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Given the fact that I am a German, but am still speaking English on this site, I do not believe the time traveler theory. Still I'm feeling ashamed for this bot trying to sell you driver's licenses :(
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Depression's kicking in again.
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Anybody else having the overall impression that way too many companies are 'run' by so called 'managers' who take a lot of money for producing more hot air than any steam turbine could ever take ?


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A bit of a WIP still, might need some additional proof-reading and completion from my side.


Týfurkh felt somewhat challenged by The Being's so abundant use of the words 'dear friend'. He was no friend of The Being, he had merely done what he himself had found to be the right thing after having been nudged into the right direction. Yet the being was on the verge of patronizing him as if he'd actually be The Being's son! The latter's arm did not meet sympathy when it was wrapped around the giant's shoulders, but a cold stiffness that came from more than just the heavy armor still on top of them.

'Just your best bud, of course ?' For a brief moment, Týfurkh considered the possibility that the Being was just making rather poor, mocking jokes about itself, but also had to realize that he probably was kinda biased by the fact that one always tried to interpret things the way one more or less subtly wanted them to be. It was quite likely that The Being was actually serious about its encroaching spill of words -- which just made things a lot worse.

Good thing that at least Chres was keeping a neutral and helpful stance to all of this, explaining in short but understandable words what kind of black stuff they were looking at! Týfurkh felt a fair bit of worry surging in him however for Chres obviously was in an even far less preferable condition than he was himself. Should he try and convince The Being of being actually useful while here and maybe do something about the worst of their injuries ? The giant almost dropped the word, but then held it back as The Being told a story about it being useless anyway. Quite hard to imagine given the powers it had already shown off within the last couple of minutes, but better not to provoke something, but instead get over with the whole affair as quickly as possible and seek medical attention elsewhere all the sooner, Týfurkh decided.

"Your ability to impact the world has been stripped away lonce since ? I'm really wondering why anybody would ever consider doing that..." he dropped into the conversation dryly, internally applauding to whomever had brought that blessing of limiting The Being's influence upon all of them.

"Oh I'm sorry Bud, I've stopped hearing anything below a certain threshold after that couple of explosions I have been part in over the last couple of days. Maybe you can come back later and applaude us then when we've all had a bit of rest and recovery ?" He tried to join Chres' efforts of pointing out The Being's conversational flaws, but actually had only little hope for that having any noticeable effect.

Maybe Týfurkh would have adopted a much more angrily stance had the subsequent exchange of words not turned into one actually being much more useful than the talking so far. At least they were now given some serious explanations, even though they were hard to understand to say the least.

"So..." he started, releasing his words almost one by one with some noticeable gaps in between as he had to think about how to formulate the whole sentence. "What we're looking at... is essentially... a piece of reality that no longer is what it should be... because O'Kal has tampered with it... in order to maintain a presence in our world ?" Did that question make any sense ? Hell he wasn't even familiar with the whole matter enough to feel confident about that. "So let's stick to the basics first before I get a headache:" and he raised his palms towards Chres and Bud as if to make a stop sign. "That shadow metal here, you say it's not dangerous ? Then is there anything what we need to do about it ? Or is there anything we actually can do about it ? Like... if it's the black sheep of magic deterrents, can we collect and use it ? Just in case we run into more Sightless or the like."
@Penny I have some ideas. I will probably post tomorrow. @Fetzen Any ideas on your end before I do?

Feel free to unleash your ideas. Right now Fynn's basically waiting for them to arrive at the club so he can deploy his reconnaissance drone to get an overview of the location: entrances, exits, any cars parking that might be noteworthy, the pile of tabledancing zombies spending their inactive day in the garbage containers... whatever. Basically he himself doesn't truly know what to look for in particular at this point, so don't let that hinder your creativity ;)

Event: Tall trees and long shadows
Location: Loriindton
Interacting with: Lady Talit @Force and Fury

Otios' scheme

A single candle had been lit, flooding the room with the late evening's darkness as the small flame was hardly enough to reach the wooden walls of Otios' den with any significant intensity. The giant tree's soft bark pleased the Yasoi's sense of touch as he let his elbows rest on the rim of his 'balcony', transferring the weight of his chest onto them so to make it easier for him to look down at the vastness of Loriindton below. He had to be careful not to stumble backwards against his bed in the process for everything was quite cramped, but if one considered that this was not an ordinary house, but rather a pit carved into an humongous treetop so to give a single person not only the view of the city below, but also the heavens above, it all became a matter of relativity.

