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Current Sudden, high pitched noise coming from my PC. Shut it down. So I start into the new week not knowing whether it'll keep working. Great.
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Weekend... I have survived. I will try to salvage what's left of my roleplaying schedule, but please be patient with me for the next 2, 3 days.
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3-4 hours overtime every day for weeks kinda sucks.
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So far my vacciation has not turned me into a cyborg yet. I'm kinda disappointed. I had really been looking forward to assimilating people, both spreading the vaccine and make other people do my work.
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Sorry to all my partners for replies still pending. I got things out of the way for tomorrow so I should be able to get things done then!
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I will try to scratch my application together this evening or tomorrow.

What's the deadline ? If I should fail to deliver until it then please don't wait for me.

As the minutes passed, Lorcan found it increasingly easy to truly watch what was going on despite the room being so busy. No headache yet, but that could still come despite the fact that his mind had apparently adapted to the plethora of information and successfully started to just skip everything of obvious non-importance. Therefore, pretty much the only thing left on his observation schedule was the table where 'Sabers & Shields' was played. An interesting game, but just like any other game primarily based on chance it was prone to one or more of its players not being able to stand a series of bad luck. The outburst would come, sooner or later, that was what the Skayleigh expected. If not now than later on when the stakes were even higher and, more importantly, more alcohol was in the players' heads, too.

Someone barking something made the half-giant turn his heads away from the game and towards the window, They had knights down here ? At least that was his very first impression of the blonde man. Then the other maybe was his squire or the like ? The two consumed so much of Lorcan's attention that he didn't realize the elven scholar until the latter was almost out of sight around the next corner. Then the sailors passed by and destroyed all his assumptions about the muscled boy being some sort of 'squire'. That was... unless servants not serving a knight but a tavern were called 'squires' down here, too!

Some of the barmaid's words did reach his pointy hears and burned into his head. Trouble ? Why should there be any significant trouble with some food and beverages that would merely last for another week anyway ? Except for the greedy guards Valorne so far had given the impression of a rather civilized place. It probably was nothing, but Lorcan felt some kind of eagerness to take a look behind the scenes.

It would be rather unappropriate to even try that as long as Raddek was gesturing him to come towards the others though. Rooms for them sounded good, but helping the innkeeper out 'with a few things' did not. And then, as the half-elf had come closer and could listen their so-far-leader's other words, things started to merge and fall into place. So that crate had likely contained nothing but... beer ? That felt a little hilarious in the first moment.

"Erm... What exactly is a 'dark auction shipper' ? Sounds like a special term local to this place for me. And do we need to fine one, or do we need to find a specific one ?" he asked, trying to keep his tone low and the need for discretion about this information was pretty obvious.
So in preparation of my post I noticed that a question has popped up:

Does Raddek address Lorcan to move towards the others and lean in as well ? I'm asking because he sits a bit away from Migi and Jaina.


Neh'miah's words caused a chill feeling to erupt somewhere down on Skarsat's big spine and to surge upwards right into his head. Spontaneously trying to find someone who might share the same feeling, the Tork turned his head towards Percival and looked the man into the face. Was he really the only one who had an extremely bad feeling about the thief's happy announcement about Gerranti not being on the street being 'excellent' ?

Skarsat's worries would most likely have been tremendously much more intense had either he or Vargas' left hand known that, at this point, the whole assumption of this statement was no longer true in the first place. The sheriff had left the building already and Neh'miah was right about to jump out of it and into the streets below...

However, without that kind of updated knowledge, Skarsat saw little alternative to Neh'miah's route. In fact it did appear not so unappealing to himself for it would spare him from having to walk through the main hall and past the sheriff and his guards with both the key and, more importantly, that small package Percy had just given him. How many 'helping hands' of a busy tavern had nothing more important to do than to move around some small parcels that definitely and obviously did not contain any cooking ingrediends, except for maybe exquisite spices ? That thing was an open invitation for some sort of inspection that would hold things up and pose a danger in itself for sure.

So the Tork followed the thief's route towards the window and lifted his legs and butt onto the opening's frame with surprising ease after having moved his head through to the other side first. Yet as he already prepared for the jump there was a grinding noise and Skarsat's attempt to lean forwards further came to a rather abrupt stop. His shoulders were too broad!

Not too broad in the sense that even some simple wiggling and squeezing wouldn't be able to do the trick, but the otherwise smooth surface of his leather shoulder pieces was disrupted where two leather patches had been stitched together with some necessary overlap. The edge of the window's wooden frame now was pushing against the leading edge of said overlap and threatening to lift the upper piece up and tear the seam apart if he'd just try to force his way through.

He could easily have decided to just revert the process and get back in, but why should he do that if there was a helping hand just behind him that could fix this minor issue ?

"Erm... Percy ?" the Tork addressed him with some apparent embarrassment. "Can you help with this ?"

"You mean whether I can lend a helping foot to my very first guest who wants to be kicked out of the tavern ? No problem!"

"No! I meant can you just push these sea..."

