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Stop treating your pain like it’s something you imagined. If you see the wound is real, then you can heal it.
Inej Ghafa, Crooked Kingdoms - Leigh Bardugo

Current Theme Song -- Royal Archives Heist -- Joseph Trapanese

Name: KazAlkemi
Age: Twenty-seven
Birthday: Ask me
Ethnicity: Canadian
Location: Mountain Standard Time
Gender: Female
Occupation: Massage Therapist
Languages: Fluent English, Amateur Scottish Gaelic
Preferred RP Section: Casual/Advanced
RP Level:Advanced
Dedication Level: High
Biggest RP Pet Peeve: Ignorance; Disrespect
My Pets: MEOW!

Song of the Month: Shower -- DYLN

Books I Am Currently Reading:
  • Voyager - Diana Gabaldon
  • Shelter In Place - Alexander Maksik

Shows I Am Currently Watching:

  • The Legend of Korra
  • The IT Crowd
  • RuPaul's Drag Race: All-Stars
  • Loki
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Legacies
  • Criminal Minds
  • Shadow & Bone (FOREVER WATCHING)

Current Favourite Movies:
  • The Mitchells vs The Machines

Role Plays I Am In:

  • Darke Magyk: CONCLUDED by Morose -- Playing Cuyler Eysteinsson (Alive and well; will he see Ayra again?);
    Amarantha (death by Fyre);
    Ahote Proudstar (Alive and no longing melting inside)
  • The Gifted by Morose -- Playing Luna Braddock (whereabouts unknown) & Cayden Proudstar (deceased by gunshot to the neck)

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Ezekiel Kel

Location: Apollo Cabin -- Camp Half-Blood
Skills: Light Manipulation; Stamina; Judo

The struggle was real as Ezekiel tried to mount the wall and climb up it again. He kept slipping off the grips and a camper noticed. They tossed a thing of nectar at him and Zeke snapped it up. The headache was gradually getting worse and that certainly wasn’t helping his nausea or his vision problems. He drank a good portion of the nectar and stood a moment as the liquid filled him and wiped the symptoms of a concussion out of his body. He would likely still have Bryan or another Apollo kid look him over but for the time being, Zeke was back in the game.
He looked up the climbing wall, seeing how high Bryan was and he frowned. The sun was still out and so Zeke tried his hand at bending the light to try and disorient Bryan. The light bent to Zeke’s will and he grinned as it targeted his half-brother. Hopefully, it would keep Bryan preoccupied while Ezekiel climbed up the wall.
Everything seemed to be on point as Zeke climbed higher and higher, dodging every obstacle that slid around or pushed out of the wall. He heaved himself up beside Bryan and grinned.
”Now who’s going to lose,” he said and pushed himself higher.

Cassiopeia Hood

Location: Rumpel’s Hideout --- Camelot

Cassiopeia was ready to get moving when Jack started telling Merlin about an artifact Rumpel was going to give Maleficent. Cassi sighed, knowing where the conversation was going already. Despite the screaming of obvious torture and no good, Merlin wanted to search the place for the artifact. And then Rumpel entered the room.
Cassiopeia swiveled around, holding her bow up, an arrow aimed at the intruder. Her heart skipped a few beats when she registered the man covered in blood and holding two balls. When he released the items at Jack’s feet, Cassi clued in that they were heads. The heads of the people that had just been in the room. Cassiopeia saw red for a moment and went to let go of her own arrow when one flew past. Rose had fired an arrow at Rumpel, missing wide and then Merlin was telling them to get out of there after he threw a ball of fire at the evil man.
Cassiopeia dropped her bow and put her arrow away and went to grab Rose. She fired off two more arrows, the last hitting Rumpel in the chest and then Cassi was pushing Rose.
”Go!” Cassi yelled, fearful of what this man could do to any of them. She put herself between Rose and Rumpel as they headed for an exit. Any exit.

