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That feeling when you have worked so hard for years, and you finally get a job that could be the start of a new career...... :D


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I’ll try and get a post up today after work. Sorry for the silence on my part. RL’s been busy. ^^”

The young drake beamed at Fellwing's compliment to her home, but it disappeared and she tilted her head in confusion at her question.

She looked concerned when Shieldwing crash landed, but Garrock was already there, tending to him. It was clear to Stargaze that the bearded dragon did care, at least a little. That was surprising! Didn't he want to be alone?

She answered Garrock after he addressed all of them, her voice clearly showing that she's still happy to be home, despite the circumstances, "I can lead the way! I know this place like the back of my wings!"

She then answered Fellwing, "As for what else to watch out for..."

She thought about it and she commented, "I mean...there weren't a lot of dangerous things around while I grew up here. Sure, you gotta be able to jump or swim in the swamp, but I think that's about it...[/color]"

Then she gets an idea, "Oh! Maybe Echo knows? She lives on this island too. Maybe she noticed something?"
@Guardian Angel Haruki Everything alright? You've been really quiet for the last couple of days.

Yeah, I'm okay.
Just tired from work. ^^"

I'll get a post up here soon.
@Guardian Angel Haruki I rolled a 2, if you wanna see look at my dice campaign.

Thank you!
@Dark Cloud Sorry it's taking me a while. ^^"

I'll try and get a post up soon.

In the meantime, can you roll the Random Encounter roll for future reference, since you volunteered to roll? Reroll if you get a 1.
<Snipped quote by Guardian Angel Haruki>


Honestly, when I was writing the post, I had to rewrite a couple of lines because I thought "He's leaning a little too close to the dere side. I don't want to make it too obvious that he's not a complete asshole."

To be fair, there are a lot more "deres" than just tsundere.

Tsundere is just...the best way I can describe Garrock right now. He's not overly tsundere, so you did a good job. XD
@XxFellsingxX Garrock's a Tsundere, confirmed. :P

It was certainly strange. It wasn't just flying for as long as they have, but also the fact that their first mission as a clutch is taking them to her home! The place where she grew up. She was going to show her friends her home!

She did feel a little uneasy around Garrock. He clearly didn't want to be around them either. He wanted to be alone...

She was mostly silent as they made their way to the Tailbone Island. As soon as the island was in sight, Stargaze's mood brightened. Not even Garrock's sneer dampened it. Compared to whenever she had to land on another island for an event with other clutches, Stargaze's landing was a lot better than when a large crowd was watching her.

Her landing did include her moving forwards and stumbling a bit, but she didn't hurt herself. After checking herself and realizing she's stable, she turns to face her friends and she speaks to them, showing a happier and excited side to herself, making small excited jumps while her scaled tail wagged happily

"Guys! This is my home! Welcome, welcome! Sorry, there isn't any red carpet to roll out for you,"

She then notes the creature snapping its claws at the others, and she warns them, "Oh! Watch out for that one. Once it's claws catches you, it won't let go!"

She learned that the hard way! She remembered sniffing that creature inquisitively when she was younger, only to have a claw latch painfully on her nose. It hurt, and Echo laughed as she helped remove the creature.
Me: I'll post the intro sometime over the next couple of days.
Also me: *posts intro later that day*

Sorry that it's a little long. I realised I actually had some stuff I needed to set up that hadn't already been cover at the beginning of the OOC. Hope it's not too overwhelming ^^;

That's a good read! Thank you!

I'll finish my explanations first before I post in the IC. Sorry it's taking me so long. ^^"
@rush99999 You seem to have added an explanation to the first of your fellowship questions and not the other two. Could you add an explanation there?

@Guardian Angel Haruki You also haven't put explanations for you fellowship questions. Could you please add them?

I know you guys discussed the details earlier in the OOC, I just want them in one place so I can refer back to them. After all, some aspect of these stories may inform certain things that happen later on in the RP.

Sorry about that. I’ll try and write them in after work. ^^”
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