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There will be only a few things you need to know and that I will tell
1. I am a guy
2. why are you interested in who I am?
3. it can be very easy to make a friendship but you need to learn how to handle someone with Asperger a spectrum of autism plus several mental issues.
4. and also I am a bit of a quiet guy sometimes Specialy after a while but if you manage to catch my attention I can be very close and talkative sometimes.

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In Divinus VII 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Oa’qeisskesi walked through the plains northeast, sighing along the way before taking a stop. Sitting on a rock in the middle of the grasslands she looked around. This area of the continent was rather calm, at least thinking for a moment she heard the black sun say “So… we met a crazy blood deity. Who after seeing us make an abyssal pool just went completely off her mind i guess being paranoid helps sometimes… not counting also the stuff we see in the distance while hiding.” Oa shook her head saying “You forgot Ashvelen…” “What is up with her?” he replied back “She is… kinder…” Oa said crossing her arms thinking about her he seemed to remain quiet while he wasn't manifested in a form she could see. He was talking in her head; it was a feeling she wasn't much accustomed to even after what felt like eons. He then said after a moment of silence “well… she seems like an outlier.” “everyone seems like that…” Oa said under her breath hiding from him he then said “well… we nearly could have ended up in that crazy woman dungeon or died.” Oa rolled her eyes saying “she is extremely volatile emotionally. I wouldn't say she is crazy, just unstable.” “So be it… but what happens if we meet someone with more ill intentions?” He asked Oa, thinking about the possibility.

After a moment of thinking the winds were feeling chilly through the gaps in her helmet she then said “Not much that we can do… except if we…” she looked to the side thinking before saying “I have an idea” “Oh i see it… good… also i think that can be useful in our problems.” He replied after a short moment to Oa feeling conflicted again before sighing and saying “Let us do this…” Holding her hand she quickly slid her hand into her chest as it seemed to meld into it bringing a piece of black stone from within her looking for a flat surface. She looked at the boulder with a gesture of her hand. She cut it in half, throwing it to the side. Putting the black lump on it she cut her hands and started pouring power from the abyss into the flat rock where the lump stood as it absorbed the abyssal energy. After a moment she sighed with some worry, since forging wasn't something she was used to but definitely was complicated even if she used her powers to speed up the process.

She punched the lump as the sound of metal echoed, turning it somewhat into more solid forms; after it she used her powers together with some brute force to continue forging through the day. The material slowly took shape turning into a series of dark metallic scales and lumps of metal also stuck to them. Oa breathed heavily before grabbing the material she then said “time for the final part.” Imbuing much more power into it she soon the scales seemed to melt again into a liquid running into her skin. They formed a pattern akin to a tattoo primitive and esoteric around her body and skin, her armor falling off leaving her exposed as the tattoo went to her hair she stopped concentrating. Looking down she then concentrated as the ink suddenly jumped from her skin forming a plated armor around her body, chest, shoulders, legs. The scales meanwhile took form in her arms belly, legs mixing with the plated to form a combination of both. Looking at herself she then moved her arms. It was flexible and useful with a gesture the scaled armor seemed to rise and lower to allow for maneuverability or absorption. Giving a nod the armor seemed liquid before returning to being a series of tattoos around her body looking at her now naked self she groaned before the armor returned “can be ink in my skin when I don't need it but I never bothered much with clothes… i will just ma-” “Why don't you take it?” She heard the sun interrupt. Taking a look north she saw a city with a castle in the distance she soon moved forward the winds were silent before screams could be heard.

