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Interested! My current character idea is a nine year old child prodigy(either a prodigy in their martial arts or just general book smarts), who tries to be more mature but is still a young child(and is probably and very likely the youngest of their team).

Alright! Glad to have you. First off, thank you for the interest. As for your character, I'd prefer if everyone was closer to the 15 year old suggestion tbh, your character could be 12 or 13 and still fit that same "young child" mold.

Also, with you that makes five players interested in joining and we can start to look at setting up two groups instead of one! (This is my fun, little solution to groups getting too large, please bear with me) For full disclosure, the game will likely not start in earnest for another couple of weeks while we finalize characters and the like, so feel free to hit me with those two options for temples, as I am likely to shuffle teams around, particularly if we find a sixth.

I will also say if you want to RP Diplomacy, then just set up an actual group to play Diplomacy. All the mechanics for the game are there in it, and there's not really anything special you can add by doing a forum RP based specifically on Diplomacy.

I'm not opposed to casual games of Diplomacy, but I disagree with you there: I do believe there's a lot that can be added to the game by instituting strict RP standards to Press, but I understand if that's not something that interests you.
So how exactly do our characters get chosen?

And how would we get to Brazil if we’re not from there?

A plane would be easiest, the setting is modern. As for the means? That’s what I’m hoping you will tell me through your background. Realistically, it makes sense that housing you in this temple would cost money, so it might help to have that in your background, but a sponsor is certainly not out of the question. Why are they sponsoring you? and do you have any expectations? are interesting questions to explore if you go this route. If you’re not being specifically sponsored, are you here with family money or have you obtained some sort of preference with the master (Rai, in this case).

Or just hit me with a curve ball.
Alright! So right off the bat sounds like that’s three of us and Raimundo’s temple in São Paulo will be our team HQ!

@Duthguy@Ryik@Crimson Flame

Feel free to start posting character sheets when you’re ready, and feel free to join in if you’re interested (@WanderingDragon)!
Reserving this post in case I need it.

Also, game rules will tentatively be: 1 week per turn with early adjudication for retreats only.
I do intend to allow each turn its full one week time allotment in order to really encourage posting here, so it goes without saying that you should be expected to post at least once per week to take full ownership of your nation in this game.

What is Diplomacy?
Diplomacy is a strategic board game set in Europe in the years leading to the Great War, Diplomacy is played by two to seven players, each controlling the armed forces of a major European power. Each player aims to move their few starting units and defeat those of others to win possession of a majority of strategic cities and provinces marked as "supply centers" on the map; these supply centers allow players who control them to produce more units. Following each round of player negotiations, each player can issue attack and support orders, which are then executed during the movement phase. A player takes control of a province when the number of provinces that are given orders to support the attacking province exceeds the number of provinces given orders to support the defending province.

So what's the big deal about it?
No units are inherently stronger than any other in a game of Diplomacy, which means that after the starting neutral supply centers have been taken over, a player is forced to rely on their literal diplomatic ability to ensure they continue to grow and thrive within the game through the direct intervention of their neighbors and allies. This also means that backstabbing someone is a real strategy that can have serious implications (both positive and negative) as you will rely on your ability to keep your allies aligned with you.

And what does this game have to do with RPing?
Not much to be fair. But I think it could provide a wonderful backdrop for a RP, specifically a WWI-based NRP. Particularly if we rely on RPing through our press messages rather than relying on just run-of-the-mill press on a website like Backstabbr. Furthermore, it'll allow for more of a flamboyant game if we simply increase the expectation of roleplaying in what will essentially be public press messages, and that should make things incredibly fun and interesting!

And what does the board look like?

The state of the major European powers in Spring 1901.
Circles are armies. Triangles are fleets. Smaller circles are supply centers.

Supply centers provide additional troops. Armies can move through land (tan-colored) tiles. Fleets can move into sea (light blue) tiles and coastal tiles, but note! They can only move along the coast, so a fleet would not be able to travel from Marseille, to Spain and up to Gascony, it'd have to travel to Spain (sc) and through Portugal and Spain (nc) first!
(Note too Bulgaria and St. Petersburg).

You got me, I'm in! So how are we playing?
We'll have to play on the Backstabbr website (I think strictly-speaking I'm not supposed to link it based on the rules, Google it), however, we will be playing with Press completely turned off in that website, so as to force the open RP diplomacy here! For now, just tell me you are in. I hope that sounds as cool to you as it does to me!

Episode 2.5 Introducing the Battleguard Prince

Lupe scrambled as he picked apart his deck one more time this morning. Chris had only recently moved in with him, which finally allowed him the opportunity to truly measure his deck up against a specific opponent, however, at each turn, it seemed Chris was simply better and quicker at getting his deck going than he was.

“It’s just a matter of getting your deck engine up and running” he had said. What the heck is a deck engine? Kids back home were certainly not using these “strats” and suddenly Lupe felt completely out of place in his yellow uniform. 0-1 officially weighed heavy...
0-5 in total hurt.

“What are you even stressing out about?” Battleguard Cadet asked.

“‘Cuz I suck!” Lupe huffed. “I’m completely out of my depth here! Chris keeps overpowering my attack capabilities with his damned Gardna’s defense because he’s able to draw more consistently, and Jon…” Lupe shuddered to think of the duel against the Obelisk Blue ace only to immediately receive a bonk in the head from his Card Spirit’s humongous kanabo. “Ouch! What the heck was that for?” Lupe lashed out, getting up from his desk and chasing the Card Spirit up into the top bunk and back down again.

Eventually, Lupe fell to the floor, deflated. "What even is the point of any of this? Ever since I saw that bright light..."

Suddenly, a familiar noise from the hallway, Chris… and he’s brought company! Lupe rushed back to the desk to put his deck away as Chris came on over to unlock the door. Lupe put his deck away. The door opened. “Yoooooo…!”


Both boys greeted each other excitedly as they did their secret roommate handshake before Chris showed some concern. “Hey, so, did you shower already? Our parents should be here any time now.” Both boys shared a laugh and Lupe punched Chris in the arm for the playful barb… perhaps a bit too much starch on that one?

“I’m good. Let’s go down to the Courtyard, see who else is there.”

As the boys left the dorm room, Lupe noticed he’d held on to a copy of Battleguard Cadet. “You shouldn’t stress out so much,” the card seemed to say with a wink.
@Crimson Flame Awesome! Please make sure to add a second option for temples, keep our options open.
I'd join if it didn't seem like this was player vs player based? But i'm not into rps like that so best of luck.

It isn’t immediately intended to turn into a player vs player deal, to be honest I was expecting a bit more interest in this and set up those rules as a means to allow for a greater amount of players.

However, I did say three folks was my minimum number of players to start a group and at four total, I wouldn’t mind just placing you all in the same group and pitting you off against the bad guys!

So, with that being said, if you’re still interested in joining this let’s start with the basics: what is your character’s name? What is their elemental affinity? And what would be their top two choices for a temple?

@Duthguy@Ryik@vancexentan@Crimson Flame
@Ryik Sweet!

I’ve gone ahead and posted my character sheet as is, with the Powerload Ogre removed from the Extra Deck. Am I supposed to be looking for some Discord invite link now?
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