Willow Jones

Location: Rumpel’s Hideout -- Camelot

It was difficult for Willow to try and tune out the screaming, especially when it suddenly stopped, almost as soon as it started. She looked shakily around, eyeing the doors when Jack and Merlin started talking. Willow just wanted to leave, she was getting a horrible feeling but Merlin wanted to search the place. Willow was getting ready to protest when a door opened and Merlin walked in.
The colour drained from Willow’s face when she saw Rumpel covered in blood. She put a hand to her stomach, trying to contain the nauseous feeling from the sight of so much blood and the hard iron smell. Then she heard the thud of Rumpel throwing something and saw heads rolling towards Jack. Willow clamped a hand over her mouth to keep from screaming but a squeak still slipped out before she could cover her mouth fully.
Merlin didn’t have to tell Willow to run twice, she turned and ran blindly for the door they had come through earlier.

Antoinette McCarthy

Location: Kyln -- Space

Antoniette felt a hand on her and jumped, ready to punch or slap but relaxed when she heard Ed’s voice. She leaned into him a little, latching a hand onto his arm and nodded. She would stick close to him and follow where he went. Knowing someone else could guide her would help her get out of this place Antoinette figured.
She watched Ed create a bit of shovel to get rid of some guards and Lance continued on with his Hulk rampage. Antoinette tuned into Klara’s explanation and was surprised to hear they were captured for no reason but it sounded like something serious was happening. Antoinette could hardly blame the Nova Corps now getting jumpy at the sight of a new ship.
As things started to move forward, the panic that had crippled Antoinette in the beginning of the gun fight, was now diminishing. She owed a lot of that to the comforting presence of Ed and remained close to them as they moved forward.
Ezekiel Kel

Location: Apollo Cabin -- Camp Half-Blood
Skills: Stamina; Judo

Zeke nodded and grabbed his armor at Bryan’s recommendation. Once he was changed and suited up, he followed his half-brother out of the camping and to the training grounds. Ezekiel rolled his eyes as he was teased. It never seemed to bother Zeke when he was teased or undermined by his half-siblings. It was everyone else when they discredited him that made him mad.
”Hardly. Anytime that man pays attention to me I’m sent on a death mission,” Zeke declared. If he didn’t acquire Apollo’s attention, Zeke was perfectly fine. It was just a knee jerk reaction for him earlier. It was nothing. At least that’s what Zeke was telling himself.
They reached the rock wall and Bryan placed a bet as was the usual incentive to win. Zeke smirked and nodded before racing after Bryan. Zeke didn’t have a lot of money to his name but he’d earn some if he lost but Zeke wasn’t planning to lose. Zeke latched onto the rock wall and was starting to climb. Bryan was ahead of him and Zeke was trying to push himself but he quickly got hit in the head and blacked out.
His world went blank for a moment but he came to and could feel the ground around him and hear a ringing in his ear. Ezekiel groaned as his vision blurred and the world spun around him. He heaved himself up right, feeling a wave of nausea and paused for a moment to let it pass. Zeke looked up the rock wall and saw a rather blurry figure of Bryan. Zeke self diagnosed that he had a concussion, likely stage two with his brief moment of unconsciousness before realizing he was on the ground.
”Fuck,” he cursed. Concussions were no joke but at least here, there was the strong chance of it being healed so no long term damages occurred. The ringing diminished some but it was still faint and brought on the effects of a minor headache. Zeke pushed himself to his feet and stumbled into the rock wall as the dizziness continued to disorient him. He groped for a hold and tried to pull himself back onto the wall. Sure, Ezekiel would yell at anyone else who was about to do what he was attempting to but do as I say, not as I do, right?

Cassiopeia Hood

Location: Rumpel’s Hideout --- Camelot

Cassiopeia relaxed a fraction when she saw Jack and what looked to be two prisoners he was saving. She glanced over at Megan to see how she was with seeing her brother finally. Merlin walked forward and started speaking but Cassi remained silent, staying vigilant for anything lurking in the shadows.
As Jack joined the group, a scream sounded and Cassi looked around, trying to find it’s source. It wasn’t one of them as it was coming from a distance. Layla and Sierra both expressed the need to get out of there and Cassi agreed. She kept her bow drawn, ready to fire at anything that moved. As she scanned she spotted Rose looking distressed from the scream. Cassi walked over, bow string drawn still but pointed her weapon to the ground so she didn’t hit anyone in their group.
”We can’t save them all Rose.” For all they knew, it could be a diversion. Cassi wouldn’t put it past Rumpel.

