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Current Welcome back!
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*starts clapping hands*
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I'll be the head chief, garden, and food resources. Then you can boot me because I feed ya'll.
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I wouldn't be opposed of joining such a fabulous sounding crew with such goals.
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I transferred to a new college and my mental health has improved so much. My old college was a "top college" but I truly would not recommend going because the fuckery that went on in there.
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This is a neat idea. Not sure what I would try to make, but just saying its not a bad idea. You might have to focus on a smaller group since the idea is more esoteric than conventional on the forum.

I was thinking about getting rid of the "large group" tag. Well, I am glad to see another person interested. I'm hoping to get at least one or two more before officially starting anything up. Roughly having 5 people (including myself) wouldn't be a bad group size.
Bump. I'm not going to give up on this idea quite yet.

I would assume that is a statement of this interest check going nowhere then?
From all the different comments, I am getting Firefly vibes from this hard sci-fi journey and I am in.
Got a hold of him on Discord. He's alright. Had some irl troubles but our favorite shelled reptile is fine.

I'm glad to hear! I noticed that he got on the Guild earlier today. Thank you for the update.
Bump for funzies
Possible characters taking over Section or Unit Chief depending on interest and application.

If used, the character below will have some changes once this is up and running.
Interested and will probably do a special agent.

Sounds great. Glad to have you interested!

Quick Insight: The main inspiration for this Role-play is from true crime podcasts and public cases along with T.V. series like Criminal Minds, NCIS, Law and Order, and much more. This will not be a completely GM-guided RP. Inspiration from the Role-Players about cases/events is always welcome!
Warnings Only welcoming 18+. If you have triggers/sensitivities to certain topics, especially topics that revolve around true crime and crime shows, I would advise you not to participate in this RP.

in and out of character
⚀ First and foremost, listen to all established site rules: This is self-explanatory, I know, but I feel like it still needs to be stated. Respect and listen to all staff members of RPGuild.
⚁ Do not metagame/god mode/or whatever you might call it. If we have an OOC discussion and it is not stated otherwise, that means your character/while you are writing IC does not know that particular information. Ruining the fun for everyone else makes it not fun for you or others.
⚂ GM and Co-GMs always have the last and final decisions. That's final. Please do not argue with the decisions that are made. You can privately discuss with the GM or/and Co-GMs about the decisions made (which will not be a public matter anyways) to dispute.
⚃ Replies will follow the unspoken casual guidelines. If you do not know what this means, it means no one-liners. Please reply with at least a paragraph (or five+ sentences). Another unspoken rule is to wait for at least one person to post in between your posts. Post Deadlines will be requested to make at least one post every 2 weeks.
⚄ A world of reality or a slice of life. This means your character cannot just do anything and everything and not face consequences. This world will be similar to ours (or portrayed as similar to how our world is reflected through the TV series this is based on the most), meaning that consequences can be met by what your character does even in their free time, alone.
⚅ Participate! I do not just mean post one post by the bi-weekly deadline. Share your ideas. Not everything will be accepted or incorporated, but I and I bet others will love to hear the ideas you have. Maybe a future crime scene investigation? Or two characters maybe having a past and didn't realize they went to the same high school or whatever. It can be a small world out there sometimes. Just have fun and be creative!

Instant Warning Rule: Do not post graphic 18+ images/content. I understand that we are in a crime drama role-play, but others on this site do not wish to dip in here and see such content. I know we are all probably Criminal Mind, NCIS, Law and Order, or other TV series junkies who have seen it "all" in a sense, but we have to respect the site's rules and other people's innocence of not watching what we do. Everything has to be written out.
You can post an alleyway scene without the victim being in there. It is okay. Everyone gets the reference point.


We will be doing this by "chapter" in which a chapter is focused on one plot. Once the chapter is over, a new one will begin. Not all chapters will be about criminal investigations. They will vary significantly. This team will have NCIS level jurisdiction, meaning, they will sometimes operate outside of the U.S. to make this Role-Play a tad more interesting.

Characters/NPCs/and their roles

(The GM will either be filling the Section Chief or Unit Chief role (or both) to have an active role of participation)
Section Chief unfilled
Unit Chief unfilled
Special Agent unfilled
Special Agent unfilled
Special Agent unfilled
Special Agent unfilled
Special Agent unfilled
Chief Medical Examiner unfilled
Medical Examiner Assistant unfilled

This list is more or less a reflection of max/minimum capacity. Players can double-role and be a special agents while having the title of Chief Medical examiner or medical examiner assistant. We will have to see the outcome when interest arises.

Entrance Plot Ideas

And I have remembered to @ the individuals from the old Crime investigation RP that requested me to. Hello @dwyer austin and @Artemis Arts. Addition: If you are from the old RP thread and wish to join the new one. Your characters are already pre-approved. You might just have to change a few things.
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