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In Avalia 11 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Aldrakh
Interactions: Myra @13org
Mentions: Alaia @Alivefalling

Astra had been having what looked like an engrossing sidebar conversation with the Orc running the meat stall while she let Vrexen and Myra address each other.

“Hm?” Vrexen stared down at the meat presented to him, almost perplexed. Despite Myra's honest generosity, Vrexen showed reluctance. So used to a world where nothing was ever given and everything had the chance to be snatched from your very being. The red-faced demon could recall a time when he was once tempted by a gift. He had grasped it and held it in his clutches. Admired it and envisioned what he would do with such a thing. He could never recall what the gift was, but that mattered not. What Vrexen had held in his possession was nothing but bait that only made him prey to another.

“Ooh, looks like Myra missed you!” Astra cooed as she poked Vrexen's side which only caused him to look at Astra with a look that should have been able to kill her. What really died was her mood.

“Do not dare strike me again.”

“Sensitive much? It was a poke. Like a hard intrusive touch. So nothing to be worried about.” There was a bit more spunk in Astra's tone. “Anyway, I think you should take what Myra's offering. With a little more social development for both of you, you'll make a nice item.”

Vrexen narrowed his eyes and reluctantly took a large bite out of the offered food. The meat tasted quite well, causing him to hum in delight. Its deliciousness was the only thing that kept him from finding the whole ordeal uncomfortable. Then the trio continued towards the port while Astra continued rambling about Vrexen and Myra being in a relationship.

“You both like the same food, are nudists, and you found each other by chance... Vrexen, a demon from the Abyss, summoned to Avalia to aid a kingdom oppressed by another. And Myra, a demon who knows only of the simple pleasures of life, seeking adventure and has lost her voice by some circumstance to be later revealed! Now that would make for a good read. I could write it in a few decades from now. Write myself in as the bitchy friend that doesn't think Vrexen deserves you… Oh, or maybe I'm the mistress after one of your hearts.” Astra talked excitedly as it seemed she was happy to have the three back together.

“Astra… Who will we sell the creatures to? And what is that winged thing?” He wanted to change the subject now, but also seemed to have spotted something interesting and new.

“We're selling those smelly fish horses to the meat stall! Oh, and that's just a fairy. They're like pixies but big. Or maybe pixies are like them but small... Eh, we'll see more of them soon after we leave here.” Astra quickly answered as she referred to Alaia who was fluttering about.


“Yeah so I should have shared what I had planned, but you love killing things and I love making amas. Sometimes they go together but I work really well doing my own thing... Oh and Myra loves eating meat…” She didn't want to exclude the demoness. “Anyway, while we wait for our buyers to inspect our stock, I should probably unveil my scheme.” Astra appeared quite proud as the three finally stopped at the docked hippocampi.

“With you gone, Myra and I went to the market to sell that painting. Made some amas at a store selling all types of junk before heading to a meat stall of Myra's choosing. Now it didn't matter which meat stall she chose, Orc barbecue is always fantastic if it's not overcooked or deformed by an oddly placed hammer strike. Next, I persuaded the two Orcs working the stall to let us buy a large piece of meat with our service to advertise for them. Worked splendidly! And finally, with the extra rapport built, I struck another deal with the meat stall while you two made googly eyes upon reuniting. Pretty impressive, I do say so myself.” Astra smirked and softly rubbed the top if Myra's head like a villain that had just shared their entire diabolical endgame.

Need help with a nickname for Andrew. Tempted to go with Showboat.

Showstopper/Show-Stopper! And your civilian appearance link is broken bud.


Location: Submarine
Interactions: Kassandra @Mistress Dizzy, Daphne @dreamingflowers, Talon

When Kass had first let loose, what she said was what he'd expect. He was just satisfied she believed him. He'd take the ass-chewing and continue on with the mission, but there was a sudden shift in Kass' tone.

If Talon's words from before stung, Kass' were like a deep stab of a serrated knife. It wasn't just about what she said or even how she said it. It was who it was coming from. For a brief moment he almost found the situation unreal.

“Did you ever consider that you haven’t been chosen to lead because you don’t have the capacity? You don’t deserve to be a leader! You don’t even deserve to be a team member!”

Viktor's eyes shifted to the right, away from Kass' in that moment. To his surprise, he noticed no one in the submarine reacting the way he might have expected. He didn’t even react the way he expected. Viktor was actually speechless. Normally he might have retorted or made a quick comment back, but there was nothing. He and Kass had never had a confrontation like this, so hearing the things she said about his place here weighed heavy on him. He wondered who else felt the same.

“You’re done here. Leave.”

With that, he followed with a slower pace to his step and took a seat towards the back, sitting alone with his eyes affixed toward the empty seat across from him. She’s wrong. I'll show her, and everyone else too.