Willow Jones

Location: Rumpel’s Hideout -- Camelot

They crept along, Willow looking around but not knowing what she was really looking for other than for Jack. Who appeared with a couple other people. They looked relieved to see Merlin but they didn’t seem to notice the rest of them before they ran off. Willow looked at Jack, not seeing anything visibly wrong.
Willow nodded in agreement with Sierra when she mentioned leaving. Willow was certainly ready to get going. She didn’t want to be in the villain’s hideout longer than necessary. Then there was a scream. Willow’s breathing hitched and her eyes widened in fear. Who was that poor person screaming and why were they screaming?
Ezekiel Kel

Location: Apollo Cabin -- Camp Half-Blood

Zeke pulled off his beanie and stripped his jacket off as soon as he stepped into Apollo cabin. The conversation with Demetri was confusing. Clearly the son of Zeus was up to something and he was equally curious and annoyed with Apollo being here to see Nancy. He looked over when Bryan acknowledged him and Zeke sighed a little.
”Dad’s here. He gave something to Nancy. I didn’t really get a good look at it but she seemed pretty shocked and demanded to talk to him alone. On the plus side, no more snow thanks to Apollo.” He ran a hand through his damp hair from the snow earlier and breathed a sigh with relief at Bryan’s suggestion to go to the climbing wall. Zeke definitely needed to expel some energy.
”Ya, just let me change and we can head out,” Zeke agreed and quickly went to change into the camp shirt and some shorts so he could move around more easily.

Cassiopeia Hood

Location: Outside Rumpel’s ---> Compound --- Camelot

Cassiopeia looked over at Rose when she suggested Cassi leading the way with her and Megan. She smiled, feeling validated in her skill and made her way around the group to the front. With Merlin’s okay to move forward, she walked behind Megan until they reached the wall and Merlin found an opening for them. Cassi waited until Megan and Rose were through before she stepped inside the compound and moved forward and out towards her left. She had her bow raised, arrow sighted and moved around slowly, scanning the compound. All seemed quiet but Cassi didn’t like when things were too quiet.
It was a calm before the storm sort of situation. Things often got eerily quiet right before an animal in the woods would break into a run. Cassiopeia continued to scan the area while the others funneled in through the hole in the wall. Cassi was grateful they were invisible but it was only a matter of time before they were discovered.

Willow Jones

Location: Outside Rumpel’s ---> Compound -- Camelot

When Sierra blushed in return it took Willow off guard. She wasn't expecting her to blush back but Sierra did all the same. Willow’s mind flooded, wondering what that was about and then wondered why she was so worried about that blush and what it could mean. Willow shook her head as a plan was formed.
Once Merlin made them invisible, they all shuffled forward until they had to go through an opening in the wall one at a time. Willow squeezed herself in after Merlin, being mindful of her dress and pack. She stumbled forward once in the compound and looked around. It seemed pretty quiet to her but she never infiltrated a villain's lair before. This could be normal for all she knew. So far, the Disney films were nothing like the real thing.

Antoinette McCarthy

Location: Kyln -- Space
Skills: PTSD minor freak out

The blood continued to pound in Antoinette’s ears as the gun fire rained down around her. There were blasters and all sorts of laser’s going off that reminded her of a light show. It calmed her down some but she still knew they were lethal weapons and still knew what that sound meant to her. Still, she was no longer having flashbacks.
When Antoinette heard Rocket say they should move on while the others looked for the battery, Antoinette crawled closer to them before standing up. They had to get out quickly, especially with another guard group arriving. Klara showed up then and Antoinette was a bit surprised to see her but grateful as well.
”Let’s get going, no time like the present,” Antoinette managed to get out. Her voice was shaky though and she froze when the lights went out. A loud alarm sound started blaring through the jail and Antoinette clamped her hands over her ears. It would drown out the sound of gun fire surely but her ears were extra sensitive already because of it.
Ezekiel Kel & Demetri Howell

Location: Dining Pavillion/Bunker 9 ---> Cabins -- Camp Half-Blood

Demetri moved away from the barrel as he watched Lauryn go to kick it. Placing his hands in the air as if to surrender. "Just a regular Badass huh?" He followed her towards the work station, watching as she wrote some things down onto a notepad and then snapped back as she turned to hand it to him. Demi gave it a cursory look, checking to see what all he was going to need to get before folding the paper up and placing it into his pocket. She ran through everything that was needed, as well as where to get the items. He couldn't help but smile the whole time and nod as he got the feeling that it was finally happening.

