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"He was infuriated to see Jinguuji-san eating with another man."
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"Damn stupid sun, making it morning whenever it wants even though I'm sleepy. Who does it think it is? Doesn't it know it has me to thank for its continued existence? "
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"I am Ferdinand von Aegir"


You showed up.

One way or another, you've arrived at my profile. You've taken a wrong turn in an alleyway because you didn't pay enough attention to your map. You've heard of something cool and new and thought maybe you'd see what all the fuss is about? Or maybe it is that you noticed like me updating my status or were lurking through an RP or something I am in and just kinda clicked my profile, that happens too. Regardless, you'll come to learn that your actions have consequences. Not this one since you can always just, like, leave.

I have a few names and I don't mind being called whatever you fancy at that given time. KingofTheSpectrum, FamishedPants, ChadChadlainn. Any derivative of these is fine as well. Most tend to use Pants, however. I'm nearing my thirties and enjoy games, anime, V-tubers, and visual novels. You can find my still-obsolete list here as it contains everything important on it.

As for games particularly, I am a huge fan of Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, Nier and its sequel, FFXIV, and recently, Project Wingman.I tend to lean towards shooters and action games, but I have also wasted 8+ years on League of Legends. I think the only games I tend to avoid are card games and sports games, but there can always be exceptions.

For anime, I tend to watch whatever looks entertaining. It doesn't have to be good. I've seen a lot of the generic, poor-quality isekai harems that are out there. It's difficult to remember what I actually genuinely like, but Chaika the Coffin Princess comes to mind, as well as FMA: Brotherhood. I'm currently enjoying Tokyo Revengers.

I've read my fair share of visual novels, as my list would tell you. I can't recommend going through Muv Luv Extra/Unlimited, then playing Alternative enough! Big fan of Rance, Grisaia no Kajitsu, and Demonbane as well. I could probably go on and on about them, but I'll stop here.

Also, fuck you, Broken.

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S a m u e l

"Izurich smelly"

— Sam

The ever-grinning face of Samuel's Esper form turned its attention towards the corpse of the felled snake, giving in to the urge to wipe the splat of blood that landed on his face when he plunged his blade into the said man's neck with his knuckles. He also chose to give a quick flick of his blade to rid its blade of any excess on it before studying the body with a bit more intensity, but only after glancing around to make doubly sure he wasn't going to get shot for doing so.

"Are those... bite marks?" he wondered aloud, examining it closely, but quite obviously avoiding touching the deceased being like it was tainted.

If he didn't think it was prudent to do so, Samuel would prefer to avoid inspecting this man's corpse in any detail. He could calm his heart and mind for these fights, but his stomach for this sort of stuff was never the best. G.E.M.I.N.I training videos did ensure that he saw these things closely before having to interact with him, and it wasn't like today was the first time he'd taken a life, but it wasn't something he warmed up to, either.

Samuel would stand up straight, scrutinizing the group of Freelancers with what would've been an approving look had he the ability to convey more than a creepy smile. He did not have such an ability in Esper form, sadly. "Wonderful," he commented. "We certainly have not finished the mission yet, but I imagine with this man's departure, we've crossed the toughest hurdle." Samuel glances at the radio buzzing with the anxious worry of the thug's allies. "Their response leads me to believe we have routed the enemy. And, assuming our shirtless companion has not fallen, with zero casualties." Beneath the eery echoes, one could just make out his satisfaction in his voice.

Except the building, Samuel avoided adding, although if that bomb threat was genuine, the fact that they got away with a burned hall or two and an explosion wasn't too shabby. The building was fairly intact, so Sam doubted it would be considered a failure by any real means, so long as there weren't surprises in the cleanup. But before that, Samuel wanted to check up on the status of these Freelancers...

Thus, the tense feeling one might get when a devil was watching them was fleeting for most of the group, but the ice-favored Freelancer, Klava, was not so lucky. Samuel eyed the girl unabashedly, her charred form prompting his next line. "How so very capable you remain even in such terrible condition," he nods, then glances at his own injured arm. "I must admit I couldn't see myself doing half as well in the same situation. Splendid." It was now that Apollo showed up, flaunting a gun that was flamboyant enough to be called 'fitting' when wielded by him. It seemed he came out victorious. As thanks for his help, Samuel immediately pointed out a job he could be doing. Lucky him.

Once it became clear that Apollo was tending to Klava, he moved on to the Protector. He eyed the detonator in their hands with caution. "It is a shame he had that, otherwise we might have been able to take him alive, possibly. But we'll have to settle for an identifiable corpse instead." Unless the Freelancer was against it, Samuel would hold onto the detonator from that point on. He did not seem to want to linger for very long, clearly preferring the idea of a clean, fully-swept building to one with potential hostile surprises popping up later.

