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In Avalia 10 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Yenworth Port
Interactions: Myra @13org
Mentions: Equipment: None

Astra winced at the splash of Traven's body being knocked overboard into the frigid waters.

“Wait! Shit! Did you two at least run his pockets? Did she really just toss him in?”

“Run his pockets… His fate belonged to her.”

“And so did the amas in his pockets.”


“You don't… Right, you're new to everything here. And she's probably never needed a coin in her life. Alrighty, allow me to explain, Lord Vrexen. Myra, you listen up too.” Astra was steering the hippocampi into the port and started pulling on the reins to slow the watercraft down to a halt. Other boats were stationed at the port docks but none like theirs. Those occupying the docks stared at the odd trio. “I can't believe he tried to make this seem hard. They're like any other horses… just fishy. Anyway, as I was saying!” She turned to the two demons and dug an ama from her pocket and held it up. “This is an ama. It is what everyone in Avalia uses as currency. You trade these to get items or services. Some things require more of these than others, so it's good to collect them.”

“Trade? We can simply take what we want. That is what dominance is for.” Vrexen did not care for the use of amas.

“Yes! Yes, you can, but then you have to fight, run, or kill if things go poorly. And you're both good at the last thing, but eventually, we'll have the whole world at our throats and no time to rest…” Vrexen did not look all that convinced. “...or eat! And we all love eating, right. So we use these to save time and effort. Plus we still take things using the amas. The more we have, the more power we hold over others in populated places like this. Now on the road, I am not opposed to taking what we want, when we want it.” Astra grinned at them.

“Acceptable enough. We will attempt to collect amas but if its use fails, we will not take ‘no’ for an answer.”

“Sounds good to me. Just make sure to give me any you happen to find or earn. I'll keep it safe and use it for all of our benefit.” She smiled warmly. It was more like ‘her benefit’.
“Yes. Hmm this place… What does it have to offer us?”

“Yenworth… the place is pretty tame. Though, I hear the brothel is where the real fun is… Oh! Speaking of naked people. You both need clothes. I mean I can go get you some stuff to wear while you both wait here. We have to keep a low profile and clothes will fucking help.” Demons were a rare race on Avalia and Astra didn't think the two would be identifiable at a glance once clothed. People would assume they were Demi-human due to their appearances. However, if they walked around in the nude, they would just place too much attention on themselves. Then questions would likely follow. Demons were also a race known to always bring trouble and dismay.

“Amas… Clothes…If they have a use in this realm, so be it. Hurry back. I wish to search this place for more of my lost brethren.”
In Avalia 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Off the coast of Yenworth
Interactions: Myra @13org
Mentions: Equipment: None

Astra fought back a grin when noticing Myra's hostility towards Traven. Sorry, geezer. Better you than me. Better anyone than me.

“You deny me?!” Vrexen finally rose from his seat snarling at the boatman.

“Yeah, what do you plan to do?! Go right ahead and kill the boatman on the fuckin’ BOAT!” Traven steered the hippocampi so the boat was traveling north instead of straight towards Yenworth. Vrexen lowered down on all fours to brace himself as the boat rocked.

“You think I can’t steer it myself?” Astra quickly challenged. Traven looked over his shoulder with a scowl. “I’ve been watching you do not a damn thing but sit and move your skinny ass arms the whole time! Swish this way! Swish that way! The fuckin’ horses do all the work for you, you piece of shit!”

“Yeah ya know all ‘bout what I do after a couple of hours of watchin’! You’ll kill your demon pals before I make it to the afterlife you daft whore! Go on! Kill me!” Traven dared them to take his life. Vrexen stood up on two feet and started towards Traven. He briefly turned to Astra and pointed to the boatman

“You speak as if your death is meant to invoke fear in me. I have survived long in violence! In the harshest layers of the abyss. I have had flesh melt from my very bones. I’ve breathed air that has torn through my lungs. My body crushed. My skin flayed. My eyes blinded. My so-”
“Why don’t you shut- aaagh!” Traven felt sharp claws grip his head, piercing into the skin. Vrexen palmed the elf’s head.

