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4 mos ago
Current I Think it is save to say that I'm closed for new RP's at the moment. Time has been filling itself rapidly unfortunately.
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4 mos ago
On the hunt for new RP's! Even though my mind feels blank. Hopefully someone is able to light that inspiration spark again.
7 mos ago
Roleplaying is starting to take it's toll. It's far too fun so never mind going to bed on time..
7 mos ago
Oh right! This was something I was getting more into ^^' Ready for a rematch ;-)
3 yrs ago
Figuring out the ways of RP and my long forgotten writing skills.
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Okay, some quick facts:
Dutch, not new to writing RP but it's been a long time. 28 years old. Loving the fantasy, romance, 18+, medieval kind of stuff. I paint, I knit, I daydream about all the things I still want to do sometime and thus figuring out my way in life.

Oeh, roleplay experience.. So I play DnD with some friends and I've had a character who I thought was really rocking it. She was cold (literally, shadow-sorcerer) arrogant and rather clumsy. The glass-canon of the team and also a bit of a drama queen, since she had to die a couple of times to learn her lesson.

Roleplay wishes: I like it mysterieus and I like to tease. I'm terrible at horror and not really the manga/anime kind of person so please don't ask me for that. Don't mind writing a guy, but mostly prefer the female role.

Anything else, just send a PM.

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The commands were as follow: about three maids would investigate the ship and if needed distract those aboard, so the rest could go ashore unnoticed. A few would stay behind to guard the ship. Runa joined the crew in their expedition, as navigator she wanted to practice the art of map making too and thought this island to be a good project for a first try. The mountain, as Runa observed, was a nice anchor point to estimate distances.

“There’s a good chance those guys are after the same as us.” One of the maids commented as they stepped ashore. Runa only nodded, having her attention more on the surroundings than on the group.

The group consisted of a few maids, the captain and the boatswain, all armed to their teeth with their own signature weapons. Captain Eris Rose was an impressive woman, who could give comments with only a look. She didn’t intervene much with the maids, but there were these rare occasions when the crew would celebrate a good year or the succession of a hard victory and Captain Rose would chime in, showing a side that could only be described as exuberant. No one knew much about their captain though, which was probably one of the reasons Runa liked her so much.

The captain locked eyes with one of the maids, and gestured for her to scout ahead. Trish, not really a girl anymore, but still a bit too young to be seen as a woman, walked ahead through the light sand and was mostly trying to find tracks of the people that went before them. It didn’t took her long to find something of a cleared out path that went into the tropical forest and waved back at her party. The captain gave a slight nod.

“Alright ladies, let’s find ourselves some diamonds and pearls.” The boatswain bellowed, only to add more casual: “Oh and in case we encounter our beloved explorers, make sure we give them a smashing surprise.” The maids chuckled, Runa rolled her eyes, but they all moved through the cleared path carefully. This way it would take more time, but the captain wanted to exploit the advantage they had to its fullest. Runa was walking behind Trish, she figured it was the best place to see where they were heading and hoped she could memorize their way enough to make some use out of it. Although the path was cleared for the most part, bugs made no difference between one party or the other and the occasional suppressed yelp or ‘ieks’ was to be heard, followed by a hushed “sssh”.

The crew must have walked a few hours before they started to hear voices up ahead. Trish and Runa paused for a moment to look back and wait for a command. It was time to split up the party and sneakily start surrounding the bastards that stood between a pirate crew and their riches.
The view was magnificent as the sea stretched far and wide, with the sun starting to find its way under the horizon. It was Runa’s most favorite time of the day, when the sea and sky would play with rich colours, gifted by the sun and the stars. And since a few weeks she was lucky enough to see it from the best spot: The crow’s nest. The captain had made her Able bodied seaman, or ‘abs’ as she preferred to call it.

But it was time to get to work, because the ’Dreadful Lady’ was heading a different way. The boatswain had given orders to go east, to an island that apparently had been forgotten for a long, long time. The crew of young women liked to creep each other out by telling stories about all the horrors that were still left there. Though Runa never really bought any of that, she was rather intrigued by the mystery that surrounded their destination. And it was finally getting in sight.

Within the few years she had lived aboard, her agility and confidence had grown rapidly, making it easy for Runa to jump out of the crow’s nest, unto the yardarm and swing herself down as she grabbed a hanging piece of robe, landing softly on her feet at the deck, right in front of the boatswain.

“The island is in sight.” The boatswain, a dark colored and somewhat muscled woman, closed her eyes for a moment and sighed: “Can’t you yell before you appear out of nowhere?” With a frown she looked at Runa, who just shrugged it off. “We’ll talk about this later. The island, how far off is it?” Runa walked to the forecastle deck with her and replied: “I think about 16 kilometres.” The woman took out her spyglass, mumbling: “You think? About? Shame on you Runa, navigating is in the details. Look again.” Runa received the spyglass and did as she was told. “Hmm.. that’s.. 4.17.. you’re right.” She handed the spyglass back. “It’s 16,6 kilometres.” Runa only received a agreeing nod as the boatswain turned around to bring the news to the captain.

A few moments later it was all hands on deck, preparing to anchor right to the side of the bay. Runa had spotted another ship, it seemed to be a rather wealthy one by the looks of it. Her captain, who stood next to the quartermaster, had a calm posture with a slim smile on her lips. It looked like they’d get a bonus with this island.

Hey Deia, welcome!

Fellow Dutchy here, wishing you a nice time in the guild and in writing :).
@POOHEAD189@Obscene Symphony Thanks! If I ever had to pick a role model, she would probably be it.

@Kuro Thank you :) Yeah I already found some stuff that seemed interesting. Really glad I found this place.
@Rusty Just give us a moment to build some dikes and add tons of water Wait.. what was that?
@Lyly Woot woot!
@Rusty Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!
Hi :) I'm kinda new to this, but I liked your interest check and wondered if you're still looking for someone to RP with?
Hi there!

The last few days I've been pondering about getting back to RP in a forum and today I just thought to jump into it and see what happens :).
For now I will go by the name Ginouxe, I'm 25 years old, living in the Netherlands and enjoying the first signs of autumn already. Years ago I participated in a very small forum someone made for a few friends to RP in and I just loved to create my own characters and to wait in anticipation to read the response of the others. I liked how I could see a clear image of where the story should lead and it would take a whole other direction instead by a single post someone else would write.
Nowadays I fill my time playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends, knitting, painting and figuring out what I want to do.
I like to write fantasy, medieval, 18+, and mostly prefer small groups. I look forward to explore all the possibilities here and to mingle with you.
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