Meanwhile Talon started to set the course of the submarine. The young man’s face lacked comfort as he remained uneasy about the events that unfolded. He felt disgruntled, but only because he felt confused. Was it restraint, hesitation, or ignorance? He checked the vessel’s sensors and noticed everyone hadn’t made it on board yet. He’d wait a few minutes for everyone to get set, and then he’d proceed to Atlantis.

When Daphne arrived in the seating area, Viktor couldn’t help but look up at her. She had been sitting beside the seat he had been staring at, but it was something else that drew his attention. He was staring at her stoically, watching the water drip from the ends of her hair onto her black t-shirt.

Daphne sniffed and wiped her nose with the back of her hand. The atmosphere inside the submarine was weighted. The tension was palpable. It was quiet, no one was saying anything. She felt like she walked in at the tail end of a huge argument. Whenever she argued with her family back home, this was exactly how they acted. Silent displeasure, each retreating to a corner of the room. Daphne noticed it was only Viktor who was sitting at the back. Alisa and Dr Bingley were standing together at the front of the sub with Talon.

She looked back at Viktor who was already staring at her. A tingle ran down her spine. She couldn’t tell if it was the cold of her damp clothes or the way he was looking at her. Daphne averted her eyes and looked down at her lap.

“Nymph. I need to speak with you… privately.” Viktor requested, but sounded as if he was going to deliver a reprimand of his own.

The teen girl took a deep breath and got up, taking the seat beside him. If this was going to be another lecture she would just sit through it. There wasn’t a lot that could make her feel worse right now.

“What is it…?” Her voice trembled slightly due to exhaustion.

“Look at me.” As usual he was comfortable telling someone what to do. “How are you feeling?” Daphne frowned. She was confused for a second. The question wasn’t strange, but the fact it was Viktor who was asking it was. She tried to hide her surprise before looking at him. It was difficult to admit she wasn’t feeling that great, especially to Viktor. He was going to see right through her if she lied, so there wasn’t much use to come up with one. Besides, she wasn’t exactly looking fine either.

“I’m….lightheaded and also very tired…” She studied his unreadable face, brown eyes searching for any clue about how he was feeling. It was set in a hard expression, his jaw was tight and his mouth seemed more turned down than usual. Maybe he would tell her if she asked. Daphne cleared her dry throat. “How about you?”

“You're dehydrated.” There was almost no break between their words. He had deduced the saltwater would affect her in such a way, but had no idea the degree of it. He got up from his seat to go to the supply box setup a few seats away. He grabbed up four bottles of water and returned to his seat beside Daphne. And as for her question. “I'm fine, but you need to stop neglecting yourself.” Viktor offered one of the bottles to Daphne. “Sip it.” He instructed.

It made sense, given how she was feeling. It felt similar to the heatstroke she suffered last summer. She started to realize her adaptability was more limited than she thought. What was she even thinking? Every weakness plants had she shared. That was about the first discovery her dad and she made. Of course extreme cold wouldn’t leave her unaffected and there was a reason you couldn’t water plants with sea water. It killed them.

Daphne took the first bottle of water and put the remaining three on the floor next to her. She took a sip, swallowing the cold water.

“How did you know what was wrong with me?” She asked in between sips. Viktor briefly raised an eyebrow but dropped it when he realized she was asking a serious question.

“I have always made it my business to know as much as I can about everyone's capabilities. You in particular since you are so new to your abilities. I noticed most of your mishaps are not a lack in ability, but a lack of knowledge in your abilities. To be honest…” Viktor paused as he knew what he wanted to say, but identified how problematic it could be if said out loud. Him saying “We could run some tests” or “I want to study you” might have panicked her.

“I think I can help you, but you'd have to work with me. Maybe once a day.”

She let his words sink in and finished her first water bottle. Daphne glanced to her side, looking at Viktor and looking away again. He wanted to try to help her. She shifted in her seat, not sure how to answer. If he made it his business to know the most reliable source to go to was her dad. Her dad the scientist, or was he a scientist who just happened to be her dad?
He used to say the same. He wanted to help her too. Where did that get her really?

Viktor didn’t have to publish a scientific paper, did he genuinely want to help?
She needed to know more before accepting his help. He mentioned her dad earlier when he got Dr Bingley off of her back. She grabbed a second water bottle and took a small sip.

“When you were doing your research about me, did you… to my dad?”

“I emailed him after our first mission.” He stated honestly before he grabbed the wrist of her hand holding the water bottle. “Slow down… Now, unfortunately, it was only recently that he replied back allowing us to communicate back and forth. I assume it's out of desperation.”

Daphne flinched lightly when Viktor grabbed her wrist. She stopped drinking despite being thirsty. She looked at the empty seats facing Viktor and her. He was right about her dad becoming desperate. He allowed her to be on the initiative only because he knew saying no was not an option. Cain would pick her side and the Martian Manhunter promised to get her away from home. With her leaving and him rushing through all the available data his paper was slipping from his hands.

