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In Avalia 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dusk
Location: River Port
Interactions: Annya @princess , Saorise @Potter Raven @Tae, Caelan @Alivefalling, Ismael @Th3King0fChaos
Equipment: Cobalt Saber, Cobalt Half Plate, 1360 Amas, Map of Avalia, Lantern, Water Flask, 3x Torch, x10 Travel Rations, Washing Brush.

Kharne watched Ismael play around with weapons that didn't suit his size or build for a moment after a comment about a gun before he went to the blacksmith at the counter. "I need a pair of bladed knuckle dusters made, cobalt material." He rumbled. The smith broke out a piece of paper to write the order down before questioning about design, appearances, and size. Kharne went over the appearance, he preferred simple things, and the blades would be roughly ten inches long with a slight curve. Both sides of the claw would be sharp since there was this thing called a backhand.

Ismael spoke up again, making Kharne turn towards him. "It depends on what you're looking to do. Blades cut but don't go through armor unless it's a hefty blade. Bludgeons crush armor, and bone, but they're hefty. Axes are happy mediums. Polearms are good for light armored opponents for the most part. There are also multiple ways to handle each weapon depending on its style." He stated while the smith went off to work on his order.

The giant reptilian man approached Ismael and began to show him the various ways of using weapons. Chocking up on an axe and 'punching' with the head. Choking up on the haft of a spear for better control and use in more cramped spaces and also using it much like a staff. The longsword and claymore he showed half-swording which was a way to make it more like a shorter blade so it could be used in a hallway. He even showed off the murderstroke, a strike to the skull via the crossguard while holding the actual blade. He was good at demonstrating all the more killer aspects of the various weapons he put his hands on. But it was still up to Ismael to pick a weapon that fit him well.
In Avalia 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dusk
Location: River Port
Interactions: Annya @princess , Saorise @Potter Raven @Tae, Caelan @Alivefalling, Ismael @Th3King0fChaos
Equipment: Cobalt Saber, Cobalt Half Plate, 1330 Amas, Map of Avalia, Lantern, Water Flask, 3x Torch, x10 Travel Rations, Washing Brush.

Kharne blinked before tilting his head slightly. "True enough, they might never have seen combat in their world." He mused. But he still felt it'd be better to arm and armor them first. Sometimes a good sheet of metal over the chest and good steel in the hand gave people comfort. The knowledge they could defend themselves to a degree. A blink and shake of his head were given to the princess at her next words. "Time and place for teamwork..." He murmured, more to himself than the others. He was a mercenary, it was entirely different than being in a military unit.

He was more used to relying on himself than others around him. If anything he tried doing more in a group to make sure things were done to his own standard. Trust did not come easy in the mercenary world. Still the girls went off to do girl things. Shop, gossip, talk of males. The behemoth looked down at Ismael for a moment before gesturing for the younger man to follow along. At least he only had to look after one human, not two. That made keeping an eye out for dangers easier on him.

It had been a little bit since he had been to River Port, but the layout felt the same. Just different faces, some new smells. It was obvious to Ismael on the first location the giant draconic man would lead him. To an armory, a business that sold arms and armor made by local blacksmiths and some brought in from other towns. "Try out various weapons, don't just look at them. Pick them up and give them a swing, pull, or thrust. What fits your hand and body best." Kharne said, inside the shop he seemed a bit more relaxed. Weapons and armor were things he liked, the current spread of gear looked like toys whenever he picked one up. Was his monstrous blade a custom order job to match his size?
Space still available? It sounds interesting
In Avalia 22 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 10AM - Dusk
Location: Jungle - River Port
Interactions: Annya @princess , Saorise @Potter Raven @Tae, Caelan @Alivefalling, Ismael @Th3King0fChaos
Equipment: Cobalt Saber, Cobalt Half Plate, 1330 Amas, Map of Avalia, Lantern, Water Flask, 3x Torch, x10 Travel Rations, Washing Brush.