“Astra! Steer these beasts!” Vrexen ordered Astra. She ran up and snatched the reins. “Let go.” He squeezed onto Traven’s head who released the reins before being violently thrown down beside Myra. Traven’s head hit the deck with a hard thud. “His life is yours, Myra. You can kill him or you can throw him over. Your choice, sister.”

Location: Haly's Circus Fair
Interactions: Bex @psych0pomp, Daphne @dreamingflowers, and Kassy @Mistress Dizzy

“Zach's... wand?” Viktor questioned aloud while Bex shifted her attention to her phone. He might have been completely lost, but her also stating that he 'got around' gave him some context. Hours of watching bad reality television had surprisingly taught him some relevant interpersonal concepts. So when it clicked, he raised an eyebrow, wondering why Bex would even ask that. “I only pretended to be her boyfriend to ward off someone following her.” He clarified without acknowledging the comment about Zach's "wand".

At the mention of Daphne coming over with food, Viktor spotted just that. Not a surprise. It was hard to deny her nice gestures. He just preferred Daphne brought more to the table than being the team's waitress. Kassy was with her, wearing a backpack with a stuffed unicorn's head poking out the top. It was proof she had claimed victory here at the fair. Not a surprise either. Even now, Viktor was judging his teammates.

“She'll live if I take two for myself…” He grabbed the tray from Daphne. “And what's with that face?” Viktor noticed Daphne making humored expressions at both he and Bex. He started to notice a hint of green on her cheeks and decided to retract his question. “Nevermind. Thanks for the food.”

And then Bex posed her question about everyone's relationship status accompanied by a wink. He was no stranger to the flirty gesture and took the initiative in answering first. “I'm single.” He then took a bite out of one of the corndogs and looked between the others to hear what they'd say. He didn't believe anyone else was in a relationship, but he also knew he was no expert in these matters.
In Avalia 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Off the coast of Yenworth
Interactions: Myra @13org
Mentions: Equipment: None

The day had not been the brightest due to the overcast in the region of the northern isles, but when night arrived, it was apparent in these parts. The huge naval vessels started to blend in with the dark skies and waters. With no major cities or the aid of bioluminescent creatures in these parts, it was quite dangerous to navigate with the moon unable to break through the thick clouds. This darkness may have been a reason the Dark Elves chose this route. Their eyes were not only able to peer through the darkness, but they had suitable cover from their enemies, especially the dwarves. Though the stocky-built bearded folk despised heights, they did find value in using the mountains to station observation points to watch the northern channel. It was too bad the Dark Elves picked the perfect evening to move a naval fleet to the Orc settlement of Aldrakh.

Traven could navigate with ease and his passengers appeared to be just as keen. Like himself, Astra could see just as visibly in the dark. Vrexen had better sight than your average creature, but his third eye allowed him to see more than other beings could. Myra’s senses were strong, so seeing in the darkness was not a problem.

“Yeneworth is right there.” Traven mentioned, causing Astra to smirk. She’d been waiting for this moment. Watching Traven, resenting the elf being so uncooperative, and scheming against him. It would probably take about five minutes to reach the port.

“And then to River Port.” She commented. Traven spat to the side, spraying part of the deck with his spit. Is the bitch touched?

“Ay! We’re not going to River Port! I’m dropping you three here and that’s as far as I’m takin’ you!”

“What the fuck?! You said this would just be the rest stop!”

“Bitch, I said no such thing! Yeneworth! That was the agreement! Yeneworth and nothing more!””

“You fuckin’ no-good swindler! Living to your name! Traven the Treacherous!” Vrexen narrowed his eyes at Traven.

“Oh fuck you! You’ve fucked over more people than the oldest bastards I know and you haven’t even hit your seccenter years! Now sit the fuck back and be lucky I took you this far!”

“Traven the Treacherous. You will take us to our final destination.”

“Yeah, you will! Lord Vrexen demands it!” Astra wanted this fire to burn.

“Fuck you both and that pale bitch too! You ain’t gonna make me do shit!”

In Avalia 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning to Evening
Location: Sun Elf Kingdom to Riverport Ferry

An hour. An entire hour was what it took to fully convince Kaleb he had not been kidnapped for ransom, wasn't dreaming, hallucinating, or on some reality game show. He'd searched for cameras and hidden microphones despite what the light elves that greeted him told him.

