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Havana, Cuba, Earth

Evening, April 9, 2187

Clear, 20°C

By the end of the meeting, it was decided that Solveig and Zenobia would go to the spaceport, while Zenn and Amina would investigate the distress signal. Initially, Lizbeth was happy to have Nadara accompany her at the party. But at other's suggestion, she agreed that it might be better to have Nadara go with Zenn and Amina instead. They could use more firepower in case they run afoul of gangs, and judging the already growing tension between them, they could also use Nadara's mediation in case they run afoul of each other. Plus, Nadara looked like she might enjoy herself a bit too much at the party.

Then there was the no-show, Sevipia. Just as everyone was about to leave, Lizbeth received a message from Sevipia saying she was helping a sick local. There wouldn't be enough time for Sevipia to join any of her colleagues, so the group determined it was best for her to stay behind at the resort and have a look through the missing team members' rooms. Additionally, Sevipia would be ready to provide medical support should there be an emergency.

Several hours later, each group had set out to their destinations. The sun was setting, casting a golden hue over Havana's historical streets. The hotter daytime temperature had cooled slightly, and a soft sea breeze made it pleasant to stay outdoors. Celebrations were in full swing; lively banners lined the buildings, music blared from clubs and bars, and there were crowds dancing in every plaza. At least, those were the scenes Lizbeth saw on her way to the Capitol. It was an enjoyable trip in her taxi. Speaking of, Lizbeth forgot to arrange transportation for the other two group. Oh well, surely people would be too cheerful to mind a couple of armed to the teeth military contractors sitting in the back of the bus.

At the spaceport, Solveig and Zenobia would see mostly business as usual. Some last minute arrivals were eager to jump into the festivities of the city, but pilots and ground crew were preoccupied as they always were. Past the bustle of thousands of passengers at the terminal, and beyond the roars of aircraft and spacecraft engines on the runways and launch pads, was a closed section reserved for private and military use. The hangar containing SRN's shuttle were in the back of this section. At the front gate, Solveig and Zenobia found their SRN-issued access passes denied by the security VI. Thankfully, Solveig's alliance ID was able to get them through.

Up ahead, the hangar door is just barely ajar. Light inside seeped out onto the darkening fields, and the multiple indistinct shapes move within. As far as Solveig and Zenobia knew, no one else was authorized to access to hangar.

The neighborhood of Cerro was the opposite of the spaceport. Unlike the ultramodern carbon fiber terminals, or the timeless white marble found in affluent parts of the city, Cerro was made of dirty gravel roads and rusty tin roofs covering unrepaired war scars. Nevertheless, residents there were still celebrating, albeit in a more muted manner without the glitz and glamour. Before going into the back alley where the signal originated, Zenn, with his expertise in optical camouflage, noticed the shimmer of a cloaked figure across the street. Then a car drove by, and the shimmer was gone.

However, several locals nearby had taken notice of the trio. They began murmuring among themselves, and casting wary glances at Zenn and Nadara.
Detective x Detective

Havana, Cuba, Earth

Afternoon, April 9, 2187

Sunny, 24°C

Two days ago, Solveig Wistrom left SRN's crisis response team.

Later that day, Sevipia Paetmus arrived in Havana. Because of travel delays, she didn't get to meet her team before they went to deliver their cargo.

That evening, Solveig and Sevipia both received a message from SRN: a forwarded distress signal. The signal was a momentary blink with no message or location. Whatever Solveig and Sevipia did, they could not find further information. That was the last they heard of the crisis response team.

Yesterday, SRN announced four additional operatives had been dispatched to investigate the signal. Solveig decided to return and help, though she and Sevipia were advised to stay put until they had backup.

Today, Zenn, Zenobia, Amina and Nadara reached Havana at various times in the morning. The city that greeted them was one in celebration, as it had been for the last six days. Colorful stalls formed pop-up markets, antique cars cruised the streets and holographic billboards advertised the last big party, a function hosted by Mayor Bragus Thul himself tonight.