It had been Otios' first choice for his stay here: not only for the magnificent sight, but also for the gentle swinging of the tree that had a somewhat calming effect when lying in bed and for the naturally restricted access to this tiny hideout. Yet a mere couple of moments after having brought himself into position, Otios already stepped away from the pit's rim and dropped himself onto the bed so he no longer had to see the city. What had been an ocean of light on the ground underneath another ocean of light in the skies had somewhat turned into a dark abyss. Otios had spent the first couple of hours after the event down there, then decided not to go there again until the next morning. There was nothing but suffering and anger to be found and he certainly didn't need to drown his head in that seething cauldron. He needed to remain clear and calm.

At this moment, the single candle added itself to the countless lights in Loriindton that were no longer lit, even though in this case it was certainly not in order to avoid any seem of still celebrating anything. The flame had simply exhausted its fuel supply -- a very foreseeable issue.

Had Merit's death been foreseeable, too? He had hardly known her, but eliminating any kind of guiding figure had always been a good measure to cause trouble. The thought of failure struck Otios' mind for he had not helped or even just brought up the idea of locking the old lady away in a metaphorical vault until the whole Eskandr affair had been over. A mette'stiroi of this magnitude and rolled out in full publicity had been an open invitation for such a thing to happen, hadn't it ? At this point he could not even entirely rule out the possibility of Lyen indeed being the culprit or at least the helping hand even though he firmly refused to believe it. Dyric had fed on nothing but superficial matters at his initial presentation, but the vision of his audience also seemed to have narrowed down to the point where this sufficed…

Then, the face of a woman appeared perhaps a foot from his own, materializing as if out of thin air. “Keep quiet!” she hissed immediately.

Otios’ blood seemed to adopt the consistency of a bitter cold, viscous goo instead of a watery liquid for a brief moment, and while his heartbeat still accelerated his mind was already calming down again. At least a bit. Keep quiet ? An assassin wouldn’t ask this, but just do the job, right?

After a moment, as his nerves settled, the face resolved itself into a familiar one: Talit’yrash, straddling the branch right in front of his dugout. “Sorry to come to you like this, but it was the only way I could slip out without being noticed. I am supposed to be bathing right now, or so they think.”
Otios’ eyes widened for both the surprise and the fact that it was Talit herself who had come to him. He had expected something to happen after the debacle that had been the day prior, but the Lady herself still was an unexpected guest to say the least. “Talit ? You ?” he asked, half wonderingly, half admiringly. “What is the matter? I mean… not the obvious matter.”

“You look surprised to see me,” she replied with a smirk, perhaps able to leave the weight of the past day’s troubles behind her momentarily. “It’s a spatial spell.” Her smile waned weak. “Lady Merit taught it to me when I was fourteen. Anyhow, time is of the essence and you’ve fortunately managed to stay out of the worst of everything. You’re clean, Otios, and that’s why I need you.” She paused, adjusting her position subtly. “It’s why Lyen needs you, truly.”

The corners of the male Yasoi’s lips moved upwards slightly, even though the severity of the situation at hand was so obvious it did not go unnoticed by him either. “Since you stated my cleanliness so explicitly, I suppose it is time to get my hands dirty ?” He let his head sway to both sides repeatedly a little as if weighing his options, only to reveal the gesture’s purely rhetorical nature immediately afterwards: “I am certainly not opposed to that idea. But… we’re not talking about murder, are we?”

Just how little did he know about Talit’yrash! The first day of trial had somewhat served as an introductory lecture for him in terms of how the societal pinnacle of Loriindton looked like, but both logic and his bare gut feeling indicated that he, of course, was oblivious to most of its internals. The sheer sketchiness of his picture about Talit made his stomach cramp slightly as he awaited her response, for he could not entirely rule out her straightforwardly presenting him with a list of lives to steal. With the prosecutor gone, who else would be left to push Lyen’s case?