The city burned and the castle soon began to collapse as ashes began to settle in a now silent city Oa walked through the former residency of an oligarchy. Taking a look she grabbed some clothes that seemed interesting she then said “consider it temporary until i find something better… i will probably be using the armor more…” The sun was in front of her glowing in a dark mood “well it was good for us all to feast more and to feed our…” “Addiction…” She whispered he then replied almost with a sigh. “I wouldnt call our need for that... using that word...” Oa stared to the side where the sun stood. “let us move on” She replied soon, leaving the castle walking down the hall of dead defenders. Looking around she insulated, somewhat her thoughts, preferring to be alone at the moment walking through the city she saw many corpses as houses burned in the background stopping for a moment. She saw a mother and her daughter while there was no damage in their bodies; their souls being drained seemed to leave them as limp bodies in a street filled with them approaching Oa closed both their eyes taking a step back to see them both she took a deep breath closing her own eyes before moving away. Taking a look again at her armor raising her hands the scales and gauntlet was beautiful in design as she left through the gatehouse she said to herself. “...Burden”



Oa’qeisskesi marched through the blood myre, looking around constantly in the strange environment. Her face seemed to show barely any emotion, while within, she was rather curious. It was the first truly different environment she had come across since leaving the Umbral woods and even then, the area had some similarity. “What… an interesting place.” she mumbled, stopping to see strange animals running past.

Standing still now, the black sun within her said, “... This place doesn't scream habitable for sapient life.” Oa gave a nod, moving forward in the myre. The terrain would be difficult for a person to traverse but not for a deity, especially Oa, who seemed interested in the distant mountain range as she got closer towards it in the thick haze no mortal would have been able to see through. Stopping again for a moment she sighed.

“Our birth place is close…” She said, feeling a bit nostalgic even if for her, it wasn't that long.

The sun replied. “Yes it is… just walk north of the mountains.” The sudden sound of cracking, like stones being broken, could be heard and the sun soon said. “The ground is about to give into the cave system below, isn't it?”

“Yes.” Oa said not sounding very excited or even emotional.

“... And you wanna check what’s below?” The sun asked.

Oa immediately replied. “Yeah, pretty much.”

“Ah great…” he replied as the soil and blood began to swirl at their feet, with a sucking sound. Then the land around them gave way and they fell into the dark. Oa slide through the tunnel, carried by a mix of bloody mud. Moving through the cave, her posture remained the same and upon passing close to a wall she struck it with a mighty punch, making it crack. For a split second she could feel the entire cave system via the vibrations. As the map formed in her head like lightning, she soon realized something before the energy dissipated- A big opening lay not so far ahead.

Fixing her eyes, she quickly adjusted as time continued moving and she slid, breaking through a small opening. As she moved, she looked down at a small stream of blood from the surface, which seemed to drag her. She shrugged, if it worked for her it was good. As the area got closer she slid off the edge of the cave, looking around as she stood in the air for a second. It was quite a big opening leading down to something below, and that something looked like a castle. Standing tall and imperious, bathed in white like ivory and surrounded by a sea of dark crimson.

“Oh… so that was what my senses were telling me.” She said to herself, beginning to fall quite quickly into the structure below.

She landed with a triumphant crash upon the cobbled stone of white, shattering it like lightning and leaving a small crater. No sooner had she left the crater, a white liquid seeped forth at the bottom, filled it up the brim and all of the jagged cracks, before hardening into stone. It was as if she hadn’t damaged it at all. A stillness hung all around in that twilight place where shadows coalesced. The only light came by pale lanterns suspended from arches and light poles that lined the path towards the tall keep before her.

Oa moved forward on that path, seemingly unphased at the strange situation. She gave only a light nod to her surroundings, while her eyes kept a lookout for anything out of the ordinary or unusual. Lining the path, set between the arches and light poles was a myriad of pale bushes, carrying upon them white roses in full bloom. There was a light scent, an aroma of rich iron- blood that permeated the area. It hung in the air, much like in the Myre up above. Pale trees and obscured windows began to line the street until the great doors of the castle loomed above.

Upon entering, Oa was met with a grand statue off to her right. It depicted a female figure, beautiful and eternal, sheets of fabric interwoven around her torso, fluttering in some unseen breeze behind her. One of her arms was outstretched towards the front of the room where another door lay, her other clutched at her chest. Beneath the woman, making up the pedestal, there lay a slain beast. A dragon. Its head contorted at an odd angle, indicating it had been brutally snapped.