It would not take long for he and the rest to wind up crossing paths with the railgun-toting G.E.M.I.N.I agent, Valkyrie, which for a zeptosecond, caused him confusion. The sound of her rifle was hard to mistake so it's not like he was oblivious entirely, but he was unaware that she wasn't just firing from afar like earlier. She had quite obviously seen better days, so ignoring all else, he hastened to reach her and confirm her status. Of course, at the end of the day, he was cursed with abilities better suited towards killing and maiming instead of healing and supporting. Realizing as much, he would opt to escort her down to the lowest floor (particularly helping navigate a certain hole on the way) if she requested it. Even if they weren't too familiar with each other, Samuel did not seem to mind at all if he had come off weird, almost doting. He would, naturally, respect any wishes they had, though.

Samuel would not rest until each and every nook and cranny of the place had been cleansed of the thug taint. On cleanup, if anyone there managed to use their heads and surrender, then he wasn't going to mercilessly execute them and instead have them be apprehended while they eliminated anyone that still posed a threat without batting an eye. This cleanup seemed to prompt a more aggressive behavior from Samuel, likely intending on making up for being so reliant on the Freelancers as he had been. Or, so one might guess was the reason for his sudden lapse into proactivity. But with what the entirety of his group (and the others) had to have dealt with today, perhaps they might view his yearning for the action as a positive thing.

Once everything had been entirely cleared and the mission came to a complete close, he personally thanked each of the members who worked with him, including Apollo, once again and bid them well.
S a m u e l

"Death from above!"

— Sam

Samuel delivered a swift, painless death to the foe before them with a cruel smile. Of course, this was not intentional, merely an inescapable expression he was forced into whenever he made use of this sick, twisted curse of his. It was sure to give off the impression that this bloodshed and carnage were joyous occasions to him. He didn't really feel that way, but he wasn't above using this to speed things up a little. If it made this dirty work a bit safer and a bit quicker, of course he would abuse it. To do otherwise would be inefficient.

And speaking of inefficient...

Running off to do your own things without properly communicating a plan and listening to the team leader... oh, I'm quite confident we won't have to pull some random employee in for those training videos anymore. Just give me a camera and I'll show you everything protocol warns us NOT to do.

Well, from what he could make out, before it became covered in tear gas, the Esper the thugs had wasn't wiping the floor with the freelancers. Perhaps a bit of spontanuity every now and then could prove helpful? Samuel had no problem with those two successfully killing such a potent threat, especially given the high-tier magic he was capable of using. Hell, his death could prove to be the blow to morale they need to force these thugs into a proper, real panic!

Now, what should he be doing?

Couldn't well leave everything to the freelancers. He had a job to do! It would be embarrassing to allow these chaotic elements to take center stage in a G.E.M.I.N.I operation. It would reflect badly upon him, the other agents, and it might even disappoint his boss -- something Samuel might prefer death to---

A loud noise caused by an explosion near them almost sent the injured Samuel tumbling down the stairs, something he only barely avoided doing moments ago. He was getting kinda tired of these stairs, honestly. As the loud ringing that assailed his ears subsided, he noticed the hole left before them.

That isn't going to please Doctor Moller... Not at all.

Samuel became irritated at the reckless destruction of property these criminals seemed so fond of. He thought about flinging a damaging spell right back into the hole, but his large barge of a friend decided to charge straight on in after a brief moment of preparing themself. Silhouette then decided to move to the edge of the hole in order to follow up on the protector -- a strategy that while repetitive, was quite effective up to this point so Sam had no qualms about abusing, only to notice that his armored ally was suffering some sort of mental attack.

To worry about such trivial things amid live combat... maybe I was thinking too highly of you.

Silhouette couldn't help but be disappointed at this behavior, ignoring moments ago when he was doing essentially the same thing. But who's gonna call him out for hypocrisy in his own mind? Nobody. Except me. Anyway, he looked up just in time to see a speeding Klava rush to their aid, though he could swear she had seen better days (or anything at all really). He couldn't say he felt confident leaving Apollo to deal with things by himself, but jumping through fire and tear gas just did not seem like the smartest plan, so he decided to assist the other two in helping clean up the people blowing holes out of the ground beneath him.

Sam inhaled and followed the icey woman down, though not through the hole they had made. Instead, listening to the voices beneath as best he could, he cast a specific note on himself once he was sure he could land on or nearby his target, Adder, by falling through the floor in an angle they wouldn't expect, hoping to surprise them with a blade to their neck or the most appropriate vital he could find. An extended fight with his wounded arm wouldn't be the best idea, though hopefully, Protector could regain their composure in time to assist if it had.
S a m u e l

"Teamwork makes the dream work."