Shortly before noon, a message was sent to all six SRN operatives. The message included descriptions of the missing team's personnel, and directions to meet at Meliá Resort, where Solveig and Sevipia were already staying. The resort, a tall and perfectly undamaged building constructed more than 200 years ago, glistened with its porcelain exteriors. Inside, the newcomers were checked into rooms the were occupied by their missing predecessors.

Zenn was the only one to be given new room. SRN had booked him a specially sanitized and air-filtered suite where quarian guests can safely replace their suit filters. The only catch being Zenn had to pay the deposit with his own credits.

Zenobia got the room previously occupied by another turian biotic, as apparently by a turian bio-amp part in the shower. Said occupant had left a mess of used towels and tangled bed sheets. Though Zenobia would also find a worn-out tennis ball, several packs of dextro rations, and on the reading desk, a letter from a refugee family thanking the missing turian for his assistance.

Amina's room was formerly used by the missing team's leader. The military discipline of Amina's predecessor was apparent. Even though no room service was performed in the two previous nights, the bed was properly made and furniture were in their original places. Amina would find several issues for Fornax and a bottle of laxative in the bathroom.

The first thing Nadara noticed in her room were the smell and stains of omnigel. The person that stayed in her room before was clearly someone who liked to tinker. There were papers on the desk, of a familiar asari make, and they were covered with sketches of various farm animals from earth and beyond.

Next, the group went to the resort's cigar lounge to meet with Lizbeth Baynham, SRN's representative in the city. Surrounded by mahogany panelings and sitting on one of the plush leather sofas was a human woman in a green and gray lab coat. The first few that entered the lounge would see Lizbeth awkwardly lighting up a cigar, taking a tentative drag from it and immediately starting to cough and sputter. It took her a few seconds to notice the arrivals, and when she did, Lizbeth set down the cigar in an ashtray and waved her arms to clear the smoke.

"Ahem, sorry!" Lizbeth clear her throat, though her voice still sounded coarse from coughing.

"Hi!" She held out her hand to shake, and for everyone except Zenn, gestured to a case of cigars. "Help yourselves. The yellow ones should be safe for turians, I think."

With everyone there, Lizbeth began by introducing herself as a former ExoGeni scientist and current SRN associate in Cuba. Apparently Commander Shepard once saved her colony, an act that inspired Lizbeth to join the allied war effort. Now, she believed SRN's philanthropic backers would be earth's best hope for reconstruction.

After the introductions, Lizbeth ordered a bottle of rum. Alcohol seemed to calm her nervousness from earlier, especially with Zenobia. Unfortunately, there's no dextro equivalents available.

Discussed over drinks were the group's next moves. There were three important matters to address, though Lizbeth only recommended tackling one or two of them; splitting into three groups could be dangerous.

The first was the approximate location of the distress signal, something Lizbeth had uncovered while Solveig and Sevipia had been on standby. That area was crawling with gangs, so Lizbeth did not dare to investigate when she triangulated last night. "Though," she added, taking a drink of rum, "I'm better prepared to investigate now."

The second was Mayor Thul's party tonight. Dr. Jelize would be there. Even though the item Jelize wanted to purchase went missing with the first team, perhaps she could be convinced to wait a little longer while they try to find it. In addition, Thul might be able to help find the missing. Thankfully, SRN already had invitations, and there's no need for formal wear (as Thul himself would wear his trademark football jersey anyway).

Last but not least, the missing team's shuttle. They needed to claim it tonight before it would be impounded. Everyone but Solveig had to find their own means of transportation to reach Havana, so having the team's own shuttle would be immensely helpful for getting around on future missions.

Wherever the group decided to go, Lizbeth offered to look into another issue on her own. She sounded more confident after the generous amount of rum drank, but her words started to slur. She picked up another cigar, lit it in one stroke and took a long inhale. She did not cough when she puffed out the smoke; only a faint smirk.
It's vitamin d you get from the sun.

You have to look up some old lore to where this meme is from.

Anyway, you've shitposted enough in an invite-only RP.
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