“No,” she assured him after a long moment. “I won’t rule it out, but that’s a last resort. There’s been enough murder.” She shook her head. “It’s… more about lies, and money changing hands. That Timewalker’s dirty.” Tali’s eyes flicked, ever so quickly, to the couple of inches that remained of her right leg. “She only cares about personal gain, but she’s going to be called to the stand and her word treated as unimpeachable truth. Dyric’s dirty too. He had all his ducks lined up way too easily and public and obvious Parrench supported murdering a known opponent serves his agenda very well. I think he’s going to try bribing her. We need proof, or we need a counter-bribe.” She grimaced for a second. “If it comes down to it and there’s no other recourse, then killing her might have to be back on the table. The Eskandr army is no more than a day’s walk away and, if we time it right, we can pin it on them.” Her eyes darted about for a moment in either justified wariness or paranoia. “Still a last resort, but she’s vile and has it coming to her. You know, actually, that army…” She trailed off, peering down into the abyss below. “It’s an opportunity if we’re willing to… do our duty as members of the Grande Armee.”

Otios traced Talit’s eyes as they traveled down towards the stump that was her leg, and a gut feeling told him that it probably was not something down there itching coincidentally right at that time. “You know what’s been shocking me ?” it burst out of him. “Just how the entire town hung on Dyric’s lips when he gave everyone a small scratch of the skin of what should have been the whole apple. I’d have to think for a while to figure out whether I’ve ever seen such a lack of imagination before! You probably know him a lot better than me, so: Do you think he’s a clever person? Because if so, then we know he’s doing foul play. Only dumb people would only see the superficial unintentionally or because they couldn’t do better.”

He looked down on Loriindton again, which by now even seemed to have turned a little darker than before. His focus got briefly stuck on the sight of a tight, elongated formation of colorful lights that seemed to move just barely above the threshold of perception. If these were the tiims’archa still in the race, then he was in a good position as the red light was making serious progress. Or was the track the other way round actually? Hard to spot from up here.

“It seems people believe him, that they want to see someone being punished, and if they already refuse to think more profoundly there, then I’m indeed worried about the Eskandr. Not because they might attack us, but because we might have hopes for them sparing us altogether should that army march around Loriindton harmlessly. I don’t trust those Southerners as far as I can spit and you know why ? Because I’m a thief myself! I know that once you start basing your whole income on taking other people’s property, you gotta do it again and again. So guess what will happen should the Eskandr have exhausted their spoils from the Parrench one day. The difference between an army of myself and an army of Eskandr however is that the former wouldn’t massacre everyone’s wife and burn down every place it comes across.”

“Maybe you’ve lived around humans too long,” Tali replied a bit shortly. “We’re not all that different from them, truth be told.” She shook her head. “From outside, I have to admit that it looks pretty damning, even if it’s circumstantial, but when people are emotional, and particularly in large groups.” She shrugged. “You know how it is: only takes one idiot to start baying for blood.”

She shifted position slightly, glancing about with renewed paranoia, or perhaps it was justified suspicion. “For what it’s worth, our people here would never willingly join the Eskandr, but I share your suspicions about the Southmen. They may hold themselves back this time but, overall, they make our self-appointed Parrench overlords look restrained and predictable by comparison. To hold ourselves back from taking a position is, in a sense, taking one.” Gazing down at the mix of forest and city below, she became still. “Unless there was some way to have one thrust upon us…” She trailed off, glancing over at Otios, gauging him, perhaps.

A slight trace of scowling flashed over Otios’ face as he listened to Talit’s words. He did not like it to be called out for the fact that most of his life so far had taken place outside of Yasoi heartland, but given the severity of the overall situation he was not going to start a debate about it –- at this point. Also her next couple of words, combined with her scrutinizing gaze upon him, made him focus on other things entirely again anyway.

“I hope that what you’re saying about the Eskandr is right, Lady Talit. I am a bit too young to have witnessed Parrench cruelties myself in a way I could remember, but would have hated it to learn that I’ve thrown my life into the balance for protecting the city of people who have been as evil or even worse than what those Southerners are doing now.”
He half-inadvertently returned the favor and glanced at her briefly in a gauging manner, too. After a deep breath and a sigh, the large Yasoi let his view return down towards Loriindton and continued:

“There is no real, long-lasting peace to be expected from Eskand. Anybody who’s going to argue that they’d be good, long-term neighbours or even allies because they don’t seem to harass our settlements in this war will try to sell you a military matter of course. Why fight two people at the same time if you can do so one after another, with an arbitrary period of rest and reinforcing in between ? The only thing their current stance towards us really says is that their leaders aren’t stupid, while at the same time they prove that they can be at least as reckless as the Parrench, if not even a lot worse.”

