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In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: ~9AM
Location: Roshmi Slums
Interactions: @Tae Mikazuki @FunnyGuy Slick @Gingerboi123 Sivaros @princess Yuki

Kuroi let out an annoyed sigh as he got yanked out of the tavern. He quickly glanced over at the human who had spoken before to the hotheaded dwarf and an elf who seemed to already have met the princess sometime in the past. "Well then, princess...this has certainly evolved...are we still on our way to the Sun Elf Kingdom?" he asked, her before glancing over at the human and the pointy-eared elf. Kuroi turned around to meet eyes with him before speaking, "...I imagine an elf who knows the princess is an elf who has come to also escort her, no? Two well-developed fighters should keep us out of mischief..."

Last but not least, Kuroi looked over at the human, giving him a small nod. "We'll have to keep you safe as well. Regardless of any fighting prowess, your strength lies in numbers...and with us. You can be assured we won't run off with you to a guillotine..." he whispered before pressing his index finger on his lips. As soon as he was about to talk to the princess, he overheard a feminine voice attempting a speech from atop the rooftops. With a raise of his brow, Kuroi inspected the (admittedly rather gorgeous) lion demihuman slander the current royal family. Were it not for her locking eyes with the princess, the vulpine would have not gotten involved.

Stepping in front of the princess, broke the lioness' line of sight, exchanging the princess' set of eyes for his own. A nasty, intimidating glare was returned to the slanderer as Kuroi held his hand up and approached the crowd and the woman on the rooftop. "Yet we, as commoners...yes, surprisingly enough, one such as myself is still considered a commoner..." Kuroi began, looking at the various townspeople who had gathered beneath the speaker. "...have little to no idea what is truly going on in the current political environment. Surely, we have a basic idea of whatever impending trouble is to come but we know naughty of the intricacies that lie in our government's brain. Frankly, we never will regardless of who is in charge..."

The vulpine had everyone's attention now. Although he understood the sentiments among the feisty lioness and the reluctant townspeople, he abhorred slander. He felt many eyes upon him, with gazes differing from those of curiosity to those of envy or intolerance. "The most important thing to note is that, regardless of one's status, it will always pain a father and mother to know that their very own offspring have died. To rely on such classism to neglect one's empathy is just as draconic as a tyrant's outlook on all of us! Besides, who are we to listen to only one person and limit ourselves to one narrative? Why should we all listen to someone who is far more prettied up than yours truly. I may be a champion of Roshmi, but I am certainly no lamb blindly following a wolf disguised as a shepherd...I am my own man..."

A tired exhale came from Kuroi before he looked up once more at the lioness, a cold look on his face as he opened up his kimono just enough for the glint of his metal fans to be seen by the lioness above. "Cast away envy and remember empathy...envy has gotten me nowhere in life...only my own body and mind have..." Kuroi finished.

Hopefully that was enough to scare off the pretty face that towered over him and the townspeople.

Many of the demihumans around Kuroi and his party went silent. A few of them nodded in agreement and a couple of others expressed their agreement strongly in Kuroi's words. Still though, he was unsure how much his words had gotten to people's heads. He could only hope they would cast away any emotion and prejudice and instead choose to look at the situation with simultaneous logic and empathy.

In Avalia 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: ~9AM
Location: Roshmi Slums
Interactions: Princess Mikazuki
Mentions: @Tae

Kuroi listened to the princess intently, letting her speak as the two began to descend into the poorer areas of the city. Although the vulpine's attention was on the princess for the most part, he occasionally glanced around the area in order to make sure no suspicious characters drew too near. He nodded at the princess multiple times, showing her that he was indeed listening despite how much he scanned the general area around them. Once she finished, the fox began to speak again, "If you wish to pursue revenge, then I trust that you will know when and how to pursue it in the most effective and safest way. Just remember than vengeance will consume you if you've not the willpower for it..."

The area around them began to visibly change. As opposed to the larger and more architecturally elaborate house, the working class district was filled with smaller one to three room homes of varying sizes. It didn't take long to start passing by shanties either. Although Kuroi knew that the district itself didn't exactly equate to more danger, he knew that unsavory types tended to hang around in this general area. Kuroi's left hand reached out to grab the princess' hand protectively. She could feel bandages wrapped around his palm, likely from his fight last night. Once he had a grip on the princess, he continued speaking, "I will take you to see Princess Rosaria...and if you so wish to learn, then I suppose we will to be a travelling duo of student and master. We shall begin your first training session after we leave the city and have already made some sort of progress towards the Sun Elf Kingdom."