"Right, thanks. Oh uh, but I will need those drachmas please." Demi said, almost ashamed to need to be asking for money. He wasn't the type to have others cover for him, and if he could he would usually cover for others when needed. Luckily Lauryn had already offered to do so, fetching out some drachmas she carried on her and handing them to Demetri so that he could get going and gather the supplies. "See you at the forge then. And Lauryn...thanks again." He offered her a warm smile before heading off, thinking about what the quickest route might be.

Ezekiel batted his father’s hand away and fixed the beanie on his head. He hated how much his father tried to be a father and teased him with the idea of a gift. ”Ya, sure. I’m sure it will be another lovely quest to go and die on for you. Hope you enjoyed that steak old man,” he said. Zeke looked back at Nancy when Apollo walked away but she seemed ready to go and talk to Apollo alone and there was nothing Zeke could do about that. He stood, annoyed and frustrated with the entire situation. He didn’t even get a good look at what was in the box. He looked at Nancy’s friends. ”If she wants to see me or whatever, I’ll be in Apollo cabin,” Zeke said before he sulked off.

Ezekiel normally enjoyed the warmer weather but now it was just an annoyance. He glared at the obnoxious chariot as he passed on his way to the cabins. Zeke was struggling with a mix of emotions. He wasn’t the only Apollo kid at camp but it seemed Apollo had come around to see him the most and now, he was here to see Nancy and Nancy suddenly didn’t want to deal with Zeke either. They had bonded over the hate and Zeke hadn’t felt close to anyone here at camp in a long time but now he was feeling a degree of rejection and inadequacy.

Demetri had finally decided the quickest route to get everything done was to go through the Cabins. It was a fairly straight shot from Bunker 9 past the Cabins to get to the Arts and Crafts center. From there it was only a matter of heading down to the Big House for the shop and then looping up to hit the Forge. To say his pace had quickened was a massive understatement. He already walked fast for most people, his long legs helping with that endeavor, but the exhilaration of making something for someone got him moving.

He made a mental checklist of everything that was needed on the list, running through it several times as he walked. Demi counted each item on his fingers over and over again, everyone once in a while stopping to recite
The cow as white as milk
The cape as red as blood
The hair as yellow as corn
For whatever reason mixing his list to that song allowed his mind to focus more on what was needed and made it harder to forget, granted he still had the slip in his pocket just in case.

Ezekiel made his way to the cabins even with his mind racing with thoughts about Apollo and Nancy. He didn’t even stop to look up as he followed his feet in the familiar direction of his cabin. He ran into something hard and snapped. He shoved the person back.

”Watch where you are bloody well walking!” He glared at the person in front of him, seeing red before black hair, black beanie and the rest of the picture filled out. Zeke deflated quickly and cursed. ”Demi, what the hell?”

Demetri was so focused on his hands and his recitation that he hadn't paid any thought that there may be others in the area. Before he knew it he had cleared half the camp and was abruptly reminded about the other campers as one slammed right into him just before shoving him even more. "Watch it jerk!" He said as his eye flashed towards his assailant only to realize it was his jerk.

Demi immediately switched gears, a clear look of regret in his eye as he began to apologize to Zeke. "Sorry Z, kinda in my own headspace at the moment trying to remember a checklist I'm getting. But...while I have you I actually have a question for you...if I can." Demetri looked about really quick to try and gauge who was and wasn't around them. If anyone asked he would lie and say it was about his new eye.

Ezekiel sighed, looking away and stared at his cabin that was only a couple feet away. ”Sure, because I don’t have anything pressing on my mind either. What is it?” Annoyance very clearly filled the tone of his voice and he looked back at Demetri, waiting for the oh so important question.

Demetri followed Zeke's gaze towards the Apollo Cabin. He hadn't known about Apollo's grand appearance, or what had gone down at the dining pavilion. What he did know was that Zeke clearly wasn't in a good mood. His hand twitched slightly forward, wanting to comfort Zeke, but he stopped himself and crossed his arms across his chest to stop himself from doing anything in public. He gave Zeke a sympathetic look as if to say we can talk about it later when we're alone.