— Sam

The panicked reaction exhibited by the gangsters in response to their friend suffering a gruesome end was excellent and the desired outcome. Samuel hoped to make the most use of their foes' inexperience with Espers, though this much could likely be gathered by his approach up to this point. But he couldn't blame these men for wanting to flee from the unknown, not when he did very much the same that fateful night. He didn't consider fighting that monster until there was nowhere left for him to run.

So the fact that two goons and what appeared to be a butler were able to regain their composure and stand firm against their advance was, well, somewhat admirable by Samuel's standards. At least, it would be if it wasn't simply a suicide option. Because this merely meant they were still obstacles in the way of Samuel's objective, and they weren't likely to be very hard to mov---

A butler?

A mistake.

Samuel made a stupid, dumb, arrogant mistake. Obstacle? Obstacle? This butler? No, unless they happened to take a detour by an asylum before conquering this station, this gang was unlikely to be attended by a willing butler. And an unwilling one would've fled the moment they had the chance!

"This is Silhouette," he spoke through comms to the other G.E.M.I.N.I agents while keeping an eye on the strange butler before them. "I have eyes on a potent--"

"Servant Sofron, at your services!"

As a consequence of his incompetence, Samuel and the rest of them received a melody in the form of a flaming skull that rocketed at them, leaving little room for them to avoid its effects. "CONFIRMED Esper sighting! We are engaged!" he alerted the rest of G.E.M.I.N.I agents mainly to reduce the risk of them getting blindsided if there were more Esper surprises, but that was all the attention he could afford to give the other team.

Samuel's arcane resistance gave him room to work with, although it wasn't very much, and it felt like even less since the remaining two thugs began suppressing fire. That wasn't even mentioning the dampening effect he was subject to the courtesy of this butler's tainted melody. It felt less like his mana was being stolen from him and more like the connection between Samuel and his mana had become vague, like a magical haze. It was still there, it was just much harder to grasp. He wondered if this was what it felt like to people suffering from his own magics. Although such a question would have to wait for another time, as the situation went from bad to worse.

They were now being confronted by the people who had been above them. Well, the singular man, 'Mamba', who rushed Apollo. If that wasn't enough, they were now being pincered by what seemed to be the very same men from before, judging by their words. Their retreat was now cut off, and Samuel wasn't able to utilize the entirety of his mana to do anything about it. He felt a hand grip his heart and attempt to crush it with hopelessness and despair.

Such irony... I'm not a fan of it.

Sam didn't let it smother him.

Calm in heart and mind.

The increasing heat told Samuel he only had a couple of seconds remaining before the butler's spell would engulf him, so he stood tall and whipped his arm out towards one of the grunts shooting at them, and let loose a melody, aimed at one of his arms as he retreated just enough to not be burnt to a crisp. The intent was to potentially cause the man to twist and maybe even spray the butler or other gangster by accident with his gun. Or at the very least, if he missed the arm but still hit the thug, he might just pull the man into this magical fire the butler started.

Either way, Samuel paid the price for becoming a bigger target while people were spraying bullets. One nailed him just below the shoulder on his right side, sending a jolt of pain throughout his demonic body, nearly sending him tumbling down the stairs, which likely would've been fatal given the blind fire being thrown into it. He managed to avoid that much, though.

Samuel hoped his allies could get them out of this mess they were in. He simply wasn't strong enough to do it himself.
S a m u e l

"I guess I'm dreaming again."

— Sam

Somehow, it felt as though only a moment had passed, and also 16 days had passed. Samuel was doing his best to ensure his teammates could do their best. A machine was a lot less likely to run smoothly if even one cog could no longer turn. If he could serve better greasing those gears, Sam had no problem doing so. He continued along until, after a certain incident with one of their freelancers, he was privately contacted by Binky, requesting that he keep a watchful eye on their (thankfully) poor Dick Cheney impersonator.

"I understand," Samuel agreed, though Binky's instruction wasn't exactly necessary. Threats to the whole were always going to be Samuel's focus if nothing else was supposed to take priority.

With the arrival of new foes, some of whom had names and cut-ins, Samuel had to take a more conservative approach. Shotguns and riot shields were actually quite effective against a man with weapons that sound like they were named by goblins. He allowed the others to be productive for those moments, with the armored freelancer providing a much-needed barricade between them and bullets intending on wiping them out and Apollo managing to shoot at things that were not considered friendly. Samuel did not mimic this behavior simply because he wasn't sure how wieldy a gun like that would be in this demonic form of his. He abstained, ultimately.

