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She knocked that smug look off my face but luckily I was wearing a second, smaller smug look underneath.
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There's nothing more intoxicating than the clear absence of a penis.
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Half of Blink 182 is Wink 91.
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A Freudian Slip is when you mean one thing but fuck your mother.


"I like it when the center is wet."

"You're the biggest bitch I know, but you're funny sometimes, so it's okay."
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The Ostro.

"Do force users all talk in riddles or something?" Jonn asks exasperatedly. The man then gestures for him to follow. Jonn eschews this and simply follows the crowd attempting to run away. From certain point-of-views, he may be seen as a coward. Jonn, however, did not care for such frivolities, his sister's safety was his number one priority; that and he would much rather not reveal himself as a force and lightsaber user if at all possible. While he wasn't sure, certain rumours floated about of force sensitives being kidnapped and sold in the slave trade.

The young force user turns around and sees a large crowd forming, with more than its fair few figureheads- some even appearing to be force sensitive like himself. Foolish, He thought, shaking his head.

Before Jonn could cross the doors to the bridge, they slammed shut. He curses as he slams on the door. He spent a few minutes weighing his options. It was possible that he could join that growing mob, but he'd much prefer that to be the final option. Then an idea passed through his head. He stared at the beat-up lightsaber at his side, it is said to be able to penetrate anything. It was entirely possible to carve through this metallic door. Thinking for another moment; he looks around him making sure no straggler were observing or watch him he grabs his lightsaber.

With a 'Tssshhew', his lightsaber was lit. Jonn stabs it through the metallic door, the ever-familiar smell of burning metal plagues his nose. This was indeed possible but it would talk awhile. Every once in a while he would look around, looking for any observers before continuing.

From Jonn's position, he could hear the mobs growing yells, even picking up on a few molotovs being used. He had to do this quick, this was turning into a shit-show faster than he anticipated.

The Ostro.

The ship was riddled with all kinds of folk- mainly of the unsavoury ilk. It reminded Jonn of his his home planet, dirty, desolate, and filled with others willing to take advantage of unsuspecting folk. As such the young 'padawan' mostly kept to himself, only bothering to converse with other folk to find any leads about his sister. The Insignia appeared to be an unknown, oddly enough a few appeared to twitch at its presence before hastily and dismissively hand-waving their knowledge of the badge. It was an annoyance to the boy, half-way tempting him to use the force. But he dared not try after the first... incident.

Jonn had heard of it before, Force Rage, a 'darker' power if rumours were to believed. It was maddening to him that he could not remember much of the ordeal, but to beat... no overpower three fully trained non-force users was something else. In the end, risking another accident of Force Rage was inadvisable, even if it would be a much simpler trifle to obtain the information he wants using the force.

This, however, did not deter Jonn. He went around the markets and continued looking for any leads, even offering whatever pittance of credits he had left. None wanted to divulge information. The back of his neck pricked as he observed a hooded man wave his hands in-front of the merchant who then inconspicuously began walking away. Perhaps it was his sensitivity to the force, or perhaps it was just his nerves, but he had an inkling that the man was likely a force user.

Jonn approached the now sitting man, eyeing him suspiciously, before speaking, "Excuse me, sir, would you happen to know anything about this-" He flashed the insignia to the man, "... insignia?"

Before Jonn could get an answer his eyes were drawn to the screen inside the bar. He stood stone-faced at the 'announcement' but was freaking out internally. He had very little on him, his most valuable possession likely being his stolen lightsaber. The ship was now in a stir as he collected his thoughts, many panicked and ran, others seemed incensed and willing to defend what (little) they called their own.

As for Jonn... his own life was not his to give. It would be used to save his sister's life, and nothing else. An unknown species was now attempting to rouse others on the ship, a fool's folly, Jonn thought. He was no stranger to a fight. If it came to it, he would fight, but for now... he would prefer staying incognito. Getting caught by unsavoury pirates was an unnecessary risk and one he was not willing to take.

Jonn began looking for a way off the bridge of the ship, his hand gripped lightly on the lightsaber under his long cloak.