Demi chewed his bottom lip for a moment before finally asking his question. He knew the longer he drew this out the more annoyed Zeke would get. "I was just curious...what were your favorite parts of the Odyssey...and well, is it just the Odyssey or do you like the Iliad as well? And if so, what parts?" He continued to chew his bottom lip, shoulders slumping down as he stood there both concerned for Zeke as well as worried how mad he may get at the current questions. But he needed to know which stencils to grab.

Ezekiel’s eyes shifted down when he recognized Demetri’s signature twitch of him wanting to reach out and take Zeke’s hand or comfort him. Zeke let out another sigh, feeling himself relax a little. It was Demi but he at least cared, in his own strange way. Ezekiel focused on Demetri, listening to his question which completely took him off guard. Zeke looked at Demetri with confusion. ”What? Why?”

"I-well-um." Demetri didn't want to give away the surprise and hadn't exactly expected for Zeke to question him. He bit his lip a little harder, feeling a bit rip off slightly as his nerves kicked in. "Just...curious is all. Please? Just...humor me you jerk." He felt as if he couldn't say too much because of how public they were right now, knowing Zeke wanted to keep up pretenses outside of the infirmary or private moments.

Ezekiel smirked when Demetri called him a jerk, although this time it was fine. ”Alright, bitch.” He thought back to the Odyssey and all the different times he had read it and the things that had stuck out most for him. ”Well, I like Penelope’s dedication to Odysseus but I also like his strength that he shows his men. I like when he’s trapped on the island with Calypso and when his son goes out to care for his father’s land. As for the Iliad, I haven’t read it yet.”

Demetri tried to think of what he could do for the sake of designs across the side of the guitar. He had a few ideas in mind now but it all came to a crashing halt when Zeke mentioned he hadn't read the Iliad. He had assumed anyone who read one had read the other. They were always, at least in his surroundings, referred to in the same breath. The Iliad and The Odyssey. " haven't read the Iliad yet? Any reason why mate?" Demi had stopped biting his lower lip, now focusing on what Zeke was saying.

Ezekiel shrugged, trying to avoid the truth to the question. ”Just never have. I want to. I’m sure they have a copy around here that I can get my hands on but I don’t have much time for reading outside of my medical texts,” Zeke informed Demi.

Demetri opened his mouth as if to speak, stopping short of vocalizing anything before closing his mouth again and thinking. Zeke and Demi had spent months reading together and spending time together, and although he read his medical texts usually, Demi didn't see why he could do some casual reading as well. He tapped his finger on his lip as he thought and finally decided to just shrug at him. It had given Demi an idea, a double dose of gifting. One for the birthday he had so clearly missed, and another for Christmas. He owed him that much at least he figured.

"All right then, keep your secrets." Demi said, quoting Frodo with a bit of a grin. "But seriously that's fine then Zeke. If you haven't had time you haven't had time I guess. I really appreciate you taking time to answer my silly questions." Demetri glanced about for a moment, balancing his weight onto the heels of his feet as he rocked in place awkwardly. "Wanna talk about what got you all heated up later? I need to pop by the infirmary anyways to have you look at something for me anyways so…"

Demetri was one to talk about keeping secrets. Zeke had a feeling his question wasn’t just casual conversation. If it was, it likely could have waited. Zeke was ready to leave, to be done with this too long conversation but after Demetri stood there awkwardly, he asked Zeke a question he had been grateful for. Zeke nodded, feeling like it would be better if he talked about it, unless he saw Nancy first and got some answers.

”Ya alright, I’ll see you later,” Zeke said before he walked away and entered the Apollo cabin.

Antoinette McCarthy

Location: Kyln -- Space
Skills: PTSD freak out

Antoinette was pleased when the new power she developed worked out for her and she managed to knock out five prisoners before the guards started to show up. And fire their guns. Antoinette dropped to the ground, hiding her head but the shots seemed to go wide. Antoinette remained crouched on the ground, feeling herself flashing back to hearing the gunshot on the phone to a flash of running through the forest. The terror gripped her tight and Antoinette couldn’t really move. It didn’t help when there was a roar from Lance and Antoinette peeked up to see him throw an unconscious prisoner at the guards.
The gunshots paused momentarily with the throw but Antoinette didn’t trust herself to be steady and attack the remaining prisoners and guards without hitting one of her friends. She crawled across the floor, getting out of the way and watched Mary down below with her vines and attacking a wall, looking for the panel Rocket talked about.
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