Assistance then came from Klava, who rejoined them and helped them push to the stairs, their armored freelancer still leading the charge. It was here, however, Samuel was forced to witness conduct he did not approve of, but he remained quiet about it. There is an argument that ignoring these sorts of problems is a problem itself, but Samuel had a sneaking suspicion these thugs weren't the sort to take five so that they could all watch his company's training video on sexual harassment in the workplace. Suppose that meant there was another reason to get rid of these thugs.

As Protector made short work of the men on the stairs, Sam received another call from Binky.

"Acknowledged," Samuel spoke into his receiver, listening to a loud, thunderous roar coming from above them as Binky informed him of Cobra's position. He took this slight moment, still following behind, addressing the freelancer group. "As expected, our objective is higher up, on the fourth floor. If we can continue to use this momentum to push through these optimists and sever the head from the snake, I suspect the rest of it will go limp," his ghastly voice added an ominous feeling to that statement.

It was then that they began their ascent, following Protector's lead and in pursuit of the shotgun-wielding gangster. The suit managed to snatch away the weapons from a number of their foes, and Apollo continued to rain fire on them. Until they were in a more open space, all rushing past their defense would do would hasten Sam's date with the devil, so he instead relied on his spells, which he was a bit more confident in if the truth were to be told.

Silhouette extended his arm out towards one of the disarmed grunts, who, when confronted with what appeared to be a literal demon glaring and pointing right at him, swallowed a lump in his throat. In the confusion with being relieved of his weapon and startled by Silhouette, he wasn't able to notice in time the swirling mass of shadow forming beneath him. One of his 'friends' attempted to warn him, but to no avail as in but a split second the shadow formed into a hand similar to Silhouette's own, erupting from the ground and grasping the man tightly. He began to panic when it then started to apply pressure, futilely trying to pry himself out of it with his bare hands. The gunfire prevalent in the building drowned out the crack of his bones as it shut tight, crushing him in a gruesome manner that left no doubt to those nearby that he had perished.
S a m u e l

"Bloodstains are nothing a little laundry detergent and cold water can't solve."

— Sam

As far as the weather was concerned, there was nothing particularly strange about it. An average evening in Pax Septimus, non too hot nor particularly cold, at least until now. For the few who remained outside of the building, the temperature would drop abnormally fast. It was enough to make their hairs stand up, and perhaps even coax a shiver out of them. But if that didn't, surely the onset of anxiety would. These girls would sense that not all was right, and it wasn't the building before them that gave them this impression. A storm of dread must be approaching and it initially felt as though they would be hopeless to stop it.

Of course, Betty and Veronica ultimately knew this was no cause for concern. After all, it would not be their first time being subject to this spontaneous fear. They could easily pull through, as well as Klava were she to attempt to put it behind her. This was, more than anything, an announcement:

Samuel had finally arrived.

"Pardon the delay," a thousand voices seemed to assail the women, as a humanoid figure composed of all the wrongs in the world appeared beside them as if from nowhere. In reality, they had simply been, understandably, paying much more attention to the building and the fight taking place within which made it easy for him to get there before they noticed. "I read the summarized briefing on the way over, so I won't waste any more time." those that had turned to face Samuel found his voice a lot less echoey as he made this statement before taking off.

With some of their squad already inside the building, it made a lot of sense that most of the gangsters' focus would be on those individuals there rather than the ones outside. Still, there was one man on the second story who, thankfully, Samuel spotted before leaving the safety of the APC. The thug, firearm ready and leaning over the window cill, was prepared to fire upon the next person to show themself with a hail of bullets. He would need to be dealt with.

Samuel's arm absorbed the dimmed light around it starting from the elbow and moving up. As it reached his hand, he quickly appeared from behind the APC, pointing Slash, his sword, at the thug and letting loose a dark bolt of energy at the thug who, unfamiliar with the magical side of the world, was momentarily startled by his demonic visage. This mistake was fatal, but the bolt that struck him square in the chest was not. In fact, it didn't hurt at all. Instead, the man felt a unique sensation as his body turned transparent and he suddenly found himself falling forward through the window cill he had been leaning on, plummeting a couple of stories to the ground with a loud thud as the spell ended. He groaned in obvious pain, but the fall did not succeed in killing him.

But that was what Sam's blades were for.

The gangster was unable to recover before the Esper closed the distance and plunged his blade straight through his throat, a spray of blood hitting his chest. The dying man let out a sickening gurgle and passed away not long after, but Sam didn't stay to watch, entering the building before any more men might try to gun him down from above.

If there was one thing Samuel was worried about, it was friendly fire. Since he had not personally met the freelancers who joined the op, he couldn't exactly know what they might look like. Some people, Valkyrie as an example, had a rather unassuming and basic Esper form. And if their choice of clothing just happened to resemble one of these goons, then that could lead to an unfortunate happening. However, when Samuel entered the building, he found such fears weren't relevant to this group.

