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“Don't cower now! Finish what you started!” Viktor wanted nothing more for Warp or Elio to make the wrong move. All Viktor was looking for was more justification to inflict as much harm as he could on the two teens from the youth center.

Kila meanwhile, had finally gotten back up to his feet and surveyed the room. It seemed that just after the defeat of Aleen’a’s opponent, the lights of the place turned back on. Now that it was much clearer, the young lion saw the carnage; unconscious and barely conscious bodies strewn across the battlefield. Friend and foe licking their wounds. Although more of his allies were standing, it didn’t feel like they had won.

Regardless, the saving grace was that at least some of the missing teens were found. Though, that was when Kila finally acknowledged that Viktor had entered the room. The man himself had surely seen better days as, without his helmet, his head could be seen. The veins popping across his head, and the anger that twisted in his expression.

Something did not seem right, even with the understanding that Alisa had been ‘disassembled’. Usually, Rain was more robotic than their android friend was, but clearly, he wasn’t thinking rationally. Perhaps there was more underneath the shell that he put up, a connection made that was more than just a teammate— a friend had been lost. Having endured similarly terrible circumstances, Kila could reconcile the state he was in.

Taking several steps to place himself between Viktor and the teens, Kila raised his hands.

“Alright, Rain. That’s enough. The battle is over.” It was a troubling sign when Viktor stared at Kila with an unaltered expression. His jaw then clenched in response to the obstacle Kila placed in his path.

“It's not enough! Move or get moved!” Viktor proceeded forward, but not without addressing the kidnapped teens. “Don't you want to avenge Riley?! Aren't you wondering what happened to him?!” There was a sadistic look that crossed Viktor's face.

Kila remained steadfast, maintaining his path in front of him. “What are you talking about…?” The expression that Viktor wore was met with one becoming increasingly tense. Studying him, easily there was something off, more than he initially anticipated. Kassy said he was fine, but whatever happened down there implied the opposite. Something about his demeanor seemed like it was different from an ordinary rage.

That name didn’t belong to one of the team members that had departed, that much he remembered. However, Viktor almost looked…deviously pleased? As though what he said was referring to someone who…That was when it seemed to click with the off behavior. Viktor stopped his advance when the distance between the two was too close to take another step.

“What…what did you do?”

I did what was necessary. He was in the way…” Viktor scowled at Kila, his anger rising with his teammates’ defiance against him. “Just like you are!” Viktor reached out to grab Kila by the shirt to shove him aside. Yet, Kila grabbed him by the wrist as he himself was grabbed, unintimidated.

Although Viktor had used the reasoning of ‘doing what was necessary’ before, clearly, something else was at play. Despite appearing somewhat uninjured, his suit was disfigured on his form…almost like he’d outgrown it. Combining this with his current hyper-aggressive state of mind pointed to the idea that there perhaps was a chemical agent he was exposed to. Regardless, allowing him this vengeance likely wouldn’t calm him, and ultimately would result in a failure of their team’s purpose. Juuma…

“They are no longer trying to fight back; their captors have been beaten. You take this dishonorable revenge, you’ll lose everything…” Kila used his free hand to gesture to them behind him without breaking eye contact. Viktor had been just about to push Kila away. He felt he could do it with ease with the drug pumping through his veins. Nothing could stop him, or so he thought. Convincing him would be difficult, the Meta was aware. However, Kila took note of the only other thing that seemed to rouse Viktor's emotions. Or rather, person…

“Do you think this is what Alisa would want to be aware of when she returns? To find out that you lost control of yourself and mutilated the very teens we’ve come to rescue? That you were willing to fight your own squadmates to do it?”

“But they….” Viktor grit his teeth as he flexed his arm on Kila, but he didn't budge him. The young man who had always found himself certain, even when he may have been wrong was now conflicted. The same thing he had ridiculed Talon for… the same thing he felt made him better too. “Move… Please… DON'T MAKE ME HURT YOU! THEY DESERVE THIS FOR WHAT THEY'VE DONE TO HER! I…” His face lowered and his outstretched arm went heavy as he let go of Kila. “I just… I just don't know what else to do.”