Then he demanded the elves explain everything to him again so he could have an understanding of things.

A place called Avalia in a different dimension…

Aid in saving the light elves with my untapped magical abilities…
Training regiment, meals, and protection provided. Definitely important. I hope lodging wasn't deliberately left out…

I'm one of the heroes. More like the[ hero. I doubt anyone is more qualified in saving the world than me…

I'll beat the big bad in some epic showing of all the things I learned since coming here, and then back home…

Maybe I can get a book deal out of this…

All of these thoughts came to mind and circulated as he was led by his trusty chaperones to River Port where Kaleb would meet what he imagined to be supporting cast types. He was wearing a purple outfit purchased for him and though he expressed distaste for it, it was far more heroic-looking than the other choice. There was a bit of a debate about his Gucci high tops but after much debate, a backpack was purchased for Kaleb to store them in while he wore the boots that went with his outfit. A second round of debating occurred when he requested the traveler's kit. He was informed he had no need for such an expensive kit and that their group had everything Kaleb would need in what was being sold. After some back and forth, Kaleb settled on the bow and quiver of arrows so he could feel comfortable and wouldn't stand out while traveling. Once the elf ears were on, the group stepped off to travel to River Port.

It could have been a quiet walk, but Kaleb just casually asked question after question.

"What's my magical power?"

"How far is River Port? How long is this walk?"

"Who are you guys fighting?"

"No cars?"

"Amoras huh? Why didn't we just take that?"

"Is River Port nice?"

"Anyone have food?"

"Anyone have real food?"

"Are these princesses… single?"

The last question caused the light elf leading the group to sigh and shake his head. As Kaleb became more bothersome, he also became more of a distraction. A distraction from a trio of opportunistic venriuk vipers. Two struck both the light elf leading and the other that was trailing. These three serpents were a hunting trio, finding small parties of Light Elves easy pickings due to their bright reflective scales. Kaleb looked around with wide eyes as the two elves yet to be attacked readied themselves. One was more adept with offensive magic while the other was wielding a sword and shield. They seemed ready to each take on a viper, but the third was just waiting to jut out from the thicket of the jungle and kill the magic adept. Kaleb fearfully held his bow and arrow in hand, but the guy wasn’t going to accomplish anything.

Lucky or perhaps even unlucky for Kaleb, it had been quite a few hours since Eris had been silently following the group while keeping herself invisible. She knew the invisibility may have been a bit excessive, but this group was skilled enough to summon a human and so their skills weren't to be underestimated. Were they as skilled as she in light magic? It was unlikely in her eyes. From the time she could walk and talk her mother had taught her magic, but of course the extent of her magic was unknown to most others anymore. She was a nobody, a simple traveler that was all.

About an hour ago when the group entered right into the hunting grounds of some venriuk vipers, Eris knew things were about to get interesting. Could she have "stumbled" across them and warned them? Sure, but where was the fun in that? There was no guarantee that the vipers would even find them and so Eris would have to intervene then, but she was realizing the chances of them making it through this dangerous area unscathed was growing thin as the human was rather loud with all his questions. She had to applaud him, though, as it helped keep the light elves distracted.

When the vipers finally attacked she remained hidden at a safe distance, but where she could watch everything happen. She had to keep an eye on the human, he needed to remain alive if she was to use him. Finally, her opportunity arose as the number of light elves dwindled after the third viper attacked. She grinned excitedly before letting the invisibility drop and running into the fray. She looked very concerned as she threw some half-assed magic attacks at the vipers, but of course, it was all for not as they were about to finish off their prey. "I was too late." She said, loud enough for the human to hear, sounding distraught. She then began looking around, as if trying to figure out the best move, before her eyes landed on Kaleb. He was about ready to forget the rest of his group and make a run for it, his eyes searching for the best opening.

"You...we need to run! No others should die to these things today." She said as she ran up to him, tears in her eyes as she gently tugged on his arm. As she did so, she also prepared 8 incredible illusory images of the two of them and sent them running in different directions at different times. Now she could only hope her act would convince this human to follow, otherwise, she might actually have to try and do something about these snakes and that would be such a pain. To her surprise, he just booked it without a word. There was no need to ask him twice.

