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It took a moment for Maro to realize that he was intruding upon a conversation, for the blond man was speaking to the pipsqueak with a loudmouth. He couldn't quite place a finger on it but od did that kid seem...sketchy. Besides kids arent exactly morally nor logically sound in decision making...He will keep an eye on him the little bastard. Margo heard a loud laugh soon after he uttered his perfect English and quickly turned to a kimono-clad woman...Foreign woman. Margo swore he could have had a heart attack, oh God oh god shes laughing what did he actually say?! Her looks didn't help Margo out either; she looked just like the girls in his magazine, tan, light hair, light eyes and a barbie like bod. Guh why was he born this way? He didn't belong at this party, he looked like an Indonesian Transvestite and he's pretty sure every other chick here looks like fucking princess Kaguya all fancy in their dumb expensive kimonos. Ugh man, he wants a Kimono too no fair! His face instantly became red as he sputtered.

” Margo-san, I have to say… that was funny what you said to Chris. Engrish is always funny.” Oh god she spoke Japanese too. Margo made the noise of a kicked puppy as he quickly tugged and fiddled with the hem of his dress, he felt so embarrassed. How did he look right now? Could he pass for a woman? was he a hot woman to her? was he a hot guy in a dress to her? oh god, he was a mess. "o-oh! haha..uh.." he quickly reached for a teacup and poured it full before chugging. God, caffeine give him strength. "Uh glad I can entertain, Malibu Barbie,"he said with a small smile as he held the bridge of his nose. why did women make him feel so...weak..mommy issues are the worst. while he mentally shriveled and curled in a ball the sudden attention to the smoking man made him slightly snap out from his turmoil.

The man's face seemed to be very amused with Margo's..uh questionable English and smiled, β€œY’know what? My Japanese is probably worse than your English.” He chuckled a moment and instantly margo felt a little relief, his body relaxed a moment as he also smiled. Margo laughed as he slowly caught onto his comment and sighed with a shrug. It had been so long since someone had smiled at him like that..a genuine friendly smile. Not to mention that hearty laugh from Barbie also made him feel fuzzy too.

Margo's eyes lit up as he saw Ken doll pull out a box of cigs. MMmm Ciggeretes reminded him of childhood.β€œFeel free friend, take one. I’m Chris Bell by the way, what’s your name?” Margo took a cig and stuck it between his lips as he pulled out a mandated lighter from his stuffed bra. he lit it up a bit before inhaling a moment, blowing out the smoke away from the table before he slowly processed his words. oh, he knew Names. "Hi, Chris Berr" he struggled on the L sound a lot but trudged through "I'm Margo" he gave another proud smile as he savored his cigarette, yeah they were cancer sticks but god were they the best way to get cancer ever.

"Chris, you are such cool guy" he chuckled "You look like a Ken" he praised "Cuz your head must be just as empty" he added with a laugh as he began to loosen up. What? he couldn't help but tease he loved giving jabs to others it made him laugh. It was nice to talk to people, and it was especially sweet after the not so successful morning he had today. Margo looked around the table, he was the only one standing uh oh. He pulled out a chair and got comfy as he tried not to stick out too badly. His eyes caught onto the slight gaze of the Big breasted China woman. uh oh. He quickly moved away from her eyes as he finished up his cup of tea. She was no good, and boy did he want to be her. Ah, he loves the idea of being a Femme Fatal..but he was femboy disaster so close enough.

He smiled to himself, before realization hit him, "H-hey barbie?! how did you know my name?" he said in Japanese much more comfortably as he looked over hesitantly. oh, odd. Were there already rumors spreading or something? He was sure he had never met the chick before in his life. He reached over to the table and began to nibble on a cookie, god he had been so strict on his diet ever since he got here. something carb-filled and sugary was just what he needed right now. "mmm god this is better than sex." he groaned to himself as he forgot the convo he started before looking over to Chelsea again with a jump. Oh shit, he was loud. he only smiled awkwardly. He couldn't help but have the same manners he did back when he worked at the Gala..rauncy and uh..overt. Not tea party material at all. But if he was surrounded by a bunch of sleazes and tramps he would've been the life of the party he swears! Well, today was going to be an interesting day now wasn't it?