Huusoi… Otios could feel a surge of anger rising about them, one he had not felt in quite a while. Maybe Lady Talit was right about him having lived too long among them after all, but maybe not for the reason she had tried to point out, but because now the majority of all Huusoi nations had proven to be very bothersome for the Yasoi ? He could simply not remember having heard anything about his own kind having dominated Sipenta in such a vicious manner.

A thought blasted through his mind like one of his own lightning strikes. Lady Talit could probably guess it just by how suddenly he twisted his head around to face her again. “You want something that leads us out of this stalemate ?” He sat down onto the bed in order to extend his long arm down into the space beneath it, only to pull a large leather bag. “I should still have this map around I used on our journey to this place… I’ve got an idea!”

At this moment, with the parchment already halfway in his hand, he realized that the candle was no longer lit in order to properly illuminate it. “Oh…”

How garrulous you are. Tali had wanted to roll her eyes more than once despite the overall serious tone of the conversation, but then he got an idea. It was plainly written on his face even before he stated it verbatim, and she set any other judgement aside. “Here,” she offered simply, creating a glow over the map with a simple arcane spell. “Now, what did you have in mind? We should hurry. I will be missed before long.”

Otios unfolded the map on what could only be considered a petty excuse for a table, but it was sufficient to provide a flat surface for Loriindton and its surroundings. “So…” he started, presenting Tali with a grin. “As far as I am informed, much of the Eskandr fleet has been destroyed, right? And while their armies are ravaging whatever they come across, there seems to be little effort to establish a more sustainable foothold with peasants, cattle, and all the other things that would be required for that, am I correct ? So basically their armies live from whatever they can loot from the settlements they encounter. And now please tell me what you don’t see on this part of the map.”

“Those weird sea monsters, demons, and fantastical forest creatures that huusoi are so fond of drawing?” she teased.
“No.” Otios replied, his intonation of the word forming a slight crescendo as he felt like having Tali taken by surprise. “It’s Parrench settlements. Sure, there are a few, but not many. So in order to keep supplied, the Eskandr army will have to move over much longer distances around Loriindton. So what would happen if, let’s say, some unfortunate event, destroyed a significant portion of their current food stock or rendered it unusable ? It would be something they just cannot ignore, and it would reduce the distance they can march until reaching something new to loot that’s big enough.”

She was about to tease him some more for brushing right past her attempt at levity, but then his idea was a good one. She pursed her lips for a moment and let out a low whistle, eyes darting about the parchment. “What. If.” she agreed, as they flicked hisi way. “I take it you have some method of achieving this?”

“Hm.” Otios mumbled, noticing that her eyes were focused on him and feeling slightly uneasy because of it. “That is the good question about it. It would be perfect if one could make it look like a natural occurrence, a disastrous case of bad luck so to speak. A thunderstorm hitting the wagons they store all the corn and bread it, for example ? Or some nasty fungus that colonizes the whole heap rapidly and makes it inedible ? Nature’s different here!” Part of him really hoped that Tali would understand that this had been a quite spontaneous idea of his.

“You’ve put some thought into this, haven’t you?” she asked, but it was really more of a statement. He likely had something in mind already and was merely asking after her rinput to show some deference to a superior. The thing was that Tali wasn’t a superior at all. She had turned twenty-four only yesterday, and this man was a veteran of much, who had been practicing magic and thievery, and combining the two since before she’d been born. “Personally, I’d say that the fungus is our best option, if you can find the right variety. I have seen how gifted you are with Thunder, but the Thunderspear’s magic use from Relouse is too fresh in people’s minds and they will turn to speculate about sabotage.” Tali threw in a shrug so as to guard against the possibility that she’d guessed wrong and allow him to state his true preference. She blinked and glanced over, onboard with the idea in principle, at least.

“It was a sudden inspiration.” Otios felt like he’d have to admit it openly as he noticed what he interpreted as skepticism in her question. “However over the years I think I’ve learned to distinguish the unusable from what can be practically implemented.” Did he just feel the first, subtle signs of sweat forming on his skin ? For the most part of his life, he had not had anyone to get orders from or report back to, but since the whole invasion began, he was working together with the Lady herself, and now this had turned into a very concrete instead of abstract affair. The Yasoi who didn’t know about her and her prowess first had to be found.