“When I first discovered my powers I was held at knife point by some robbers in Gotham Park. That same day my dad began talking about the possibility of studying my powers.” Daphne let that bit of information speak for itself, saying volumes about the situational nature of her dad's parenting skills. “I joined the Team to….take a break from living at home” She worded it delicately. “Take a break from being a research subject” Daphne added quietly, not wanting anyone else to hear them. “If you helping me means what I think it does, I won’t have anywhere to go. The team’s all I have right now.” Viktor's right eyebrow raised once more as he readied himself to challenge her words.

“I'm not your father and I'm not a scientist. We'd just be… I would be helping you understand your powers. If you'd been out there any longer, what do you think would have happened? Or perhaps I should bring up La Hoya. What if you manned your own position, alone? You won't always be so lucky. If you don't make the effort in understanding those powers, they'll be the end of you and then… you won't ever have to worry about having anywhere to go.”

Viktor released Daphne's hand and finally faced forward, back to the position he had taken before Daphne sat beside him. He didn't understand her. In his eyes, her grasp on her abilities were her responsibility to the team. Viktor felt she needed to be the expert on what she was capable of, but her apprehension made him feel like she didn't want to take the reins and would rather fly by the seat of her pants until things went horribly wrong.

The harshness of his words stung. The truth was painful. Daphne took back her hand and placed it in her lap. She felt a lump form in her throat and swallowed hard, the dryness of her throat made it hurt more. Viktor didn’t understand and that wasn’t his fault. The horror of being locked into your own body, it was terrifying.

“If you change your mind, you can always find me right around noon with the carved trees. The ones you've frequented.” He kept his eyes on the window across from him. His thoughts a mystery to all but himself.

In Avalia 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Aldrakh
Interactions: Myra @13org

The stall that had only been occupied by Astra Myra and the two Orcs working it, had quickly attracted several customers. Myra absolutely shredding through the large piece of meat had sold Astra's performance splendidly.

Yes! Eat from the palm of my hands, bitches!

Astra moved closer beside Myra to allow other customers to order from the stall. She made eye contact with the Orc servicing all his new customers with a sultry expression.

“I gave you what the meat was worth right? Not an amas or two short?” Astra was disguising the renegotiation. She wanted to get things done as quickly as she could before the two brothers could think on the deal more. Plus, they had their hands full now. It would benefit them to just let Astra and Myra go. And that they did.

“Yeah. Every ama accounted for.” He nodded with a grin.

“Pleasure doing business.” Her eyes fell on Myra who was still eating. “Y'know, we make a good team. I mean, if Vrexen's dead, then we can totally make amas, get out of the way of all this war stuff, and eat to our hearts' content.” Astra beamed thinking of the life she could possibly have. Two young ladies on the road earning amas and enjoying life.

“What is this?” Vrexen towered over the two from behind. Astra whipped around

“We thought you might have gotten… lost. Yes. Because Aldrakh is a bit confusing. A lot of the stuff looks the same here and then the-”

“We need to leave this place, now. Pride is here.”

“Pride? Who's… Oh! The Sin-demon-guy. Wait wait wait! We can't leave yet. We still have to sell the hippocampi… and the sun is still out! It'll only get worse as it reaches the center of the sky. Not even a blanket will save you.” She pointed upward.

“Fuck.” Vrexen let out a low growl in defeat. “I don't want to stay here, but I don't want to burn.”

“Lord Vrexen, if you let me. I can get us away from here and away from the sun. You just have to let me acquire more amas by selling the hippocampi.”

“Do it. I don't want to have to suffer from the sun or the Sin… Myra bring your meal or discard it, but we leave now, sister.”


In Avalia 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Myriamor Bed and Breakfast
Interactions: Leaf @Helo, Mika @Tae. Uzul @dragonpiece, Allete @princess
Mentions: Rosaria @potter

Slick felt downright accomplished with himself for finding Rosaria all on his own. Sure, it wasn’t his original intention, but things played out in his favor. Besides finding the other princess, he had amas, a fine horse, a good weapon, a decent fellow for a companion, and was about to have a full belly too. Luck was in his favor and it was still morning!

As if it were all but a test of his capabilities, none other than Mika walked into the establishment with… “Goodness gracious…” Slick muttered under his breath. His mouth hung open as his eyes locked onto the oh-so entrancing form that was Mikazuki Yoshikawa. Slick expected her to wear the alluring outfit he chose for her, but he hadn’t counted on it being such a blessing to add to the other great things that had already occurred. Boy, his mind was dirtier than his boots right now!

