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Undertow only makes me think of Tool. Good album though.
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Incest in 1x1 interest check. Opinion invalidated.
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Yeah don’t ever recall BLM charging the US Capitol building, scaling the walls, attacking Capitol police and breaking windows to enter.
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RIP America 1776 - 2021. We had a good run.
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If I am made mod I will do what everyone truly desires and delete the status bar.


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Poly will be missed, I interacted with her on discord, though we talked less often in the past year or so. We never RPed together, beyond one very short lived RP but she was a constant on the RPGO discord as a member, moderator and a friend. She gave me much needed life advice during a bad time in my life a few years ago when I had some troublesome thoughts in my head and I am always going to be grateful for that. She was extremely intelligent and well spoken, endlessly stern in her beliefs and convictions but also thoughtful with her words. But above all she was an extremely compassionate being. Its tragic that shes passed, she had so much to give to this world. But its a testament to her true character that so many people have nothing but fond memories, beautiful words and kind things to speak about her.

Rest easy, my friend.

If I can get myself back into the writing vibe then I'd def try to join this.
I’m gonna figure out a post for Dredar, Sunday maybe.
The torrential monsoon which had swept over the Correlian city had begun to subside as the undercover Jedi reached his apartment complex. Darkened clouds shifted away as the Coreli sun broke through them, casting its rays upon the bustling metropolis. Another wave of nervousness ripped through Siolo, agitating his typically calmed composure. The twi'lek felt as if the eyes of every single being in the city were upon him even though none knew of his true identity. Meditation upon the force was desperately needed but the more pressing matter was to secure his own safety. Until that was accomplished he could not allow himself to rest. As he ascended the stairs in front of his apartment building he passed by a trio of Ishi Tib, all three of whom ignored his presence. Though his trained ears did pick up the words they spoke, concern evident in the voice of one in particular.

"You hear there's a cruiser over the planet? They said clones are landing at the spaceport. I don't like it." One of them muttered, likely a criminal of some variety judging by the gang tattoos on his arms.

"Why do you care? You're shaking like a rat, got nothing to worry about. You ain't no Jedi." Another one replied as he leaned against the railing of the stairwell, an illegally modified blaster pistol hanging from his belt.

Siolo shifted past them without a word, instead blinking apprehensively as he continued towards the complex. As he reached the top more denizens of Coronet City were before him, many simply hanging out around the building as the storm cleared. A food merchant had wheeled out a cart nearby, the Sullustan behind it grilling some strange meat with glee. It actually smelt appetizing but the troubled twi'lek was in no frame of being to eat. As he continued towards the main elevator he paced past a tough looking group of denizens around a bench, one loudly playing some heavy isotope music. He practically felt the pulsating bassline beating at his chest as Siolo stepped into the elevator. Few paid him any mind as he slipped inside, a few other civilians crowded in beside him silently. A young boy looked at him curiously as he a friendly smile, which the young one returned.

The slow moving elevator felt as if it'd take eons to reach his level. He let out a deep breath in order to compose himself then slipped through the bystanders as the doors came open on the third floor. Siolo's eyes danced down the run down hallway, devoid of any other people besides two human men chatting it up. The complex was in a less "pleasant" part of the city, matching his undercover alias. He doubted any police had come through here, at least in uniform and judging by the tidbit he'd heard from the Ishi Tib the clones hadn't come by either. Still he was uneasy as he reached his apartment, the seventh door on the right. The hall corridor had seemed to exaggerate tenfold as he walked down it. For a second he just leaned against the door then pulled his keycard from his pocket and undid the lock. Though his heart began to race inside of his chest as he noticed it was already unlocked.

Siolo stepped back, glanced briefly around him for sight of any suspicious figures then pulled his lightsaber from the satchel on his side. He kept it tucked in front of him, unlit but at the ready in case he should face some danger inside his own apartment. The twi'lek then gently pushed open the door, his hand tensing as it slid open with a light squeak. His sparse apartment didn't lend much in the way of room. A door lead to a small bathroom while a sliding one lead to his bedroom. As Siolo entered he noted the bedroom door was wide open, sensing one figure in there unaware of his entrance. As his head swiveled he caught sight of another figure chatting on an in ear communicator, his back turned as he looked mindlessly out the window in the living room.