Kharne was blocking each blow from the troll his his armored forearms. Outside it looked like he was being overwhelmed but he was counting the seconds between each of the trolls punches and was looking for an opening. Not that he needed one after a bit, the young girl Raven blew the troll off in a burst of wind magic. Also a loud expletive exclamation. A thump to the ground and the giant reptilian man was on his feet. No fancy flips, just a show of power by striking the ground and up he went.

"Thank you." He rumbled out as he approached the impaled troll. A branch through the heart seemed to kill the regenerative little bastards. But he didn't take chances, a shift of his hands and a wrench of his shoulders pulled the trolls her off along with a small portion of spine. Then he went about collecting what could be useful from the corpse. Without proper tools transporting the organs wouldn't be feasible, organs decay far too quickly.

Turning to the rest he eyed the three humans for a moment. "I'm sure you understand there's a lesson here. Don't underestimate your opponents." He stated before scooping up his giant sword and slinging it over his shoulder and into its sheathe before the group trudged on towards the town.

When they got to town he waved off Annya's attempts to get him to go to the health center, he had only been punched a few times. He didn't get slammed into the ground like a ragdoll like she had, at most he had lost a bit of blood from his nose and the inside of his cheeks were bloody from his teeth. They'd heal fast enough, although the nose was already clotted. Still shortly after that Annya got the group a couple rooms and before he could do or say anything she paid extra to have a third room put in the 'girls side'.

Very obvious Annya did not participate in campaigns since she did that. Although Ismael could be a deviant.

The group rested, well the humans rested, Annya went off for something and Kharne did his own thing. Which was clean his blade, hone the edge, and clean the blood off his armor and scales. Without his armor on the group could see he had a great many scars darkening the white hide of his body. When Annya returned she handed him a bracelet, making him quirk an eyebrow. When did she measure his wrist? She explained it was a magical transponder and could be used to contact her own. "Work before play...they need equipment, Annya." Kharne said, he didn't think the whole group would be like monks and punch things. Little Red showed an aptitude for knives but the other two were unarmed aside from their magic.
Big Red watched the pairs reaction to him starting to be eaten...and then Druid Girl finally used her spell. The cold made him shiver but the slime thickened and dropped off. Rapidly cooling liquid thickened up it seemed. It didn't get that cold where he was from, he had never seen ice or snow...or even breath mist. The blob though was slowly starting to move away, clearly trying to escape the cold source.

Druid Girl prevented the slow escape by splattering the slime with her staff. Which revealed a ring within its stomach. "I doubt the ring made it, slimes are a fairly common creature when it comes to caves and swamps. Which a sewer is like a mixture of both." He stated before shrugging. "Then again magic is strange and can do many things." The big reptilian man continued before the girls started to worry about his leg.

He gave the pair a dull look before patting his own chest. "Swamp-dweller. Disease doesn't affect me nearly as much as one of you. We'll continue on." He rumbled, did humans really worry about their combatants this much or were these two just the odd ladies out? Either way his pant leg was dropped and he made it obvious he wanted to keep going. It was a minor injury really and he felt like there was no point worrying so much about it.
The ceiling was empty, apparently it was a solitary slime. Then again more could be hiding elsewhere in these sewers but that was a thought for another day. The slime, while he wasn't looking, and it somehow lived through a football punt, had lunged and latched onto his leg which got a sigh of annoyance from him. A quick tug pulled that pant leg up and away from its acid contents and it began to digest his leg. Albeit slowly, stomach acid was powerful but it was still slow.

"No one knows where slimes come from but they're essentially monstrous forms of natures clean up crew. They eat everything and are essentially constructs from...somewhere. At least that's what the elders and shamans of my tribe have said. They like the dark." He rumbled before glaring down at the slime. Were the gods playing tricks with their dice?

