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Long time role player here! I started off in 2006-2007 with a Teen Titans forum, my first character I wrote as was Terra and that continued until about 2013-2014. I have also made a variety of OC’s with friends and play D&D on the regular. Currently, I’m interested in just free/casual, but during the summer when I have free time I’d be more so interested in advanced.

I’m really interested in fantasy and superhero/villain worlds.

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The Warren
Interacting with @GreysonEA and @vertigh0st

Hearing August's friendly voice had initially made Gracie feel quite guilty for having her instinctual caution. However, it seems to Gracie that he may not have even noticed! Glad to have shaken hands she was delighted to see that the squirrel waitress had dropped off her water and her veggie lettuce boats. "Thank you!" She looked toward the waitress with a thankful grin.

"You are too kind, Taurus. I owe you one." Gracie smiled graciously, convinced from August that she shouldn't bother protesting his generosity. After experiencing the close panic attack at the library, she wouldn't of imagined herself sitting at The Warren with a familiar face and a new acquaintance and feel..natural about it! The thought of the ugly pamphlet in her bag has completely escaped her mind.

Taking a sip of water and catching Taurus complimenting her running, Gracie wanted to object but it turned to a slight cough. Embarrassed she cleared her throat, "Taurus you know that's not true!" Though it was her who would come at least third, the star of the track team was Clyde, the lean leopard. There was no way she'd ever catch up with him. "I swear there are times you slow down just so I can pass, truly the English gentleman." She smiled, taking a bite from her lettuce boat.

"Oh the carnival!" She beamed, "Yes my work has a kiosk at the carnival, so I'll be working through some of it, but my boss is really kind and is only having me prep food, then I have the rest of the time off. I was hoping to check out what festivities they'll have this year." The doe turned to August, "What about you, August?"

The Elite Hangout

A small yet upscale city center close to the University was a deluxe boutique 'ella'. From the outside, the windows dawned onyx black mannequins of different species dawning very elaborate dresses, suits, sweaters, and coats. From the size of a great white shark to a small hedgehog. The window display was massive and spotless, the boarders of the store were white pillars with the name of the store being of a simple text with a black font.

Opening the blemish-free window door the guest would be amazed with the elaborate selection. Being winter, there were many lush coats and sweaters on the racks. The floor was a shiny pinewood color and the walls mostly beige accented with black ornaments. Stepping to the dressing room which shared a similar decor, if one were to stumble to the fourth dressing room on the right they'd see that the door was shut, seeming as though someone were inside. However, if one were to trace the symbol of the Elite on the door, it would open without a sound. The symbol was simple, two curves that almost meet to form a circle, and one line going down.

As the door opens, there is a small room that still looks like a normal dressing room. But this dressing room has another door on the wall. Opening this door there will be ascending stairs. Walking up these stairs and to the left there will be a grizzly bear guard. Being allowed through this door one would then see a large mahogany room. This room would have couches, tables & chairs and various of card tables for poker, blackjack, Texas Hold Em, and Baccarat. There are also roulette stations and even a Pai gow station.

Toward the edge of this room is a bar that had nothing but top-shelf items. At this bar loomed a tall figure.

"Scotch on the rocks." A gruff yet charismatic voice demanded.

"On the way, Mr. Koda." Spoke the Elephant bar-tender, unafraid of the polar bear in front of her.

"You're a doll, Veronica. But please, call me Seth." The polar bear bared a toothy grin, grasping a delicate scotch glass with the amber liquid floating inside with a single large block of ice.

Taking the glass, Seth stepped toward the main couch in the center of the room. The tables and game stations were empty, but he was expecting his inclusive guests to gather soon after their normal workday has come to an end. Sitting down, he was offered a cigar from a capuchin monkey who wore the same garb as Veronica. Raising his intimidating paw as a decline, the monkey hopped away.

"Let's see how my group at the University is coming along.." He thought to himself, opening his laptop in front of him. He had sent some of his lackeys to the close University. Getting some youngblood in here may do him well. He got word of a Carnival approaching, it would be ashame if he couldn't get a kiosk up to attract new members of The Elite.
<Snipped quote by Crystal Amalgam>

Of course I didn't forget about my own character, yo. That's why I said ANOTHER non-mammal. Getting lonely here.

And I won the short contest!

I don't know..I still haven't made an official character sheet for Theodore the bartender fieldmouse.