“We finish the mission the right way, no matter how much it hurts in the moment. We will find the ones truly responsible, and bring them to justice. And we remember, at least in her case, Cybergirl is not gone forever. What you do now, determines whether you will be there to welcome her home.” Kila’s voice took on a calmer, to even gentle, tone the longer he spoke. He let go of Viktor’s arm as well, though cautiously aware of any rash action he might take. From his synopsis, the Meta came to the conclusion that this may very well have been the first time Viktor lost someone he cared about.

“For now, we need to check our wounded, and make contact with the league.”

“Affirmative.” Viktor's voice was low as he spoke. He dared not look at the teens behind Kila, not wanting the sight of them to trigger him. In the short term, he might have preferred the rage over the dejection but he knew Kila was right. If he gave into his anger, the regret he might feel when he faced Alisa again would likely be everlasting. Finally turning away, Viktor walked from Kila to what was left of Alisa. As he stared down at her, he wiped at something unmistakably wet rolling down his face. “Let's finish this so we can all go home.”

Location: Kobra Facility Ground Level, New Mexico
Interactions: The Team

Viktor rapidly moved through the facility for two reasons. To reunite with the others, but to also increase his chances of catching the mysterious woman. If only he could get his hands on her… He'd make Riley's beating seem merciful in comparison. Despite his ill feelings toward her, Viktor couldn't completely shake her image from his thoughts. She was like a mental gnat that you could pretend to ignore for only so long. Damn her! Riley too! He paid for his foolish interference… maybe not enough since he's the reason she got away.

With the girl nowhere to be found, Viktor found himself bursting into the large dimmed area, finding his team, Kobra agents, and drugged teens scattered throughout. He cared little of the reactions he might receive from them noticing his appearance. His suit was not only torn and lacking a helmet, but his muscle mass had noticeably increased.

What is this… His eyes scanned what was the concluded chaos before him. Not victory or defeat. Just an end, or perhaps a long pause in the conflict. Whatever it was, there was something specific about it that kept him on edge. His eyes darted from form to form within the room that began to slowly brighten. The signs of the battle he was only partially involved in revealed itself for everyone to see. Blood, bullet casings, cracks, and scuffs decorated the room. However, something or rather, someone was missing. “Where…” his voice trailed, barely audible as his eyes continued aggressively darting around. “WHERE'S CYBER-” He wildly boomed before noticing the pile of discolored metal segments beside Kassy. Not just any segments. Not just nuts and bolts. The singed and tattered fabric just barely retaining a familiar shade of blue answered him. Denial began to set in, but was nothing compared to the kindling flames of rage within.

Viktor walked forth, wanting… yearning for his eyes to show him differently than what he knew to be true. For the first time in so long, he desired shelter from the dark reality in front of him. He'd seen death. He was no stranger to the sight of it. This was a different. Worlds away. Everything around her melted away as he hyper-fixated on it. No, not it! Her... Alisa.

“What… happened?” He wasn't particularly asking anyone as he grunted out the question with sights affixed to what was left of his best friend. “Well?! Report! What happened to Cybergirl?!” He demanded, finally looking up, only for his eyes to lock onto Warp and Elio, the only conscious and present of the enemies the team faced. Them… He bared his teeth as he started towards them.

“Don't cower now! Finish what you started!”


The fireball hit Alisa with what felt like the force of a truck, bowling her over and knocking her onto the ground. She screamed in pain, a burning sensation crawling across her skin. She had never been burnt before, much less on fire, and it hurt. She rolled around, trying to extinguish the flame, still mindful of the Kobra agents and roided teenagers around them, coming at Aleen’a and Zach. She needed to get up, she needed to fight, but oh it hurt so bad-

It took her a long moment, but she managed to stand, slowly, gingerly. The damage was only cosmetic- a quick run-through told her none of her essential systems had been damaged- but pain still rang through her body. Alisa staggered forwards. Some of the skin on her body had been burned or singed off, revealing the metal frame and wiring underneath. She felt vaguely embarrassed. But she could still go on, couldn’t she? “I’m fine,” she murmured, more to herself but in earshot of Zach.

She looked at Thiago, blue eyes settling on him. She noticed a… strange effect surrounding him, but she couldn’t quite figure out what it was. Was she angry? Yes, she was angry. “You’re gonna regret that,” she yelled, raised her hand, and fired a blast from her sonic cannon.

