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What I do with a crate of mongeese, live grenades, and a bucket of glue on my property is none of the government's business.
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Bitches be like, "You mine <3". First off, I'm in the U.S. Army. "I" belong to the State.
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Oh, so you think you're a REAL Joe Biden fan? Name all 3 of his complete sentences.
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Stack sats, print gats, distill vats, feed cats
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We here at Cyberdine Systems have heard your demands and we answer your cries with "BullyBot". With the push of a button you can now automate all of your cyberbullying. The future is here. Embrace it.


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Maréngo watched the other party members start to file out and decided to make his own exit. He gave a friendly nod to Skarsat as he stood and wiped a bit of grease from the pheasant with his hand which he wiped on the side of his pant leg.
"Be seein' you tomorrow then. Don't go breaking anything you can't pay for and you," he said pointing at Neh'miah with a smirk, "don't steal anything else you can't get away with before we set off."
He smiled at the both of them and chuckled before making his way back downstairs and into the main area of the tavern, but not before having Percy jot down a list of what he'd want for the journey; just a few odds and ends. With that, Maréngo rejoined the festivities. The celebration was in full swing and he would be severely disappointed in himself if he woke up with coin in his pocket. He might very well meet his god in the next few weeks so he would live like he was dying tomorrow as he did every day. No one takes coin with them past the grave so what good is holding on to every bit of it you touch? No good at all. Which is exactly why the sailor went straight to the top shelf and shared a bottle with a table of fellow seamen all equally as loud and burly as he. Such a fine icebreaker as passing around a bottle of master brewed cabernet warmed them up to his company right away.
"And where have you been all night, friend?"
The question came from a man with a golden hoop in one ear who gave a hearty laugh as he drank straight from the bottle before passing it along to the next man in line. Maréngo grinned as he watched the bottle circle back to him. He grabbed the neck and took a long swig, finishing the last of the bottle before slamming it back down on the table.
"Me? I've been waiting for a group of fine men to drink and tell stories with!"
A cheer went up around the table as mugs and horns smacked together.


The festival carried on and before long Maréngo was thoroughly tipsy. His boisterous and animated way of telling his stories had started to attract the attention of other patrons.
"--And the wave brushed the heavens as the water swallowed the galleon whole like a monstrous shark!" He stretched his hands to the ceiling of the tavern as his voice rose. "And then crashed down on our ships with all the fury of the Kraken!"
The excitement in the small gathering around him only swelled as he brought his arms down on a tiny imaginary ship. He swayed a bit as he reached for a mug of ale on a table beside him and brought it to his lips, spilling a bit as he set it back down.
"Everything went black as I spun in a storm of water and wreckage. I had no way to know which way was up and only by pure luck and the will of the Lord of the Seas did I see a flash of lightning to my left." He clapped his hands together for emphasis. "I kicked off what I thought to be a mast and swam for all I was worth. My lungs burned like heated shot as I kicked and clawed at the black water. It seemed like I'd never make it."
His face fell as he clutched at his own shirt and it was easy to hear the despair in his voice; in another life he would've made a great living in the theater. The crowd was on the edge of their seats when all at once he rose up tall and proud with his chest out and a gleam in his eyes.
"But then my hand broke through the deep and I felt the howling wind on my fingers! I was alive but for how much longer? I grabbed tight to a piece of floating wreckage and looked around. I seemed to be the only survivor but I was far from safe. I called out to Lord Leathe and begged for the life of this lowly acolyte. I clung to the wreckage for hours and beseeched my god until my throat was raw and soon my prayers were answered. I was carried right into the eye of the monstrous storm which was right over a small archipelago. I swam for all I was worth and came ashore shivering and near dead. Barely a moment of rest did I have before the storm closed back around me. I don't know how or when I managed to fall asleep but I opened my eyes to this world and not the next. I was still alive, but only just! I spent two weeks drinking the blood of sea animals and eating turtle meat near raw until I was rescued but I survived, didn't I!?"
The group cheered and Maréngo downed the rest of his ale. He grinned as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and looked around. The night was growing long in the tooth and he thought he might like to retire… with company of course. He left the group after a final toast and moved on to find a lovely lady or two to keep him warm later that night. If not, there was always plenty of drink left to warm his guts and help him to sleep.
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@rezay Oh he a good old boy. Glad to see it
Interested, but I have a question. If this is an historical event, how far can we veer off course? Is this sort of like a Telltale story where we make some choices but in the end we end up in much the same place? If so I'm still down for that.
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Very interested. Never done a horror roleplay before but I've always wanted to. Count me in!
Damn and I was so close to finishing my sheet too. Maybe next time.
How I feel every time I look back at this interest check and see 5 entirely new pages of responses

Lmao y'all killing me here
This looks like a great concept I'll get a sheet up by tomorrow afternoon EST
I need 20 CCs of magic post post apocalypse stat!