"Use the ice, it's better than it slowly working through my leg." He stated while folding his arms and lifting his leg, balancing perfectly on the other so Druid Girl wouldn't have to bend down closer to the sewer floor to get to his leg. For someone getting eaten alive, slowly, he was unsurprisingly calm. Although clearly annoyed. They were both asking if he was alright and he just shrugged. "Get a sunburn on your leg and increase the pain slowly but gradually to a more severe burn. It's slower because it has to work on the scales which have no feeling." Big Red commented while waiting.
In Avalia 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 10AM
Location: Jungle
Interactions: Annya @princess , Saorise @Potter Raven @Tae, Caelan @Alivefalling, Ismael @Th3King0fChaos
Equipment: Cobalt Saber, Cobalt Half Plate, 1330 Amas, Map of Avalia, Lantern, Water Flask, 3x Torch, x10 Travel Rations, Washing Brush.

Kharne could have kept his pace up for another hour or two despite the size and weight of his weapon. Decades of using it, proper technique to not waste energy, and how to breathe properly while striking made the rate at which he tired much slower. Nevermind the fact his top tier lungs processing oxygen for his blood to keep his muscles from cramping was a great boon. But fights were never guaranteed in someones favor, especially when unpredictable things happening.

Like for example a foe turning its back to get away despite a rain of slashes. The troll retreated quickly before charging and tackling the behemoth. The pair rolling, the giant blade being knocked out of hand, before the troll was using its stubbed arm to hold the dragonborn down and laid into the bulky mans face.

Having several hundred pounds of muscle and bone thrown at someone was enough to wind even the most seasoned fighters, so the troll got a few good solid hits into him. Crimson blood was stark against the white reptilian mans hide. Blood was trickling from his nose and from a busted lip before his arms came up and worked on blocking. Trolls were much stronger than they looked so those few punches had actually hurt in comparison to a humans or elves.

Those troll limbs were also long, he couldn't retaliate with his own punches because the damned things face was still out of reach despite a portion of its arm missing. He just might be able to tickle its chin with a fingertip but otherwise all he'd be able to reach is the torso. Negligible damage for something that regenerates.
Name: Drachen Steinboden

Age: 29

Nationality: German

Base of Operations: Earth; Europe

Class: Duelist

Preferred Advanced Class: Knight


  • Main Weapon: Ion Ostryx Battle Axe
  • Secondary Weapon: Ion Throwing Knives
  • Armor: Ostryx Body Armor
  • Gear: Plasmic Grenade

Gene Mods:

  • Adaptive Nerve Firing: Allows a soldier to react faster to attacks. Boosting the soldiers Dodge that makes enemies miss more often.
  • Adaptive Bone Marrow: Allows a soldier to heal faster than normal and grants Drachen an immunity to Chryssalid Poison.

Drachen is a rather large man, standing at six feet four inches with a heavy build. Thick muscles that would look more at home on a Heavy unit than a Duelist. His skin is darkly tanned from being outside so much, and is littered with numerous scars from various wounds over the years. On his back are a set of draconic wing tattoos that look surprisingly real. He's strangely hairless as well despite his ancestry.

Like the rest of him he's completely bald, whether by choice or not is in his file. Thick black eyebrows rest on a rather thick ridge, making him look angry and casting a small shadow over his eyes. Said eyes are a steel gray in color and slightly sunken. Between his eyes and lower down he has a block-ish nose. His lips are average, but hold a slight natural frown that gives his overall look to be angry.

Drachen was born in Germany a year after the war for Earth was over. His name is kind of a give away on that along with some of a remaining accent. His younger years flew by in an unimportant blur until he joined up with the military. Schools didn't cover the Alien Invasion very well, a lot of hush hush details apparently. Here he learned a lot more on what actually happened in the war by checking records available in his off time.