Once Mika noticed him, he wore a smile, pleased to see her again. Unfortunately, the lady didn’t seem too pleased with him arriving at the restaurant without Kuroi. Oh, and she had one of them, big green fellas, with her. An Orc. He wondered how the lady had met such a bruiser but didn’t mind adding a man that could easily kill someone barehanded if he wanted to into their group. He would have unintentionally stared rudely at Uzul, but Mika grabbed his attention when implying he was on a date with his new Indian Catman Friend, Leaf. He swiftly raised an eyebrow as she continued to scold him for abandoning Kuroi. He almost said something he might have regretted, but introductions took precedence. Sure, the introduction came with some salt, but Slick kept quiet. His usually relaxed face went stern, indicating his displeasure.

“Mind joining us at the table over there? Your friend can pull their chair over as well and then we can all make introductions.”

Slick held his expression without a word until the princess walked away to engage with Rosaria and her group. Uzul seemed friendly, but his date comment only helped keep his mood sour. All good things eventually came to an end. His luck was running dry it seemed.

“Sure thing.” He replied unenthusiastically. He’d go over to Rosaria and her table on his terms. Slick didn’t like Mika’s tone in the slightest. He nearly scowled, but the pixie crash landing on the table caused him to flinch. He thought it was a huge bug at first until he leaned forward to get a better look at the creature now pointing up at him. Well, would ya look at that? A lil' lady. He glanced at Leaf who appeared as if he had tried to catch her before her tumble. He figured he was just trying to break her fall, so he just went on listening to the tiny-voiced woman speak to him, now face to face about a mate. A “lovely lady” to be exact. It seemed Lady Luck had just been taking a brief break and returned with new opportunities… Or not.

Leaf suddenly jumped up from his seat to the point it fell over with an audible bang. Slick looked up at the feline, noticing the entranced look on his face. And then he clasped his hands around the girl with both hands! It almost seemed like anyone who could look, was looking at their table now.

“I, uh, think I caught it?”

“Leaf! What the hell’s gotten into you!” Slick shouted after Leaf pulled the cupped pixie away and knocked his fallen chair upright. He suggested they give the little lady back, but Slick shook his head. “What you oughta do is open them paws of yours so the lil’ lady can breathe… If she’s even able to. Come on now, open them paws up.” He insisted. Slick didn’t know why Leaf had behaved so oddly. Killing a lady in cold blood was bad enough, but a little one that quite literally couldn’t harm a fly? Goddamnit Leaf!

Location: Submarine
Interactions: Kass @Mistress Dizzy Alisa @canaryrose Talon

From the inside of the submarine, Viktor, Talon, and Alisa could not have predicted the cannon would be fired by Dr. Bingley of all people. Viktor, sure. Talon, maybe. Alisa, with a vast amount of pressure. Dr. Bingley had come out of the woodwork. There was a brief silence between the four of them before the scientist was grabbed by his collar. Viktor held a cold gaze that faced Dr. Bingley's shocked expression.

“I told you to sit!” Dr. Bingley had not realized how strong Viktor was until he felt his heels leave the floor and Viktor walking him to his seat. However, Dr. Bingley wouldn't go quietly and attempted to shrug Viktor off, which only worked because he was simply let go of.

“Don't get worked up because none of you had what it took to do what I did!” Dr. Bingley said as he readjusted his collar and took his seat. “You're welcome for saving everyone, by the way.”

“Have you gotten it all out, doctor? I ask because you did not push that button. I did.” Viktor turned his head back toward Alisa and Talon. “ Cybergirl, Talon. On the record, I fired the cannon. Not Dr. Bingley.”

“So you're just taking the credit? I guess that's something to consider when we share our research notes later..”

“Doctor. I could care less about getting credit for killing an animal with a weapon meant to blow holes through sea vessels. I'd give that to you for absolutely nothing, but it's the blame I'm concerned with. We're concerned with.” Viktor glanced at Talon and Alisa again to make sure they were on board. He could only hope they were. “We have been tasked to protect you, and that is not easy if the entire team sees you under a negative lense. I want this mission to succeed, and you should as well, given that it is your life on the line.” He turned to look out of one of the windows, watching as the team members outside started to swim towards the submarine. “Do you want it in the hands of someone who despises you for your divisive action today, or do you want it to be in the hands of someone who holds no bias towards you?” Viktor asked.

Dr. Bingley's eyes looked past Viktor and to the others in the water. Then he looked at Alisa and Talon. The numbers were against him if he told the truth.

“Just so you are aware, I am probably the only person that is fine with what you did.” Viktor raised an eyebrow, awaiting Dr. Bingley's answer.

“Okay! You can have it. I know who really did it, so what does matter? I got rid of the threat, and that's good enough for me.” Viktor could tell the doctor was coping a bit, but he was on board to keep things quiet.

“Good.” Viktor took a deep breath as he listened to the submarine begin to receive those re-entering.

