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Honestly, I think the current idea is a good one. Nobody likes Zeon, so it'll be fun to hunt down the remnants. Gives us a strong base of operations, access to MS engineers, and a straightforward mission.

If we wanted to do something original however, I'd suggest a set-up similar to Gundam Wing at the start or IBO.
Yeah, I'm not sure my issue with Newtypes is necessarily their power level, but the vagueness of their powers. The series never truly explains exactly what a Newtype or CyberNewtype is or can do, but many Newtype powers are or could be problematic, so...

If the point of the RP is: Newtypes and CyberNewtypes are slightly stronger, have quicker reflexes, better resistance/endurance than a normal human and are therefore better MS pilots, while forgoing their actual magic, then I'm likely in.
On the one hand, I've been hoping to see more interest in this concept, on the other, I am beginning to realize that the tabletop section of this website isn't exactly the most active, and I could potentially find a wider range of players over in one of the standard roleplay forums.

I want this to be dice roll-based when it comes to Xiaolin Showdowns themselves, but truthfully that shouldn't require running the entire thing as a FATE game. Therefore I'm going back to the drawing board and will most likely re-post a revised version of this concept under General Interest Check later this week.
[No House Whitehill then].

Hey guys, so, as previously mentioned, I’ve decided we will be using a simplified version of FATE Accelerated for this game. I would recommend taking the time to peruse the SRD online ( to become slightly familiar with the system, but here’s the mechanics in a nutshell:

I want rolls to apply specifically to Xiaolin Showdowns. A Xiaolin Showdown will begin once two or more opponents place a hand on an unclaimed Shen Gong Wu, with one player taking the role of the attacker and another the role of the defender. The attacker determines what the challenge will be and posts first with initiative. The defender then makes a second post where he competes against the attacker and ends the post at a point of decisive tension. Then both players will roll against each other based on their different Approaches and taking into account any Aspects that would be invoked by the GM based on the written fiction.

Winner of the roll takes the disputed Shen Gong Wu as well as any additional wagered Shen Gong Wu.

Speaking of wagered Shen Gong Wu, only a Shen Gong Wu that is put on the line may be used during a Xiaolin Showdown.

Your characters’ Approaches will be defined as follows:
  • Cool - roll this approach when you need to keep calm under duress or to be flashy.
  • Hot - roll this approach when you need to act swiftly or when you rely on intense emotions.
  • Blunt - roll this approach when you need to be straightforward or forceful.
  • Sharp - roll this approach when you need to think fast or act with precision.
  • Cute - roll this approach when you need to be cheeky, seem innocent, or manipulate a target.
  • Nice - roll this approach when you need to be compassionate or to stand up for what’s right.

As for your characters; all character will be composed of three specific Aspects:
  • Who are you as a person?
  • Who are you as a martial artist?
  • How do you relate to your chosen element?

For the sake of clarity: an Aspect is a word or phrase that describes a person, place, thing, situation or group (etc.?), and these are intended to be used in three ways:
  • You invoke an aspect by spending 1 Fate point to gain a bonus to your roll.
  • You may compel someone else’s aspect, forcing them to act one way and awarding them 1 Fate point.
  • You may establish a fact for free, which is an Aspect that applies to something and may then be invoked or compelled. (Please consult me in PM before establishing a fact; I would hate to have to override a post you’ve spent a lot of time on for the sake of setting or storyline).
@Darkmoon Angel Sort of.

I love Gundam, but as a Gundam fan I have to say: I'm concerned that you seem to want to include Newtypes at all, or worse yet, as PCs.

What exactly are you thinking in regards to storyline or storyboard, other than potentially fighting Zeon remnants? Will you include characters from the series? And specifically, do you intend to include Lalah Sune?
Sweet, that puts us at two interested players! I will get to work on ironing out specific game mechanics (switching from PbtA to FATE will likely involve a change to current approaches) and expect at least one more interested player to join in so we can put together our first official team and get this game underway!
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Hi there, sure!

Some of my main interests regarding fandoms currently include:

Standard to grim fantasy and Seinen manga: LOTR, ASOIAF, D&D, Berserk, Vagabond

Shonen Anime/Manga: Pokémon, Digimon, Naruto, One Piece, MHA, Power Rangers

As for genres, as you may imagine based on the above fandoms, I like action/adventure and political intrigue.

I also am trying to get a Xiaolin Showdown game off the ground, likely using some version of the FATE RPG, to allow for PvP along with PvGM.
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Welcome, saw your rp. Man, Saolin Chronicles. I remember watching that as a kid.

Not much interest for it unfortunately. Kinda hoping it's a case of it being in the tabletop section instead of casual. Still, was kinda hoping to run it as a PbtA or FATE game tbh.
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