A giant suit of armor and skinwalker auditioning for a new Rambo movie, alongside Jacquline. Well, at least they seemed to be holding their own. Or technically not -- that gun was the same kind as the gangers were using, so Sam imagined it must've been stolen. Either way, as long as it was turned on them and not him, a bit of theft could be overlooked.

"G.E.M.I.N.I Agent Silhouette has arrived," both Protector and Apollo would be subject to the same onslaught of voices as had happened before at the APC, but between the cacophony of gunfire and the severity of the situation, it was a minor nuisance at best. "I will make use of the opportunities you provide me with to the best of my ability."

Despite his intimidating appearance, Samuel didn't seem to be a priority target to the gangsters, though this was largely due to the big armored soldier making kebabs out of anyone close to them, or the man shooting hot lead in their general direction (as 'at them' seemed a bit too strong for the inaccurate spray he was subjecting them to). Heck, even the smaller knight bashing heads in was probably helping in this regard. Intending on keeping his word, Samuel focused his efforts on those that could still yet retaliate as Jacquline already seemed to be having the time of her life while taking out those who were disoriented.

His attacks would seem brutal, but efficient. A gangster attempting to aim his weapon at Jacquline while she made pulp out of another man's head would find his leg slashed and, as it gave away, his throat fell upon a dagger that was waiting for it. Another attempted to attack with an empty gun butt to the back of Sam's head, but lost his raised hand to a single swing and then was impaled through the chest on the next.
@BrokenPromise Why are you mentioning me in a topic that starts with "Maybe it's because my favorite Resident Evil is 6". Please use mentions in a responsible manner, please!

I got collabs to write in, some garbage ESPER RP to look at, a Pathfinder character to make, a Pathfinder crusade to lead, and I really think the last thing I need right now is being reminded that I need to go through Photonmelodies and the Day After. Or that Total Eclipse exists at all. I won't spoiler anything and just hard spoil that entire series right now:

The OP is the only worthwhile thing about it save the character designs.

Sakura would notice Emily wasn't smiling as he approached her and almost seemed to be devoid of any life or cheerfulness that she was typically known for. Initially, she seemed to be staring at a four-leaf clover pin that she got from the event, but looking even a little closer would reveal she wasn't focused on anything, as if she had accepted the present and then just 'shut off mentally.

And then she heard Sakura's voice.

She nearly jumped from being startled by it, letting out a yelp in the process. It clearly snapped her out of her listless trance, but she neither immediately answered nor looked directly at Sakura. She brought a hand to her lips, touching them with her fingers as though she were recalling the experience, and then, oddly, her expression drastically changed in an instant. It wasn't the picture of fear or sadness, and it certainly was not happiness, either.

A momentary lapse in inhibitions led to her baring her teeth, pulling her arm back, and releasing a wicked slap across the boy's cheek. She was far from physically strong, but the intent and effort were there. It was only after this that she looked up towards him, anger etched into her features. "Stop...!" Emily ordered, the realization that she had just harmed someone dawning on her partway and causing her eyes to open wide. Yet this reaction was fleeting, and she did not move to apologize or back down like one might expect her to. It did calm her a little, though, and so, with hand still raised from the slap, she spoke in a pained voice. "...I don't wan-- I can't speak with you right now, Sakura. Please... leave me alone."
J u s t i n e

H e l e w i s a

O l i v e r

"It is only natural that with our heart, will, and cooperation that we were dubbed the champions of this contest," Justine proudly declared, humility being left in the snow to suffer a cold, cruel end. Hilaria and Justine both accepted and stowed their coins and for a moment, the two of them proudly admired their contest-winning dragon.

"Mmm?" Helewisa glanced around only to find something was missing. "We had a third, did we not? I wonder where she ran off to?" Hiliaria and Stien had found themselves abandoned by their newest friend, but neither of them seemed upset by this. A party was a chance to mingle and talk to many new people, and not everyone wanted to form a group for the entirety of the party. Lingering on this small fact was pointless when they could instead thrust themselves onto someone else!

Or so that's what Justine decided for the couple as they wondered what to do next. There was a lot of commotion involving sleds which, although it looked fun, was a bit hectic and Helewisa wanted to spend at least a few moments relaxing after nearly nuking a snowfort and being hit by building-sized snowballs. She, along with Justine, was proud of what they had accomplished with Betty, so she felt they deserved a modicum of relaxation. And besides... if they had found a nice, quiet place to enjoy themselves, would Dan really intrude upon them? Surely the positive vibes they would give off would encourage him to look the other way!