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Shit there it went, Margo just had to open up his big fat mouth. Maybe this approach was all a Mistake. The look of puzzlement on the guy's face didn't help his feelings either. Christ christ christ. He bit his lip as the guy cocked a brow and acknowledged him. Margo wasn't sure how exactly his face was supposed to look but he could only imagine he looked like a scared squirrel or something as the man responded, he seemed somewhat amused at first so that's good right? "Margo, huh?" Margo sat up even straighter if that was even possible he scratched the back of his head nervously as he nodded, yep that's him. "Please don't call me G.I. Joe. We're not soldiers after all..." Joke didn't land. Abort mission! Abort mission! Fight or flight were the only two things that were flashing in Margo's head as he cringed out how badly this interaction was panning out. He sputtered a moment thinking of how exactly to respond before the final blow came in "Take care of you?". Oh sweet kami, He didn't think it was cute at all. No no, no don't take it seriously. He squeaked deep in his throat as he swore he could feel a hole opening up under him to swallow him. God if only he could just slither away from here back to his bedroom like a snake. But wait! there's more! gets even better as a ginormous, Foreign WOMAN sat beside the man. Margo was already writing his eulogy to the stray cats he made friends with to read at his funeral as he shuddered at her gaze.' That woman totally thinks I'm an inferior rat too her,' he thought to feel depressed as he piped in as well "Perhaps if you need to ask someone to take care of you, you should find another line of work.". The final nail in the coffin.

Margo slumped in his seat as heard Takai give...some sort of empathetic encouragement "Kaz, please. I get what you're trying to say, but sometimes we do need a little pick-me-up." Margo smiled at that, ah there ya go- "I'm not going to babysit you if that's what you are asking for. I'm an Operator, I'll point you in the right directions here and there, but it's not in my job description to make sure you get everything right. I suggest you learn that skill yourself or you might find yourself in a bit of a tough spot within the next few days." SIgh. Was it a crime to wanna be cute and flirty? Margo wanted to make a great come back. Hell, he was so witty and funny and mean to his customers back at the gala...Why was he sitting here like a scolded puppy in front of two lions? Before he could even muster up the courage Takai muttered something about blah blah blah importance of something something something and took his leave. Margo turned to talk to the Jolly Green Giant but she got up too and clapped her Man hand on his shoulder "I apologize. You will do fine.. Margo stuck his tongue out at the woman. Prudes, all of them prudes. They all looked down at him and underestimated him... as expected. Margo sat up and stood. people were leaving the mess hall left and right. Fuck. This really didn't go well. Margo covered his face with his hand. ""Its okay man, you got this, so what, your show fell slat, but like mama always said, just give em an encore" He forced back a confident smile as he jogged in place. he's got this! He will prove his worth! He has more motive being here in his pinky than the entire body of a ton of those people.

Margo slowly trudged his way back to the Dorms, the feeling of rejection still fresh in his chest he traced his hand along the wall. Pondering on what exactly he should do to make some sort of positive connection with at least [1]Someone[/1]. With a small sigh, he took down his hair and rushed to his room. Maybe some sit-ups and squats will make him feel tough or something. However, before he could reach his door he saw the message board on the main hall. he stared a moment as he read carefully. Maybe there was some sort of training workshop or something... He huffed as he rose an eyebrow. "A tea party?!" Margo had never been to a Tea party before...wait why the hell is there a tea party at the NSF base..shouldn't everyone be like...having dramatic training montages or something? Margo checked the time and squeaked. Well if he's gonna go he's gotta do it soon. The boy rushed into his dorm and typed away in his laptop what to wear at tea party All of the results were traditional yukatas and kimonos or the western alternative was filly dresses and dress shirts. He bit his lip as he looked through his closet. A lot of these would get him dress coded that is if there was one. Margo hissed as he tossed his clothes around only to find something somewhat resembling a kimono, a thin silk black long robe that ties around the body into a dress. He smiled as he held it against himself in the mirror."okay, hottie knock em dead" He kissed the mirror and began to change, throwing his hair up in a bun with some combs in an attempt to look somewhat fancy and classy. Hell, this street rat has classy as his middle name. With a bit of lipgloss and a couple more coats of Mascara he left his dorm and headed out to this supposed party. This could be a good chance for him.

