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If you get an open spot, I'd be interested in joining... as a former cat burglar turned good (for the most part), with some magnetic abilities.

“Is that really what you want?”
Aodh cooed, a small knife between her pale thin fingers. She drug it along her own jaw line as she kept a straight face, eyes wide and ghostly looking while she observed him.

“Please! Please let me go!”
the demon squirmed. Aodh had wrapped him up in some ropes she’d been soaking in holy water. The more he moved, the more damage he did to himself, and the louder his moans became.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that,”
Aodh said, continuing to circle the creature, her voice still sounding angelic despite the words escaping her lips. “You see… you didn’t just encourage that little girl to hang herself… you literally gave her the ropes. Made yourself a friend. You’re the reason an entire family is craving justice and revenge. But they can’t get to you like I can…”

“PLEASE!” he cried again, struggling.

*buzz buzz*

Aodh frowned, feeling her phone ringing in the pocket of the white leggings she was wearing. She skillfully pulled it out with the knife still in her hand and answered it without looking to see who it was.

she answered in her sing song voice. “Mmm hmm… mm hmmm…” Aodh listened, the soft moans of the demon who was becoming unconscious from pain fading in the background. “Yes, I will be there immediately.” Aodh hung up the phone and tossed it to her left hand. She flicked her right wrist and threw the knife straight into the chest of the demon. “I suppose that would hurt if you had a heart,” Aodh mumbled, walking over to the thing. “Looks like I have to go. But… I like the look of you just staying here like this. Etched forever in my memory. Just like the memories you’ve made for others that they didn’t deserve,” Aodh growled, pulling her knife back out and walking away, leaving the demon to his fate.


Aodh arrived in The City, concealing her wings and making her appearance as human like as she could. She had her grey hair braided off to the side and was wearing a loose fitting white top, with a sharp white blazer over the top. She wore tight black jeggings and flat, pointed shoes that were also in black. Besides her wings, Aodh also had concealed her large sword on her back, a belt of weapons along her waist, and tried to make her skin a bit warmer looking.

Aodh had sensed a barrier before entering the city, and then once she did, it was like a cloud of heaviness. The evil contained within this place had cause her to take a step back before pushing forward towards the building they were to meet at. Aodh didn’t know how to walk or behave another way besides with her head held high, with a powerful walk of decisiveness. As a result, she noticed others around stoops and random shops look up and eye her. She would either ignore them or stare carelessly right back. Most were low levels demons or supernatural creatures. She had no fear of them. She could sense some larger evil in the city, however, and she was not coming into contact with it luckily before she got to her destination. It might have made her late.

Aodh walked inside and asked the front desk for directions to the conference room she was looking for. They kindly pointed her down the hall and told her which way to turn. Aodh smiled and thanked them graciously before waltzing that direction. On her way inside, Aodh saw a woman shaking her head. Aodh just raised an eyebrow in curiosity before looking around inside the actual room. Was that the Detective? Who was the black haired man with the long nose? Aodh had her hands in her pockets and looked between the two of them, as if awaiting an unspoken explanation.
Hey folks, I had messaged a few of you with similar color scehmes that someone should change to make it unique. I didn't realize there were three people in the green color area until sheets started moving to the CS tab. Whoops! I was too distracted by the content itself, haha.

If green is a preferred color for multiple people, that is totally okay, and my apologies for pressing a change on some folks rather than making a blanket statement to the group.

If everyone wants unique colors for those pieces of dialogue and such, then y'all can figure out who wants what color, or how close together colors can be.

I can change mine 🙂
"I won't be held responsible for your mistakes."



HELENA "DOVE" WESTERLY UDF: CETRA EAST COMMAND [Briefing Room] Day 1 - 05:00AM @FollowthePath

Helena “Dove” Westerly was running late as usual. She had a toothbrush sticking out between her lips while pulling on a dreaded pair of pants. She almost always wore dresses when she could get away with it, but since they’d been asked to wear the special rainbow of UDF gray, she complied. Helena finally spit the toothbrush itself out in the sink and pinched her cheeks a few times for a rosy glow before tying up her dark red hair into a lazy bun. She frantically dug for matching socks (as her preferred footwear was sandals or barefoot) and finally settled on something that looked navy blue and another that was dark purple. Good enough. She tied up the boots and took a glance at herself in a full-length mirror she’d never gotten around to hanging up. It was simply leaned against a vintage chair that she never used. Helena frowned a bit at how drab she looked, along with seeing her last name emblazoned upon the patch that was pre-sewn onto her shirt. She much preferred to go by her nickname, since her surname reminded her of her mother.

“Swarg,” Helena smirked, reading the patch that had a wolf upon it. She still had trouble believing she’d been chosen to be a part of the Special Warfare and Reconnaissance Group. Yes, she knew she was an aeon. And one who could be useful in a group setting. But she had the names of the others who had been called to the meeting running through her mind. They were all so… powerful. Violent. Special. Interesting. She tilted her head a bit, zoning out as she thought about how awkward her interactions could possibly be with the others, until she realized she was daydreaming and snapped out of it.

“Get it together, Helena,” she whispered to herself, grabbing the papers the UDF had sent her home with. She had gotten the news while working in Medical had been trying to prep for this since then. However, her nerves were still buzzing under the surface of her skin as she locked her apartment and headed out.


Helena sat patiently, trying her best to look wide-eyed and interested as Jeff spoke about their assignment. She was happy right off the bat that their target was to be brought in alive. However, when Jeff mentioned who they were after, Helena couldn’t help but catch her breath and glance over at Garuda. Eyes darting between the general and the well-known aeon, Helena chewed her bottom lip nervously as she watched them interact. She was just thankful the attention wasn’t on her, and what this mission was going to entail was fascinating.

Helena had not just heard of Benjamin Regardie before. He had ended up in Medical once before under her care. He’d gotten severely damaged during a mission once and was having trouble shaking it. When he arrived, he had several bits and fragments of shrapnel sticking into him, with lines of blood dripping from various injuries. His breathing had been labored and it’d been hard to get from him exactly what had happened. She didn’t need to know though. Helena rapidly began working on laying her hand on any injury he had as other medical team members removed the shrapnel. It took a good hour, but by the end of it, he was good as new. Well, minus the sweat, dried blood, and the fact he was exhausted. He hadn’t talked much to Helena as she wanted him to rest and sleep after such an ordeal, but when she went to check on him a couple hours later he was gone. A general had checked him out without letting her know. That was the longest she’d ever interacted with Bahamut.

Helena realized she’d been zoning out for a minute, so she intentionally nodded vigorously as Jeff gave them instructions. She had a little notebook and pen and began mumbling under her breath as she tried to catch the most important parts.

“Steelwater… World Eaters…psychopaths in one battalion…”

When Jeff mentioned some of the other aeons, Helena glanced up from her notebook and looked around. She knew of Isolde but avoided her like the plague. Gossip ran amuck in Medical, especially when everyone got bored, so Helena had heard of most of these aeons before, although not all of them. And what she knew, she didn’t know if it was all true or not. People did like to exaggerate. Helena was trying to keep a mental list in addition to her notebook though and tucked it in a pocket as she gingerly got up and went to go get her gear.
I'm here! No problem waiting. I've just been trying to keep up with the lore, map, character sheets, and IC, rereading them a lot. Promise to jump in as soon as my brain can figure out the best way to go about it, ha.

"I won't be held responsible for your mistakes."

@Archangel89 sorry for the laughing face on the CS, I can't figure out how to undo it 🤦‍♀️
Really interested in wrath. I like the idea of a fallen angel who sees wrath as a virtue to accomplish what they think is "good" and "just."
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