Off to her left another statue was carved, this one depicting the same woman, wearing a regal looking dress and a crown upon her head. She held one hand at her side and the other also pointed towards the front of the room. The base of this statue depicted strewn bodies, all covered in fur with primal faces. The face on the statue was indifferent but the carnage underneath contrasted such an image.

At the front of the room the door beckoned and through it lay a small throne room. Sitting upon a throne of Ivory, illuminated by pale lights hovering in the air, sat the same woman. She was covered in small pale moths and would have appeared motionless if not for their small wings flapping. As Oa entered the moths took flight in silent chorus, disappearing in all directions. The woman wore a simple dress, hands folded in her lap as a red ribbon covered her eyes.

"I know of you," she began in a quiet voice, "Why have you come here, to this place?" She asked with an air of coolness.

Standing still Oa kept her usual emotionless stare without much of a face twitch but in body movement she seemed ready for anything that might come, she then said “Ai naho hasa’cousa isu yhe ras… Esnotaro tisasi isa acesisseielarah."

The woman frowned. "Are your words meant for me or for yourself? I don't understand such a tongue."

Oa seemed to groan, her eyes closed, the groan turning into a sigh. She then said, “‘Twas fur ye. Bit it seems lik’ few blether mag laid.”

“I can’t imagine anyone would want to converse in such a malignant tongue.” She said absentmindedly, her posture never wavering. “I ask again, why have you deigned to come here? Patron of the Dark Spring.”

Oa felt a bit offended by her claim before saying, “What a good way to talk with guests… Well I fell down here, didn't know you were even here, I was just passing by.”

“Guests are invited.” The woman corrected, “But this chance meeting might be of some use yet. I am Wyn. I know of you and what you have corrupted with your touch but not your name. What is it?”

Oa kept an eye on her, curiosity on her lowering her defensive stance. She then said, “First… how do you even know about me?” she crossed her arms.

“I have eyes and ears everywhere.” She simply put. “And I think I am able to connect the dots. A God destroyed the northwest and most recently, a God went on a rampage in the east. You fit the description.”

Oa gave a nod before saying, “Makes sense…” Oa thought. Looking to the side thinking of the situation, whispers could be heard in the room fading as quickly. She then said, “Oa’qeisskesi is what they call me. Wyn.”

“Oa’qeisskesi.” She repeated, mulling the word over. “You remind me of a God I once knew of. It knew only its own desires, wishing to spread poison and corruption, caring little for anything else but its own wills. In the end, such a God could not be allowed to exist in that budding world. What purpose did any have for one who only sought to spread cancer across the realm? So, it was destroyed. Murdered. Forgotten by all, save a few.” She paused, a small smile spreading across her lips. “I do wonder how your story will end. Cause enough wanton destruction and they will come for you. Or she will. Make no mistake about that, dear Oa’qeisskesi. It would be such a shame.” She shook her head slightly.

Oa kept staring, her red eyes seemed to fluctuate a little as she fixed her vision. She then said,“Thank you for the warning...” Standing for a moment of silence she then said, “I guess the thing that separates me from the god you talk about is that I do not take pleasure in what I do.”

This seemed to pique Wyn’s interest. With a raised eyebrow she asked, “Is that so? Then why do it? Is it a sense of duty that compels you? Or madness, perhaps?”

Turning her head, Oa looked to the side like she was in deep thought. While the vision of a god could not be escaped, for Oa it was a bit different. For her power let her notice the eyes in her shadow within the darkness and the sun. Watching the situation, standing beside her with a light nod and a sigh, she then said, “How far would you go to help those you love?”

“Ah love… There are many kinds of love. Intimate. Obsessive. Selfless. Selfish. Passionate. Lustful. So on and so forth.” Wyn mused. “As for your question; I have only ever loved one being and I would do anything in my power to protect their interests. Even if it meant they would hate me.” Her voice held a note of bitterness, before she tilted her head at Oa. “You understand, don’t you?”

Oa just kept her usual stare that seemed rather blank and even emotionless for a person seeing her. She then gave a light nod after a second of silence.