“So, erm… fungus it is. I can remember a species that might fit the bill for this. I actually used it once to ruin the day of some innkeeper I really disliked, but… I don’t know if it can be found in Loriindton, even though I wouldn’t be surprised if it can. We still have Lyen locked up in the prison, though.”

“Cognitive dissonance,” Tali chirped, smirking wickedly. “If people are busy fighting off Eskandr, they’re not going to also want to look poorly upon the Parrench. Their minds won’t be able to make sense of it.” She shook her head. “I know it well. Worse comes to worst, and it’s a distraction, at least. Allows us to reset the trial and start again without such a frothing mob having decided she’s guilty until proven innocent.”

Tali’s facial expression did not slip past Otios’ attention. It went beyond approval in some way, but the thief could not find pure joy in this fact. With some serious concern, he looked up to her and asked straightforwardly: “Is Loriindton ready for this? The Eskandr attacking this city is the ultimate goal of the idea and I think it’s merely preponing the inevitable, but still: people could die. In fact we will have to prevent any peaceful negotiation about sharing our resources with them, for that could destroy our current alliance with the Parrench and leave us standing between all chairs in the end.”

“How can you ever be ready?” Tali shot back. “But it’s either fewer die now or more die later.” She shrugged and looked a bit uneasy. “Now, I’m going to be missed, and you don’t look like I do and get to slip away unmolested. We need someone to look into the Timewalker still, and Dyric, but take the course of action you think is best. For now…” There was a moment where Ootios could, perhaps, feel a semi-familiar sort of energy collected in the air around him in sudden and massive quantity. Then, mid-wave of her hand, Talit’yrash was gone.

At first, it was only Otios' foot that escaped the grip of his unstable slumber and hit the unforgiving wooden ground toes first. Then the inevitable pain from the latter caused the rest of him to ascend from his resting state somewhat unwillingly. Moaning, he opened his eyes and could only barely see the upcoming sunlight trough the thick pillow he had buried his head in. So it already was the next morning indeed ?

Lady Talit's disappearance had just been the beginning of things for there were plenty of preparations to be made if anything was to be pulled through. No less than three 'where'-s had to be solved: Where was the Eskandr army ? Where was the timewalkers' dwelling place and where could he find that fancy fungus he intended to use ? The army would make locating it only easier as long as it was still on the approaching leg of its journey around Loriindton, but the other two were much tougher nuts to crack. Or rather: had been. It dawned upon Otios that his distorted feeling of time was simply the result of too much nocturnal activity in order to make progress.

Hyco'tar'thuum simply translated to 'small red fungus' in husoi language, but another commonly used term for it among yasoi was 'the red pest'. The innocent looking, very ground-dwelling plant fed on decaying wood like most of its cousins and produced rather heavy spores that didn't fly through the air for long, but instead were covered in a natural adhesive that made them stick to whatever animal had popped open the fruit body in the first place. Some time later they'd simply dry and fall off onto the ground again to grow into a new colony. Problems started however when these spores came into contact with things like bread or meat that wasn't thoroughly dried and salted, for then the fungus would switch its diet and send its mycelium on a feasting rampage. The plant was not highly toxic, but its vile taste was quite unbearable. There was no reason for anyone to sell or buy Hyco'tar'thuum, hence its alternative name.

Finding fungi around Loriindton was easy, but the people here had firmly eradicated all occurrences of the red pest in the city and its most immediate surroundings a long time ago in order to avoid accidental contamination. It had therefore been a few hours worth of riding and searching in the middle of the night in order to obtain a large jar full of plants. A couple of tiims'archa had helped -- both against the darkness and the lonelyness. Even they crept their way around Otios' special cargo though.

The time walker was a bit of a different matter though. First of all, the fact that Yasoi as a whole did not exactly pledge allegiance to the flag of 'private land ownership' made any question about the time walker's residence a bit invalid to begin with, but even more importantly Otios simply could not allow himself to ask too much, let alone in the middle of the night. The city was on alert and being too nosy in the public could stir up unwanted attention. There was a solution Otios deemed rather simple however: His would-be victim would have to show up at the trial, and with everyone else staring at that person's nonexistent magnificence and what he was doing with it, there'd be plenty of time to backtrack the footsteps and find their source.