[The Warren]
Understanding 8:00am classes completely, she laughed in response especially after coming back from her Aquatic Anatomy class. "I hear ya'..I have Professor Burr in the morning, even with a jog and a coffee in the morning it's really hard to stay up for it." She finished her own drink, enjoying the company she flipped over her phone to check the time. She still had an hour before class, though, she really did not feel up for it and was tempted to stay..flipping her phone back over she did nod toward Taurus' hoof comment, "I suppose you're right..I'm lucky enough to enjoy a full year's worth of it," She was lucky enough to have fine and thin fur, "This is when our track record can be at it's lowest though..It would explain why Coach Velos has been constantly on us for practice lately." Thinking of their jaguar coach, he always seemed to expect all mammals to try their hardest throughout the year, herbivore, omnivore, carnivore, pawed foot or hoof, short fur or long. It was tough meeting his expectations.

Her ears bounced very slightly at the sound of a new voice going toward their direction, she looked at the doberman first with a millisecond of dubiousness but just as quick changed her expression to be more friendly. She thought extremely annoyed to herself. "No, remember what Dr. Joyce has told you. These are problematic reactions."

Changing her expression to a warm smile, she raised her hand toward the canine, "Nice to meet you, August. I'm Grace-though you can call me Gracie." She said with a friendly manner.

With the busy lunch hour approaching, the barmouse was happy to have his afternoon staff stroll in. Having the squirrel to tend to customers and seeing the rhinoceros come in from the backdoor of the kitchen to replace Taurus, Theodore smiled in content, happy to have loyal staff members. "No worries, Taurus!" Theodore said jovily, "Thank you for your hard work as always!" The young squirrel waitress came from the kitchen and out with Gracie's lettuce veggie wraps much to Gracie's delight.

"Taurus, I have to say you don't have to do that--" The doe was caught off-guard by Taurus' offer.
[The Warren]
[Interacting with @GreysonEA

Swaying her feet idly below the barstool she felt at complete zen. She and her fellow companions who had shared her fanatic obsession with the soccer team 'West Hog United' were thinking of proclaiming this bar as the official 'West Hog' bar of the area. Their old spot got taken over by fanatics of another team. She always preferred The Warren anyway, after all, it was cozy, the food was always amazing for all diets, the patrons and staff were friendly, it was perfect!

She was pleased to see Taurus, he was on the track team as well and they had never really crossed paths otherwise, maybe that was another plus of coming to The Warren more often than she already does. "Hello there, Taurus." She returned the bright smile, "Guess I can't stay away from here! I'm having a great afternoon!" She lied, but didn't see why she would share her devilish encounter with the buck from earlier, "I hope you're having a great day too..oh, did you get the message about our meet tomorrow evening? The snow is making things really messy..we'll be meeting at the University's gym again." The gym had two floors, the first floor was dedicated to all sorts of different workouts with a diverse range of equipment for all mammals and even aquatic animals. The top floor was dedicated to aerobic exercise. Gracie wasn't very fond of the change, one thing about track that she loved was being able to feel the fresh air rush her face and be out in the open.
Blissfully unaware of the fiasco happening at the Cafeteria, Gracie put in her ear rose-red earbuds in the shape of pine trees and scrolled through her phone.

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What You Otter' Know
Artist: Finn Ottoman

Gracie was really fond of Podcasts, she acted as though she knew the hosts and pretended that they were having a conversation with her. The particular podcast she chose was more current event driven, but the reason why she liked it was because they never covered anything 'too' violent or serious. She got enough of that in the real world, she needed a good escape.

"Weeeelcome listeners, and welcome to What You Otter' Know! I'm your host, Finn Ottoman! I'm here with my wonderful guest Harper! Harper here is a fellow 'Podcaster'. Tell us about yourself, Harper!"

Gracie found her way along the road where The Warren is located, this road was HECTIC at night. It was known as the University's main bar-crawling places. Gracie had only been to some of these places at night with a friend, if she would choose where to go at night instead, she'd elect to stay in. It just seemed too dangerous and overwhelming, last time she felt herself over-alert at all the party-goers, smokers, and large crowds. It was especially bad for her by The Wolf Pack. Shuddering at the memories, Gracie turned off the podcast as she stood in front of The Warren.

