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My activities are going to get delayed. I have a funeral to go to next week
SEASON ONE Sensation & Wonder
Springtime for Mr. Freeze #1 A Co-Write with TGM and Natty

Freeze's Lair

Children. Oh, how he has forgotten what it was like to be one. Mr. Freeze stared at the wall aimlessly, perhaps for the first time in decades. He always knew what to do, when to do it, and why he would do it. It’s how he became a scientist. Victor was the master of his own mind, his own body, and spirit! Now if only he could control his life…

Perhaps I was too harsh on her... Mr. Freeze thought, almost chastising himself when he noticed how his hands fiddled around with the paperwork as if they were searching for an object that he could not remember where he placed nor what it looked like. Looking at the clock, it was getting late. In fact, he deducted that it was past the girl’s bedtime. No sense trusting his employees to have the integrity to watch over the daughter, Mr. Freeze got up from his desk before stopping to look at Nora.

Children... That was something he never considered as a possibility. All this time Victor was focused on curing his wife that he completely forgot what to do after he did it! He laughed bitterly; he was the brains of the marriage. Nora would’ve swooned over the girl and pestered him on how cute she is. No doubt she would want one of her own, born from their union. How many would Nor want? It doesn’t matter, he’ll gladly father all of her children. Yes, there is nothing he won’t do for her.

But to be a father? Victor hasn’t had a single clue on how to be one. He spent a good portion of his life as a criminal, an outcast, forced to mingle with other scum of the earth. Not exactly the role model to present to his beloved wife. He’ll have to put this life of villainy behind as soon as he cures Nora; not that he enjoyed it in the slightest. Looking down at the files once more, Victor picked one out that contained a detailed analysis and schematics of Nora’s cryo chamber and the system Wayne Biotech used while he was imprisoned.

From the back of his mind, emerging from the depths of his patience, was a fury as raging as the Big Bang. Not a single sound escaped from his cold lips as Mr. Freeze examined the report. As much as he could not believe it, he knew it was in their nature for corporatists to lie and cheat. But still, how dare they steal his technology, his designs, and blueprints to make a cheap imitation of the cryo technology he used on his wife. It’s almost insulting that they can’t even replicate it properly! They confiscated everything and this is what they achieved with an ocean of cash and expertise? It would’ve been hilarious in another lifetime.

Suddenly, a sharp scream echoed outside of his hall, on the other side of the office door. Dropping the paper on his desk, Mr. Freeze grabbed his weapon and marched towards the door. It was the girl given under his protection. Something or someone frightened her and it better not be one of those henchmen. There will be hell to pay if they did something unsavory towards her.

The entrance burst open revealing his red glowing glare to the offenders. Though surprised, he kept his face in harsh contempt.

“Two Robins?” Mr. Freeze stared at the two vigilantes who stood before him. Behind them was the girl. “I mean you no harm my lady, but you are standing behind those I am trying to freeze!”

The taller of the two vigilantes before him took a step forward as he spoke, cautiously holding his hands up between both the girl and Mr. Freeze.

Woah, woah, woah, woah.” He repeated the word frantically, in an obvious attempt to try and calm down the situation. “color=CE2F29]No one needs to be doing any freezing. We’re just here to help Victor.[/color]

The smaller of the two Robins didn’t say anything, though seemed to be preparing himself for a fight.

“YOU TWO?!” Victor shouted, keeping the barrel pointed straight at them. “I don’t believe it! Why should I even consider it?”

Because you’re not a bad person.” The taller Robin replied quickly, the eyes beneath his cowl moving now between Freeze and his smaller companion.

He seemed to hesitate for a moment, before continuing.

Nora wouldn’t want this.

For a moment, Mr. Freeze was as still as a statue as he kept his freeze ray aimed towards the Robins. As stoic as he is, standing in the hallway, Victor was debating internally. A good person? They actually thought he was a good man? Despite all these years battling it out with Batman, the taller Robin still believed in him. Another sign of the taking after the Bat. Victor’s nemesis was as honest as a slab of solid marble; polished and shined.

“How dare you SPEAK her name!” The villain spoke coldly. The change in his voice was enough to scare the little girl into fleeing. She ran down the hall before bumping into the goons that heard her scream. When they saw the two Robins and a very ticked off Mr. Freeze, the henchmen also evacuated the premises. One of them even told the daughter that it was bedtime as he dragged her out of the scene.

“You don’t KNOW her...You haven’t MET her…” Victor restated, “What she wants is NONE of your concern!”

Even despite the raise in Victor’s tone, the taller of the Robins held strong, risking a step closer.

Come on, Victor. You know this is wrong.” His eyes switched cautiously between him and the freeze gun in his arms as he spoke.

Another step closer.

Mr. Freeze scrutinized Red Robin's words, searching for a crack, a hint of deception, in the vigilante's fortitude. But to be expected, there were no lies in his speech, befitting for a hero.

"It is wrong." Victor admitted, yet his freeze ray remains active. "However, there is no other way."

He pulled the trigger and fired away at the two Robins.
Doing well, I think the collab post between Mr. Freeze and the Robins are ready to be posted. Just need to get home first
This is quite an interesting Joker plot. Its rare for him to he the pawn in a scheme instead of being the Chessmaster
@Master Bruce The banner you use for your posts looks like Batman bent over at the waist and looking between his legs.