Could there be anything more exciting than taking out a judge's house while said judge was doing his job ? The problem Otios saw however was that, by the time he'd have finished his double-job, the lack of sleep would have degradated him into a miscreant with sixth-wheel social incompatibility.
In Feature Request Thread 18 days ago Forum: News
I've got two things I'd consider far less important than many new features already mentioned, but since it's an open question I'm gonna put them up anyway :)

More uniform spacing around various BB-Code elements

The problem is that these elements build blocks that always start end end on a new line, but behave assymmetrically about how they ensure this: At the beginning, they only insert a new line if there's not one already present, but at the end they always add a new line. This results in the manually inserted line-break after 'My sample text 1.' coming out as exactly that, one line break and then the list begins. At the end however you get two line breaks in front of 'My sample text 2': One is the manually added one, the second the automatically added one.

What you effectively get in terms of behavior in front of list/hr/... is this:

# line breaks in editor# line breaks displayed

What you effectively get in terms of behavior after the list/hr/... however is this (differences marked in red):

# line breaks in editor# line breaks displayed

I think it would be cool if the behavior after the ul/hr/... would mimick the behavior in front of it, so basically there'd just be the rule 'the first line break in the editor is only for cosmetics in said editor, but entirely redundant for the generated output' for both places. Basically, if the user inserts newlines after the list, the first of them could just be ignored for the output.

Ignore certain linebreaks within tables

Within a [table] element, any line breaks you add outside of a [cell] element are remorselessly added to the displayed output in front of the list. This forces anybody to avoid those line breaks even if they'd make the table much more read- and editable in the editor. I think it would be cool of those linebreaks just could be considered as meaningless whitespace merely meant to increase readability in the editor and completely ignored with regard to the displayed output.

Small bugs (possibly to be continued)

  • The [.hr] tag is still displayed as a horizontal line instead of just the BB-Code within a [code] element.
  • The list of online users sometimes adds an unnecessary comma at the end as if there'd be one more user whose name needs to be separated from the others.

Fynn LaPlace

Hey Eleanor,

Mrs. Primrose and I are on our way to 'Madame Lafitte's' just in case you want to know. Would appreciate if you'd call back because we're worried.

P.S.: You could finally grant me the budget to develop my gun blast recognition software. Like voice recognition, you remember ? Just triggering on shots fired and certain people moaning in agony instead to send automated notifications...

This was so completely unnecessary! People actually having to call others manually in order to inform them of trouble just felt like such an antiquated thing at times. Much less antiquated however was the small drone Fynn started to assemble on his lap while they were driving to the club.

"Nothing like good reconnaissance..." he mumbled as he inserted the battery pack and gave the camera lens a decent cleanup. He could have thrown the thing out the window and used the remote control to guide it all around the traffic jams and red lights to the club directly, but experience dictated that other drivers on the adjacent lane could respond in a rather confused and irritated manner upon flying objects appearing in front fo their wind shield. Also he had somewhat promised Primrose to do some online research as well and couldn't do both at the same time.

With his rather large laptop on his hands, Fynn browsed for the club's own homepage at first. "Seems pretty standard to me, though I can already tell I won't like the music played there. However there's a member login. Maybe they're hiding something behind that ? Could try to find a way in." There also was the darknet, a rather abstract but also vast space Fynn was not unfamiliar with, even though more on the investigative side than anything else. Aside from a bunch of drug dealers stupid enough to openly announce they'd sell their stuff at some dark hours near the club's array of garbage dumps however there was nothing conspicuous to find it seemed.

"Says the right one..."

Týfurkh's voice was a tad more cold than had been the norm for the giant man so far. It was not entirely intentional however for the fight, the lingering feeling to suffocate that had started with the deep dent in his chestplate and ended in a real struggle for life and death entangled in too many tendrils to count, and last but not least the sight of way too much disgusting rot to stick with easily had not only pretty much drained his reserves, but also whatver kind of good mood had been left.

It seemed however that Chres was alright, despite some nasty crack he thought his ears had picked up over all the chaos and the obvious pain. The other seemed to be fine as well, at least as far as one could determine that externally. Týfurkh did not expect any of them to actually feel particularly well at this point though. This had been... a bit of a rough chain of events to be honest.

"If I might ask a few questions ? First of all: Who, or what, are you ? A semi omnipotent being because you're so amused despite the severity of events and also manage to pop up and disappear seemingly at random ? Then I'd be happy to know whether this 'shadow metal' -- did you just call it that way, Chres ? -- is actually as dangerous as it looks and why it is here. It doesn't look like something O'Kal has eaten for lunch before he decided to turn into an abomination, though who am I to even try and judge a madman. And then..."