"Stien, Stien!" Wisa called out to the energetic girl with a bit of sugar in her voice. She was far from inexperienced, but approaching someone she actually felt close to brought about a bit of a red tint to her cheeks. "Despite our shenanigans thus far, I truly feel as though time has made strangers of us. A-and, I believe it would be a true shame were we to not enjoy ourselves... so..." she struggled to proposition Justine which was new as Helewisa had not struggled with confidence in quite some time. "...would it not make sense to become more... say, 'familiar?'"

Justine was looking off in the distance almost as though she were ruminating on something. "Aye," she said. "Today is a day of celebration! Of enjoyment, is it not? Our lives are full of strife and scarce, comparably, does opportunity to indulge to such an extent present itself before our very gates! Yes... to ignore the calling... to act not when action is needed... such behavior breeds little but regret!"

Even though it was Justine, Helewisa had to admit she wasn't expecting such an encouraging response. A simple 'yes' or 'no' would have sufficed. But she wasn't about to complain. She wrapped her arms around Justine's neck and pressed her chest against her back, almost squealing in delight. "Oh, it pleases me to hear you say so!" she couldn't help but grin and wonder if Aphrodite had blessed her this day. "Then, shall we?"

Her question prompted Justine to turn around and, with a smile etched on her face, she replied. "It brings me such joy to know that you remain ever eager to bring pleasure to others," she gave her hearty laugh. "Very well! Since every moment spent idle is time wasted, we shall depart! I am confident that he shall end up a happier man in the end!"

Stien's statement caused Helewisa to tilt her head. She wasn't sure where this 'he' came from. She was hoping to enjoy an intimate moment with just the two of them, and although such carnal actions were not something she hadn't participated in before... Stien was never the sort for that! She was wholly devoted to one person, and these acts, although she would be proactive in approaching them, were sacred and meant for the one she loved, or so she had always claimed. What happened? Had this horror, bringing about her appearance, tainted her? Helewisa became a bit upset. She knew it was too good to be true that the real Justine was here... but she was still hoping she could trick herself otherwise at least for this party! But now...

"Hear me, oh slothful one!" Justine suddenly called out to a man minding his own business, plugging away at his laptop. "Does it not strike you as disappointing to allow the occasion to go by? Pray tell: what business do you have on that machine that takes precedence over the festivities that are currently ongoing?"

While his friend was outside at the race, Oliver remained at his seat with a glass of ale, typing away at the laptop that came with his backpack. With his clones not only acting as survelance but joining in on the more tamer events, he could have some time to himself without worry.

So when the bold blonde in blue called out to him, he naturally flinched and glanced over. "Eh?? What makes you believe that? Look around you! Just cause I'm here doesn't mean I'm also there, and there as well!" He motioned to some of the other Olivers that were in the lodge. Other than that, he didn't seem phased by the boisterous Justine.

Justine followed his motions and spotted the other figures sharing his same appearance. "Oh," she said. "It would seem appearances can be misleading! Fwahaha!" her response to the blunder was merely to laugh it off.

Helewisa appeared upset, like she was incredibly disappointed with something, but also frustrated. "Stien, you're pestering him," she chided. "He may be doing homework or something of great importance," Wisa warned, looking over to see Oliver's features. Her expression seemed to relax if only a little bit. "Although... I tend to have a difficult time recalling people, but you seem somewhat familiar, Mr....?"

"Oh, it's alright! I was just catching up on stuff like work." Oliver reassured Helewisa with a polite smile. Though his eyes did widen when she asked for his name. "I didn't introduce myself yet did I? Oliver Kyle, good to meet ya!" The optimistic phantom held a hand out for one of them to shake.

"Oliver?" Helewisa repeated, testing the name. It wasn't like she hadn't met an Oliver before, nor was that some unique, rare name. But with a familiar face and that name, she could positively say they'd probably met at least once before. "Hmm, I do believe we've interacted at least once before..."

"Is that so?" Justine turned her head to Wisa before looking back to Oliver with a tilted head. "Another staunch ally of justice, I would hope."

Wisa hesitated to nod, as though she were not entirely certain. "...Vaguely, the recollection of the extermination of monsters comes to mind." Defeating monsters was something most every girl, even if they were a boy and evil. And even if she would tell Stien otherwise, it was not like she had turned down unsavory clients these past few centuries. So she did worry a little bit that Oliver may not be the paragon of good Justine expected her acquaintances to be. "That's... well, I don't think this was recent relative to your average magical girl. At least some decades if not more, so I'm a bit surprised I managed to recall anything about you," her memory had been getting better and coming back as of late. "O-oh, I suppose I went on a tangent," Wisa took his outstretched hand and gave it a shake. "My name is Hilaria," she told him.