Aspect of Fortitude

A consciousness flickered in and out of existence. The cold, consuming nothingness of the void consumed the senses. The fortitude of the Monarch sparked his awareness earlier than some of the others. A shard began humming with power and began glowing with a dull yet unceasing and unrelenting blue. Other shards tried to dye the blue shard with their own colours but the hue never so much as faded. Perhaps the other shards viewed him as 'easy-pickings', but he wasn't one to relent nor bend.

There was now true awareness. HE. He could now feel, hear, touch, think... The other shards avoided him now, seeming to believe their efforts null. He could barely register the words of his creator, seeming more curious about the newly attained senses.

The filling blue now grew brighter as the shard began shaking. Soon it shattered into pieces like many others. First a warm, fiery blue appeared. The blue bellowed out smoke endlessly. Despite seeming like fire, it was not. The 'flame's' intensity never wavered, it consistently flickered and would seem to burn for eons. Soon a figure formed around the flame, draping itself with a robe and mask to center itself.

It stretched its hand out, flexing and sprawling out its 'fingers' in curiosity. It also knew its name by now- Aletheseus.

This was existence and it was... odd. Different things slammed his newly-formed senses- information overload. Aletheseus eyed his fellow brothers and sisters and then their father, something he knew innately, with curiosity now.

"Brothers and Sisters... Father." A soft yet resolute voice hummed, addressing his fellow gods and the Monarch. Aletheseus soon, too, plummeted towards Galbar.

He had heard the call of Voligan and 'crashed' into the ocean by him. The water never rippled as he landed and he walked on top of it, curiously taking in the world around him. Galbar, despite being a globe of water, was a sight to behold. There was a need for earth, a muse and artist to create land. He knew he wasn't the god for that job and so he chose to answer his brother's pledge.

"... Brother," Aletheseus called, "I share my strength with you."

Aletheseus also silently acknowledged the other god, his sister, present with a nod.

Location: Mansion Kitchen -> South Field

@ThisIsFine - Ceobes

Mark eyes Ceobes as he listened to his words. "It seems so," He replied. The boy took a short pause as if to consider his words. While his parents disapprove of his 'straying' from their family's arts, they still loved him greatly- perhaps too much. He's been sheltered from the daily on-goings of Witches. So him being able to know of their accursed conflict with Witchhunters was impossible.

"Sorry Sir Ceobes," Mark said apologetically, "My family leaves me in the dark about most things, so, aside from knowing that there's conflict, I don't know much more."
Kinda keen for a darker Star Wars theme, I'll place my tentative interest down.
This seems cool, I'll toss my tentative interest down. Got a few ideas about a god of balance.

Location: Mansion Kitchen -> South Field

@psych0pomp - Sterling, @ThisIsFine - Ceobes

Mark gave Clara a friendly nod in response to her smile. Clara Jay was a witch of his 'generation'. He thought of her focus and experiments as odd and interesting. There was no denying her skill in Floramancy, particularly with mycelium. Her recent experiments definitely have worth as they would replenish their food stocks without having to travel to groceries. Something that may be useful in the future when hunters eventually sniff their way to the mansion.

The raven-haired Witch would soon make his way to the South Field before his eyes met Stijn VanCise. Another Witch, his skill with Chirurgy and Alchemy were renowned within the coven. But beyond that, he didn't know much else about the man. Though, Mark did have the feeling that the towering man didn't quite like him. Mark, too, gave him a friendly nod and smile before making his exit.

Mark exited the mansion, turning towards the South field. His experimental magic required alot of work. He picked up two rocks, wide enough to fit his shoes. He touched the rock, his hand hummed with magic as he 'imprinted' the object with two simple instructions. Float upwards slightly and movement. He jumped on the now floating rocks and tried to steer around. It was like using a very, very bad hoverboard but it was working well- until it didn't. The rocks went haywire flew sideways and he lost control, causing him to nearly faceplant into a nearby tree. Luckily he was able to push himself off the tree before impact.

"Oof," Mark said, pushing his sliding glasses back onto his slightly reddened face, "... Hope no one saw that."

He took out a small book from his pocket and wrote down some notes. After being satisfied, he closed the book and exhaled. Next, he began making his way to the South Field. He found Ceobes and gave him an affirmative greeting as his eyes scanned the books and dummies.

Seems that he was the first there.
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