Týfurkh was slightly hesitant for how to formulate the next question. He didn't want to come off as rude, but also not as someone who'd accept weak-ish answers for softened up questions easily at this point.

"How does it come that you decided to contact me ? I don't know about the others, but neither have I seen them nor this whole town before and I probably would not know any of them without you. Is there something special about me I don't know of, or was it just a 'lucky', random circumstance ?"
Fynn LaPlace

"Madame Lafitte's ? Sounds French..." Fynn would not have been Fynn had he not brought some kind of electronic device with him that was suited to do some more research on the spot, but he found it difficult to fully concentrate on the screen right now. Primrose, she... she had actually liked the pizza ? He had honestly not expected that to happen, but the way she had not hesitated to take the first bite only to then put it onto her desk almost as if she needed to build up some distance between it and her mouth so not to be fully occupied with eating... Interesting!

This was not the right time for doing some data mining on each other's eating habits however and it only took Fynn's hands a few swiping moves to bring up a map of the city with a lot of routes put into the car's navigation system drawn on top of it. Fynn turned the screen around to show it to Primrose, then zoomed in with his fingers onto a particular spot on the map until the name 'Madame Lafitte's' popped up. The line clearly did stop and go from there and more than once.

"Looks like our victim has been there several times indeed. It might be worth investigating even though I'd not be looking forward to it. I'm... not exactly the club kind of guy." Fynn tried to force a smile upon his face, but the utter failure to pull through with that entirely told a story about the truth in his mind. Buildings filled to the brim with cigarette smoke, loud music and probably tons of alcohol where not what he believed to be his forte.

Then he darted a glance onto her workstation's screen and read the words 'Aua, das tat weh.' she had mentioned. "I have no idea what that means, but if I might take a photo of that and dump it into my favorite AI transl... Oh, that was quick! Erm... it's German, and the one who has written this line complains about having endured pain. So... maybe this club is actually dangerous ?"

Of course it was if it had something to do with their case! The guy was dead after all.

"Mal ? Jaelle ? Hm! That's a good question!" Now, of course, he could try and hack into what was pretty much his own software he had installed at least on Eleanor's phone in order to secretly access what her phone knew about her location, but there were options less prone to getting himself into trouble. Just calling her, for example.

Fynn put his phone onto Primrose's desk and activated the speakerphone function. Hopefully their boss would report in quickly, but so far only the usual beeping sound of a connection waiting to be established was to be heard. Slightly nervously, Fynn looked at Primrose and arched one of his eyebrows a little.

Location: Loriind'ton
Event: Tiims'archa race

Whenever Otios entered some place he believed he might have seen before, he tried to remember the occasion and in particular the time when that had occurred. Knowing where and when oneself had been was an important thing for anybody who had to live in the steady, subtle fear of being remembered by somebody whom one might have pissed off a little too much -- even if said fear was very much one voluntarily accepted by oneself. Also only the greatest fools thought that people's pockets and houses would just refill themselves with valuables as if by magic, no matter how often one returned to loot them.

Already on first glance however, Loriindton gave the impression of being an exception to this rule: The whole place looked as if conjured out of nothing and with said nothing then having been sealed away behind an unnatural, evergreen curtain that required gods knew how much magical practitioning to maintain. Could a city bristling with such an overabundance of carts, wagons, crago, traders and artisans ever be depleted of oblivious people one could still steal a lot from ? Maybe not. And the fact that there was no lack of huusoi only added bonus points to this for it would absolutely save him from the questionable morale of stealing from his own people, just in case...

In fact, the density of this settlement almost felt a bit too intense. The light would drown out what little starlight had a chance to come through the oversized canopy at night and for something like true, fresh and untouched air one probably had to wait for the next violent storm to force its way through the maze of streets and hanging walkways. There certainly was a bit of irony to the fact that a city that was literally built in and out of a forest smelled as if burning through a whole forest in its many furnaces each day.

If there was something that had serious potential to outline the vast difference between human and yasoi approaches to life, then it was what the latter tended to do with the fancy snails of their homeland. Only a species with a life expectancy greatly increased and, at the same time, a lot less of that inherent creed for combat, violence and drama could honestly arrange for something that involved no speeds greater than the abysmally small and still call it a 'race'. And only such a species could then even go so far and sort of professionalize the whole thing.