I can't unsee it now
SEASON ONE Sensation & Wonder
Springtime for Mr. Freeze #3 Just Desserts

Super Secret Lair

Mr. Freeze considered himself many things. A husband. A scientist. A pioneer. A crook. Supervillain. But a caretaker? Now that was an entirely new feeling he was unused to. How strange life rewarded him for his last night's adventure. Indeed, he thought he would never see her again but Gotham was seldom idle in spawning killers and thieves. All it took was a full day for the woman to return to his secret lair but this time, with her daughter in tow. Apparently, there was a murder at her apartment that took place at sunset. A couple was slain in cold blood; the pregnant wife with multiple stab wounds on the belly. What savagery.

"Yet, I fail to see why I have to accommodate your child." Victor gritted his teeth. He had worn his ice suit just for this encounter as the mother's jacket was too light to enter even the first area of his frozen base. Have you forgotten who you are converting with?!

"Of course not," she sigh. Even with the makeup on, Victor could spot the years of stress wrinkling her youthful face. [color==aqua]"That's why I'm here.[/color]

"Do I have to spell it out for you?!" he said rhetorically, "Is there no one else that can substitute your role?"

"No..." The woman shook her head. To her credit, she was acting braver than most men under his burning red gaze. No one else..."

"Not your own parents?"
"Out of state..."

"Any companions or babysitters?"

"Surely a husband? A Boy-?!"
"SHUT UP!" The woman struggled to hold back a single tear rolling down her cheek. "Please...let's not talk about that."

Taken back by his own rudeness, Victor can only go silent at the landmine he just triggered. He can already see Nora's disappointed look. Her downcast eyes looking upon him with anger towards his own selfishness.

What would you have me do, my love? What would you have done? I cannot be the Batman and pursue this wretched animal! I cannot stand vigilant over her apartment! My duty is to you, Nora! No one else! NO ONE! So what must be done? What can be done?!

"It's okay, mommy!" The daughter hugged her hurting mother, causing Mr. Freeze to return to reality. "You don't have to cry! I'll be a brave girl! I can keep the front door locked until you get back! The bad guy can't breakthrough!"

You can't be serious, Nora! I just can't...

"Wait!" Victor addressed the woman just when she was about to turn away. "Why me? Why does it have to be me?

"You saved my livelihood."

"I'm a thief."

"Not a killer."

"I'm an outcast."

"Not a recluse."

"I'm a villain."

"Not a cruel one."

"I'm not Batman!"

"You don't have to be one."

With a grunt of defeat, Mr. Freeze extended his gloved hand towards the little girl. "Just ONE night shift, understand?!"

"Agreed." she smiled before kneeling down to be at eye level with her child. "Mommy will pick you up after I'm done with work, alright?"

"Yes, mommy!"The little girl nodded, prompting a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

"Don't let her eat too much ice cream and here's a bag of food for her dinner"

"Wasn't planning on it." He coldly snarked as he took the plastic sack. Already in his mind, Victor conjured up ways to shove his freeze ray so far up the Penguin's ass he'll sneeze out ice cubes. "Young one, let's head back inside." Hopefully that coat of hers is warm enough for his lifestyle. He'll also have to make sure to have his henchmen hide their vices. Yes, don't want bad influence imparted on her mind.

"And that's why President Calvin Ellis is secretly Superman!" A goon handed a tabloid magazine to the little girl, letting her see the pictures of the US president and Superman side by side.

After 10 minutes of a situational update among his crew, Mr. Freeze was already regretting letting them socialize with the child.

"What garbage are you teaching her now?" The supervillain snatched the magazine out of the girl's hands and examined it for himself.

Same ears. Same nose. Same skin tone. Same haircut. Same earlobe. Same pupil color. The tabloid even went as far as to compare the teeth whenever the President and Superman smiled. Side by side, they were nigh indistinguishable. It's almost as if...

"You actually believe in this conspiracy?!" Victor fumed, his stare alone chastizing the henchman "I expected better from you! You shame yourself for falling foolishly to such idiotic ideas."

"But they look so similar!" The daughter protested.

"It's just a coincidence. Superman will not handicap himself with the burden of the Oval Office. And that's final!" Mr. Freeze tore up the magazine and tossed it into the trash. "Find something productive to do or go take a nap!"

"You're so mean, mister!" she pouted when she saw how small his employee felt, staring down at the floor.

Returning to his office, Victor went back to his planning. It's already time for a heist to secure more funding but there was only one problem: finding an unspoiled bank. From what his men have told him, almost all the banks, jewelry stores, and museums have been compromised in one way or another. His fellow 'evildoers" and mundane competitors have not been idle while he was locked up. Looks like the man has to search for more unconventional ways to secure money.

Robbing the Cobblepots? As much as he would like to humble the obese don, even the Penguin has a sense of honor that he cannot deny. Robbing the Waynes? Stealing the treasury of Wayne Enterprises? Kidnapping Bruce Wayne himself for a ransom? Doable on paper. That multi-billionaire playboy only knows how to spend extravagantly and attract women like flies to meat.

How life can be cruel sometimes. Victor almost pities the head of House Wayne. Nora may be in an ice capsule but their love will be stronger than any of Bruce Wayne's conquests. Perhaps it's time to part the fool from his money.
I'll get a Damian post up before the Freeze stuff goes down.

Now that you're back, I can start finishing up my Mr freeze post
What's everyones favourite Superhero film?

Its always the Incredibles
Cant wait for the two robins to meet Mr. Freeze
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