"There's no trace of him. Apartment is pretty empty, think he got word of the broadcast." The man stated into the communicator as he leaned one hand against the window, staring at some of the speeders passing by. He was clad in plain clothes, though a blaster was tucked into a holster on his left leg. Siolo slowly approached him from behind, having caught a break of luck on a terrible day.

"If you scream I end you. Tell me who sent you, why are you here?" The twi'lek whispered into the man's ear, putting on an intimidating show. As he wrapped his arms around the man, one limb slipped into a neck hold while the other pressed over the bearded human's mouth. The man twisted momentarily under the Jedi's superior grip but then yielded as he spoke quietly.

"The police. We got word from way above us, said a Jedi lived here. Guessing its you. You're very highly wanted, Siolo." The human stated with a mean grin, having shifted his hand to the top of the man's head.

"All of that is a lie, what the 'Emperor' said. The Jedi are heroes of the Republic, we died in hundreds to fight the separatists," Siolo whispered as his eyes shifted towards his bedroom where the other man was still unaware of the Jedi's entrance. "What is happening next? What of the clones?"

"Clones are arriving here and they'll find you, no doubt about that. Just give up, its hopeless." The undercover officer muttered, uncomfortable under the light choke by the Jedi. Instead the trained twi'lek applied increased pressure until the man's vision began to darken and breathing became far more difficult.

"I'm no monster." He mumbled into the man's ear as he knocked him out cold, holding the human's body until he felt it go limp then gingerly laid the man down on the tiled floor. Siolo inhaled gently as he started towards the doorway to his bedroom, creeping along silently until he could lean against the wall and peek through the open door.

Another police man, dressed much like the one that the Jedi had knocked out was rustling through Siolo's things. Apparently searching for any clue of his whereabouts, at the moment he was digging through some old holopads. All those contained was information on previous targets, wanted criminals on Corellia. Siolo was no fool, he left no journals or logs. That was a recipe for disaster if one of the wanted individuals he was trying to bring to justice found where he lived. As a modified speeder raced by loudly the undercover Jedi made his approach. He did the same maneuver as before, a well trained chokehold. This human put up more resistance as he clawed and hollered against Siolo's grip. The twi'lek kick the man's legs in, then dropped him to the floor as he applied more pressure until the struggling stopped.

Once he was confident this other man was out cold he rose back to his feet and wiped his brow. Siolo's next step was to run his hands across both of the unconscious police to find anything used to communicate to others. Then he forcefully stomped on the commlink and communications devices he found, until they were but shards of crushed metal. It would buy him a brief window of safety once the men woke back up. Then with intent he found his own desktop console, similarly smashing it until it was devoid of any usage including crushing the hard drive. It was a precaution as he still had his communicator on him but they'd be unable to patch into him other than that. With a grunt he retrieved his jedi robes, then bundled them into a pack along with another pair of clothes. He planned to travel very light, most of the essentials he already carried on him. There would practically be no trace of his presence here when he was done rifting through his apartment.

Once his deeds here were concluded he threw the jacket over him, then raised the hood above his head. Another piece of clothing to further mask him, he'd look like just another traveling twi'lek, a common sight on the bustling Core World. As he slipped his lightsaber back into his satchel he moved towards the door. Sadness filled him as he gave one last look at his apartment, compact and plain but it was where'd he spent his nights after doing fine work on the streets of Coronet City. Moments of relaxation he would be without for some time, as a now top fugitive in a galaxy out to get his kind. Siolo locked the door behind him, then walked back the same way he'd came. A few more faces were in the hallway though like before none paid any attention to the unremarkable looking twi'lek. Instead of taking the crowded elevator he opted for the stairs, intent on getting as far from the complex as quickly as possible, especially now that the police were trailing him. He didn't just have to look out for clones but the officers who he until this day had worked alongside to clean up the mean streets of the metropolis.

"My blue friend are you still alive? Ya' there?" A voice posed into his in-ear communicator, surprising the emotionally frantic fugitive. He briefly considered not answering but the Iktotchi may actually be of aid to him. He did after all break the news that shook his life to pieces earlier, something the merchant had no real responsibility to do.