Just how much time did it take to breed tiims'archa ? And then to sort out which of the snails was good for racing and which not if every test run did take several hours to complete ? Okay, one could attend to other stuff in the meantime, but what about actual training if anything like this was actually possible with these creatures ?

Despite being a Yasoi himself, it just felt unimaginable for Otios to ever join this kind of business -- even assuming that he would cease living among humans and thereby stop being influenced by their much more fast-paced style of living immediately and for all time to come. Frankly speaking, he had had not the slightest clue about which of the snails in the competition to put his money on, but he had just done so anyway even if just for honouring the fact that there was at least some activity that didn't involve eating those innocent beings.

Okay, and he had needed at least some thrill, too! And he did remember than the reason they had come here was not to endulge themselves, but to avert a potential disaster. The actual race track was a bit less crowded than the humongously large banquet and it also was a bit out of the Master of Mockery's range so people's ears just had to be less saturated and more open for his own words. The more widespread the probably false belief that loud talking would make the tiims'archa nervous and less performant was, the better! Noticing something out of the ordinary here, from an elevated position on the stands, was just more feasible.

About half an hour after the probably least flamboyant of all racing starts he had ever witnessed, Otios could see the bright red snail of his chosing tugging along nicely. It was not the first one, but clearly in the leading part of the overall field which was now approaching the first water section. He felt ready to cheer just like the rest of the crowd, but as the huge Yasoi readied his arms to do so he noticed something thought to have been left behind in the small room he had rented: one of the wires was still in his pocket.

An idea flashed through his mind: water! He had to get closer to it... to the outer edge of the other stand that had been placed a mere couple of feet away from the pond! Many other spectators had the same idea at the same time, but simply because they wanted to stay as close to the 'racing' snails as possible. Otios had to dig his way through the crowd employing his size advantage shamelessly enough to trigger some serious complaints, but he could hardly care less about those few anonymous bystanders right now for he felt thrilled about his own mental concoction.

There, at the very corner of the stand and almost in danger of accidentally being pushed off it and falling onto the track, he was delighted to see that around the water was just plenty of grass, stones and even mushrooms. A lot of stuff to conceal the nasty little connection he'd now establish between his hand and the pond the tiims'archa were headed for. It merely took one sudden move of his hand which he had retracted back into his sleeve to give the small loop of wire enough momentum to start unfolding and rolling along until its end submerged into the water.

He knew the ground connection here, on the stand an in his boots, was anything but good, but for what little stimulus he intended to apply hardly anything better was really needed. Now he only had to wait until the red snail was out of the water and the rest still in. The big question was however: Would his gentle 'stimulus' work as intended and slow down the competitors or at least disorient them so they'd no longer go the straight route, but try to get out of the discomfort zone sideways first ? Or would it make them actually creep along faster ? And, depending on what would happen, would then anybody notice that something was just a bit too odd and become suspicious ?

There always was a way of making things more interesting!

Týfurkh, whose armor had been damaged and breathing impaired by the seed, had sought shelter behind what looked like bookshelf long abandoned. An eerily familiar situation behind a barrier that looked even less sturdy then the one he had used in his first encounter with a sightless, but this time with rotten tomes added to the mix! However, the roar of the seed after two more of its ugly hearts had been forced to stop beating caught his attention and so he dared to stop hiding. The giant rose like a phoenix from the ashes -- or in his case rather trash -- and pulled a not so slight cloud of stench behind him. Unfortunatenly though he perfectly knew that things such as 'suffocation' did probably not exist in the seed's wicked existence.

Pain however seemed to do, and it was fairly obvious that right now that was pretty intense factor for the seed to consider. He had not seen how Chres' had thrown some salt, but the way the tentacles now lumbered around rather aim- and helplessly was such a stark contrast to the highly aggressive, vicious demeanor they had shown off previously, that the opportunity was fairly obvious. And then there was Chres' call for help.

Quite a lot more sluggishly than the other pactmakers might have become used to with regard to someone whose sheer size deprived him of a lot of agility even in peak condition, Týfurkh approached the mess of flesh, debris and tendrils in the cellar's center. His breathing was painful, but his arms still worked fine. Týfurkh dug his hands into the skull's mouth and leaned backwards to amplify his pull by means of his weight. "Rip that abomination into pieces once you get at it!" he groaned.
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