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I’m Gauze N Lace (she/her), but you can call me Gauze for short! I’m currently an 18 year old who’s studying marketing at college.

I used to be an avid roleplayer for five years in a site called MyCandyLove. Unfortunately, MCL has been dying out within a couple of years, so I went on a hiatus before wanting to start over. My sole active RP has been running for 4 years in MCL. However, me and my character were a late addition to the team, so I was only involved for half that time.

My favorite genres are fantasy, romance, horror, and drama. I’m especially interested in doing any RPG-inspired stories like Rune Factory, Fire Emblem, and Persona. I think I’d be considered a casual roleplayer, since I have experience in writing a couple paragraphs with a moderate amount of plotting. I can also be flexible when it comes to both group RPs and 1x1s. As for my interests, I’ve been reading a lot manga and manhwa lately, albeit with varying shifts in tone. From “90s Cram School for Unripe Apples” to “Blood on the Tracks”, I like anything that’s character-driven.

I’m looking forward to be here and improve my writing ^^
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