Opening the door, it was dimly lit as usual-but light enough for a herbivores to see. The dark wooden bar counter with a colorful array of bottles and beer-handles behind the counter was the first thing that would come to a visitor's attention. The cozy atmosphere would be the second attention-getter. Close booths, an area in the back for pool and darts, and when stepping out back to the patio there were plenty of places to sit as well as an outside bar.

"Gracie! I didn't know a game was on! Let me get the remote!" A small voice spoke up from the bar counter. A field mouse of about 21-22 years old stood on the bar with a bright smile. When stepping closer to the bar, the visitor will notice pulley-systems in which the small bartender can pour beer and cocktails. There are other workers as well, but Gracie seemed to always catch Theodore.

"No no--I'm not here for that today, Theodore." She laughed, "I just needed a place to clear my head..I know it's a little quiet around this time." She looked around, seeing a couple of Wildebeests playing pool in the background and a fox studying with a pint of light beer. Taking a seat at the bar, she knew having class soon she shouldn't partake. "I'm just going to go with a water and the vegetable lettuce-boats please." She tucked her feet on the bar-stool legs already feeling the most at ease since getting that weird brochure that haunted her bag.

"You got it! Be out in a jiffy!" As Theodore scurried to put the order in the register, Gracie grabbed her phone and started scrolling through any notifications.
I like the idea of the student council and the idea of an equalist/activist group. Do you guys like the idea of that Elite club that Gracie got invited to or should I scrap it? I can make a couple of NPCs for it and if you guys like we can make it a bit more three dimensional.

We were also talking in the discord about a timeskip soon to get things going, when would everyone be chill with that?

Thanks so much @LostButterfly92 for being so open with all these ideas. I look forward to this story developing. :)
[Outside the arts building]
[Interacting with @LostButterfly92

Her heartbeat slowly coming back to a normal pace, Gracie was very thankful to be in the presence of her new acquaintance. Tucking her hands in her coat pocket and shivering slightly from a wind breeze, "Well I'm glad that you're staying warm--I understand that you should get back though! My class starts soon as well." She lied, not really wanting to admit that she was going to The Warren at this time of the day.

She blinked down at the mammal in front of her, not expecting her question. "Oh!" She reacted in surprise, "I'm totally cool with that, I remember how scary it was for me when I first got here too.." She rummaged through her bag, avoiding the cult-like pamphlet in her bag. Reaching for a pocket journal that she was given as a gift from her parents. The paper was stylized with outlines of the forest and leaves. Getting her pink pen she jotted her number down along with her name and a quick sketch of a doe-smiley face, then tearing the paper out of the journal. "Here," She handed the paper down to her new friend, "I'd love to hang out again soon, Mel! Maybe we can make snowanimals again if the snow keeps up." She smiled, a snowflake touched her ear as soon as she mentioned the snow, causing her large ear to bounce in reaction.
[Outside the arts building interacting with @Lostbutterfly92]

Staring at the pamphlet in her hand, Gracie could no way focus on her studies for class that started in forty minutes. The pamphlet has the words "Welcome to the Elite" in bold gold colors. A majestic looking male lion and a bighorn ram was on the cover, wearing black suits with accented royal purple ties. Their look of snobbery and pretentiousness put a pit in her stomach, why this random stranger thought she'd be interested was beyond her.

Shoving the pamphlet in her bag, she sighed and logged off. After finally finding a place to sit, she couldn't be cooped up. Her heart was pounding, she needed fresh air. Collecting her bag and her now luke-warm green tea she strided out of the library, uncharacteristically in a fit of a hybrid of rage and anxiety.

If it weren't for the snow, Gracie would jog this off. But at this time the gym would be too busy for her.

"The Warren. That's where I'll go.." She thought to herself, a local sports bar in the area. She usually had a familiar face there, some food and the fresh air along the way should help.

Taking a large inhale through her nose, holding for 5 seconds, and a exhale through her mouth as she was walking started to help. She crossed through the arts building and saw some animals with cameras. Being camera shy herself she tried to stay out of any shots, it wasn't until she saw a familiar animal from the morning. What fortune that they seemed to be crossing paths, seeing a friendly face calmed her nerves greatly.

"Hey, Mel was it?" She said after making eye contact as they were walking toward each other, still a very slight panic in her voice. "They're having you guys take pictures outside, huh? Hope you're staying warm." She spoke with sincerity as she tightened her own fuschia scarf.
I'm kind of unsure how to word the last part, if I could get advice that'd be lovely. Hope this is okay.

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