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Current PTSD is a cursed version of nostalgia.
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I don't believe it if it's on the news or on the internet. I need a cigarette.
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If God made us in his image then God's a fucking nerd.
7 mos ago
Very disappointed to find out that the universal remote control I bought does not control the universe.
7 mos ago
I'm scared that I'm crazy, but god help me I'm twice as scared that I'm sane.


I have 3 mottos here in life, really.

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Name - Robert "Rufus" Singer

Alias - Accelerate (AXLR8 if you're nasty.)

Age - 18

Mentor – Flash, and he hates it.

Status – Part-time

Personality - Arrogant, cunning, cynical.

Experience - With his powers? Two years. As a hero? Four weeks.

Powers - Hyperhuman metabolism and super speed. Body, senses and mind are all operating at hyperhuman levels. No known connection to the speed force. He can break the sound barrier in his sneakers and outrun a fighter jet if he's pushing himself.

Weaknesses - He cannot rely on Speed Force and its near infinite bullshit. He needs lots of food, sleep and a plan just like everyone else.

He grew up mean in Boston. Irish descent since a few generations, Rufus came from a neighborhood where you'd throw punches first and leave the questions to the cops. Thing was, he wasn't very good at punching. With time, he learnt other skills to survive. The kid was good in school, but dropped out as soon as he entered high school. Shortly after his powers kicked in and then he read every book in the library in an afternoon. With his abilities he became something of a Robin Hood styled vigilante. He stopped some low level bad guys once he got a hang of his powers, and he realized that handguns are only supersonic when they leave the gun - afterwards they're slow. He moved from city to city, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, even if he was hard pressed to find anyone he qualified poorer than himself. Eventually his spree came to an end when he was met with the big strong heroes carrying membership cards to the Watchtower, and like every young Hyperhuman they come across, he was offered a choice.

Notes - Rufus was caught working a pickpocket circuit in Gotham City when by sheer bad luck the Retired Flash, Jay Garrick was in town, fighting Icicle Senior who was teaming up with Mr.Freeze. Garrick caught Rufus and offered the young runner a choice. Soon after, he was introduced to the current Flash and lead onto the team, provided he could behave.

Rufus has a strained relationship to the other speedsters, he disliked them before he met them and he dislikes them even more now. Garrick being the exception and took a liking to him, as a result Rufus sports one of Jays old tunics. Rufus would insist it's the only thing he could find that was friction resistant enough.

The Trucker Hat stays on during Mach 4.


"You understand the concept of SUPERspeed, right?" He asked, slurping his iced coffee in between jabs. His sparring partner getting ever more frustrated with each thrown hit, missing the younger boy ever so slightly. His feet always found a spot safe from the advances of the man pushing him towards the corner in the ring. His friends eyes glinted with excitement at the prospect. Each strike moved him to push himself a little further.
"Yeah, but your mind can't keep u-" Pausing to strain himself for a big haymaker once the speedster was pushed to the corner, which Rufus effortlessly avoided, climbing out and over the ropes of the boxing ring, leaping over Mike's shoulders, throwing his drink to the air and then standing up again behind Mike, in time to catch his drink. Giving him a soft push to his back. Mike grunted.
"Hey, Coach! Check the camera! He cheated!" The taller boy cried and coach nodded. "Yeah, Skinner loses. He left the ring." As he checked the high speed camera that was reacquired from Intergang by Rufus a few weeks back. Rufus shook his head.

"Yeah. But isn't this stupid, anyway? I could punch Mike so fast his chest lights on fire from friction alone. What purpose does this serve?" Finishing his Big Belly Burger XXK Bizarro Milkshake.

"Ain't you ever seen Karate Kid, Rufus?" Coach Stevenson questioned and Rufus shook his head.
"Movies are 24 frames per second. It would literally be more interesting for me to gouge my eyes out with a buttering knife."
Mike put a towel to his forehead.
"He's talking about wax On, wax off, Rufus. Small improvements make way for large change. You dodging me might save you from getting stabbed... Again." As Mike finished speaking an alarm on Rufus's smartwatch set off. Someone had tripped the silent alarm at the bank.

"Well, Miyagi, we'll see if you're right." He said, leaving in a blur.
"How did he know that, he hadn't seen the movi-" Stevenson was interrupted by Rufus reappearing in his tunic and uniform, having changed from his tank top and shorts.

He picked up his blue trucker hat from the table next to the computer as he smirked.
"I read the novelization." And with a boom that shook the windows, he was gone.
<Snipped quote by PatientBean>

I have a picture with him at Disney World lol

<Snipped quote by PatientBean>

Honestly, who didn't have their sexual awakening because of a Disney character?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit wasn't just a disney movie. WB helped.
<Snipped quote by Hillan>

I like that you committed to this bit enough to actually edit.

You always gotta commit 100% to the bit.
Original teen wolf was after all just a metaphor for puberty and becoming horny.

Blitz can give a whole new meaning to doggystyle.

Edit: I thought doggystyle was just eating pasta like 2 cartoon dogs. I googled it. The world is gross.
"The problem with being faster than light is that you will always run alone in the dark"
-Ancient Speedster proverb.

<Snipped quote by Hillan>

"Atlantis Aeternitas!"

I don't even know the meaning of that word.

Do the Atlanteans say "Atlantis till later" as to avoid copyright infringement? :thonk:
Hmm looking back through the CS's correct me if im wrong, but is Sarina the only one that can fly?

Is it flying if they can't see your legs move?
<Snipped quote by PatientBean>

Hillan, KL and I have been RPing together since like 2010.

Upsetting state of affairs, honestly.

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