion within the jungle. His ever present smile beamed across for all the attendants within the office to see. Despite the fact that they'd seen and heard enough from it.

"Y-yes sir, you've said that several times now. Everyone here has engrained your name and group into our memories for better or worse..."

"As it should be, afterall our exploits are enough to outrival even the most grand of tales you've ever heard."

Sweat swam further down the post boy's forehead upon the threat of even further mention of Kallun and his merry band of mercenaries. In contrast, Kallun leaned confidently across the nearby desk to get deeper into the conversation.

"Actually sir, I think your package should be ready to go."

The post boy quickly cut off Kallun before he could continue any further. It was a maneuver that received him some sight of relief and a thumbs up from the other recipients in the room who could clearly hear them.

"Oh right, sorry for holding you up. I just couldn't help myself when it came to talking the greatness of the Silver Hawks."

"Y-yes I've noticed, now if you would excuse me-"

Since the post boy was in such a hurry to get out of the conversation, he had been a little too eager once he picked up the thick square package from the desk counter. This caused the boy's hand to slip and in a hurried panic, accidentally caused the brown package to hit the ground and spill it's contents.

"Oh I'm so sorry sir, I didn't mean to-"

Upon further momentary inspection, the post boy saw that the contents of the package was filled to the brim coins. Such an assortment of value would have of course been of great importance to the mercenary. This revelation brough a chill of the spine to the young post boy as he slowly raised his timid head up at Kallun. It was then that the post boy's awareness of the swords at Kallun's waist grew exponentially. So much so that he couldn't take his eyes away from them.

The stories of battle he had heard earlier from the swordsman sounded all the more terrifying now.



At the sudden single statement from Kallun, the post boy nearly jumped in shock. Yet the mood of the swordsman had not been one of fire and brimstone. Truthfully, all that was there will simple the expression of a man who was only mildly inconvenienced.

"Ah jeez, here let me help you with that,"

To the post boy's surprise, the proud swordsman bent up and carefully helped with recovering the large amount of coin scattered about.

"You're...not mad..?"

He hesitently poked with the question. To with Kallun responded with a puzzled look and then slowly a small smile,

"What's to be mad about? Sure, this money and where it's going is important to me. Even more important than my life, but we've all made mistakes before. All kinds of bad things are going to happen to us in this life so it's best we shouldn't let them hold us down. I know a guy whose done worse."


Later after the fiasco at the post office, Kallun could be seen walking throughout the streets of Draksfoot. He had been thinping about the incident at the post office for quite a bit. For one thing, that money was being sent for Hilary and Beth, the wife and daughter of the notorious serial killer formerly known as Vileheart. That criminal had been dead but there was no end to the amount of people that wanted his family dead out of revenge.

Word had been increasing of his knowledge of their location so of course those enemies were drawn to him. If he wasn't careful, anyone could have figured out that money was for that wife and daughter and then followed the trail. Really, he needed to figure something more safer out.

As he was walking with his own thoughts in his head, arms crossed, the twin swordsman caught sight of two people of interest.

"Celeste! Sanji! I see fate just always wants us together!"

He jogged up to the duo with an ever-present smile. Without a hint of restraint, he placed his hands on each of their shoulders with a sense of companionship.

"Allow me to accompany you. After all no journey could ever be dull with comrades as good as these!"

So much already, I'm gonna hit my post up tonight or tomorrow

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