Skarsat's words, as far as he could get them out, already mixed up with the noise of Percy picking up momentum inside. The latter could kick surprisingly hard, though absolutely not to his excuse one might add that he was exceptionally motivated and probably slightly impaired in his thinking by some serious hyper-nervosity!

The Tork now found himself following the fixed laws of gravity in a less than controlled descent which, given the falling height, would hardly last for a second. Also, since Percy had added some considerable horizontal momentum to the whole equation, Skarsat would land further out on the street than he had intended to do himself. Now there were obstacles down below he had definitely neither anticipated nor silenty hoped for.

He had already opened his mouth to shout out a warning towards ground zero that much more than the legendary Newtonian apple was going to hit when he realized that doing so would also trigger the attention of the guards in and outside the inn which probably was even worse than what was inevitably going to happen next. Skarsat moved knees, feet, shoulders and everything else he could that was not an as-flat-and-smooth-as-possible surface out of the way so hopefully it wouldn't turn out that bad.

The parcel! That damn small packet! What if it contained glass that would be crushed, shatter and pierce both his chest and Neh'miah's back ? He needed to get rid of that, too! The Tork tossed it away at the last moment so he had his hands free for intercepting the impact.

On the good side of things it was quite a bit softer than it might have been had he hit the ground beneath directly! On the other hand though it was clear that a certain, poor thief had to take the brunt of it. Still Skarsat's face hit some piece of cobblestone pretty hard and some piece of broken glass lying around caused a modest cut on it that started to bleed.

As Skarsat rolled to a dead stop he could already feel the anger surge in him. That... Percival! No matter where this blithering idiot would try to hide, he'd get him even if he had to just tear the whole place down! The Tork looked up the window he had just been kicked out of, but nobody was to be seen. Apparently Vargas' helping hand had already realized that he both had done something wrong and that he was dealing with a very angry person capable of handling a bow at this point!
*gently knocks at the door*
Maybe with the next round of rewards for the party there can be a potion of growth to fix any such shorty issues? :)

Lorcan would absolutely not try to get that, too. And hopefully the potion's main ingredient is NOT mutagenic, irradiated Skayleigh blood
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Having dinner in Mr. Garrick's estate ? Even if the food here would just be half as expensive and good-looking as the building itself, this would be the greatest meal he'd ever had. The thought lifted Mardyn's mood significantly and it was clearly visible on his face for a small number of moments if one paid any attention to him. However... what if Mr. Garrick had a poisoner mapped to an equally lavish entry in his payroll ? One could pick people by hand for a lot of reasons, as many malicious as benign probably. Fortunately though for the goliath this kind of random thought had not much of an opportunity to last as it now was his turn to state any questions.

The others had already eliminated some of the items on Mardyn's list, so he wondered if his first inquiry should actually be something along the lines of whether Mr. Garrick would prefer him asking questions still sitting on the floor or standing upright, inevitably staring down at the man.

What a stupid idea! The protest of the more strictly rational part of Mardyn's mind was quick and resolute. If their employer was susceptible to even the slightest bit of discomfort caused by an imposing individual, how would he then be able to handle the plethora of large creatures in his backyard ? Something told the goliath that a dozen griffons and a phoenix were neither the first nor the only thing this Mr. Garrick was dealing with. This, in fact, was even related to the first question he'd actually put up.

With his scalp having approached the supporting beams of the ceiling almost to the point of touching them, Mardyn addressed Mr. Garrick with a calm tone: "I would like to ask whether any and if so, how many of your personnel will accompany us. Maybe this is not the first time you send people on this route and you got some kind of dedicated, experienced expert for flora, fauna and the like ? Just as an example."

Please tell me that this elf won't come with us! Please tell me that behind his pointy ears he's a sickly man with a weak heart and an obsession with cleaning he'd never be able to maintain in a desert! I don't like him, even if it's just my mere intuition and maybe he's a very nice person!

"There will be four of my men in total, which makes eleven of y'all. I mentioned it a bit earlier but there will be two experts for the hippogriffs, and they've been on many drives before so they'll probably be able to keep you fairly on the right path. The other two are wagon drivers. Oh one of thems is a cook by the way, so that's covered too. Between all of you, that's about three hippogriffs per person, plus the phoenix, so y'all ought to be alright. As for experts in flora and fauna, well... I'm sure the alchemist knows a bit given how many tinctures they tend to use. My men all know the basics for survival so I suppose between all of you, you've got a fair bit of knowledge. I know a few of you travel by yourselves fairly regularly so surely you've got some useful knowledge in that area."

Two wagon drivers ? If one added the one person of the party who had mentioned having a wagon as well that were three in total. Mardyn was really not experienced in terms of long, complicated travels that involved more individuals than his mere self, but that appeared to be a little on the short side for comfort.

"If I'm not mistaken that makes three wagons in total or some have to be driven by people who are no dedicated drivers. Most of that space will probably be occupied by our living cargo and supplies. I assume the remainer will be left to make the journey on foot ? Nothing against it, just asking."