He blindly wandered a bit before stumbling upon the garden, bingo. Margo hesitantly made his way over to the group, taking in the obstacles of the day, fuck...most of them were foreigners, how the hell will he impress Ken dolls with his magazine and early 200's textbook English? At there was SOME Asian people goddamn Tokyo. There was the Large man, Takashi he was a respected specialist, someone who you ought to respect..however that was all he recognized. Margo slowly made his way closer to the crowd as the 'party' began,"Welcome, minna-san. Shall we begin High Tea? Today's selection comes from the fresh bounty of the season. We have roasted green tea, chestnuts and pralines along with a selection of cookies I am sure you will enjoy long with traditional tea biscuits. As for pies, we have strawberry and rhubarb, sweet potato and carrot and of course, apple and pecan pie. Take off your coats, have a seat and we shall begin." He slowly approached the table, unsure whether to engage just yet as he was mesmerized by the teas and sweets that were spread among the table. Wow. so fancy. All the parties he ever went to were in hot crowded clubs, where men and women alike would crowd and grind together as booming music played. This however...was way different. He smiled as he took a look at the cutely decorated cookies and treats, hesitating if he really should reach out and grab for one. He must look ridiculous everyone was dressed so nice. Fuck! everyone was dressed so nice! he looked like he was heading to a club. sure his dress hit his knee but maybe the blue eyeshadow was a bit much... damn. his attention was drawn to a robotic woman...dressed in a beautiful kimono. man he wished he looked like that... god hed kill for a pair like hers too. he snickered to himself at the thought as he listening in "Good afternoon and thank you for the invitation Skygge-san.' ooh that woman was smooth. margo sniffed a scent that made him nostalgic as he looked around hurriedly, where did it come from, he spotted a huge foreign man with a cigarette. mmm, the smell of smoke was so pleasant. He slowly made his way over to the man, unsure if he should sit, he made the pitch of his voice a bit feminine as to not shock the man too bad as he mustered up the best English he could "Wow super cool smoke, guy" he said in a very broken but confident cadence. He smiled proudly man! that English was so good! hell, he sounded like a natural!
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3 months. it had been 3 months since Margo was officially accepted into the investigative combat unit. It had been almost unbelievable to see how quick his life has shifted. He was an insignificant punk kid who didn't know the first thing about the modern world, completely ignorant of the vast political as well as the technological landscape around him. When margo first landed a job at the Glamazon gala, he hardly had to put any effort in his work, his snarky remarks, flashy makeup, and decent mixing skills were enough to earn some tips from flamboyant customers. The people who gathered in the gala were always adorned in makeup, flashy fashion and suffocating perfume and scents of alcohol and other various drugs. It was nearly bombarding to margo that the grey ash and ruins of the ghettos where he grew up were so different from the bright and dirty downtown of the city. Music would be loud, heavy with synth, sound effects and fast paste lyrics that kept everyone moving. He could have sworn that was his new place, the place where he belonged, in the underbelly of the city, living with the other queers and urban citizens equally jaded and roughed up from life. Now, look at him, the same flashy crossdressing kid, in uniform and duty, reading over previous case files for the NSF. How wild.

Margo was hunched over in his quarters, eyes strained on his screen. they were reddened and sore from the harsh light, he had only now been using computers so often. In fact, over the past 3 months, he had been doing nothing but familiarizing himself with modern tech. It was as if he was newborn learning to walk for the first time. His eyes were either glued to a screen or he was locked up in the gym training himself desperate to get himself in shape, in both mental and physical means. Over the few months, he developed lean muscle, some agility and flexibility and the ability to type properly without using two fingers very slowly like before. However, though he was doing well-becoming accustomed to the world around him and adapting himself in the new sort of cut-throat atmosphere of his new position, his social life was nonexistent. Margo being a very social creature was miserable, like a bird with clipped wings. margo was so focused on proving his worth and training himself to hopefully be capable enough to get out there and go on a real mission with the rest instead of being the essentially backup/secretary of the unit; that he hardly found the time to get t know his colleagues. How could he? He was so inferior from them, they were capable, strong and seemingly very very smart. how could the homeschooled transvestite interact with that? Hell some of them were foreigners, a body of people whom he had rarely interacted with before. He had only seen people like that in his mother's old teen magazines, where they were described as fashionable, loud, touchy and "totally hip". However, the shibui magazines from the late 20th century aren't a very reliable source now, isn't it? The foreign women especially scare him, he couldn't remember how many times as a kid he dreamed of looking like a fashionable woman like that, god how could he face em, they were still everything he wished he was.