“I don't regret shi-” the blast entered the time-distortion field and knocked Thiago right on his ass. “Warp! What the hell! Your barrier is useless!” Warp grunted a few feet behind Thiago as he complained. He kept the barrier up regardless of what just occurred.

“And she ate your fireball like it was a snack! Shut it! The barrier works on most things! Just try to dodge those!”

With a snarl, Thiago got back to his feet and recoiled upon getting a better look at Alisa. “She's a robot or somethin'… That just means I don't have to worry about killin' anyone.” With a glint in his eyes, Thiago began charging up an even more powerful attack between the palms of his hands.

Alisa wasn’t entirely sure she could tank another hit like that, let alone one more powerful. She hesitated… but then she heard what he said. Her face twisted into a scowl. She couldn’t fire a blast powerful enough to kill him- he was helpless, enthralled, a victim- but if she knocked him out he wouldn’t get hurt. She didn’t want to hurt him. That forcefield hadn’t blocked her blast at all, so it must be broken. She could get through it. Yeah. Yeah, I can do that.

Suddenly, Alisa lunged at him, lightning-fast curling her hand into a fist and preparing to hit him as hard as possible in the head. She glanced at the barrier, nervous, but ran at him anyways. Fast but… Thiago thrust his hands forward, unleashing the full force of his flames at Alisa as she passed through the barrier. With flames engulfing her entire being, Thiago smirked… but only briefly as a burning metal fist breached through his attack and connected with his right temple. Thiago fell backward with a grunt.

“What in the actual…” He uttered not looking at the downed Thiago, but at the nightmare image that was Alisa who was a flaming metallic frame slowly falling apart.

For a moment, Alisa didn’t realize what was happening. She certainly registered the fireball- that hurt more than the first one, but she was able to push through and hit Thiago- but she didn’t register that she was falling apart until her legs buckled beneath her. She started to scream, this time not just in pain but in terror and confusion. “HELP! STOP! HELP! Sheets of metal started to peel off her, revealing curling and spurting wires underneath. It was agony. She didn’t know what was happening, and it was happening so fast. Her body fell to the floor, her legs now separate from her, her fingers being pulled off by some invisible force. She tried to crawl out of the forcefield, but couldn’t find the strength. Her eyes were filled with panic.

“Don't… stop…” Thiago groaned as he slowly sat up while holding the spot where he was punched. “Take that bitch apart!” Warp nodded but appeared reluctant as Alisa's screams of agony left him shaken.

The pain just got worse from there. Alisa could feel some of her internal systems start to break apart, and her voice became gargled and staticky. This was… what was this? Was she going to…? With a bit of remaining strength, she managed to aim her hand cannon up at Thiago and blast him in the face once more, before the hand cannon completely fell apart, taking her hand with it.

It wasn't for naught as the close range of the cannon's blast knocked Thiago back and sent him rolling across the floor. Warp, not knowing what to do and fear gripping him, dropped the barrier and hurried over to Thiago.

Is he… No, he's just knocked out but… Warp didn't want to fight anymore. Not even for her.

The barrier fell, but the damage was done. Whatever that thing was doing to her had stopped in its tracks, but her body wasn’t about to come back together. Alisa just laid there, her screams dissipating. She felt slower. What had that guy done to her? She turned her head and, although her vision was blacking out, saw the parts of her that had been ripped off laying on the floor, simply pieces of scrap metal. Distantly, she saw Zach still up and fighting.

She knew she wasn’t dying. She couldn’t die. But she was… what had she been thinking about? She couldn’t remember, couldn’t recapture that train of thought. She never forgot things. Alisa felt whatever system ran inside her head slow to a stop, and then she lost consciousness, staring up at the ceiling with blank eyes as she shut down.

The Muscle

On the top level Alisa, Zach and Aleen’a were facing off against Thiago and the remaining agents. Their ranks were further bolstered by two other metahuman teens. One of them singled out Aleen’a. The Tamaranean tried to stay out of his reach by going airborne. He started to release pulses of energy from his palms, aiming them towards Aleen’a. At first she was able to evade them easily, but the energy lingered in the air above, creating a zone which drained her energy. Soon no matter which direction she chose to fly proved ineffective. She was losing altitude quickly and felt herself getting weaker and weaker.