Count me in
"So are we in accord?"

Maréngo smiled and gave a hearty aye! before downing his horn and slamming it down a satisfying thud. The idea of a captain being in charge outside of battle made his teeth grind ever so slightly but he didn't show it. The way of pirates was one vote for one man but he was not boarding a pirate ship and he silently reminded himself of that. He could stomach taking the orders of a stranger if he was worth his salt and if there was gold at the end of the job.

"Someone make sure that Y'Vanna at least eats something solid. She's definitely going to need it..."

Maréngo laughed as he retrieved his knife and used it to skewer a large chunk of pheasant breast, separating it from the rest of the body with a flick of his wrist. He also made sure grabbed an orange from one of the baskets. Scurvy wouldn't catch this sea dog with his pants down that easily.
"Don't worry, I'll be keepin' an eye on this one," he replied with a gesture at the trouble maker in question.
Which wouldn't exactly be hard. Y'vanna wasn't unpleasant to look at, not that he'd give her the satisfaction of hearing him say that out loud.
Gods know how full of themselves women get with the smallest compliment.

With lists being drafted and requests being made, Maréngo thought to make his own list of needs. Certainly he would need a fishing rod and or a net. Dried provisions feed the man but not the soul. Speaking of, a supply of tobacco wouldn't hurt. Useful during what little free time they might have once they got to their destination and as a trade item among his fellow sailors. If nothing else, he would be sure to consult a soothsayer or an oracle of some sort. Many sailors throughout history have been superstitious and he was no exception in that regard. What did Leathe have in store for him he wondered. A thought crossed his mind as he took a bite of the meat on the end of his knife to save an offering in case the temple allowed outsiders the honor of giving to the gods. He felt it would be appropriate given how much trouble the lord of the seas had gone to to save one no name sailor's life. As disconcerting as the thought was, he doubted he could count on another miracle from on high any time soon.

Following the train of thought, could he count on the others here? Not in the sense of whether or not they could handle themselves, but if he could trust them not to run or crumple in the face of difficulty. As much as he didn't like to grapple with this feeling, he knew he would have to. Things were so much simpler living on the waves. Everyone had to trust one another or everyone might die. Simple as that. Everything got so much more complicated on land.
Maréngo felt the newcomer's eyes on him and returned Nora's gaze with a smile of greeting and a friendly nod for her savage companion. He looked her over and found nothing wanting from the Zherpanian. A sword on each hip implied any number of hidden weapons and not to mention the ornately carved rifle across her back. A thing of beauty with few peers. There was little doubt in his mind it was either plunder or a gift; most likely the former. The pirate also recognized a fellow pirate when he saw one, even if she sailed dunes rather than waves. She had the sort of hardened look about her that only one who makes their living far from civilization has. Speaking of, the oak tree shaped like a Tork man accompanying her was an especially good example of such a look. A thought crossed his mind that if they tied a rope around the wild man's ankle and threw him overboard he would make a decent anchor by weight alone.
"A perfect addition to the crew!" Maréngo thought to himself with an amused smirk.
Jokes aside, his own experience told him there was rarely such a thing as too much muscle in a group of outlaws.

Neh'miah's self assuredness gave Maréngo pause. Confidence was one thing, but his felt tainted with arrogance and he was not looking to almost get himself killed twice for the same brand of foolishness in the same month. He'd have to keep a sharp eye on that one to be sure.

He caught sight of Solange attempting to make a mark of poor Percy and shook his head with a chuckle as he relieved the bar keep of a pitcher.
"Tempting a man as he works, Ms. Belgrad? Shame on you!" he admonished sarcastically, "Leave the poor man be and let's have that toast you mentioned earlier."
Maréngo poured himself a horn and raised it up with a smile.
"To health, wealth, adventure, and new friends!"
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