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Thus, the tragic story of the Knight of Rose had reached its conclusion. She tried so hard, so much. A foolhardy heroine walking the path to certain doom, her bravery was commendable, but hardly mattered. Within the implosion of effluvium, she was gone without a trace.

”Heh...” With a satisfied smirk, the golden-haired Harbinger, retracted her hand. The swirls of tangible darkness flowing back into her, feeding the Queen with their gathered materials. Well, time for her to go. ”I’m done here, Mistress.”

”Ara, ara, Noir~ are you sure about that~?”


”Wha-?!!” A glint of steel at the corner of her eyes was the only warning. Noir only had time to turn her head there before an oversized ‘arrow’ - a javelin really - made of enchanted steel tore right through her right arm and wing. In less than a second, said arm and wing were gone, effluvium spilling out of the missing limbs like a broken valve.

”Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!” A roar, louder than the one elicited by the Knight of Rose, violently reverberated through the air. A horrifying wail of agony, shock, and most importantly, rage. Noir fell through the air, plummeting towards the asphalt as smaller metal projectiles grazed her petite frame. ”Nnngh...!” She slammed against the ground with a wet thud, effluvium splattered around her like a ruptured water balloon.

”Our little swordswoman had friends~“

Oh... oh, so this was it’s going to be, huh? Fine then, she’ll slaughter each and every one of these Metal fools! ”Rrrrrgh!!” Seemingly losing all traces of her elegant goth-loli facade, she fueled her fury through pain. The loss of her arm and wing didn’t seem like much of an issue as the darkness raged on around her.

The blonde Harbinger melded with them, slipping into the tangible shadows, then like hordes of angry wasps, the darkness sped rapidly towards the red-clad archer, aiming to surround her, and then, the wounded monster would emerge, swiping and biting to tear Katarina into literal pieces.

”Haaaaaa... mmmh~” A hum of pleasure escaped the golden-haired Harbinger’s fanged lips as she fed. The nourishing essence literally flowing into her body via her Effluvium, while more of the creeping taint seeped out from her at the same time, gathering up every consumable organic material around her. Plants, bugs, and even discarded food and drinks in trash cans, none escaped the shadow locusts’ hunger. By the time she was done, the area would be an urban wasteland. A simple enough task, Noir had done this countless times by now. She should be done soon...

If not for the arrival of this... stick-wielding girl. The Harbinger felt a twang at the back of her neck, the kind that instinctively sent her on alert. Her slitted pupils turned towards the unknown blunette. Oh, she was one of those, huh? Nosy self-righteous white knights who has nothing to do but intruding the businesses of others. Sigh... what were the odds she wield the accursed power of Metal too? Although... she did look like a tasty treat. Heh, if she wanted to play the heroine then fine, Noir would humor her. Who ever said heroes always triumph?

”Oh? Thee seeth yourself as a heroine? How absurd!” Noir grinned, spreading her effluvium-coated wings in a grand display, even as more and more began to surround the blue-haired girl. It wasn’t just for show as Knight of Rose could feel the taint sapping away at both her body and soul. ”Tis’ most amusing to see thee hunting after me, even when I hold no responsibility for the severing of these mortals’ coil. A foolish heroine parading on equally foolish notions. If it be true thee wisheth to square me, then com-!”

”Oh, Noir~” Her Mistress playful mental poke suddenly interrupted her from the blonde’s impromptu play, ”I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but a certain someone’s servant is here. Mind if I borrow your body for a little bit?” Of course, it was a rhetoric, under what notion would her Harbinger refuse her wishes?

”Our humblest apologies, o’ Harbinger of the Infinite Abyss.” The Effluvium-coated girl turned slightly towards Annabelle, her voice carrying an otherworldly echo not present just before, her eyes glowing dimly red. Yes, one look at that Barrier of Nothingness, no Horror wouldn’t recognize Soth’s fearsome reputation. ”We have claimed this territory. In good faith, we would have to ask you to leave... or just stand idly and watch. Much appreciated~” With that, Mistress Hazak released her possession over Noir’s body, leaving the winged girl blinking then chuckling in mirth. ”Yeah, you heard us. This one’s mine.”

With the fellow Horror addressed, the villainess returned to the dashing heroine, ”Then come! Come and abandon all hope!” With her wings unfolded in full display and arms outstretched, the storm of Effluvium rushed towards the Rose Knight. Soon, she shall wilt and be consumed, such was the ultimate fate of all roses.