A moment later…

Kass had entered the submarine asking what happened in a tone he found unfamiliar to her. It was too leveled. The uneasiness was gone, but so was that assertive flare. She wasn't uneasy, cold, or passionate. Lass was simply even. Like the calm before the storm.

Talon did not like the vibes he was picking up from Kass and was somewhat relieved he was not the one jumping belly first on the grenade. To him, in a way, Viktor deserved it. If not Dr. Bingley, it would have been him anyway.

Viktor stepped forward, square in front of Kass with his usual stone face that no one really liked.

“The debriefing goes as follows. I suggestes to Talon that he keep options open for firing the submarine's weapon system. He armed the weapon, but did not intend to fire unless you made the call… I insisted he fire the weapon when the squid pulled Ja towards its mouth. He refused. I then insisted he fire again when the squid was-”

“Just say you fired the weapon, Viktor!” Talon couldn't take the retelling of events anymore as this whole situation was eating at him now. How could he have let Viktor influence him to arm the weapon in the first place? And then there was Dr. Bingley who reached right past him… It didn't help that the part of him that agreed with Viktor burned him inside too. What if the weapon hadn't been fired, would the others still be out there right now? Physically, everyone appeared to be fine. Wasn't that a good thing?

“In short, yes. I fired the weapon at the target and eliminated the threat. And respectfully, I'd do it again, Mirage. With or without your call.” He said without an ounce of remorse.
In Avalia 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Aldrakh
Interactions: Myra @13org

The Orcs that had sent Vrexen off to engage the Dwarven scouts had stood at the western edge of Aldrakh ever since they heard the Demon’s screams. There had been a few Orc and Dark Elf soldiers that gathered around the area, but with nothing following the screams, attention to the west faded in time.

“I think it’s about time we head that way and see the damage.” The ax-wielding Orc was tired of waiting to see if the Demon would come out. He knew warcries well. He participated in his fair share of raids, and Vrexen’s screams were not that. He didn’t know how to even describe them. To even an Orc, it seemed odd to find a creature that excited to engage in battle. It was much easier to assume the cries were desperate and that the red-faced Vrexen had just experienced a long torturous death at the hands of the Dwarven scouts.

“Was going to say the same, but if the scouts are still out there, that could be bad.”

“Bad shmad! If they’re up there, we have plausible… uh… plausible… shit… plausible... Y’know what I mean. We just act like we don’t know what’s going on.”

“That… That is a way. No war is declared by Ironhold, so even if they do attack, we defend ourselves and rid the hills of Dwarves without having to explain too much.”

“It’s settled. We will fan out where we heard the creature and-” The ax-wielding Orc stopped abruptly upon watching Vrexen pounce from out of the treeline on all fours. The demon looked upon Aldrakh before he stood up to walk on his hind legs towards the settlement.

“Look at that! Speak of a demon and he appears!” The Orcs were a bit surprised to see Vrexen return with no visible wounds or a falter in his step, especially since he wore no armor or bore no weapon. The existence of high level magic users could smash through ranks of enemy soldiers, but not without some protection. They wonder how Vrexen survived in the way he did.

“These demons… I do not envy those they consider enemies.” The Orc spoke with a hint of a grin.

“Yes. He and that other one. Pride was his name.” The other spoke as Vrexen approached with his hands and chin covered in blood that was beginning to dry.

“Pride? Where?” Vrexen widened his third eye while narrowing his lower two.

“I think he’s in town. Figured you were with him.”


“Yeah, you can go see him after you tell me what happened up there in those hills. The ax-wielder took a step ahead of the group towards Vrexen who appeared distracted by his own thoughts. After a very brief pause, Vrexen looked up at the Orc with the ax.

“I killed them. Not all. The cowards fled. And you can go see them.” Vrexen mocked as pushed past the Orcs. “Go see my art. The result of my violence. Know that I do not kill for you! I kill for her.” He continued walking without turning back towards the Orcs that watched him crazily ramble like he had before.

“Well… Let’s go check it out!” The Orc smirked excitedly, warranting a few dirty looks his way. “I mean, we have to conferrrum… conferum? Yeah, we have to conferum the kills he’s claiming.” The party eventually moved out into the wilderness to find Vrexen’s “art” while Vrexen used his third eye to keep away from Pride in his search for Myra and Astra. He was surprised he hadn’t noticed Pride’s stink much earlier. That Demon’s presence changed things, making Vrexen wanting to leave as soon as he could. The Sins had no knowledge of Vrexen’s goal to outdo them in pleasing Lilith and he wanted to keep it that way.

“Cut me a firm chunk off it, I’m not in the mood for wet meat right now.” Astra requested pointing to where there was less fat on the meat.

Once Astra was given her portion she eyed it some. In a low tone, she addressed Myra.

