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Current I am losing my self to amazing RP's again. I have an addiction once again!
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Starting to get a hold of this forum. This will be fun!
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Hi, I'm Eevee.

I'm pretty simple, I'm 34 years old student, stepmother and, part time secretary. I can be busy at times but, I will always make time to post attest once a day. I can play both male and female, i am LGBTQ+ friendly but I've never had a chance to roleplay in that type of sicario before. I am willing to try anything once so if you have an idea let me know!

I usually wright between 1-3 paragraphs at a time. I'll do my best for spelling and grammar but i can not make promises. I am working on it threw roleplaying and in my College classes. I like to have a little romance in all of my role plays and i can do Smut ( i will check for 18+) or we can just fade to black as well. If you have an idea Let me know and we will go form there!

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thank you I'm enjoying it already
Prefect! I will send you a PM
I sent a PM with an idea
Hello all my lovelies!

I'm Eevee and I'm bran new to this forum. It's nice to meet you all in advance! Right now I'm a student a step mother and i run a home so I can be busy but I make a effort to reply or post attest once a day. Spelling and grammar are not a big thing for me as I struggle with it my self. all I ask and I will my self . if it dose not make sense send a message and ask for a re write.

Some things about me and my Role playing:

1. I'm 34 years old and I aim for people to role play with attest in there twenty's.

2. I have been roleplaying since my early teens so almost 20 years!

3. I aim for 1-3 paragraphs for a reply if we have multiple OC each then there would be a longer reply.

4. i like to have romance in everything I do. it can go form the slow burn to a hot and quick.

5. I can play an male or female. I prefer female but I am ok with either.

6. I can do smut, or we can fade to black. I can go form NSFW kinky to simple loving and caring.

7. If you know you are not going to be able to respond for a bit I ask a message letting me know so. and I will do the same to keep things clear.

A few plot ideas:

that's what I have so far I will add as ideas come to me

send me a PM and will chat from there!
Hi there!

Ive sent you a PM to see if you would be interested Role Playing with me
Hi there,

I am so interested in starting Role play with you! I love romance my self and long burns as well. I have been working on longer posts and I hope we can see if we will mesh. I will message you with my ideas for parings you have listed along with a writing sample.

In Hello 3 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hello everyone,

you can call me Eve.
I have been Role playing for years since I was in high school so about 16. I have been on different platforms throughout the times and I love it. It is something I do to help with my anxiety.

I many like to do fantasy , werewolf, vampire , etc.. I like a little bit of romance my Roleplays as well, but it doesn't always have to be there. I would love to start some new role plays and see what the site is all about.
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