“I thought so.” Wyn gave a rare smile and rose from her throne. “You and I are alike, in more ways than one. It may not look like it from such superficial appearances.” She began to walk down the steps. “You love. You care. You don’t take pleasure in what happens when you lose control. You have secrets. We all do, no shame in it.” Wyn came to a stop just out of arm's reach from the Abyssal Goddess, not that that mattered. “Oa, I can call you Oa, right? Tell me…” her voice dropped to a sweet whisper, “What is it you truly desire?”

Oa looked down on Wyn, crossing her arms. She then said, “That is a bit private… and…” her eyes flashed to the side and to the other side of the room. The light seemed to dim for a moment before she said, “Without wanting to sound offensive but… You seem a bit shady at the moment.”

There was a moment of stillness in that room. It subsumed everything else, as the two Goddesses faced one another with impassive stares, like mirrors in the dark. Then Wyn’s lips parted to reveal a toothy smile. Then a change occurred behind Wyn, her ivory throne began to darken, the white consumed by black. “Do I seem shady to you?” Wyn said with a laugh. Nothing about her voice was the same, the arrogance, the imperious tone, the regality- Was all gone, replaced with a sinister undertone and flushed with mocking emotion. “It is offensive! It is rude! You should be ashamed of yourself!” Another laugh escaped her and her hands rested on her hips. “Such a foolish little goddess. Tell you what! I am merciful. I’ll forgive you if you get on your knees and prostrate before me.”

Oa kept her usual stare until her usual emotionless stare with barely any movement ended with an eyebrow raised as she said, “Huh…” Her eyes moved quickly up to see something and down, as she eyed the throne. She then said, “That is interesting…” She stroked her chin before returning to her normal stance, taking a deep breath. She then said, “So… This is how you act in the face of a doubt, deity of blood.” Oa started moving around her circling like a shark in the water smelling blood and she continued talking, “Isolated and shadowed in an empty throne. Alone in the dark, makes me wonder.”

Wyn never never followed her movement, instead just staring ahead. “Whatever is to be doubted?” She asked. “My better selves like to keep me locked out. I can’t control me, you see. They are smart, unlike you. You… A true monster in the eyes of all. I doubt you truly even know what love is.” She snickered. “How could you? You are disgusting, an abomination in this world.” She could hardly contain her laughter after this, covering her mouth with a hand. “Sorry, sorry, I’m channeling too much of Ivory. She’s always so pretentious. A real stick in the mud.” She grew quiet at once, a low growl escaping her mouth. “Why do you circle me, Oa? Don’t you have any idea how enticing that is…?”

Stopping Oa after hearing her standing behind Wyn Oa then said after a moment of silence “Well I guess this is the first time I’ve met a god with multi personality disorder.”

Wyn turned to her, expression full of exuberance. “I wouldn’t call it that. I am me, Wyn but I am also Ebony. There are no different memories here, no grandiose forgetfulness. I remember everything I do, even when I’m not here. It makes it all the better when I know how much I despise myself because of these dreadful mood swings.” She stifled a giggle. “Usually I am not this chatty. Usually something else comes out when I do. But not this time, no, you see… This is the first time I’ve gotten to talk to a fellow divine. One as monstrous as me. But that’s not really true now that I’ve heard you. You don’t sound like a monster. Which is quite unfortunate. To not take pleasure in it, the thrill of a hunt as prey is ripped open and defiled, oh… How tragic.” She fawned.

Oa sighed, crossing her arms in a pensive stance, saying “You are the second god I’ve ever met since I came into this world and now this…” She kept thinking about being called a monster as she opened her eyes, staring. She then said, “So you take pleasure in that… Hmmm… You and they would get along easily, albeit I do disagree with their means.” The illumination of the room seemed to dim before returning to normal, Oa seemed to lightly groan at it.