Once again margo had been daydreaming, completely lost in his head as his eyes glanced over the same sentence on the computer screen over and over. With nothing particularly urgent to do, he felt completely useless and dare he say bored. A loud yawn left his lip as he pulled his hair back into a sleek ponytail before closing down the computer. That's it, he had to get out of her, out of his small den and mingle with somebody, anybody that wasn't an all business higher up giving him more paperwork to look over and classify. He got out of his chair and stretched with a yawn as he checked himself in the mirror, fixing up his makeup and clothes before sauntering out of his room into the main halls of headquarters and the mess hall. Though the change of scenery was nice, taking in the more spacious room with some bustling comrades here and there, he still wasn't sure what he should do. Should he speak up and reveal that he was for sure a dude or should he lay low and hope someone kind came up to him? No, waiting around was not on his agenda today, he had enough of that already. Margo scanned the room and spotted a familiar face, The big bad wolf he addresses him in his head, Mister Takai himself. The man was well known around his unit, being nearly the poster child of professionalism and passion in their unit. There the man was sitting alone seeming busy with his own devices. Should Margo dare even interrupt? Does he even dare to show his face to the seemingly intimidating man?

The hell with it, what does he got to lose? He went from a bartender to NSF member, after all, the sky's the limit. margo puffed up his chest, straightened his posture and made a very manly confident walk over to the center table. He awkwardly stood at the edge, mouth opening and closing like some sort of fish as he sputtered on what words to open up with. finally, he let out overly intense and deep "HEY."

Margo could feel his face heating up at the awkward delivery as he stiffly plopped doon the bench across from the man. He blinked a moment as he gained some more gusto. I'm Margo" he said again before giving a stiff bow from his seat assuming his slightly softer tone. He felt like some sort of caveman 'Me Margo GRR' but hell good enough. Though his nerves were in a bunch he was off to a good- well a start certainly. So with one more inhale Margo continued "I have heard quite about you. I'm sure you have not seen me around, however, we are in the same unit, I am very inexperienced so please take care of me yeah? Mr. G.I Joe?" he let out a small chuckle at his own joke, however, his heart pumped at a million miles an hour, Maybe his humor just might get him snubbed from the big shot but hell it's worth a try. Hopefully, this will lead to some more interactions with others as the day goes by.


That's all missing the point.

Let's first get it out of the way that Neo Tokyo is unrelated. That was a power issue. My OC was too strong for it, sadly. I don't remember if that RP asked for my orientation, if so I likely skipped that part with gusto, but remember that in roleplay, in life, in reality, there are always exceptions. Neo Tokyo looked like an exceptional roleplay and is likely well worth trying for anyone else.

Most high school roleplays are the inverse, unfortunately, but hey, some people are sad enough to want to pretend to be at school in their free time. Sorry if that offends anyone, NOT.

The issue is exactly the boundaries many roleplays impose that, as I've stated twice now and shall simply state again if prompted like so, railroads players and doesn't allow them to influence the status quo even if they realistically could.
The vast majority of these kinds of roleplays that ask for one's sexual orientation do so because that's most likely going to be a primary, driving focus for the players in addition to a plot as stiff as a calcified weinerwurst. Anything that skews that objective makes them sweat like a hog. It's blatant pandering and stale as all get-out.
Let me provide you with an example.

If I want to punch your love interest in the face, I may very well do it. Can you stop me? Sure. I'd encourage it.

Should you cry to an admin that I'm going to punch your love interest?
Now we have a problem.