"I am Wolron, but in a rough spot." Siolo muttered, pain evident in his tone as he paced down the stairs. A hulking devaronian giving him a mean glance as he nearly bumped into the brute.

"I'm sure you are my friend. But I can help you, not gonna leave you out to die like some schutta." The merchant replied from his location a ways from the apartment complex.

"Wolron, you'll put yourself in danger. They'll kill you too if they find out you helped someone like me." The blue skinned man muttered back, more akin to a whisper as he avoided saying 'Jedi'. The merchant was someone he did recognize as a friend, when considering how long he'd been his informant. As the twi'lek reached ground level he descended the same stairs he'd recently gone up to make his final trek to his apartment.

"You've made me a lot of money, Sio. You didn't have to do that, all those bounties you turned in and split with me. You did all the work tracking down those scum. Let me help you this last time, come to me, I can get you off this junkheap." As the words left the Iktotchi's mouth Siolo tried not to get his hopes up, but Wolron was a well connected man. The Jedi had suspicions the merchant sometimes made deals which weren't 'entirely clean', but it was not enough to investigate particularly considering how much Wolron aided him with information.

"Fine. I guess I can't stay here, I have the whole damn police force after me, plus any clones. I can't take my starfighter either, they either impounded it or have it on watch. I'll be there by tonight." The incognito force user replied, out of other options. He supposed he could've gone deeper and deeper into the roughest parts of the city then hide out. But if word got out that he was a Jedi then the gangs in the area would want to turn him in for the inevitable bounty.

"Excellent. Trust me Sio, the police and clones digging through Coronet isn't good for my business either. If I can help a friend in the process of getting heat off then all the better. I'll be waiting at my shop." Wolron said, smiling over the communicator as he ended the call leaving Siolo with the comfort of the noise of the bustling streets.

As the cloaked Jedi reached the bottom of the staircase he took a sharp turn then walked into the moving crowds filling the streets. He couldn't risk taking a cab, in case word had gotten out that a hunt was on for a blue skinned twi'lek. Master Sinube had taught him, a Jedi must often become one with their surroundings in order to succeed in investigations. As he paced behind a small group of duros he thought of his old teacher. He only hoped the wise old force user had escaped hunting, like Siolo desperately hoped Jedi across the galaxy would survive.


Omega was barely different in the afternoon as it was at night. Some would say that Omega was trapped in a perpetual midnight hour. Everything was dark, and any light that could be found was harsh and overly bright - spilling out their phosphorescent light onto the floor like puddles of neon.

People too, acted as though it was late at night. They walked together to bars, to food stands, and were quite often drunk - the further you got to the slums, the worse it got.

But, it was Omega. It had always been like this. Those who were frail of mind and fearful wouldn’t do so well, but the atmosphere here was endearing in a way that was unique only to Omega. There was nowhere else like it in the whole galaxy. It’s reputation was undeserved.

As the Asari wandered through the Gozu District, she let her eyes take in each detail around her in an almost carefree manner. It had been a while since she’d seen it all. The claustrophobic nature of the tall, packed buildings was somewhat refreshing.

And a new companion she had on her venture too; the Drell doctor. Satka. She took a glance at him, what was miniature wonder and appreciation for Omega had faded to severity as she spoke low to him; “have you observed anything?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary around here.” The doctor stated calmly, not particularly overjoyed about once more trekking through the slums of the rancid space station. When he stepped foot on the Asari captain’s vessel Satka believed it would be the last time he was on Omega. But it seemed the gods and goddesses guided him here one more time.

In contrast to the adventurous Naryxa the Drell was all too used to Omega. Its stench, the endless darkness batted away by intruding lights. With every movement of his boots he had to actively suppress the emotions which flowed through him, mocking his inability to leave this place. As they crossed through a noisy crowd of bystanders Satka took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He was back here to help others, Mother Arashu would guide these wretched thoughts from his being.