After a few more minutes of walking through the poorer areas of Roshmi City, Kuroi eventually pulled her aside towards a tavern. His back pressed against the wall as he watched rougher and meaner folks enter and exit the tavern at will. "I hate to stop here but perhaps a quick meal will ready us for the trip ahead? Make sure to keep close though, princess."

In Avalia 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: ~9AM
Location: Outside Roshmi City's Royal Palace
Interactions: Princess Mikazuki
Mentions: @Tae

Kuroi walked side by side with the princess, ignoring any gawks or glares by the passerby citizens. On the contrary to how many might act being side-by-side with the princess, Kuroi's stayed in front of him, only occasionally glancing over at the princess to make sure she hadn't disappeared somehow. His calm demeanor and how relaxed his body was could almost be seen as unnerving. Despite never having interacted with royalty personally, he was taking the whole situation incredibly well. If Mikazuki took a closer look at his face and read the intentions behind his calm expression, it was clear that Kuroi already had intentions and choices made long before he had met the princess.

"With all due respect, princess. Although I agree with you on much what you are saying, I can not help but think that there is more nuance to this situation than I have been allowed to perceive. What you plan on doing with the skills I will teach you is up to you but there are two things I must make clear to you."

The vulpine stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Princess Mikazuki, examining her beautiful eyes and her slender body for a few moments. His ears twitched slightly as he took these moments of silence to quickly evaluate her. "Do not take me for only being interested in training you for compensation's sake. I imagine my coffers could be overflowing after teaching you everything I know but that is not my intention. My intention is to keep you safe by teaching you how to keep yourself safe...that sort of instruction is not something that will come to you in a few days or weeks or even months' time. If your highness so wishes, I will take you on as a long-term student. Worry about compensation some other time...the fact of the matter is that you are a target who is at high-risk of being attacked...and so is the rest of your family."

He paused momentarily, exhaling softly before he quickly scanned the area around him in case of prying eyes or eavesdropping ears. Kuroi always was a vigilant one, especially if he was walking and talking with an individual of such a high profile.

"The second thing you must know is that whether or not I will decide to personally act upon the political manner at hand is something else that I will know in due time. As for now, I will remain as your mentor...and if need-be, your personal guard. I suspect you are not the type to stay still in one place...and with all due respect, princess, I can not imagine you being safe travelling by yourself. Basic skills will only take you so far..."

A sigh came from his mouth, coupled with closed eyes. This was a lot to take in for the prodigious fox. He knew that if he left the princess to go off and do whatever she needed to do by herself, it would likely end up in murder...and much worse. Kuroi began to walk again, continuing his short journey towards the outskirts of the city where less eyes could gawk at them. "Now then princess, my intentions are clear to you. I am willing to help you as your mentor if I had not already made that clear. Although, may I ask why you are armed from head to toe? I trust it was not because you wanted to come and see your teacher, now was it?"

Yeah, it'll be free form

Now that I have a little interest, I might get a post up tonight or tomorrow. I have company over right now, but I'll see what I can do

Cool. I also would like to agree with @Shoryu's suggestion. I feel like adding canon characters as guides would be a neat addition.
In Avalia 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: ~9AM
Location: Outside Roshmi City's Royal Palace
Interactions: Princess Mikazuki
Mentions: @Tae

Kuroi met eyes with the princess, understanding her silent pleas. He looked back up to the soldiers and tilted his head at them, "From what I can gather, you're a standard soldier of the Roshmi City military. If you are not, then you likely trained with my mother unless you're a new recruit to the elite ranks of the city's military. Regardless, I am more than familiar with your curriculum. I do not mean to be pretentious but I believe that, yes, I can take her off your hands. After all, it is the princess herself who requested to see me today to make up for my lack of presence yesterday."

Once again, the vulpine reminded himself that he was practically committing a crime. He, however, could not let such mundane politics prevent him from turning the princess into an elite warrior for her own safety. With the situation that happened the night prior, all formalities and irrelevant politics were past him now. Morality was more important at this time to him.