Instead of properly addressing an unfavorable circumstance in the roleplay and 'playing through', you have folks who may say it's against the 'spirit of the roleplay', as if such a shallow excuse could justify their safe space. People play roles, that's roleplay, but if they try to dictate every facet of what other characters can and can't do, well...

They might as well sit in a cardboard box and just play in their imagination solo.

Ah finally now I understand what you mean, the analogy you used before left me more confused. Yes I see what you mean you should be able to have interractions with others in any way you see fit without worrying about someone's whining. As well as other's dictatioon over your role, however my stance on making appropriate (As in skills, backstory, appearence) characters for a certain roleplay still stands.
@LetMeDoStuff Same here! can't wait to see how ya craft this interesting universe.

It's to do with the status quo, as I said. Such public roleplays, while they may be called 'romantic' (I call them 'sexual'), will typically result in there being very little leeway for spontaneity or freedom of action. A kind of railroading if you please, that primarily supports players with their heads up their butts who only want the plot to progress in a way favorable to them and their relationships. You have people crying at the least little unaccounted disturbance, realistic or not, and it makes for a very boring experience unless you have a boner 24/7.

Usually these players are the kinds of folks who worship social media and, as a result, have no taste for anything outside their own realm of experience. One-dimensional, like a Disney sitcom.
I'm not saying romance is bad in roleplay, there just needs to be freedom and variety. It's like music. More people like the Jonas Brothers than Led Zeppelin today, but anyone with a lick of common sense knows which band kicks more ass. Some folks just listen to good music and lose their socially constructed boner because it doesn't fit within their personal paradigm.
They reside within a teeny comfort control bubble and anything that isn't bloody mundane is met by a REEEE!!
Hardly any tolerance, if any.

Ain't sayin' pop is bad either, but rather than having the Jonas Brothers OR Led Zeppelin forced on me, I'd want a roleplay that permits both in equal measure depending on the the roleplayers involved and what they like. In life shit happens, and not everything is always within your control. Especially not the actions of others.

The VAST majority of 'Mature' roleplays I see are the exact opposite, and those propagating them seem to miss the irony of it. You should always have a choice, but you shouldn't always have total control and peace outside of your own head.
Many 'sexual orientation' roleplays, in a manner of speaking, accept only Jonas Brothers music and whine when you get the Led out.

I'm having a hard time understanding what point you are trying to articulate here.. so let me get this straight. So you are saying that romantic Roleplays often have players who have very particular tastes and thus makes you feel like you cant have the freedom to step outside of the boundaries they place? if that is the point you are makibg then I have to disagree, first off most romantic roleplays arent sexual by any means btw. But also Many roleplays just have guidelines and social expectations that differ from one another. Sure you may a find a RP with people you cant truly interract and let loose with "the jonas brother fans" but that doesnt mean there isnt a jonus brother/led zeplin lovin Rp out there either. What im saying is that your view is very close minded. You seem to have the wrong idea about the genre and the people who enjoy the genres. You also have to keep in mind that most of these Rps are grounded in a universe? reality with rules and expectations so that it remains true and sensical to the world building thats as crafted for the characters. For example, your character you submitted to Neotokyo, The character clearly was built for arena free for all Roleplays while Neotokyo had strict limitations and a predefined reality in which the characters needed to abide by. Now you can say that it's conforming to the "status quo" you speak of but you will find that in any Roleplay with a narrative in which is based in Semi Reality.
hey when would be a good time to hop in
Huh? im so confused by this post, sexual orientation is for rps with romance involves duh. I dont understand the issue here.

Huh? im so confused by this post, sexual orientation is for rps with romance involves duh. I dont understand the issue here.

Huh? im so confused by this post, sexual orientation is for rps with romance involves duh. I dont understand the issue here.

Indeed, there's few original RPs and most of what you see has descended from something weeby, edgy, or cringy. Thing is, they don't need you to give them a chance. They find popularity anyways. It's called Sturgeon's Law.

As a rule of thumb, any roleplay that asks for your 'sexual orientation' in the character sheet format is worth avoiding. It's likely a safe space roleplay run by someone without any hair on their balls, and you'll never influence the status quo in any meaningful way.

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