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Oh I see, Gomen for being dumb!
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I have been seeing the word fluff. Nani does that mean?
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So afterwork, me and 7 other colleges went for a curry. I absolutely smashed the phall challenge. 2 of my colleagues was competing against me. They couldn't hack it
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anywas I'm back


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cool plots i'm interested

Name: Dior Brando
Japanese Name: Kaien Akashiya
Preferred Name: Dio
Age: 15
Occupation: Student at Nevermore Academy.
Species: Vampire
Stand: The World
Personality: Quiet and introvert almost like he's empty inside
Nationality: Half Japanese and British/American
Abilities: Chronostasis and Heal wounds severe and mild also can fight with or without his stand.
Other: Has a star birthmark over his left shoulder.


Dio is a vampire, living in America, with his half siblings at Nevermore Academy. His half siblings are popular, but Dio himself isn't. He is a lone wolf and does things on his own like studying, eating and cleaning. He is cold towards those who he doesn't like and is kind and understanding towards his two half siblings, who are females and makes sure they don't get into trouble.

His Mother, who was a daughter of a Ghoul and Vampire, came into contact with Dio Brando. A British gentleman, but also a vampire. Dio mistook her for a human, until she revealed her fangs, but then became Dio's bride for a short while before she lost interest in him. She realised Dio had enemies of his own, but also knew she wouldn't last in fight against him.

His mother left Dio and travelled to America for a better life. What she didn't know she was pregnant with her son, Dior. She birthed him after nine months have passed. She gave him the name of Kaien Akashiya and shortly after knew she couldn't take care of him. She left him at a orphanage, with 2 letters, one for the owner and the other for her son.

Dio was raised in the orphanage, as a boy he was respectful and brave. He listened to his elders and even broke up fights with the popular kids. The kids didn't like him because he was different, and soon discovered he was a vampire. They decided to try using the crucifix, the bible, garlic and onions as well as the sunlight and water to get rid of him. None of them worked. They were scared that he might kill them. Dio had morals, unlike his father who was in Egypt killing innocent people and finding puppets to stop the Stardust Crusaders.

As Dio grew up and finally became 15, his mother came to pick him up after all the years he spent there. The kids he spent time with were long adopted, but he remained because the letter that was addressed to him, stated his mother would come back and she did. The kids were sad to see Dio leave, as he was such a role model and an example to them all. His mother finally found the man of her dreams.

After spending sometime with his mother and stepfather and his half siblings, they all were transferred to Nevemore Academy. This will ensure they coexist with the humans, but ultimately, for Dio, there is a greater mission to take, but he will not realise it until it presents itself to him.

Real FC:


Sounds interesting
I'm down for the persona one
Surname: Miyahara, Forename: Hiro
Age: 15
Personality: Quiet, understanding and polite
Weapons: Masamune Katana
Powers: Summoning Persona
Given Persona: Mars
Given Arcana: Tower
Abilities: Agi (Fire) , Cleave, Bash, Sukukaja (Hit/Evasion up), Sharp Student, Sukunda (Hit/Evasion down), Maragi, Maragion, Agilao, Masakunda, Masasukaja, Headbutt, Atom smasher, Vorpal blade, God's Hand, Charge, Drain Fire,
Pets: None
Occupation: Highschool Freshman


Hiro is the type of person who just keeps to himself and stays out of trouble. With his polite and quiet nature, he avoids most conflicts. He a popular kid who are rich or trendy looking. His father was a mortician and his mother was a model and a singer. His mother is the reason why so many kids are jealous of him. Some tried befriending him, but he rejected.
Hiro and his mother moved out because his father was abusive whenever he came home after a few drinks. Parents got a divorce, and now lives under the custody of his mother. His mother was chased by record labels and producers and model agencies, and was mostly away due to those.
Hiro on the other hand enjoys going to Kenjutsu classes and is very skilled in this art. He achieved numerous awards, praises and notoriety, but snuffed them as he disliked the idea of going public for the whole world to see.

@stone My apologies
Oh okay cool, understood! Anyways where can I post my oc? You know what I'm dumb, just found the characters tab
@Ice Reaver

yea as is tradition in Persona group RPs, wildcards generally aren't a thing

Cool, I'll use him, but remove the wild card ability from him in that case.
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