“How far are we exactly, captain?” Satka inquired, unsure of how exactly to address the Asari. In one hand he held onto a case of medical supplies, encased in a durable metal container. He wasn’t certain how much to pack but if there were more in need of his aide then he had predicted well the doctor was skilled at improvising.

Naryxa had been listening to his body language all too closely, his steady breathing and his steadier step — he was almost too focused. She watched and felt a sense of trepidation from him, to the point she almost didn’t hear his actual words-

“Ah. The warehouse, yes. I’d say we’re close enough now,” the answer bordered on being nonchalant in tone, and she expressed a look of concern in the direction of her new doctor, wondering if she’d made a mistake in bringing him out. “Are you alright?” She asked frankly.

Somewhere behind them, Iryk and Sabinus were keeping watch, and ahead was their target. Satka didn’t have much time to answer before a scream rang out in the distance. The Asari raised a brow and was immediately into action — her hands flaring with blue warping colours. “It sounds like we’re close,” she said.

As the shriek filled the tense air of Omega the Drell blinked cautiously. He watched how the captain reacted as her hands pulsated with the telltale shimmer of biotic power. Satka’s hand went towards his pistol, though it was more of a false movement. The pacifist doctor didn’t intend to use it but he had to act like he was ready to. Naryxa had given him the answer he seeked but the question she posed to him caught him off guard but the scream gave him another moment to put together an answer.

“I’m fine. It's just been awhile since I’ve done anything like this. I’ll be alright, just lead the way captain.” The drell stated calmly as their movement shifted, their steps filled with more action as they headed towards closer to the warehouse.

“Believe it or not,” Naryxa said, carefully eyeing her surroundings, “I don’t go making a habit of it myself.”

The Captain lead the way, as the Drell had requested. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d spent time with a Drell. They certainly weren’t a Doctor, he was unusual in that respect. “I wasn’t expecting to hire someone with your credentials,” she said - her thoughts becoming her words. “But we’ll be glad to have you on board, that’s for sure.”

“I’m sure I don’t compare to the powerful looking warriors you’ve assembled. I just help those in need. I’m glad to be of service.” Satka stated with a humble smile and nod. He did feel slightly out of place compared to the mercenaries onboard, but this was his mission now. It was where the Goddess had brought him.

As the two of them rounded a corner, they came upon an open door, a metallic buzzing sounded from within - bouncing around the walls. A frown crossed her features and she cast a sidelong glance at the Drell. “That sounds like more trouble than we’re ready for… I’m starting to wonder if there is more to this escapade than we were told.” She scowled. The tattoos across her brows turned dagger like. The normally serene-blue of her eyes became cold and focused.

Gunfire in the distance behind them now was the signal that Iryk and Sabinus had found their own fair share of trouble.

“It’s Omega, captain. Things are always more complicated than they seem.” The Drell added with a smirk and a glance back at the Asari. He had expected this mission to be more than it appeared. Another one of the reasons he was glad to be leaving this wretched space station soon.

“Nothing like a warm up exercise to get the team working,” Naryxa commented with a slight scoff as she continued forward. “You’re more powerful than you know too, you know,” she added as she came upon a door in the warehouse, quieter now. She could sense a guard or two on the other side. Heavy footsteps circling the room.

As she assessed the best way to make it through as quietly as possible, sensing that Satka wasn’t really feeling like a full on brawl (nor was she), a sound played out through her Omni-Tool. Louder than it had any right to be. It was the recogniseable voice of the Turian:

“Naryxa, come in. This is Tannyx; Iryk and I have been engaged by Blue Suns foot soldiers. Gozu District is on alert; please advise.”

“There goes the element of surprise,” Naryxa said as the footsteps on the other side stopped, and the door opened with a hiss.

On the other side, two Batarian soldiers already had their weapons trained on Naryxa and Satka, but she was already ahead of them. That pulsing biotic energy in her hand fired forward in a series of pulses until they reached the first Batarian. There was a hum and a pop until the Shockwave moved to the next soldier - incapacitating both with absolute precision.

“We’ve got problems of our own Tannyx. Can you hold them off?” she said, stepping defensively in front of Satka on high alert herself for any further waves.