"I shall relieve your post and take her with me to begin her advanced training. You have my word that she will become deadlier than her brother...and that she will be safe with me as we train..."

He then looked over at the princess, lowering himself into another bow with his head hung low as he spoke, "I apologize for the death of your brother. I imagine the family must be mourning him gravely. Please...if you allow me I would like to begin your training straight away. Forgive my imposition but I believe that formalities are the last thing we should worry about..." Kuroi rose his head to look at the princess again, his gaze having a genuine sense of urgency. "...and keeping you as safe as possible should be the first. I will no longer teach you for your leisure...I will turn you into the hardest target to assassinate in all of Avalia. We will no longer concentrate on sheer swordsmanship...we will instead concentrate on keeping you as safe as possible...and only you can do that for yourself...through my help..."

After his monologue ended, the fox stood up straight again, adjusting his hat as he once again tapped on the gate with his cane. "Shall we go, Princess Mikazuki? The training fields are calling..."

There was definitely honey coating the words that came from the vulpine's mouth, so much that both of the princess' protectors could do nothing but go silent. They both stared at Kuroi, unable to answer as fast as they wished to. They knew he was right, they just didn't know whether or not they should release the princess. Leaving an assigned post was not something a guard should do (although to keep the princess safe, exceptions would be made). Yet here conveniently came the duelist to the princess' aid just as the guards were ready to drag her back inside. Only the guards stationed at the palace knew of this mostly secret arrangement between Kuroi and the royal family, and if the princess herself had requested Kuroi to come on the morning of this day, then who were they to stop her?

Begrudgingly, both of the guards lowered themselves into deep bows and gave their sincerest apologies to the princess before returning to their assigned posts.

Now that the two were alone, Kuroi motioned her towards him. "You have a lot of explaining to do, Princess. Let us hope this is not considered an act of treason."

Will combat be freeform or dice-based? If it's the former, I'm interested.
In Avalia 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: The prior evening --> 9:10AM
Location: Home at Roshmi City --> Outside Roshmi City's Royal Palace
Interactions: Princess Mikazuki
Mentions: @Tae

The Night Before...

Avalia BGM - Roshmi City Tournament

This entire tournament had been nothing more than an amusement for the prodigious fox. Normally he would never let himself behave so cocky, but after he, a twenty-one year old vulpine, was offered to train the princess of Roshmi City, one could see why his ego had become inflated to such a degree. It was quite unlike him to act so pretentious. Yes, he was known for being overconfident at times which had cost him fights in the past but those times were nowhere near the amount of pride that exuded from him now. This entire tournament was purely at a regional level, a smaller one among the many large ones that took place in the grand city of Demi-Humans. Regardless, many of the fighters were fierce and definitely challenged Kuroi in the earlier matches. Yet here he was, standing in front of the last man who kept him from claiming the grand prize, a Lycan who held a parrying dagger in one hand and a saber in the other.

And all this fox had was a sarong wrapped around his right wrist. All his opponents up to this point had been nothing but humiliated by Kuroi. After all, losing to an opponent who had nothing more than a length of tubed cloth was demeaning. The agile fox wore an adorned mask of his kind over his face and wore his battle kimono, all in black with accentuations as needed to contrast. As the final match of the tournament started, Kuroi instantly began to move towards his opponent at an angle, making sure to advance in a way that would allow him to evade his opponent's attack whilst also closing the distance. His empty hand drew the opponent's blade away from his piece of cloth, feigning a grab so his hand would get slashed at. A painful sacrifice but a necessary one nonetheless.

Crimson gushed from the gash left by the swipe of the saber.

And air puffed out from the Lycan's mouth.

Kuroi had smacked the Lycan with the sarong and let it swing around, only to grab it by the other end and pull it through the length, resulting in what Kuroi called a portable noose. The moment the Lycan rose his parrying dagger to stab at Kuroi, he suddenly yanked the piece of cloth downwards while suddenly thrusting his hips forward. In a moment's notice, Kuroi's opponent flew towards him, face first into a powerful knee to the face. A loud thud resulted from the impact of Kuroi's knee against the man's face. The contender lay flat on the ground, blood oozing from his broken nose. The sarong was yanked back by it's wielder, keeping pressure on the neck whilst a foot suddenly slammed down on the flat of the parrying dagger.

