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Current Political Romance: “Hey baby, how about you and me go vote on bipartisan legislation?~”
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2 mos ago
Anyone else get a little tense when they see a Norse God has inspected their bio page? Just me? I’m the weird one? Okay, that makes sense.
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2 mos ago
When the list of recent profile views is suddenly stacked with recognizable names and you start hugging your face with cat-paw hands.
2 mos ago
When you want to RP, but you’re too afraid of strangers to join any.
2 mos ago
If the Rattle drops, it’s all for naught. A testament to the high hopes parents have in their progeny. The following disillusionment is painful to behold.


At any given time I may be listening to EDM.

Onions are both a garnish as well as an entree if you know what you’re doing.

As many times as I have felt low, I have never once been high.

I have only been drunk once. Turns out it actually was the answer that time.

I have an older sister, but you’ll never hear me call her onee-chan.

If you hadn’t realized it by now, I am staggeringly boring. Role play helps me escape the mundanity of my existence and become someone fantastic. I’m a bit rusty when it comes to interacting with people, and that shyness stops me from joining most rps. Hopefully I’ll be able to overcome that soon and join the wider community. If not, well, there’s always a convenient dark corner to watch things from.

Most comfortable with small group RP and 1x1. I do mostly casual RP and some advanced. Open to all genres as long as the premise is good.

Garnetio Solozari#0300 -Discord

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Excellent question.@Eviledd1984
<Snipped quote by Garn Solozari>

Interesting. I guess I'm more acclimated to the opposite.

That makes sense. Guess we’re just a bunch of oddballs. :D
<Snipped quote by Garn Solozari>

I can hear the crickets chirping.

That’s normal on the weekends here. Things pick up either the beginning or the week or about midway, then all goes calm again.
@Wayward Quiet, huh?

Lucas gave Quiet-girl a cursory glance, feeling confident that she wouldn’t appreciate him grabbing her or something, so he resisted the urge to drag her toward the SUV. He wasn’t feeling exactly enthusiastic about seeing Marc Singer behind the wheel, but the guy was clearly made of tougher stuff if he escaped the mess he’d thrown himself into. He’d also come back for them, which was very cliche’d good guy activity.

Final decision: Benefit of the doubt!

He walked briskly over toward Osterberg Jr. Jr. and checked him over for outward injuries, “He’s friendly. Went berserk earlier to help us get out of a tough spot. Surprised he’s still alive, honestly.” He was being blunt, and he knew Amaretta would be disappointed in him, but he didn’t have time to think about tact and proper tone.

Seeing nothing immediately concerning, besides the dilating pupils and obvious breathing irregularities that were only just settling in, he was satisfied that they could get a move on. He gave the older teen a sharp nod, “If he risked his butt coming back into this mess for us, we can trust him.”

He paused and frowned, before turning toward the SUV and their shape shifting acquaintance, “We can trust you, right?” He was already heading for one of the back doors, regardless of the response. Curiosity, what can ya do?

I tried to limit how much help Lucas provided in that scene, just in case anyone else wants to slip in to offer Max an assist.

Lucas heard the shout for aide and only just caught sight of the commotion being caused closer to the building. He didn’t recognize Mr. Buzzcock, but the fancy finger banger was obviously being overwhelmed. Luke wasn’t a fighter, but Theo had taught him to never ignore someone in need.

‘Do what you can, remember to use what God gave you, son.’

The punk’s shout of pain was the call to action. His glowing blue eyes scanned the vehicles near him in a blink. There wasn’t much advanced tech to be found among the teacher’s lot, so he settled on a moped that was parked among the motor bikes. He placed a hand on the seat and released a small pulse, eyes shimmering briefly. He whispered a short command, nothing complicated; the little thing was hardly capable of responding to his power.


With a roar of it’s tiny engine, off went the little steed with all haste in a wobbly line toward the battle. Baton-man went down with a dull thud of metal-meets-bad guy. The collision sent him right into taser-bro, resulting in a heap of jerk bag.
Out of curiosity, and for logistics’ sake, are we pretending that Ash doesn’t exist anymore? Or at all in the first place? I can work with whatever, just wanted to be clear on the plan moving forward. :D
Hello all!

Garn here, and I thought I’d write a little something here and see if it gets me anywhere.

My head is full of nonsense, and trying to put plots together is difficult with so many of the darn things going at it like the bunnies they are. This is a problem because I am so very interested in role playing. I just don’t know where to look to sate the craving because of my inner turmoil. That’s why I have decided to ask you, the guild members passing through, to let me know if you’ve got anything that needs a spare player.

I’ll be willing to join small groups, 1x1, and if the rp is new enough to easily jump in I’d give a large group a try as well.

Interests are fantasy, sci-fi, and general romance is fine. I play male characters exclusively, mostly socially awkward (because experience makes things easier :P) and I’m partial to hetero-sexual pairings (sorry lads, I love you just not like that!). I don’t mind playing support characters, especially in groups (like an eye in the sky role or shop keeper/barkeep)

I hope to hear from any GMs out there or lonely hearts seeking play-partners! If not, thanks for giving this a read.

Love, health, happiness~
Garnetio Solozari
I would have posted sooner, but I was keeping an eye on everyone’s characters so that way everyone had a chance to post, especially our newest folks.
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