As far as Kaleb knew, the Light Elf crew had really fucked up with whatever route they had planned and this woman was a damsel to the rescue. Kaleb kept with Eris’ pace and lead as he didn’t want to run into another one of those vipers or something far worse. As they ran, Eris threw beams of light at branches to break them and make following their trail more difficult. It should also create a bit of heat to throw off the vipers' heat-sensing abilities.

After 45 minutes of running, Eris finally began to slow as she knew they needed to rest a bit and figured they were likely safe. She turned to Kaleb now, breathing a bit heavily as she spoke. "We should be safe, we’re nearing a well-traveled road. Are you hurt at all? What were you doing so deep in the jungle?” She asked him while he himself was somewhat catching his breath. He hadn’t run that long in a while.

“Uh…” It was rare to catch Kaleb speechless. He tried to recollect the things he had been told. “I’m fine. We were going to some port town to meet with a princess… Annya?” He wondered if the name would ring any bells. He leaned up against a tree and shook his head as the viper attack was on his mind. ”Can you get me there uh..?” He intentionally paused to indicate he did not know her name.

”Oh yes, how rude of me. I’m Eris.” She took another moment to catch her breath and seeming to ponder his words. ”The princess you say? You must be very important then. I can certainly get you there if it’s the port town I’m thinking of. Does River Port sound familiar?” She knew full well that was the port as she’d overheard them talking, but she was curious to see if he’d actually listened.

“Yes! River Port. And I’m Kaleb and yeah, you could say I’m very important. Might be your only hope in saving Avalia.” He now had a cheeky grin. ”So if we can get there, Eris, I will make sure you are very well compensated for assisting me.” He was already making empty promises.

With that, the two agreed to travel together to River Port. Eris had claimed that she was conveniently heading to the port town for more merchandise, revealing her occupation as a traveling merchant. While on the road, Eris made sure to swoon over Kaleb's heroic gesture of being someone who could save the Avalians. This only loosened the guy's lips some, making him reveal he was a human and fib about how amazing he was on Earth. The swooning only continued, keeping an aura of confidence around Kaleb and an aura of excitement around Eris. As a way to maintain some more control and safety over the situation, Eris warned Kaleb not to be so open about who and what he was due to spies. He agreed easily, being the "only hope" and all. Anything to remain alive.

With some walking and light casual talking, the two eventually reached a port with the ferry that would take them directly into River Port just before sundown. As the two "acquired" tickets for the ferry, Eris noted Kaleb reacting very awkwardly when seeing a few Demi-human that were also boarding and excused his odd stares as Kaleb simply being uncultured and a young elf that had never stepped foot outside of Sun Elf Kingdom. And Kaleb being Kaleb, played along nicely to sell the falsehood. In a few hours, Eris had saved Kaleb twice, making him really hope Princess Annya could deliver on his promise.

“Y'know, I heard a rumor about humans having abilities. What can they even do?” He cleverly asked Eris as he wondered about his own untapped capabilities.
In Avalia 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning to Evening
Location: Roshmi City to Myriamor
Interactions: Kuroi @hide on mana, Mika @Tae, Sivaros @GingerBoi123,
Mentions: Rosaria @potter

It had taken a little convincing, but Mikazuki’s continued generosity could not be dismissed so easily by the outlaw that had been pulled into such a strange world. He had never had too close of bonds with anyone, but here in Avalia, he could honestly say he had no one. Fortune, however, appeared to be on his side. Once sobered up some, as promised, Mikazuki, Kuroi, and Sivaros properly filled Slick in on the goings on in both Roshmi City and Avalia. And so, Slick decided to tag along since it was more convenient than going off on his own and getting drugged again. He was also instructed to keep his stetson on to hide his round ears from other Avalians.