Thiago kept his distance, protected by Warp’s time reversal field. Anything that found itself inside the field quickly reverted to its raw materials, falling to the floor uselessly. Another teen rushed Zach. He’d been stalking hanging onto the drawbridge with his prehensile tail. It was covered in a hard exoskeleton, segmented and carried a stinger on its end. The dangerously sharp and possibly poisonous stinger shot towards the magician.

“Hurry up, do something! I can cover your back, and Aleena is… wherever she is, I guess.”

“How 'bout I do somethin'!” Bright flames suddenly ignited in all manner of places within the room as one of the roided teenagers stood amongst the Kobra agents still willing to fight and the other teens that had been enthralled by the sniper with flames rising from his outstretched arms. His night vision goggles had been discarded as he had been tired of fighting in the darkness. If he was going to protect his lady, he'd do it on his terms! If he could defeat the three up here, he'd definitely find a place beside her. With cocky smirk and the power of fire literally at his fingertips, he led the counterstrike.

“Rush 'em!” He ordered as he hurled a fireball toward Cybergirl. Whether she took the hit or dodged it, the several agents left to fight went on the offensive.

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Time: Afternoon
Location: Oasis near Dugmaghord
Interactions: Rosaria @potter, Nuallán @13org

Slick's moment of joy from striking his target clean was snatched away by the arrival of the ugliest meanest lookin' sonuvabitch he'd ever seen in his whole entire life! A winged barb-tailed beast with a face of a man. For the first time in a long time, fear took hold of dear ol' Slick's heart.

“Uhhhh….” He wasn't sure if he should respond to the thing or not. One thing for certain, this thing could see them. He could see them plainly as all hell too by the body language and such! He was slowly creeping back step by step with his crossbow in hand as the “Welp…“ While Nuallán was busy speaking to Rosaria, Slick did something he might regret later. The man slung his weapon faster than anyone's ever seen and beat feet in the direction the group came from without a word or warning. Now in a dead sprint, Slick was racing toward the outside of the oasis like he'd win a damned medal… hell, a damned trophy!

It was good knowing ya. Y'all were kinda sour but you weren't all bad. Hope y'all don't take it personal, I just… took advantage.

“Take any and every advantage. Do that and you ain’t ever gonna lose,”

-Charlie “Slick” Walker

Time:10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Location: Pancakes at the Park
Interaction: Charlotte @princess, John @Conscripts, Devan @Prosaic,
Mention: Mayet @13org

10 a.m.

Pancakes at the park had been a disaster, and despite Lorenzo not having been enthused to go initially, the opportunity for waffles made going worth it. There was also…

Lottie… For the second time and the second day he had caused an embarrassing scene. Even if he didn't believe it was his fault initially, it might have been best to simply leave. Unfortunately, hindsight was the only thing Lorenzo gained from going to the park. No waffles or pancakes had found his stomach, only adding to his spiraling.

And then there was Mayet. The duke hoped the young royal would omit him from her time spent at the park. The shame he felt was heavy enough to keep him absolutely speechless on the short walk back to the estate. He didn't even have the energy to properly greet his recently arrived nephew, only giving the young man a forced smile and nod.

Once they had entered the estate, Delilah had been kind enough to lead them all to the drawing room, but Lorenzo took a much-needed detour toward the kitchen.

“I will join you all in a bit.”
He lied. The man couldn't bear to face them after what he just did to them. Besides, he needed to eat something and perhaps take a much-needed dose of his comfort medicine. In the kitchen, his eyes met Chef Gilbert who raised a brow at his sudden entrance wondering what the duke might desire after eating at the park. “Could you fix me something, anything really… And have Nathaniel take it to my room… please.” The way the Duke's gaze slowly dropped away from the direct eye contact he'd been giving Gilbert was all the chef needed to know what kind of mood he was in.

“I won't be long, my lord.” Gilbert gave Lorenzo a nod that allowed the down duke to shuffle out of the kitchen and travel straight into his bedroom.

11 a.m.