Stien smiled once Wisa had finished, looking Oliver in the eyes and exuding a strong, confident presence (as she typically did). "I am known as Justine, though it doesn't bother me if you address me as Stien. It would seem there's another that shares my name and is quite infamous attending this party as well, so that may be ideal," she took his hand and gave it a firm shake. "If you truly did assist my dear Wisa, then I am indebted to you as I have been a failure on that front for far too long! Do not hesitate to ask anything reasonable of me, fwahaha!"

"You're not from this century too?" Oliver curiously tilted his head. He thought for a moment. "Yes, you do seem familiar as well. Was it the fight against that one Monster King, or was it the Banshee and her thralls? Hm." He thought aloud. "Regardless, it's good to see ya, Hilaria! And nice to meet ya too, Stein! If you have the time, you should go say hi to Vanhorn too later." He smiled. Oliver didn't want to namedrop Finn outright, but maybe it'll help jog Hilaria's memory. Atleast he hoped it would.

"Verily," Justine responded. "Some six hundred years ago in France, like enough. My dearest Wisa is half again and a century older than I," she frowned. "As many of our sisters perish and are abandoned by their patrons, it is a disheartening sooth to admit that it is not oft to find others who share a similar age."

Hilaria nodded. "Mmm, they who triumph over the test of time are a sight for sore eyes. We experience none of the limitations of a human, yet still it is commonplace to find naught but new blood around," she seemed less disturbed by the reality than her friend. "But let us not spoil a celebratory party with such things. About your friend and our past encounter, I do believe we made short work of a banshee! I'm glad time has not made complete strangers of us. Bits and pieces are returning to me as we speak, something I haven't had happen in quite some time!" this seemed to excite Hilaria. "But if you have matters to attend to, we can save this spontaneous reunion another time."

Oliver's smile grew as Hilaria managed to piece things together, if atleast some. Then she asked if they should leave him be. "Hm." The ghost turned to grab his glass of ale, then downed the rest of it in one sitting. "Well, if you have any ideas for what to do, I can hear them out!"

"Admittedly, the two of us were supposed to spend some time relaxing after the amount of effort we spent on a snowdragon," Hilaria explained, looking at Justine who shrugged in response. Turning back to Oliver, she smiled. "It happens that I made my intentions to join the sledding event, but it seems to have started. Is that something that might interest you?" Hilaria glanced at the mug of ale the ghost was drinking from.

Justine grinned. "Your desires lay bare for all to see with such an open expression, Wisa," the flamboyant girl offered her gaze to Oliver after saying this. "Allow me to take my leave if only for a moment. I suspect Wisa is also as parched as I and some ale would slake that thirst." Having explained her objective, Stien left to grab the two girls a drink, leaving the two alone.

Looking around as if searching for something to do, Hilaria suddenly raised a finger. Having obviously thought of something, a small grin appeared on her face. "Or rather than sledding... Might I ask something of you?" she didn't wait for him to answer. "How would you say your singing voice is?"

"We could probably hit the slopes after the race." Oliver shrugged. One of his clones reported seeing Finn participate in the race, so he'd check back on him later. Then Stien excused herself to get some ale for her and Hilaria. He chuckled. Can't blame her, the drinks are good. The ghost turned his laptop off and stuffed it back into his satchel, looking back to Hilaria once she asked her question. His eyebrows rose.

"Singing? I mean, my main game is the drums, but I'd like to think I'm decent." Oliver shrugged again.

"Oh, how wonderful!" Hilaria gave a small clap. "Karaoke is not the first activity one thinks of during a Christmas party, but where there's a good drink, delicious food, handsome men, and beautiful girls, then joyous singing is never far behind!" As she said as much, Justine returned with two mugs filled to the brim and foaming with their drink. She offered one to Hilaria, which she accepted.

"What is this?" Justine asked. "Did my ears deceive me or did I hear speak of singing?" Unlike Hilaria, Justine almost seemed to be on edge speaking about it.

Hilaria nodded. "You are correct! I was just asking Oliver here if he would be interested in karaoke! It's something we could partake in and enjoy whilst we relax and not exert ourselves."

"Karaoke? I am not familiar with this."

"We basically follow lyrics on a screen, it is nothing complex. Doesn't it sound fun?"

"Y-yes, your words do not strike me as false!" Justine tried to seem like she was into the idea. "And this would suit your fancy as well, Oliver?" she examined the boy's expression as she waited for an answer.

Judging by Stien's reaction, she didn't seem as enthusiastic about singing as Hilaria was. It kinda concerned Oliver. "Hey. It's cool if you have stage fright or something, I won't judge." He reassured Justine.

"I-I have no fear of the stage!" Justine protested. "But I lack the same musical talent that my dear Wisa does, and I do not often wish to subject others to performance they are not like to enjoy..."