“Watch and learn.” Astra chuckled just before her face became serious. She had a look of scrutiny as she looked at the piece of meat now. “So you two are saying this meat is better than all the other stalls out here and even Narth’s Flame Game restaurant in Malthemoor. You two have to be the highest fuckin’ Orcs in Aldrakh, and klemara use is a norm here. That or I’m about to have the grandest foodgasm I have ever had in my several centuries of living!” Astra’s skepticism was loud and animated enough to draw some eyes and many ears. She left the two orcs somewhat stunned, because they didn’t expect her to say such things as she was meant to advertise their meat, not question its quality. “You know what, Myra, let me take the first bite and I’ll let you know if it’s worth it.” Astra put an open hand between Myra and the large piece of meat. “But if this shit isn’t as good as you say, we want our fuckin’ amas back. All of it.” Astra held he devious smirk as she faced the brothers.

“Wait a sec… You didn’t…”

“Bitch, you ain’t pay a single ama. Brother, what the fuck is she on about? We should-” Astra took a bite of the portion Myra had cut for her, chewed it, and gulped it down.

“Oh… Oh by Halstra! By Halastra’s wet cunt… THIS IS DELICIOUS! Myra, I know you’re not too hungry but eat it! You must have it!” She said cueing Myra to devour the large piece of meat which would only sell how good it was. Astra looked to the two brothers again who didn’t know how to feel as Astra was yanking their emotions all over the place with her antics. “You two made this?! Orcs on the fuckin’ level of Narth… That doesn’t even sound right. That doesn’t. Even. Sound. Right… Hey brethren, yeah you, come ‘ere! Try my piece!” A Dark Elf soldier that had his attention on the stall reluctantly walked over and took the rest of the piece Astra presented. He took a bite while Astra smiled brightly at him. “Good, huh? Fuckin’ delicious?”

“It’s quite good.” The Dark Elf answered with a nod as he chewed the piece of meat.

“See! I won’t deceive you, I know what my brethren like! If you like Narth’s stuff, here hits the spot!”


In Avalia 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Myriamor Bed and Breakfast
Interactions: Leaf @Helo
Mentions: Rosaria @potter

Once Slick had tied Champ down he followed Leaf inside the Myriamor Bed and Breakfast. He paused after going through the door, finding the establishment very peculiar. He was surprised that food was served and eaten in a place so clean and sophisticated.

“What a fine establishment.” Slick grinned at met eyes with the Demihuman server who smiled back. She could tell he'd be an easygoing guest despite his rough appearance. He gave the server a simple tip of his hat but did not remove it from his head.

After his quiet greeting, he took a seat at the table Leaf chose. The seats gave them a clear line of sight to the private dining area where Rosaria and her party sat. He couldn’t see everyone, but it was enough to know they were there. Besides, what he could hear would be much more valuable than their mugs. If it was truly Rosaria, she was the lynchpin of the gathering so he’d just need to keep an eye on her more than anyone else.

She had placed herself in a more vulnerable position than the others so she could be the lookout, but Slick found it odd that she would task herself with such a thing. She was the face, the person that would be recognized easiest judging from what Mika mentioned of her. He’d give the lady credit however, she didn’t really look like a princess… Then again, Slick wasn’t entirely sure what a princess in Avalia was meant to look like.

“Good pickin', Leaf. The view here is decent considerin' how things are set up.” He commended before staring at the menu in Leaf’s hand. He noticed words and pictures on the backside of it, but couldn’t make out what it was. “What’s… What’s on there?” Slick almost said “What’s that you got there” which would only draw suspicion to him. Judging by how Leaf held it, it must have been common to Avalia. Before Leaf could answer, a menu was placed in front of him by the server. “Well look at that. An angel jus’ answered my prayer.” Slick winked. The server smiled but didn’t completely indulge Slick. “You know… I was wonderin’ if you could help me and my friend some.” He glanced at the menu, making out what it was. This menu was strange, but it wasn’t completely different than what he was used to. Item and price. He couldn’t read all of it due to his literacy not being the best, but he was sure the pictures helped many that were just as afflicted as he was.

“Yes, how can I help?” The Demi-human asked.

“What’s up with that seating over yonder?” He pointed directly at Rosaria. “Those people special or somethin’?”

“They requested private seating for their dining, and so that’s where we sat them. If you want, we can seat you there as well.”

“I’ll decline. I was jus’ wonderin’ if we had any big names in here.”

“I knew it! You’re part of that bounty hunter guild.” The woman’s excitement caused Slick to raise his brows. She didn’t have much to go off except for the rumors she heard. That bounty hunters were typically armed with neat weapons, were a bit out there compared to the average Avalian, and they had a unique charm about them. Slick wasn’t privy to any of this, but he’d roll with it to keep face. He wasn’t a member of the bounty hunter guild, but Slick was quite familiar with the job.