Is the desire to change one's self… one's being… a betrayal towards who I am? Raising a sharp jagged blade of doubt… of hate… to slaughter my helpless form… a lamb? Perhaps this, yes… Yes, I'm a traitor to me… yet my sacrifice would bear result. To strength… becoming…. like that of a ram…………..

But have I not tried? Attempted? Failed? Suffered? Oh, that devil made sure of it… Kept me from death to writhe in this pain… this life. Without love or embrace…. a wife…. No no, that wasn't him…. Or was it? He did not feed me the drink or create that strife…. His only crime- his only crime… was preventing me from plunging it into my soul…. the jagged blade of that knife….

Lorenzo lay on his back, body sprawled out on his messy bed. He has pulled and ruffled the sheets in his opioid-induced stupor. His relaxed and smiling expression could be the illustration of true bliss from a dedicated artist. On his nightstand sat an opened dark-tinted bottle with a label containing scrawled writing reading, “The Remedy"

“Yes… this is truly it.”
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Is this still open?

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Time: Evening
Location: Fog Beast Lair
Interactions: Isolde @Blizz, Dante @Alivefalling, Menzai @samreaper, and Aidan @potter

Each step through the forest became easier for Darius as the group strode across dryer and dryer land. Dante getting his footing back also helped as he was able to run on his own.

“Dante! What did that thing do to you?” He wanted to know as much as he could about the creature he assumed was chasing him, not wanting to fall victim to its mysterious ability. Knowing more might also help the group find a means of combating the creature.

Moving swiftly, the group found the village just as they had left it. They were back at the marked trees. Marble, Darius' trusty mount was already looking their way as it already anticipated someone arriving from the sounds of crackling twigs and shifting leaves.

“What now? We have to warn the village, right?”

Location: Kobra Facility Sub-level, New Mexico
Interactions: Mirage, Metamorph, and the Mission

A slight look over his shoulder at Kassy was Viktor's way of acknowledging her presence as his company into the sublevel. He refrained from verbally answering her question on what the two should do about the Kobra scientists and instead pulled a throwing knife from his belt and quickly threw it through a table with a collection of laboratory glassware.

The sound of shattering glass caused most of the scurrying scientists to draw their attention toward Viktor who pulled out another throwing knife.

“If you don't leave this lab, the next one is going through one of you.” His flat tone lacked the wittiness of someone who might be bluffing…. Even if he was doing just that.

One of the lab workers looked at how the knife still managed to pierce the metallic outer panel of a piece of equipment. The sight caused many of them to drop whatever they were doing and head toward Viktor and Kassy, not to fight, but to flee from the main level.

“Danger's presence isn't always on the surface.” Viktor walked forward to allow the Kobra scientists to pass without having to get too close to him. He noted that Riley was not amongst them. “You should know that better than anyone.” With his head on a swivel, he continued deeper into the facility.

The echo of a pained groan and banging I'm the distance hastened Viktor's steps until he and Kassy found Ja collapsed in the middle of a room. The groaning continued elsewhere, but the status of his team member had his attention.

How did he get here? Viktor looked around the room as he approached Ja. The subtle but slow breathing caused him to grip the handle of his sword. Viktor was aware Ja was the last person to face off against the woman equipped with tranquilizer darts so he could only hypothesize that he fell victim to her powerful sedative. His thoughts didnt stop there as he found Ja's placement suspicious.

“Another trap is-” A sudden roar from the entryway behind Viktor and Kassy as an even bulkier Riley ducked through it. It was difficult to even recognize him with his eyes bloodshot red, his skin holding a pinkish hue, and his gills slowly releasing foam from them. “ likely.”

“I'M…HERE! NO ONE CAN HAVE HER… BUT ME! NO ONE!” He cried out with his focus on Viktor who let go of the hilt of his sword, keeping it sheathed.

Doubling up on Riley and sacrificing Ja's well-being would have been optimal… The completion of the mission did not require him to be in good health… He had already failed to prove himself useful to the others…

As long as it ensures the team's well-being and success, it matters.

“Mirage. Secure Metamorph.” Viktor took a deep breath as he prepared. “Riley. Stand down. I will only say it once.” Truth be told, Viktor wasn't entirely sure what Riley was capable of now. The only thing he could count on was the hulking teen's lack of combat experience.

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