In almost record time, the match had been called for the safety of both contenders (read: the loser). Letting go of the sarong, Kuroi took off his mask and raised his hands in the air, allowing his makeup adorned face to be gawked at by all the beautiful vulpine women in the roaring crowds.

The young vulpine of age twenty-one had everything anyone at age could ever want in life plus some. Yet little did these people know that he, among the countless skilled duelists that lived in Roshmi City, had been handpicked by the royal family to instruct their daughter in the arts of combat. Life was good.

As good as it could have been until he saw a magical broadcast appear up in the sky. A beautiful face overwhelmed with joy soon became one with bared teeth and an ugly scowl on its face. An execution took place before everyone attending the tournament, a war declaration coupled along with it. Worst of all, he witnessed the city's prince life end right then and there.

Such a cowardly, horrific act. It infuriated Kuroi. Nothing but hate coursed through his veins that night. He could only imagine how the Royal Family would feel.


Avalia BGM - The Mourning of Roshmi City

After the events that took place today, Kuroi could no longer feel any form of happiness. As he expected, his meeting with the princess today was cancelled. With such sudden grievance befalling the royal family, and the looming threat that now hung over their heads, he expected nothing more from them. What was supposed to become a leisurely pastime for the princess of Roshmi would turn into something far more serious if there were still plans for him to teach her. Any form of responsibility he had already been bestowed had just been tripled by this declaration of war. He had to turn the princess into one of the best warriors Roshmi had ever seen.

There was no doubt about it. Despite there being no future date for his services, Kuroi made it up in his mind that he had to meet with her tomorrow. If the prince had already been killed in cold blood, who was to say his sister wasn't next?

The Morning After...

Kuroi rose early in the morning far before either of his parents to make preparations for today. He bathed and dressed himself up in his most formal of clothing - a black kimono with accessorized with a white and black scarf and topped off with a black cloak. Atop his head was the only hat he owned, and in his left hand was a sturdy, expensive cane, made for both walking, and for committing numerous war crimes if need be.

Right before leaving the house, the young fox wrote a note for his parents, announcing his intentions to meet with the princess and impose his services for her sake. It wasn't about money and prestige for him anymore, it was about morality and doing what he could to protect the heir to the throne.

As he left the house, his eyes instantly went up to admire the blood-colored sunrise - ironic that something that symbolized something so ugly could be so beautiful. Around Kuroi were the various buildings of the middle-class, progressively becoming bigger and more expensive as he approached the royal palace and the upper class district. He was tense, anyone could realize it with how tight he gripped his cane as he walked along. Gods, how he would love to drive his cane straight through those damned Dark Elf twins. He would not hesitate to draw blood a second time in his life. After all, this wasn't the first time he had to put down a politician. Ever since that day where one of the Light elves who helped governed the city attacked him, Kuroi had little issue with eliminating those who truly were the scum of Avalia.

Luckily for him and his family, enough strings were pulled to make the governor's death seem...untimely.

Much went through Kuroi's head as he approached the royal palace. Normally, he would appreciate the elaborate architecture on the estates that surrounded him in this part of the city. With what happened the night prior, he couldn't relax. He could only thing about protecting the current heir to the throne. He would never forgive himself if the princess so happened to meet her brother's fate.

It wasn't until he heard...the princess? discussing with the guards inside the palace courtyard that he snapped back to reality. Confusion was visible on Kuroi's face...was that her? Why was she already dressed for combat. Surely she couldn't have been sneaking out? Based on the attire she had, she surely had some form of fighting experience, he imagined. After all, he refused to believe she'd be absolutely defenseless. Regardless, he merely listened in on the conversation, paying close attention to the intonation of the woman who did end up being Princess Mikazuki.

A quiet sigh escaped Kuroi's lips as he approached the gate, banging on it with the tip of his cane. He already had an idea of what was going on and given the situation, he couldn't help but indulge the princess, "Yes, yes...our meeting together got pushed honor to finally meet you face to face, princess..."

Gods save him for playing along. If the royal family ever caught word of this he'd be executed within a moment's notice.

In Avalia 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

In Avalia 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Definitely interested. Let's throw a fox lad in there
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