A few days ago. Somewhere on the open seas...

The storm raged on. Thunder and lightning conspiring with the heavy rain and strong winds, creating a terrible symphony of Mother Nature’s wrath. Woe to all sailors caught within the turbulent waves. Alas, a medium-sized vessel could be seen rocking here and there, her crew currently being tossed against the cabin walls. Why would they deserve this?

Well, considering this particular vessel were carrying illegal goods to the United States, perhaps Uncle Sam convinced Poseidon to enact divine retribution. Pirates and Smugglers didn’t deserve to live after all. However, one could just say they were shit out of luck.


”My Huntress, it looks like you have found yourself in quite a pickle~”

”Well, it is indeed so, Mistress.” A muffled girlish voice came from behind the pile of stolen cargo, echoing ominously within the storage hull. ”I had thought it’d be simple, just hitch a ride across the Atlantic, arrive at North America, go to Penrose, my next hunting ground. Sigh... why does everything have to be so complicated?”

”Now, now, a good huntress knows when to adapt, and besides...”

”Yes, Mistress. These sailors will not survive the storm anyway...” A creeping taint, akin to shadows had they could move on their own, began to spread around the hold. ”Let’s have a little meal~” Ah well, it looked like she’d have to continue by herself. Sigh... right, time to eat up for the journey ahead.


Present Time. Penrose, United States.

Perched on top one of the many rooftops around the block, a blonde young girl dressed in a casual goth-loli outfit looked down upon the commotion below. Slitted reptile-like red eyes narrowing in mixed concern and thought. ”Mistress, it looks like something or someone just unsleashed their spirit minions upon these humans...”

”Oh my~ just look at them, how despicable, how deplorable. They... they are wasting food, ‘my’ food! At the very least, they could have eaten them, use them, something. Not leave those precious morsels out there to rot... haaaa... I didn’t come to this realm to watch food being needlessly wasted with abandon.” The exasperation in her Mistress’ voice was obvious, Noir could sense the seething anger just beneath her elegant exterior. To be honest, she shared her sentiment. These individuals who kill for no reason at all, they sickened her. There was nothing to be gained from a mindless massacre.

”Good thing I’m here then, Mistress.” A fanged grin curled from the corner of her small lips, ”Let’s harvest them for ourselves.” With a mental permission from Mistress Hazak, the blonde leapt forward from her perch then spread her oversized chiropteran wings.

”Most excellent, my Huntress, but always be prepared for rivals claiming our meal~“

Landing on the streets near the concentration of massacred civilians, Noir’s presence alone was enough to unnerve the rampaging spirits, the Horror that was Hazak sent them fleeing away from the location, their genodical duties forgotten.

Her signature Effluvium began to spread from her body, spreading in the form of creeping shadows, enshrouding the general area in darkness, blocking sight and sound with a dome of tangible darkness. Having exerted her dominion over the bodies, Noir began feeding immediately, her shadows wrapping around each body like a cocoon, absorbing them into her. Once she was done, there’d be nothing left of them except for whatever clothes they wore, not even a speck of blood or a strand of hair.

Is MHW fun in single-player? Have been thinking of getting it to PS4.

Getting back on-topic, Valerie's a fun vampire girl with her debuffs. Her Immortality may be a bit too strong if she can revive herself endlessly in combat, so that should be slightly toned down. The Oddball also seems very dangerous, but her powers are balanced well against her Weaknesses, so that's fine. Also happy to see someone use the Corruption module.

Yep, more than previous MH because the monsters are scaled to single-player vs multiplayer (MP version has 2.6x more health to be specific).

Gotcha, changed the wording to make it clearer she can be defeated.
Would all of you new assholes stop posting songs from my playlist as your themes?

Also MHW hype tomorrow, wew.

PC release Hyyyyype!

I'm playing on PS4 myself, and I can tell you, it's a blast of a game. If you don't mind the grinding but this is MH we're talking about lol.

and the- Gets banned for being off-topic.
Hello, everyone!

I've been invited here by @Erode and have arranged my participation with the GM through PM. I look forward to RP-ing with you all wonderful peeps.

With deep regards,



Posted my completed CS draft, sir GM! Please tell me if I need to change anything or correct any mistakes.

Thank you!

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