“Good eyes on you, but you gotta keep that hush hush. Our little secret. I don’t want any potential catches gettin’ away before I can fill my gut with the delicious food you’ll be servin’ up.” Slick chuckled and glanced at the menu once more. “Speaking of… I’ll have eggs, bacon, and hmm… I’ll take your best tastin’ juice since you don’t got any beer.”

“Okay, and for you sir?” She asked Leaf.

It was then that Slick picked up Mika’s voice, but it didn’t sound right. It was muffled and far away. All he could make out was the greeting of the day, but just recognizing Mika’s voice was enough evidence he needed. I found you, Rosarita!

Location: Submarine
Interactions: Alisa @canaryrose Talon

Talon had felt like Viktor’s words were just echoing into his psyche as he waited for the team outside to turn the tide. The cannon was ready to fire with a simple push of a button, so if he needed it he could use it, but he wouldn’t press it without Kass’ guidance. He damn sure wouldn’t let Viktor of all people order him around either. But what if he’s… Talon’s confidence in the plan slipped ever so slightly before the team caught their second wind against the squid. That, and Alisa had shown up, backing up Kass’s plan the same way Kila had just moments before. Talon wondered if this is what faith was, something Dick, his mentor, said he’d need to have in his teammates. A trust that couldn’t be shaken so easily, not even by the stubborn brute that was Viktor.

Viktor held a scowl with Alisa’s arrival and her need to toe the line to a plan he openly disagreed with. The team outside had sprung into action, and Viktor watched with a critical eye. Daphne had successfully concentrated her vines on the beaked mouth of the squid to prevent it from biting at Kila. Aleen’a was moving for the save, being the strongest in the group. The Tamaranian could pull Kila away and swim him back to the submarine easier than anyone else besides maybe Kass. All the while, Kass wisely went for the offensive. Sure, under normal circumstances, Aleen’a was the heaviest hitter on the team, but in the ocean, Kass held the advantage of physical strength adapted to the resistance of the dense water and the power of her magical staff. She hit the creature hard enough in the beak to cause it to recoil and help Daphne shut the beak with her vines. And then there was Zach who pulled out all the stops to create an illusion on his own of a squid that was larger in scale to the real one the team currently engaged with. Viktor was impressed, yes, but not satisfied. He sighed and shook his head.

Several feet away, Dr. Bingley sat quietly with his hands in his lap, rapidly tapping his foot. He was taking in the situation as it unfolded, finding disarray inside and outside of the vessel. Alisa’s touch was meant to comfort him, but how was he supposed to be comfortable with what he could see and hear? The squid was still right out there and the team of young heroes appeared to be having a harder time than he thought they would. In action, they were all much different than when they were just waiting to arrive in Atlantis. Well, he noted Viktor didn’t change much. He was not fond of the young man and didn't see himself ever being so, though he probably wouldn’t say it out loud since Viktor was a part of his security detail at the moment. Dr. Bingley never liked people like him. So certain and believing they stood on a higher peg than everyone else. The type that didn’t brag that they were better. Those types were just insecure and could be put in their place rather quickly. It was those that simply moved like they were better than everyone else. They didn’t have to say it, because they believed it to be true. They were so fucking sure of themselves. Dr. Bingley… hated people like him.

“Talon. I would fire the weapon, now.” Viktor didn’t even look at Alisa and Talon.

“Shut the hell up.” Talon was not as defensive as before with Alisa able to support him on not firing until Mirage called for it. “We’ll wait on Mira-”

“You’ll wait until that thing kills someone. I thought Zatara’s illusion was meant to scare the creature away.” Viktor watched Talon observe the squid using its bioluminescence to communicate with Zach’s illusion, but it was a very short-lived light show. With no response from the other illusion, something that a combined illusion between Zach and Kass’s magic with some added knowledge on the social skills of squid from the latter could have accomplished, the squid proceeded with its previous and odd objective in trying to possess Kila in its clutches. It had all eight arms at its disposal thanks to Daphne shifting her focus to the beak. The squid had the whole team minus Zach close to its mouth now. If the creature was a hand, Kass, Daphne, Kila, and Aleen’a were essentially sitting in its palm with ten free-moving fingers. “Take initiative and fire already!” Alisa sighed, deep and loud.

”Viktor. Seriously, stop it.”

“Yeah get it through your thick fucking skull! If I… If I wasn’t on these controls…” Talon stopped himself.

“We wouldn’t be in this mess. You shoot it and we can move on without any casualties.” Viktor said plainly. If looks could kill, Talon shot Viktor a glare that would do it a dozen times.

Dr. Bingley furrowed his brow. Every word out of Viktor’s mouth sent a kind of heat through his body. He was tired of sitting around listening to this argument. He stood up, knowing he had to do something. Perhaps it was more of a strong desire to do something. He needed to take action, and the opportunity was right in front of him.