Once word spread of King Kasai giving in to the Dark Elves, Mikazuki immediately contacted Rosaria in order to make a change in their meeting location. Instead of meeting in Roshmi City as planned, the two princesses planned to meet in Myriamor. From what Slick noticed, Mikazuki was leading the group. It wasn’t a common sight, but this was a very different world and plus, she was royalty. Slick had the feeling he would be shrugging off a lot here if he was going to remain sane, especially when it was decided the group would be traveling by amora from a smaller town outside of Roshmi City. To travel through the sky in a boat filled Slick with both amazement and a bit of terror, but it had been stated to be a safer method of travel. It had been explained that the group wouldn’t make the journey on foot before nightfall, and a horse drawn carriage wouldn’t make it in time either. The four kept conversation quiet on the amora, especially concerning the human in their party, Slick.

Arriving Myriamor’s transport hub was quite a sight for Slick as he caught sight of the interesting looking city. Upon stepping out of the amora, he looked around at the alien-like structures with awe.

“Jus’ when you think you’ve seen it all… Damn. Anyone know a good spot for drinks? A good drink is perfect when it comes to meeting folk where I’m from.” He eyed Sivaros, thinking he’d most likely be the one to know a decent spot as opposed to the other two.
In Avalia 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Governor's Meeting Chambers, Avian City
Interactions: Governor Talasi Brightfeather, Avian Skyguard commanding officers, other government officials and honored guests

Word of the alliance between Roshmi City and Malthemoor had been all but rumor and speculation since the early hours of Juume 21st. Mention of the war had all been whispers before, but the idea of King Kasai forming a military alliance with the Twin-headed Dragons made the war the talk of the city. Some doubted Roshmi King being so cowardly, while others felt it made perfect sense. Augus Maximus III, simply waited, contemplating official chambers about what he himself might do. Official news of the alliance arrived with the evening. And now a decision had to be made.

Governor Talasi Brightfeather called for the meeting, and so Augus III accompanied by his oldest son, Augus IV attended. If his son was meant to succeed him, Augus III would make sure the young man was familiar with the affairs he might partake in within his future. He had thought of bringing his daughter, but Lyrah had little interest in these matters, or so he thought.

The highest level officials were standing within the open chamber around a large round stone table with nowhere near enough space for all the attendees. Augus III stood directly across the governor with a rather pensive expression on his face, juxtaposing the soft curious face of his son standing a step behind his right wing.

“Good evening Avians. We gather here in this chamber to discuss our next action concerning King Kasai’s decision to ally himself with the Malthemoor Kingdom. His decision puts us in a rather tough place, especially due to our close political, cultural, and geographical relationship. Unlike King Kasai, I cannot simply make a decision without considering the will of my people and those that represent them, and so here we are, gathered here to make a decision for every citizen of Avian City. Commander of the Skyguard, General Maximus, you may speak. I can sense your eagerness.” To which he nodded to his governor.

“Good evening. I will not hold my tongue on this matter. King Kasai is and always has been weak among the three Demi-human lords. In the matter of one day, he tossed away whatever relationship or trust we’ve had to the wayside. There was no consulting or preparing us for this disgusting alliance. To ally himself with those monsters after they publicly executed his firstborn… How does anyone expect us to stand beside such garbage? And if we cannot stand beside Roshmi, we must stand against them! My Skyguard is ready to defend our city and provide aid to our true allies.”

“Stand against Roshmi?! They’re our primary means of trade! Our entire economy depends on them! Sure, we can rely on the Aquarian Kingdom, but they lack the resources we need. And who’s to say they haven’t sided with the Dark Elves or Roshmi?” An older black-bearded Avian with black spotted gray wings spoke up. A woman with short dark hair cleared her throat to indicate she would speak next. She was Mistress Talonis.

“The Aquarian Kingdom may be stuck up and narrow-minded, but those people are too proud to go along with King Kasai’s madness. They are likely gathered just as we are.” There were a few snickers in the audience at the idea of such a thing happening in a coregency. “Not exactly like this, but I do believe they are looking at Roshmi under a harsher lighting than they already have. Worst case, they keep to themselves and openly trade with both sides.” She concluded.

“If this is really happening, we need to halt all civilian travel to our city by Amora.” A blond curly-haired young man, Master Cain stated.

“That can be done.” Augus III answered swiftly, but noticed the man, Master Haytham, concerned with commerce looking his way with a frown.