Another faint, rare smile appeared on the Drell’s features as the Asari captain gave him a compliment. Then his eyes had widened as he heard her omnitool chirp loudly, most certainly alerting anyone on the other side of the door. Then as the door came open he stayed behind Naryxa, the combat trained Asari was much better at handling the situation than he was.

“Well, that did the trick.” Satka stated calmly as both Batarians were down for the count, having made the mistake of going at the Asari captain. It was a reminder for him not to get on her bad side, seeing how effortlessly she took out the two armed guards.

“I hope there aren’t many more, the sooner we find Lauren’s friends and the others the better. I hope they’re not in danger.” The doctor added as he remained behind Naryxa, one of his hands near the pistol on his hip.

A weapon more for show than anything, if more of those guards came then he may be forced to draw it and put up some form of a fight. However futile that may be with the pacifist medical professional’s lack of combat training. It was a miracle he’d survived on this rough, twisted space station for as long as he had but he’d made sure his clinic had no shortage of armed guards. Though even that wasn’t enough to prevent tragedy from rolling through it.

Naryxa wasted no more time in the waiting, pushing forwards as Shy forwarded through instruction from the security deck.

With the door unlocked, the Asari pushed her way through - only one guard remained and then in the corner, strapped to a chair, and bleeding -- was the target. Naryxa was fast acting again, firing off a biotic charge that danced through the empty space until it made contact with the chest of the guard. There was a crackle and in his struggle he fired off several rogue shots in their direction, missing the Asari and the Drell by mere inches until he succumbed to the surge and fell peacefully in an unconscious slump.

“We don’t have much time,” Naryxa barked out, knowing that the guard would be up again soon - and that more would be on their way.

Together, they worked to free the woman from the chair, each lending a shoulder for her to lean upon.

“Th-thank you,” she gasped out, sinking her weight against her rescuers like it was a deflation of relief. “Sorry to drag y’all..” she coughed and spluttered out a mouthful of blood between her words. “I’m so sorry,” she spoke as she was dragged out, her limp feet barely able to keep up with the march of the doctor and the captain.

“She going to be okay?” asked Naryxa, glancing sidelong to Satka.

“If we get back to the ship as soon possible then she will be,” The Drell doctor said as he did his best to hold up his side of the injured woman. “I’d suspect internal bleeding, if we’re not careful she could fall into shock. No telling how long she’d be in this state.”

Satka watched as the human went more limp, likely on the verge of passing out. He didn’t spot any gunshot or knife wounds, likely the poor woman had undergone some severe beatings at the hand of those thugs. Time was of the essence here. The sooner they got her back to the ship and to his new medical bay the sooner he’d be able to properly diagnose her then patch her up. Hopefully they didn’t run into any more trouble on the way back.
Why do people get so worked up over meaningless awards? Lmao. It’s the same with the Emmys, Grammys and Oscars. It’s hilarious how upset and salty some Gamers are getting over TLOU2 (again).

Ghost won the fan voted game of the year anyway.

Obi Wan is my most anticipated by far. But Ahsoka and Lando should be pretty interesting too.

I’m curious what direction they go with Rogue Squadron.
My next post will probably be Sunday. Unless I can kick my ass into overdrive and do it tomorrow before my weekend plans start.
So glad BioWare hit the panic button and now suddenly Mass Effect 4 can happen for real

It’s what needed to be done to keep the franchise alive. Andromeda was a failure. A sequel to the trilogy is how you bring back the whole fanbase and maximize hype. As someone whose favorite game series ever is ME 1 - 3 I’m cautiously freaking out (if that makes sense?). I don’t have a ton of faith in BioWare these days but if they put their full effort and talents behind a fourth ME game then it might be damn good. No idea what story avenue they’re gonna pursue, how you follow up the Reapers.

But there’s all kinds of little bits they snuck in that teaser. The smashed up relays, the busted up citadel, the Reaper corpse, the three figures in the back that look salarian, human and krogan. Also of course Liara, means we’re back in the Milky Way but no telling how far after 3. I wouldn’t suspect too far but no one but BioWare knows for certain and we probably won’t hear any more info about the game for awhile. Just the fact it is in production will be enough to bring a lot of interest back to the franchise.
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