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Current A chemist froze himself at -273.15 degrees Celsius. Everyone said he was crazy but he was 0K.
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It's too bad I'm not looking for a magical girl RP because this looks like it could be a good one.…
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Why was Frosty the Snowman smiling? Because he saw the snow blower coming.


Still under construction but I'm here.

Welcome to the profile page of one Hungry Vandal. If that's too long winded for you, Hungry, Vandal, or Val are all acceptable alternatives. But I'll answer to any nickname you give me. I'm in my thirties and have been writing for forum roleplays for the past fifteen or so years. I try to aim for about five-hundred to a thousand words per post, and I tend to post a few times a week to a week depending on factors like how hot it is outside.

When I'm not writing I'm usually browsing Artstation or Pixiv for images, watching youtube videos, or working.

I'm currently closed to roleplaying. Maybe next time.

Tigers are:

Eighteen or older
If you aren't, you're just a cub. I'm not against playing with cubs, but presently I want to get a little rough with my partner, and I'd like them to do the same back.

Willing to communicate, especially if they can't post for a while
I prize communication ability above all else, even writing skill. If you can tell me when you're going to be away or if you're dropping an RP, you're a keeper. I also like to be able to discuss things as they progress.

Fine posting in PMs
It's a matter of convenience and abiding by forum rules. I may be a vandal, but I'd rather not get thrown out.

Enjoy some adult content
I like various forms of adult content, from sex to violence to drug use and other such things. Comes with the settings I like to play. Not every roleplay needs adult content but I'd appreciate it if you didn't balk when I suggest such things.

Willing to plan
I don't do quick start role plays. Discussion is important to make sure everyone gets to write what they want and temper expectations.

Currently I'm really hungering for an RP with my OC Shiko. She's inspired by Blade and Ghost Rider as well as a slew of other noir comic book characters. I need to finish up her bio, but everything else should be ready to view. I'm willing to make changes for the particular RP that we end up doing.

I'm not looking for anything long term right now, but I'll have some plots for us to play in a bit. Stay tuned for some 80's style action.

Most Recent Posts

A woman in black leather with equally dark hair took a seat. She sheathed her swords and folded one leg over the other. Shiko was ready for her interview.

What do you like to do for fun?

"I’d say my job gives me quite a bit of satisfaction but even I need to unwind after a day of mutant slaying. I’ll go to some hole in the wall to drink and socialize. Maybe hit up a nightclub if I feel like dancing. If I don’t feel like being around people I’ll be training with my dog."

What qualities do you like in a person?

"Not being total bottom feeders is a good start. I don’t think I’ve met many people I consider attractive. If you can refuse a bribe and have ironclad determination you’re a keeper in my book. A sense of humor goes a long way too."

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

"I wish I could open up to people easier. But it’s really easy to be crooked and I never found trusting people easy. We all want something and once we get it we go our separate ways.."

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

"I’d love to see the pyramids in Egypt one day. But who am I kidding? I could never leave New York in the state it’s in."

What is your favorite food, and why?

"Hotdogs and hamburgers. They taste good and they’re cheap."

When do you do your best work? In other words are you an early bird or a night owl?

"I hardly sleep. The cover of darkness is where most of my prey hide. That’s usually where I do my work. "

Who's had the biggest influence on your life?

"Dad. Mom was good but dad taught me what justice was. If he didn’t tell me about our justice system I’d probably be bagging groceries right now."

What gives you purpose in life? What drives you?


How do you feel about your family?

"I love ‘em. I already mentioned dad, but mom’s the reason why I’m not bitter about everything. Can’t forget about my brother either. Fuyuyoshi and I have always been close. Does Yipper count? The family dog has got to be part of the family unit."

Do you have any particularly noteworthy Allies or Enemies?

"We meet and we depart. The difference is my allies get to walk away and my enemies bleed out in a dumpster."

What's your pet peeve?

"Smug assholes? I don’t know. I try not to let people bother me."

After a stressful day, what calms you down?

"Knowing that they’ll never hurt anyone again."

What is your favorite animal?

"Dogs. I don’t hate cats though. I have a special place in my heart for tigers."

What are your hobbies?

"I think everyone likes to play on computers. I also like to play with my motorcycle. Drive it around, tune it up, I enjoy every moment we’re together."

If you suddenly came into a lot of money, what would you spend it on?

"Everything I want or need is cheap. I’d use whatever I needed for the moment and donate the rest to the police department."

How much time do you have left to live?

"I plan on living forever. So far so good."

What would you dress up as for Halloween, or your world's equivalent thereof?

"People already think I'm wearing a Halloween costume. Maybe I’ll dress up as something normal like a cashier at Wal-Mart."

What is your favorite scent?

"My brother will tell you it's my own farts but he's wrong. It's the smell of daffodils. Though I'd argue my farts can smell like that sometimes."

What's your favorite season?

"People come to New York just to see the autumn season. You won’t taste better apples anywhere else in the country."

Who do you consider closest to you?

"My dog, Yipper."

What power do you desire the most?

"I have the power to vanquish evil. Do I need anything else?"

What are you most afraid of?

"Not being strong enough to finish the fight."

What would it take to get you to commit murder?

"I kill a lot of things but that’s just extermination. But if I thought the world was better off without them I’d do it. Wouldn’t even feel guilty about it."

What is your personal definition of love?

"When you trust your back to them. There aren’t a lot of people I love."

Do you collect anything?

"I use to collect cool looking trash. I don’t really collect anything anymore. Maybe a token from a target I’m proud to have eliminated.."

What advice would you have for your younger self?

"You’re on the right track kid, keep it up."

If it was to protect something, someone or the world- for any reason whatsoever- would you suffer any punishment? Would you sacrifice yourself to save someone or something else?

"Only if I thought they were worth it."

If you only had one day left to live, how would you spend it?

"Like I do all the others."

What are your favorite songs?

"There’s too many good ones to pick. Twisted Sister’s ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It,’ Def Lepard's ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me,’ but my very favorite is ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor. They made some good rock in the nineties too."

"What was the most dangerous thing you did as a kid?”
In Ayo 3 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
It's like how two negatives become a positive. Funny to see you slap back, Vandal, and welcome to the Guild!

Just don't hijack or necro any actual interest checks, and we're all gooddddd.

Multiplication babyyyyyyyy! And this looks like the first serious greeting I've gotten. You seem like a lot of fun; I'll be keeping an eye out for you in the future.

I may be a vandal, but just for defunct welcome threads. Anyone would vandalize a brick wall, but only a true animal would deface a mural.
In Ayo 3 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
OP has been offline for ten days. I really don't think they mind. And wouldn't it be worse if I "hijacked" an active thread where the poster was still around to read welcomes? Anyway, it's a shame none of you guys were here to greet poor @johnys1245. They might have stayed if they knew you cared about his thread.
In Ayo 3 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
There are enough topics here, why create another one?

Good evening, folks. I have a few different names, but if Hungry Vandal is too long for you, Hungry, Vandal, or Val are all acceptable alternatives. I'm not too picky about names. I'm in my thirties and have been writing for the past fifteen or so years on forums. I try to aim for about five-hundred to a thousand words per post, and I tend to post a few times a week to a week depending on how hot it is outside.

When I'm not writing, I'm usually browsing Artstation or Pixiv for images, watching youtube videos, or working... But I'm not here to talk about that last one!

I may be the Hungry Vandal, but I'm just feeling a bit peckish right now. Not looking for anything fast or long term for the moment. I do have an original character of mine that I would be interested in playing again. Something that feels like an 80's noir comic book. Though I'll at least consider anything that's presented.
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