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Jun slammed his fist together in triumphant victory as their mission was accomplished. "Haha! Well that's only the obvious conclusion!" he shouted and reclaimed his from the station. "Good job Tomi! A genius like me could already see this result from a mile away!" he high-fived Tomiyoka as he grouped together back with his team mates.

"Blade, that was pretty cool out there, fact it was so cool that it kind of irritates me! I told you I was gonna be the main event but you went ahead and stole the spotlight once you returned!" he clenched his fight at Blade with a slight annoyance. Really though, he was glad the usually silent fighter pulled through for them at the end.

Jun then focused his attention back towards Naoki, Riku and Kai. A small grin appeared on his face "So you guys succeeded too huh? I knew I picked good teammates.".

While tinkering at the repairs for his Captain Miracle, Jun gave a cocky smile once the topic of their next opponents came up. "Heh, I'm not gonna go shaking in my boots over these guys. They won't know what's hit 'em once they see me on the battlefield!" he loudly declared at their table. Then of course, he shifted his focus to that no-good Kai, "Who the heck's gonna 'need a new Gunpla'?! When I'm done with that old guy I'm gonna send him back to the retirement home! Then after that, you're next Kai!"
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"The Guncannon too!?" Jun was shocked at his slash landing hollow against the Guncannon forming into a CoreFighter. Not only that, but he had been suddenly struck at the shoulder from a sniper, some distances away. As smoke wisped and electricity spurted from the Miracle's shoulder, a bead of sweat dripped from Jun's forehead. In this type of situation they were being hounded from several sides and the train was getting away. Not only that, but Tomiyoka's Zeta Gundam had been struck aswell, taking several shots of damage from the Grandfather and Grandson duo, desperatly trying to escape from them.

"Heh, fine by me, this is just the type of challenge fit for a genius like me to conquer!" Then as soon as shouted that, a new mobile suit entered the fray. It was a customized Wing Gundam, the voice over the comms assured that, it was Blade! He was back with his new Snow White Gundam, as was beginning to lay into the train and it's cargo! Jun didn't want to miss this opportunity, he knew that the sudden appearance of new mobile suit and the damage to their target would have the other team distracted. So Jun used his X-Boosters to form together and quickly propel himself into the air infront of the second CoreFighter's, Sojiro's, path.

He would he immediately take a swing at the fighter with his GN Sword, but that was simply a feint to manipulate it's flight path. Jun's real move, was ejecting the Scissor Anchor from the Miracle's hip and tear into the front of the CoreFighter, catching it like a fish on a hook. He wasnt done then, The Miracle would spin in circles several times to build up momentum and then ruthlessly release it's prey, swinging the CoreFighter and throwing it at the GN Sniper's location.

"Tomi!" he shouted to get his attention in the personal comms. Afterwards, Jun would take out the Miracle's Peacock Smasher and shoot it's multi-beams at the general flight path of the first Corefighter, the grandfather, just to get it off of Tomiyoka's tail. This allowed Tomiyoka's Zeta and Jun's Miracle to link up once again.

"Tomi! Tomi! It's Blade! He's alive!!"

"Shark-san, I said, he wasn't dead..."

"More importantly,..." Jun switched his comms to interact with the Uncle, who interested Jun the most. "Old man, you got some nice moves! But it's all for nothing against a Genius like me!"

"H-Hold on Shark-san, we certainly have more than enough power to take him out, but this person's flying skills are incredible, not only that, but my Zeta's been considerably damaged, I don't know if it can catch up in it's current condition..."

"Tomi, I keep telling you and everyone else, as long as you have me, we'll win."


"Listen! Whenever things get rough, thats when it's most important to bet on yourself. That's how I do things! Everyone always talks about me being reckless but that's because I believe in myself! When the situation becomes dire, when your opponent has an advantage over you, the way to turn things around is to risk your own life to overcome the situation! We have to do something insane to cross this gap in speed and experience. I'm a genius because I know how to do just that!.... Listen Tomi, here's what we're gonna do, I'll latch onto the Zeta and form my X-Boosters together. That, combined with your thrusters should give us more than enough speed to overcome whatever he's got!"

"That's crazy! I'm not able to handle that kind of speed, we'll definitely crash!"

"We won't! This is a desert, there's nothing to crash into except the ground! Like I said, believe in yourself Tomi, and if you can't do that, then just believe in me! Everything will be fine!"

"Believe in you huh,....alright then"

With that, the Miracle once again used it's Scissor Anchor and this time latched it self onto the Zeta Gundam. The Miracle laid down on the Zeta and formed it's X-Boosters together. The combined forced of their thrusters hurled them both forward and great speeds. Their target was the Guntank CoreFighter that the Grandfather used. Tomiyoka clearly showed trouble in trying to control their new speed, but still fired it's cannon's at his enemy. Jun aswell, used the widespread beams of his Peacock Smasher strike at and restrict the movements of the CoreFighter.
Jun's eyes widened at the Guntank, now the Core Fighter, managing to evade a fatal blow. "Oh yeah, I forgot it was able to do that... More importantly, how the heck was he able to react that fast?!" he wondered at the insane timing of the pilot. Yet, Jun was shaken from that question once Blade's Gunpla had been defeated. "Blade!? You killed Blade, you bastards!!" Jun cursed in anger at his comrade's sudden defeat. To which Tomiyoka responded, "Um, Shark-kun, he's not actually dead..."