“I don’t believe we have made a decision yet.”

“This will not be permanent. The Sun Elf Kingdom will want to see Roshmi City under the control of its allies as quickly as possible. The city is not only positioned far from their Dark Elf allies, but if my intel is accurate, King Kasai will be dealing with civil unrest from his people. If trade is what you’re worried about, Roshmi will not be in a state to provide it regardless. If we are so worried about commerce, we do not need to look too far beyond Roshmi. Myriamor is another option.”

“You believe Myriamor will aid our people? We have not established proper trade with them since the establishment of the Demi-human Council of Lords.”

“True governor, but with one bridge burned, we must form others in its place. Tradition is important, yes, but it is not being honored by all parties.”

“And what of the people of Roshmi. If this intelligence is accurate, the citizens will be fighting against Roshmi’s guard force. Closing the Amora port might do more harm to refugees than good for our people.”

“We must not leave the commercial transport open, governor. Master Cain, Mistress Talonis, the four mayors, and myself may be able to establish a way to get refugees out of Roshmi to appropriate living quarters here, but it cannot be within its city limits. A company of Skyguard will provide security for these emergency transports. The rest of my Skyguard will then be tasked with defending our city and providing air support to the resistance within Roshmi City. If we can dethrone the coward, we can reclaim Roshmi.”

“And commerce with Roshmi.”

“So are all representatives content with what we have discussed? Including those who have chosen to remain silent?” Talasi Brightfeather looked amongst all who had a position at the table. “Good. I have heard all of your statements and we all seem to have come to a similar conclusion. You all are the few that represent the many of our city and I instill great trust in you all. I will establish contact with the lords of the Aquarian Kingdom, Myriamor, the Sun Elf Kingdom, Ironhold, and River Fairy Kingdom to state our position in standing against Roshmi. Against the Dark Elves. Representatives, you know what you must do. General Maximus, we are placing much faith in the Skyguard to defend our people, and safeguard those in need. We soar high above expectations as we always have and as we always will.” Her eyes scanned all of their faces, even that of young Augus IV. “For flight is in our nature!”



After the meeting concluded, Augus and his son took flight to travel home to have dinner with the rest of their family.

"You'll be busier." Augus IV stated, but only to hear his father confirm.

"We all will. I'll need you to be there for our family. You not only carry my name, you are my legacy. Remember this."
In Avalia 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Avalia 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Haly's Circus Fair
Interactions: Bex @psych0pomp
Mentions: Alisa @canaryrose and Daphne @dreamingflowers

Viktor was handing the smiling High Striker operator five dollars when he heard Bex pipe up. The word "babe" stuck out most, actually making him turn to look at Bex again. He wondered what she was doing for a second until it clicked. Inconspicuous. She's clever. So not just talk and brawn. He gave her a quick nod before facing the operator again. Bex's mention of not having the ability to beat the game before them only helped confirm Viktor's thoughts of her aiding him in being inconspicuous. This only meant he had to work just as hard to keep up the act.

"Sure babe." It didn't even sound right. There was just too much emphasis on the pet name. The man handed Viktor the mallet, to which he swung a bit in his right hand to get a feel for it. "Just hit it?" He asked for confirmation.

"Uh yeah... just the-" With one hand, Viktor struck the lever that shot the puck into the bell with a loud dull ring. "Shit… I mean- Wow look at this strapping young man. He rang the bell, so surely it isn't an impossibility! Come, all who wish to test their strength!" The man shouted out to those in the immediate area. His eyes met the bored-faced Viktor. "Sheesh, you must be the real-life Gaston or somethin'." The operator commented with a quieter voice. He cleared his throat and pointed his hand towards the prizes. "Since you rang the bell, claim your reward!" Viktor eyed the prizes for less than a second before grabbing a two-and-a-half-foot stuffed pink and white panda by the ear.

"Thanks." Viktor turned from the man and walked towards Bex, presenting the stuffed animal to her. "Here, Bex… Good improvising. I was once Daphne's boyfriend at the mall, so I picked up on your idea." He said quietly, mistaking Bex's antics as a smart play. So far, she appeared to be adequate. He'd have to tell Alisa later.
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