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"Here's hoping," Shiranui speculated, hoping it would be the case.
"For some reason, I feel that any threats to the Poké Morphs may cause my Berserk Gene to activate," Saisei stated.
"It's natural to feel protective over any Pokémon that carries your genes," Shiranui replied, "It shows that you love them as a family and it adds a new piece to the puzzle of your identity you were solving way back when; even if you didn't have an active part in their creation."
"Not just any new piece, the fact they exist fills me with a sense of completion that can only come from finding the missing piece of my puzzle," Saisei continued.
"He'll get what coming to him," Shiranui assured.
"Guess there no true cure to remove the rage forever, but it's kinda peaceful to know that I am in control now and my rage can't control me. Thank you father" Charmcaster said with a bow to Saisei.

"You're welcome, Charmcaster," Saisei replied.
The tension could be cut with a knife, before Charmcaster eyes flashed burning Red, then White, then blue before returning to their natural color. Her vitals would spike frequently before everything began to calm down, as Gileta used her red mist for the final test, which Charmcaster easily blew away. "Well, I still feel a rage deep within my heart but its almost like a blanket of serenity encompasses me now" Charmcaster said as she summoned a fireball from her wand before blowing it away almost as if she was saying goodbye to her Rage form.

"That's exactly how I feel," Saisei related.
Saisei was monitoring Charmcaster's vitals to make sure she was okay while the concoction went to work.
The field of Focus was a wide open area, but gathered together was Cammy, Mei, Azula and the psychic pokemon before Cammy waved to them. Serina soon arrived as well as she had the lion share of Pokemorphs. Gileta was still in her Matriarch Form as she inpected the cures, testing them against her mists before returning to normal. "Welcome to the field of Focus guys, though I'm sure you've passed though her a few times on your journey around the Isle of Armour" Selina said.

Shiranui arrived along with Saisei. "Definitely on my part," The former replied.
"Indeed," Shiranui agreed, "This cure will need to be tested before we administer it to the rest of the Poké Morphs under our collective ownership."
We were making 15 more cures before making our way to Circhester.
"Sayonara," Shiranui replied.
Shiranui hadn't seen that move before and looked it up on his Rotom Dex. "Trailblaze, a physical Grass-type move. The user attacks suddenly as if leaping out from tall grass. The user's nimble footwork boosts its Speed stat."
"So it's a Grass type variant of Flame Charge," Shiranui mused, surprised that Pyroar could pull off such a move.
"I would not expect any less from one of my progeny," Saisei commented, "From what I read off of Natsu's mind, Trailblaze can be taught to a lot of Pokémon through TM020 from Paldea, but your Rotom friend appears to show that no Pokémon can learn it in the wild." Shiranui saw the entry and confirmed Saisei's statement.
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