"You'll never reach great heights if you don't take this seriously Tomi! Dangit, I told him not to get cocky!!" the young fighter shouted as he quickly put his attention back on the combat before them. There was still the Core Fighter and GunCannon to deal with and currently, the Guncannon was rushing at the duo with a beam saber. "Hah, this guy must not have watched any Gundam X or 00 if he thinks that mobile suit can take on my Miracle in close range!" Jun responded confidently at the opposing fighter by separating his own Zanbuster Rifle and forming his Beam Zamber and Buster Gun in each respective hand.

While ontop of the Zeta, Jun would attempt a diagonal slash to cleave the GunCannon apart, however he was caught off guard by the assault of the Core Fighter. It's resulting gunfire barrage colliding into the side of The Miracle and throwing the Gunpla off course, causing GunCannon's Beam Saber to slice off it's left hand along with the Beam Zamber flying off into the distance.

"Shit!" Jun swore at the sudden upheavel of damage. However, this compromising position of the one-handed Miracle wasn't as defenseless as it may have appeared. "My new Miracle, has alot more tricks than before!" Jun grinned and a second after, the forearm of the Gunpla protruded it's GN Sword in place of where it's hand was missing. Now the sudden GN Sword was within the GunCannon's guard, in the space between it's Beam Saber and body! The Captain Miracle continued it's momentum from the previous slash and swung it's newly added blade for the GunCannon's neck.

At the same time, the previous assault had caused the Zeta and Miracle to be separated. This meant the only thing for Tomiyoka to do was to fire off shots at the Core Fighter, to atleast keep it away from sending off another hail of gunfire at them.
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Y-you killed Blade! You bastards!
@Blade17 @Crimson Lion

"Well atleast they do a good job of knowing to take things seriously when they see that I'm coming!" Jun commented from atop the Zeta Gundam' waveriver mode. They had a considerably nice positioning of their formation by not cramming together into one spot for them all to be shot down. Instead they had spread out their forces to strike at Jun and his teams for multiple angles to defend the train. The boisterous boy smirked at the challenge that he was glad wasn't going to be so easy.

"Still, no matter how tough you make it, a genius is still called a genius for a reason. That means it'll still end with my victory either way! Hey Blade! Focus on the train and Asshimar, and make sure you don't get hit! You're fast enough right? Don't underestimate them just because you have me on your team." Jun spoke ironically as fire from the enemy mobile suits began pouring at them. With Tomi taking care to back off and not get too close to the line of fire assaulting them. Jun immediately formed his Zanbuster Rifle for long range combat.

The Guncannon and Guntank may not be flashy but even someone as prideful as Jun knew how devastating their attacks were if they landed a direct it. Well, that was if they hit of course. "Tomi, lower down and get us into position where the Guntank is between us and the Guncannon so he'll have a hard to get us in his sights with his ally in the way. Then start shooting at the Guntank, you don't need to hit him just fire at the ground around to blind him with the dust and dirt!" As Jun gave that command to Tomiyoka, Jun aimed his sights at the Guntank and used his rifle to fire several blasts at it's center.
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Hey I wasnt sure, the Zeta's waverider mode with an ally on top isnt made for battle right? Just for travel?
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Jun was taken aback by the intensity of the white-haired punk on Seo's team. The boy had hallucinated for a moment, that there was a massive dark aura surrounding that man. No, that had just been a by-product of him watching too much Gundam. Jun wasn't going to allow himself to be intimidated by some geezer, "What was that!? That's some big talk for an ant that's about to be crushed! The next time you see m-"

Jun had been an uproar, getting closer and closer to white-hair's face with every word. He was darn near going to touch his face until he had been pulled back. It had been back Naoki, who was dragging Jun away by the back of his collar. "What the hell, Naoki!? I'm not done with that bastard! He's gotta learn his lesson with how he talks to me!!" Such an rain of complaints had been launched from the boy as he was carried away unceremoniously.

He would continue his rant until they had made it to their battle stations. Where at that point, Jun had finally gotten his frustration all out for the most part. "I'm definitely gonna make sure that guy bows down to me when I'm done with him..."


Now at their preparation phase, Jun readied his Gunpla along with his fellow teammates. The task he had been given didn't seem too boring so there was nothing for him to complain about. A chase seemed pretty exciting, and he could also burn some steam in the mean time. As he was gearing up for battle, some annoying advice from Kai came to his attention. As he watched his teammate turn away, Jun stuck his tongue out immaturely. "Heh, geniuses are misunderstood in every era. 'Reckless' he says. I prefer the term 'daredevil'!" Jun commented as arrogant as ever, cracking his knuckles in the meantime.

The boy docked his gunpla onto his station and readied himself inside the Yamato. "Yeesh, I have to hand it to you Riku. This is pretty cool!" he commented over the comms as he waited for them to reach their destination. "Blade! Tomiyoka! As long as you guys have me, our victory is assured! Remember, our targets are the Taurus' models they're carrying. Blade, you'll be the fastest since you don't have to carry me like Tomi does. So we'll be a bit behind you. When you catch sight of the targets, just start blasting them to pieces! That outta slow them down for us to catch up and cover you with support! Then once we're close enough in position, I'll tear them apart as the main event!" Jun stated his plan of attack. Though he wasn't too sure of what their opponents would bring at them, he was atleast certain this simple method of attack should be effective.

Once their ship reached 100 kilometers--

"Jun Takamaki, Captain Miracle Mk II! Taking off!" he shouted and propelled his newly improved Captain Miracle into the open sky. Immediately, he paired with Tomiyoka's Zeta Gundam by riding on top of it's waverider mode. Thankfully, with the Captain Miracle's upgrade, it was even lighter than before, making it easier for the Zeta to carry.

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