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Current Anyone know where I can get some custom art for a D&D character?
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I think I need a break...
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Being dumb is hard work
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Well there goes that idea...
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Did not expect that!


Love a good fantasy roleplay :) Total Lord of the Rings nut :D High fantasy, magic, battles, war, would love to do an RP based on that :D

Also, I'm a Marvel nerd so I'd like to do some roleplays around that as well.

Drop me a PM if you'd like to do anything mentioned :)

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Great idea, can't wait to get started!
I definitely think it should be protected by the mages then, they should be the physical guardians of the magical thing. Maybe because they are close to it is what gives them their powers. The spirit guardian could be the creator of the object.
That makes sense, a spirit guardian...

What if it could imbue the user with unlimited magical energy?
Sounds like a great idea 😎
What about if it was protected by Men but they were overwhelmed and ambushed and lost it and many soldiers. Maybe a spirit or higher power leads all four them to a certain location through a dream or premonition. When none of them go and learn that this powerful item has been taken and then received another message, they all listen the second time and meet somewhere...
Well let's see what we have... an elven scout, a half-elven mage, a half-elven bounty hunter and a dwarven warrior

Maybe they could be selected to find something powerful and dangerous that has falling into the 'enemies' hands?
So my two main characters are done! :D

Name (& pronunciation): Buzdrem Broadbeard (Buhz-druhm)
Age: 116 (looks 30's)
Place of Birth: Azkharag, under the mountain Gerndorth
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Dwarf
Social Class/Community Status: Respected General of the Azkharag Army
Language: English, Dwarvish, knows the basics in most other languages
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Father, Hurzbad, is a military leader in his homeland. Mother, Zalback, is a hand maiden of the princess

Physical Description

Height: 4"8
Weight: 14st
Hair: Brown hair and shaved sides. Also has a brown beard with braids
Eyes: Amber
Limb Dexterity: Favours right hand
Detailed Physical Description: Average height for a dwarf, stocky than most, extremely strong, fast and agile. Peak physical condition for a dwarf of his age.
Typical Clothing/Equipment: When not in combat, he wears a light but durable leather armour. He usually has his four throwing axes on a sheath on his back, two handles reachable over each shoulder and two reachable from just above his hips (arranged like an X on his back). As a precaution, he usually use his walking axe to get about. He has no injuries, but being without a weapon makes him feel vulnerable.
When in combat, he wears his heavy armour with his throwing axes on his back. He wields his hammer in his right hand and shield on his left. His crossbow is sometimes strapped to his back.


Personality/Attitude: Determined, relaxed
Skills/Talents: Remarkable Strength, Endurance Speed, trained to use a maul, axe, throwing axes and crossbow
Likes: Training, drinking eating, fighting
Dislikes: Meaningless death, politicians
Goals/Ambitions: To have a lasting legacy as a Dwarven Defender
Strengths: Combat
Weaknesses: Hates losing
Fears: Heights
Hobbies/Interests: Toy-making
Philosophy of Life: Live while you're still young, fight for what you love
Attitude Toward Death: Will be ready when his time comes
Beliefs: God of Stone and Metal (most common dwarven belief)
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: Being pushed by his overbearing father, he trained harder than any of the dwarves of his regiment to become the best
Education/Special Training: From a young age, his father taught him of war and tactics
Place/Type of Residence: Bhukuldor Deep, Azkharag
Occupation:Elite Warrior, part of the Mountain Tanks
There you go! :)
Character Sheet!


Name (& pronunciation):
Place of Birth:
Species/Racial Origin:
Social Class/Community Status:

Physical Description

Limb Dexterity:
Detailed Physical Description:
Typical Clothing/Equipment:


Philosophy of Life:
Attitude Toward Death:
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience:
Education/Special Training:
Place/Type of Residence:
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