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Current A chemist froze himself at -273.15 degrees Celsius. Everyone said he was crazy but he was 0K.
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It's too bad I'm not looking for a magical girl RP because this looks like it could be a good one.…
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Why was Frosty the Snowman smiling? Because he saw the snow blower coming.


Still under construction but I'm here.

Welcome to the profile page of one Hungry Vandal. If that's too long winded for you, Hungry, Vandal, or Val are all acceptable alternatives. But I'll answer to any nickname you give me. I'm in my thirties and have been writing for forum roleplays for the past fifteen or so years. I try to aim for about five-hundred to a thousand words per post, and I tend to post a few times a week to a week depending on factors like how hot it is outside.

When I'm not writing I'm usually browsing Artstation or Pixiv for images, watching youtube videos, or working.

I'm currently closed to roleplaying. Maybe next time.

Tigers are:

Eighteen or older
If you aren't, you're just a cub. I'm not against playing with cubs, but presently I want to get a little rough with my partner, and I'd like them to do the same back.

Willing to communicate, especially if they can't post for a while
I prize communication ability above all else, even writing skill. If you can tell me when you're going to be away or if you're dropping an RP, you're a keeper. I also like to be able to discuss things as they progress.

Fine posting in PMs
It's a matter of convenience and abiding by forum rules. I may be a vandal, but I'd rather not get thrown out.

Enjoy some adult content
I like various forms of adult content, from sex to violence to drug use and other such things. Comes with the settings I like to play. Not every roleplay needs adult content but I'd appreciate it if you didn't balk when I suggest such things.

Willing to plan
I don't do quick start role plays. Discussion is important to make sure everyone gets to write what they want and temper expectations.

Currently I'm really hungering for an RP with my OC Shiko. She's inspired by Blade and Ghost Rider as well as a slew of other noir comic book characters. I need to finish up her bio, but everything else should be ready to view. I'm willing to make changes for the particular RP that we end up doing.

I'm not looking for anything long term right now, but I'll have some plots for us to play in a bit. Stay tuned for some 80's style action.

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