“Or we wait for Kass to tell us to continue to protect Dr. Bingley.”

“Both of you, stop it!” yelled Alisa. “You’re acting like fucking toddlers, Jesus. Do your jobs and wait for the order.”

Dr. Bingley was approaching the three and all he could think of was how much he despised people like Viktor. His attitude and certainty burned the man to his core. There was no gene he could add or remove to make a person behave like the young man he was closing distance on. No gene to directly explain it. Genes could make you better looking, have a higher IQ, and even determine how inclined your body was to be more athletic or muscular than others. THAT gave a person confidence, but what Viktor had was certainty. It was the vile trait that Dr. Bingley could not stomach when he saw it in other people. To deal a blow on a titan would feed Dr. Bingley with satisfaction. For Dr. Bingley to simply act at this moment while the three young heroes, especially Viktor, were distracted with one another in an argument, would be a decisive moment. The doctor felt this altercation should have been ended already with the team already arriving safely in Atlantis by now. There was just one problem holding this team back, and Dr. Bingley would solve it. That’s what he did after all. He solved problems. He got rid of the bad so everything else that was good could flourish and thrive. Viktor was the first to notice the doctor as he felt a gentle brush of a fourth body.

“Dr. Bingley!” Viktor’s authoritative exclamation nearly made the man shudder as his hand reached past Talon and slammed down on the button that would fire the armed and aimed laser cannon at the squid. It might have been more climatic if the laser charged for a while, but it took just a second before it fired. Calibrated to the refraction of the water, all that could be observed was a quick flash, a low “thoom” sound, the hard jerk of the squid’s head, and the sight of blue blood and dark ink that was loosely scattered about. Outside of the submarine, a trail of bubbles revealed the cannon as the accessory to the vicious assault, but the culprit was unknown to them.

Dr. Bingley. He hated people like Viktor. He despised them. All because he deeply envied them and with their certainty.
In Avalia 14 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Interaction: Myra @13org

Astra watched Myra look from slab to slab of the meat being cooked by the orcs. They all appeared happy to feast on and sell what they had roasted. Astra bet this was the safest place anyone could be in an orc settlement. Bellies and coin purses were full here. She trailed behind Myra, figuring she’d just buy something similar to the demoness or they’d just share. That bubble of thought was swiftly burst as Myra pointed at a large piece of meat. If Astra didn’t know any better she might have guessed Myra simply desired a few slices, but she had witnessed how much the girl ate at the Yenworth Tavern.

Two orcs worked the stall. One was bald, without facial hair and two deep scars on his face. One went diagonal across his forehead and the other went down the left side of his face. He appeared to be waiting on customers to buy while the other prepared the meat. The other orc had mess of black hair that made it down to about his chin with no visible scars.

The orc male running the stall looked upon Myra and Astra with a raised brow before he used his elbow to nudge the other.

“Hm?” The nudged orc turned his attention from the meat he was salting on the side to the two women approaching.

Customers.” He almost chuckled, but instead wore a wide grin as he wondered what the small things were doing approaching he and his brother's meat stall.

“Hi there!” Astra put on her biggest friendliest smile. “We would like to buy that. Yeah that piece.” Astra pointed at the same piece of meat Myra desired.

“This? I'm not one to question a purchase, but you should know that we do not prepare the meat for traveling. That's something you have to do yourself.”

“Oh that's not a problem. We want it as is…. Oh and if you give us a discount, we'll make it worth your while.” Astra winked and smirked, making the orc raise a brow once more before letting loose a chuckle.

“You both might be way too tiny for my brother and I. We would break-”

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Stop! Just… I sincerely apologize that I made you think we were bargaining… that.” Astra noticed she was making a contemptuous face and sprung into damage control. “I mean, I've done some things with some orcs. Usually the runtish ones y'know. And they were good times for the most part I will admit, BUT what I'm bargaining for is free advertising.” The bald orc took a moment to think, his brother's attention was drawn.

“No. No deal. You want us to give you a discount and take your word that you will advertise our stall to others? And if it doesn't work, what do we even gain?” The other brother finally butt in, but his words didn't deter Astra.

“We'll just advertise right here then. You give up that piece of meat, we eat and advertise. And then we negotiate payment. We're much too tiny to run off with how large that piece is, so we have to eat it here. And if our advertising doesn't work, we'll pay the full price. If it does… we negotiate. Deal?”

“Deal! There's no risk, brother and she might be able to convince some of her kind if she's good at this.” The mop-haired brother shrugged, which just meant he was okay with the deal too. Astra nodded her head smugly and finally looked at Myra while the requested piece of meat was grabbed to be served at the stall.

“Hey Myra, can I get just one bite? The first bite to be exact. You help me with this and I'll consider having you never wear clothes again.” Knowing what Myra loved and hated was all Astra needed to have things play her way.
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