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There's not much about me to say.

I was born in December 1998, and I've been doing Forum RP since 2011. I live in Southeast Asia-- the Philippines (GMT +8:00) in particular, so if I'm not around, I'm probably asleep or otherwise busy. I mostly do Group RPs and Tabletop Games (off-site). I've never been in a 1x1 RP, but some of the premises seem interesting enough.

I like Fantasy, Sci-fi, and certain Anime settings. I do shy away from certain genres as a matter of preference (historical, slice-of-life, grimdark, etc), and if I know nothing about a fandom setting in question, I'm far less likely to throw my hat in the ring-- but if the premise is interesting enough, I may give it a shot regardless.

I like to be relatively active, though life gets in the way sometimes. If you're lurking and are trying to get me to post, if you want to be a mutual friend, or if you want to invite me to a specific RP, just let me know...I don't bite. So long as you aren't rude, we'll get along just fine, and even then, I may extend a sort of professional courtesy between us as writers.

With that out of the way, if you're here, you're probably looking for more of my writing. Thankfully, I've recently compiled a list of my characters (with links to their respective RPs) from this site. If you want to check them out, the link is here.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! May the RPs you're in be of an acceptable posting speed, and eventually, come to end on a decent conclusion...

...A man can dream, eh?

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Putting in my tentative interest in. I'm not sure if I'll have time for this due to upcoming projects on my end, but I will say that the concept of trainers fighting alongside their Pokemon has always interested me. The fact that this seems to be a pretty well-thought-out setting and concept is a plus too!

December 30th - Imperial Trenches

It was easy enough to slip past the No Man's Land under the gaze of some inattentive sentries. Elliot had known their routines at this point, and knew he had little to fear. Following his commander's orders, the marksman and the rest of the raiding company had made it through to the enemy trenches. He kept a steady hand on his sidearm-- a John-Wissel Revolver, standard issue for marksmen like him. He briefly questioned (again) as to why he and the other marksmen were dispatched on a raid like this, but at this point, it was too late to complain. All he could do now was carry out his duties.

And that much, he could manage.

From their elevated position, it seemed that the most direct path was to enter the trench, and then head either east or west. As they deliberated upon this, however, Mehatabel, the furious gunner from a while back, had leapt in by herself. In turn, the rest of the team quickly followed to cover her assault. Elliot merely blinked, gripped his revolver tighter, and followed the rest of the raiding party in. Now that shots have been fired, it was only a matter of time until the enemy had realized what had happened, and raise the alarm...

...but if they were quick enough, they might be able to pull off their mission without many casualties. To be in and out before they could rally a defense. To be sudden enough to leave them scrambling away in confusion.

To strike like lightning from a cloudless sky.

"I'll cover you. Go!" He said n a hoarse whisper to nobody in particular-- just loud enough to be heard in the fighting of the trenches, but just soft enough to not give himself away.

The first shot from the sergeant had taken one out, and a myriad of fine cuts and rough stabs had reduced the other two men to nothing but bodies on the ground. True to his word, Elliot was several paces behind his companions, solely focused on keeping their rear and flanks covered. Holding his revolver in front of him, his eyes swept from corner to corner, doing his best to ensure that there were no survivors on the ground, or stragglers hidden in a corner of the trench.

As long as the rest of the raiding party could handle whatever's ahead, he'd handle the rest, and keep them from being surprised. It paid to be prepared-- trouble sends no warning, after all.

Interacting: @Spectral

The shinobi had spotted him by the roadside as she approached, but before she could say anything, the hunter had spoken up. Just as well-- if she had her way, he wouldn't have seen her, and she would have silently passed by without so much as a hello. Still, the fact that Satoshi was as productive as usual was refreshing in its own right. Izumi, in turn, strode forward, before bowing politely.

"Kataoka-san." The ninja said simply. "I could say the same for you-- though I shouldn't be surprised. It seems you're as diligent as ever." She says, before glancing over at the spoils of his morning excursion. "I take it your hunt was successful?"

As Izumi spoke to the hunter, she mentally evaluated him-- recalling the dossier she had written regarding him. Satoshi had been with the Silver Hawks for a few years, and served as one of the company's scouts. He was skilled with the bow, and was good at hunting and gathering. The shinobi had turned to him to the gathering of reagents in the past, and they've even worked together on scouting missions before. His background was fairly unremarkable, however; born in Hoshido to a family of smiths, and had left seeking something better.

All in all, he was an ordinary man. But even an ordinary man could do great things.

The shinobi stood at a respectful distance, and made no offers of assistance. As far as she was concerned, this was Satoshi's kill, and he didn't need help lugging it around. A hunter was capable of that much, after all. Izumi eyed him up and down, satisfied with the amount of small talk that had taken place.

"...I'm heading back to Drakesfoot, if you wish to accompany me." Her tone was neutral, as if she didn't mind one way or the other if he accepted or decided against it.

A light mist settled upon the forest floor as the sun began to rise. The shinobi had been here even before the crack of dawn-- a habit she had established long ago during her years as an apprentice ninja. Izumi knelt upon the ground, hidden behind some foliage, and deep in thought as she analyzed her course of action. A crow calling out to its flock in the distance seemed to be a satisfactory signal, as the ninja leapt from her ambush spot and attacked.

The shinobi ran into the center of the clearing, her eyes adjusting to the target. Steel glinting in the light of the sun, her hands were a blur as she flung a trio of shuriken. With a snap of her wrists, the metal stars flew forward; two struck their target dead-on, while the third deviated slightly, landing only a serviceable hit. Izumi clicked her tongue in annoyance, before dropping to her knees as she reached for another set of weapons.

She envisioned the target before her. The body had three-hundred-sixty-five acupuncture points-- one for each day of the year. Were this any other time, she could certainly perform acupuncture and insert a needle for each one, but for now, she would have to settle for five. Heart, lung, liver, kidney, and, stomach. It was the nature of the shinobi to disrupt, and that included the body's equilibrium. Izumi shut her eyes, and let loose a barrage of senbon, the iron needles nearly imperceptible in flight.

Five soft thuds were heard-- if you weren't listening for it, the sound would've easily been drowned out in the forest.

And they struck true. Hanging from a tree branch was a small mannequin of wicker and straw-- a crude facsimile of a man. Two shuriken had struck the neck, and a third had landed on its right shoulder. Meanwhile, five needles were embedded in the practice dummy's body, each one having struck a vital organ. Senbon weren't exactly the most lethal of weapons, but in the hands of a trained shinobi, it was a deadly armament.

"Not bad." Izumi finally said, after inspecting her handiwork. "...if I were killing motionless men of straw." She then scoffed as she collected her weapons.

Again. You will do this over and over until you get it right. Until it is perfect.


Dressed in simple, inconspicuous traveler's attire, Izumi could almost pass for Nohrian, were it not for the Hoshidan blade hanging at her hip. Almost. she was traveling down the forest path towards the city of Drakesfoot. Satisfied with the results of her training, she figured it was time to return to the city and check-in with the rest of the Silver Hawks. They were all on leave at the moment, of course, but for now, she had other things to do. Who she would run into on the way there, or within the city, the shinobi was uncertain.
Putting in my interest. I'm not actually sure if I will have time for this, but I've always got a hankering for Fire Emblem stuff.
Still here!
Good question. Well, I'll be around for things either way, I suppose, though I've been busier lately. Hope we're still alive, though.
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