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Current My son is visiting today, so if I do reply today, it won't be until much later on tonight. Have a good day everyone! :D


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Hello everyone! I am Katt, and I am looking for a partner or two to start a roleplay with! I'll keep this short, as I am not too good at making these haha.

About me:

-I write female characters. I am not opposed to doubling, but I do not play a very good male character haha.
-I write at least one paragraph. I do not write one liners, and would prefer if you didn't either. As long as there is something to reply to. It really just depends on where we are at/what's going on in the roleplay.
-I prefer fading to black. I haven't came across anything else to make it to my limit list (yet). I am okay with sex happening, however I prefer skipping those scenes. I am also okay with swearing and drugs being involved.
-This will take place through either PM's or email.
-Sometimes life gets in the way, however I try to reply at least once a day, if not more. Sometimes it's just not possible.

Now that that is out of the way, here is what I am looking for :) :

-I am craving anything with a teen pregnancy. I really enjoy playing a teen character, however I am okay with you either playing a teen, or there being an age gap.

-I recently watched a movie called Kept Woman. I am wanting to do something like this, but instead of someone finding the girl who gets kidnapped, she ends up falling in love with him instead... I am hoping to mix a pregnancy into this as well.

-I've been wanting to try something about a Soldier returning home to his wife, or something about a new soldier and his wife and their life on base (this can include cheating, or not)

Feel free to suggest! I cannot think of anything else at the moment, so please PM me if you're interested :D
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