During training he found that he preferred getting up close and personal instead of hiding a mile away to blow somethings head off. His size, endurance, and overall might, tended to win out over technique when it came to hand to hand. A few Veterans of the War that were still active compared him to a Muton. Although biologically his strength didn't compare to their brutish might. After learning hand to hand techniques he was moved on to learn the weaponry of a Duelist. Swords and throwing knives. Unfortunately the swords were simply too light and adding weight would make the weapon awkward and clumsy. So an axe was made with the same technology. Thankfully an axe tended to follow the same attack patterns as a sword minus drawing cuts.

Unfortunately, in his mind anyway, there weren't any Aliens around after all that training. It was basic patrols, hunts that came up empty, and more training. Well he trained on his own, going above and beyond the norm. Between orders he did everything he could to increase his strength, surpass his previous move speeds, and to hone his reflexes despite the Gene Mods active within his body. Hell the Adaptive Bone Marrow let him abuse himself to go even further beyond normal human standards.

Finally it was decades after the War and Humanity decided it was time to go Alien hunting through space. He didn't really understand the tech to traverse space, would they be in cryo like in the movies? Or did the ships just move that fast now that they could just...warp to the planets and go on the offensive? He'd find out soon enough.
In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 10AM
Location: Jungle
Interactions: Annya @princess , Saorise @Potter Raven @Tae, Caelan @Alivefalling, Ismael @Th3King0fChaos
Equipment: Cobalt Saber, Cobalt Half Plate, 1330 Amas, Map of Avalia, Lantern, Water Flask, 3x Torch, x10 Travel Rations, Washing Brush.

Kharne's eyebrow rose up when the troll stepped on the flat of his blade as he was twisting it to bring it back up into the green sapien. That was some serious reflexes, then again if one regenerated you didn't really have to worry about pain too much. Sure it hurt, but if you knew you'd heal you wouldn't react as strongly. Its other leg struck out, kicking the behemoth in the chest which got a grunt out of him, and knocking him back. Strong kick, but it wasn't the first time he received such a blow and it probably wouldn't be his last.

A low prehistoric sounding growl came from the reptilian man before he surged forward in a flurry of blows. His reach was even greater than the trolls thanks to the length of his blade. The cobalt blade sung as it swept through the air and sent troll blood spattering this way and that. It was impossible to block such a weapon without that greatclub off in the distance. A limb trying to shield the body got shredded by the well kept weapon. Every step back from the troll got a sweeping step forward from Kharne.

The blade cut through skin and muscle easily before chipping the bones of whatever limb was used to block. It looked like Kharne was trying to overwhelm the trolls regeneration rate judging by how he was sending that giant curved sword screaming through the air faster and faster. The momentum carrying through into another swing with deft moves of his hands, arms, and torso.
Druid Girl revealed more of her capabilities. Well her future capabilities, she was still to green to do all the things higher tiered druids could do. But she could potentially clear the way if push came to shove. That could be handy if they were tired or wounded heavily. Of course at the nickname for Archer Girl, Druid Girl started to laugh but held it in by covering her mouth.

During their meandering they encountered....nothing! Except normal rats which weren't part of either job. No roach bits, no rat bones, a whole lot of nothing. Which judging by what the guild girl had said was bizarre. Still they walked further west, taking turns when necessary until a sound came to the group. A sloshing and liquid undulating sound. Oh boy the sewers had these huh?

The torch in his hand went down somewhat to reveal the slime approaching them slowly. Neither girl...knew what it was. Really? He could understand Archer Girl and her steppes and plains. But Druid had been an adventurer and even been down here! "You two don't know what a slime is?" He asked before stepping forward. A shift of his balance and one foot shot forward, slamming into the slime and sending sludgy bits flying every which way in front of him.

"Vulnerable to bludgeoning. They're mostly...ambush..." He said before trailing off. Ah fuck. His torch went towards the ceiling to try and light it up. Having lived in a swamp he knew enough about them but never studied them in detail. The ones there had been more green and tended to cling to branches to fall on prey. What large humanoid or animal looked up after all?
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