Helewisa placed a hand on her shoulder. "But what does that matter? I do not wish to sing for other people, even if they are welcome to listen," she told Stien, smiling widely as if she were amused by the reaction. "We would be singing for the entertainment it provides us, nothing more. And if you still hesitate to partake, then you merely need a bit more liquid courage."

Nobody else would know this, but Hilaria had partially repeated something Justine said to her before. It seemed to have the desired effect as Justine's demenor changed back into the confident, proud woman she was. "It is as you say! Yes, forgive the hesitation!" she immediately downed the entire mug she had. "I shall require another, but there shall be glorious, wonderful song today!"

As Justine went to retrieve another drink, Wisa looked at Oliver. "So then, if you are fine with it, then I shall ask Dan if he can help with the setup."

Oliver nodded. "Sounds good."

Hilaria nodded before she called for Dan. He appeared almost immediately with his usual dolphin flair and Hilaria presented their wish for a karaoke set. As expected, the lighthearted fun they wanted to had was more than welcome and he had no problem obliging before wishing them well and returning to what he was doing prior.

"Wonderful, wonderful!" Hilaria cheered once it had been set up. They had set up the set on a TV screen inside the cabin. It had, obviously, two microphones in case anyone wanted to do a duet, but for now Hilaria had grabbed one and was looking through the expansive list of songs she could sing. Since it was a magical construct made by Dan it was sure to have whatever song one could think of. "We have quite the range of songs!" she told them, almost starry-eyed. "With that said, who would care to go first?" she looked at Oliver and Justine.

"Try as I may, I do not fully recall the last time I let myself sing in public. It must have been ages ago as what I do remember is the joyous laughter ringing about through a tavern my brethren and I had occupied. Sooth is it to say that I had become rather intimate with the bottle that night."

Helewisa became almost a beet red and looked shocked. She opened her mouth to speak but Justine continued, seemingly oblivious to Wisa.

"Yes, as pigeon-eyed as I was the details elude me." Once the realization set in that Stien was talking about becoming inebriated, Wisa narrowed her eyes. "But I digress. The reason I bring such up is because I would very much prefer to enjoy another's performance before taking to the stage myself, if the both of you do not mind."

Closing her eyes and exhaling, Wisa recovered and again wore a smile. "What complaint could I have, Stien? Oh, but that just means you'll have a tough act or two to follow," she turned to Oliver and asked a question he could probably see coming from a mile away. "Well, Oliver, would you care to start us off, or should I?"

"Eh, guess I'll start. Only if ya don't laugh at me." Oliver walked up to grab the other microphone. He did feel an air of uncertainty, but promply shrugged it off.

"The courage to attempt something even in face of your fears is an admirable trait. They who would laugh at that are contemptable!" Justine gave what Wisa presumed to be encouragement.

Wisa nodded. "That is correct. It would be rude to ask you up and then make a jest at your expense. Besides, I have bore witness to Stien's singing, so you have little to worry about!"

Pfft-! Alright, alright. Lemme pick a song real quick!"

Time seemed to escape the trio as they enjoyed karaoke and more drinks. Hilaria had a rather beautiful singing voice, nailing higher notes than most could and it was clear she had experience. Meanwhile, Justine sang with all the elegance of nails on a chalkboard, making a clear contrast to her partner. Furthermore, red were the cheeks of both girls who had, at some point, started a competition to see who could tolerate the most alcohol. And despite being quite a few drinks in, they only seemed to now be feeling anything. One could only imagine the sheer bill they would wrack up if they had to pay for this.

As a little more time passed, Oliver began to feel as though his personal space wasn't being respected by Hilaria. It wasn't quite clear to him if it was intentional or not, but it wasn't something he could ignore, especially as Hilaria's outfit wasn't particularly conservative.

But eventually, all good things must end. Or at least be postponed. It soon came time for people to receive gifts from the White Elephant exchange. Wisa and Stien had seemed to be enjoying themselves, and now the blush was a lot more apparent on their faces, as well as the smell of alcohol on their breath. "It's time!" Wisa announced. "I am eager to see what I received!"

And so, they would join everyone else attending the event.




Hilaria had received some form of candy that gave truth to one of her dreams. Seeing the nature of the gift and assuming it worked as stated, she began to feel as though maybe she should have put a bit more 'oomph' into the gift she had given. But the reality was that it was too late to change things. "It looks delicious!" she exclaimed ecstatically with starry eyes, yet putting the candy away for now. "I'll think on it and save it for a time I can better enjoy it."

As Justine was only brought in after it had started, she naturally received nothing, a fact that didn't bother her much.
"Lady Luck has blessed you this day, it would seem. Though I caution you to not spend your present on your gluttony!"
Stien heartily laughed, slapping Hilaria on the back a few times.
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