Mardyn shrugged his tremendous shoulders slightly. It really was more a question out of pure interest, but on the other hand there certainly was the possibility that there'd be somebody whose capability to fight or make proper decisions in a dangerous situation would be impaired by the lack of comfort.

"Unless you've brought your own transport, then I suppose so. Of course you're always free to grab something before y'all leave. I'm not against you all bringing your own comforts on the trip, it's going to be a very long journey and anything to make it easier is hardly worth protesting, but given that I'm paying you a substantial sum of money I'm not going to just... Provide everything you could possibly need. I may be wealthy, but even I have my limits, hm?" He chuckled a bit.

"I'm providing all of the food you will need, along with water rations, and tents for each of you. Whatever other luxuries you require are your responsibility."

Well, that response was a little more harsh than Mardyn had anticipated. However it wasn't like he had come entirely unprepared for this, so his next question was clearly aimed and squeezing some more information about their employer out of the latter. Maybe even some information Mr. Garrick was not all too easy with sharing:

"Well, I have one more item on my list: How did it happen that you found us, or rather that we managed to attract your attention in the first place ? I mean... it hasn't been exactly like there would have been an overabundance of posters and pamphlets for the job hanging around, and as far as I can remember at least I did not reach out proactively to you either. So, just for a bit of mutual trust, may I ask what kind of elaborate network I've trapped into that alerted you so efficiently about my existence and potential suitability for the task at hand ?"

The old man gave him a deadpan stare for a moment, as if trying to process his question. His face was struggling to remain neutral but his eyebrows furrowed slightly in confusion while he formed his response.

"Well lad, there was no 'elaborate network,' for one thing. I simply asked around my circle of acquaintances. I told them the sort of people I was looking for, they had worked with you before on some sort of job- I believe it was guarding a marriage or some such -and recommended you to me. I asked around a bit more to get an idea of your work history and then sent off a letter once I was confident in your abilities, and it was a similar circumstance for the rest of you as well. There was nothing efficient about it, let me tell you. I've been searching around and planning this journey for months. Word of mouth, my boy. That's all it was."

Now it was Mardyn's turn to grant himself some processing time, but rather not for Mr. Garrick's answer but how the man could actually see any difference between a 'circle of acquaintances' and a network like he imagined it. After some noticeable amount of time, the goliath came to the conclusion that there simply was none. He did not bother with telling Mr. Garrick however for it really hardly was much of an issue. The whole point of the question had been his interest and desire to see whether Mr. Garrick would be willing to gain his trust and actually provide a reply that made sense.

It did, everything else was nitpicking about details.

"My boy ? Okay. Well, let's see what your boy can do for you." Mardyn said with a grin. "I do not have any further questions at this point. Thank you."
Retainers... retainers... retainers ?! That word alone probably would have been a far cry from being enough to trigger Lorcan's anger, and Emmaline's act of degrading him to a mere 'jester' could also be excused by the fact that she had indeed tried to get them out of trouble, but the Skayleigh's opinion was biased. She had tried things her way in the most reckless fashion imaginable before, so what the woman had done now felt more like a repetition of that than it really was.

Or, in other words, Lorcan was looking neither like a jester nor like a humble follower when he went after Emmaline's steps for the next couple of seconds, but his looks would have been more acceptable for the role of a maddened harlequin whose part of the overall performance was to murder the king and shove his still warm body down from the stage and into the audience. He would have lied by stating that he was not waiting for her to utterly fail with her kind of approach.

The larger part of Lorcan's irritation fell victim to oblivion though once he spotted that the Umbrico Soldati had some decent comfort to offer. After dozens of miles walking, the thing falling from the sky and the encounter with the bandits this was very much like the kind of change he needed. It would put a severe strain on his pocket, but maybe Raddek's friend would indeed be able to... 'manage' ? The other question was though how their de-facto leader did happen to have just the right kind of friend at the right spot in the first place. Maybe this was just a bit of paranoia, but Lorcan thought it certainly was good to never forget that the majority of the party was here for one reason alone: they had done bad things in the past.

Who could be trusted and who not had been more of a secondary concern as long as everyone's life had been in immediate danger from much more obvious, external sources. Now however that one could expect things to settle down a little bit with a fair degree of reason any malicious nature, human or not, would have the chance to come back to the surface and do its deed. There were predators that did not hesitate from going after their own kind... Therefore, the Skayleigh decided that it would be best to sit with his back not to the open street or the main hall, but as close to a solid piece of building as possible.

Having squeezed himself into what had looked like the piece of furniture better suited for a half-giant than the others, Lorcan observed his surroundings. The place clearly was fascinating, if not even outright luxurious, but still he couldn't do otherwise than to spend most of his time on the people here. What were they doing ? What were they talking ? The influx of unknown dialects and habits was bound to cause a headache, but for the moment the Skayleigh just felt a little safer that way.

*enviously looks at Poo's new signature*
And you think a walking tree wouldn't be suspicious?

I mean.... Unless Lorcan stands in a plant pot and someone carries him around?
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