“You are hiding something.” Wyn accused. “Who is it you speak of, this ‘they’? Why do you keep glancing across the room? Why do you groan as if hurt?” She asked in quick succession before laughing, “Amazing what one can view when everything is made of blood. The walls, the floors, the ceiling, the pillars… So on and so forth. What a gift it is to be blind. All those little sighs of yours, the way you cross your arms. You’re no fun but I suppose this is what can be expected from a God, can it not? Such hardy prey.” She licked her lips.

“You would not want to know and even if you insist I don't think I will tell you.” She said, glancing at her own shadow before glancing forward. Wyn, following her look, soon seemed to notice a thousand eyes staring at her from Oa’s shadow but with a blink they seemed to not be there anymore.

Wyn sighed with a pout, “Must you be so difficult?” Another growl escaped her throat, deep and guttural. “This conversation is boring and you are quite dull, no offense.” She mocked with a large smile. “If you can’t give me good conversation, then what can you give me?” She asked.

“I am not much of a merchant like Ash and her shadows… So I guess unless you want a favor from me or something destroyed just ask.” Oa said, beginning to inspect her hand. It seemed rather strange until she pierced her hand with her thumbnail and a pool of black tar began to flow off her hand, onto the floor. It wasn't blood for Wyn, rather it seemed like something else. Oa seemed to turn her face to her still with the same expression and said “Don't bother I am fine…”

This visibly seemed to upset Wyn and she began to shake. “How dare you…” She muttered, “How dare you mention that bitch’s name in my presence and to have the audacity to let your corruption leak and degrade my sacred hall… How dare you!” She snarled. Almost instantly the floor where the tar spilled gave way to a dark nothingness, threatening to swallow Oa up in it.

Oa looked below, still rather in an unimpressed mood. She then said, “I might not look worried… but you are worrying me… you have a lot of temper tantrums you know.” Oa continued as the oily substance continued to leak from her hand.

Wyn stared at her with an enraged expression that quickly became a smile. She stood still and said nothing else. The hole expanded abruptly and then filled with a dark crimson liquid underneath Oa. Thousands of bloody hands erupted from the crimson, going for the Abyssal god.

As the hands approached Oa sighed, saying, “Note to self, watch out for the solitary blood goddess… Well I’ll see you around.” As the hands approached, Oa said with a sigh, “Well take me away boys.” The lights in the room seemed to extinguish as darkness engulfed the area completely. Soon rekindled, back into light, Wyn noticed Oa was gone and the pond beneath where she stood, even if it was just a stain, quickly evaporated into nothing.

Being dragged through the dark water Oa emerged in a pond she casted in the plains before entering the Bloodmire, emerging with tar covering her; She shook her body free of it, leaving her body to fall on the ground and into the pool she sighed saying. “Well… I guess I will check back on her, when she is more calm.” cleaning herself.

2 bottles of vodka, and one writing frenzing before the time is up.
A queen’s subjects and a queen’s fury

part 2

In the Thousand kingdoms.

A king read reports that the Tai-lan kingdom to the south had suddenly disappeared, towns in ruins and refugees talking of a monster. Grabbing another letter written the same worrying report, kingdoms are falling left and right quite quickly towards a being described only as a force instead of a monster he sighed, cleaning his tired eyes, their color was brown, his hair was gray long past his prime age as brinkles was in his face he rose up from his chair saying “my daughter is safe?” A guard gave a nod saying “taken to the east to your brother sir” looking at a larger map of the region the path of destruction was carved through several other kingdoms and he was now on the way of what was causing this cataclysm looking over the horizon to the south it seemed rather calm the weather the sun was up and no clouds were in the sky but the city below had a extremely ready garrison together with the outside having horseman patrols trying to locate who or what was doing this.

Overlooking the defences, the king gave a nod, before walking away, sitting in the throne he remembered of his family, his daughter was safe at least that his wife would be happy about. Looking over the wall, before dropping his eyes down he soon noticed a scout running towards him. She soon kneeled. “Sir i bring news…” she panted with exhaustion and even fear “good tell me…” He said with more energy than before she then said “I was with companions during the road… south passing through what looked like an abandoned farm on it we saw somebody or something that wore a dark robe and heavy armor…” She coughed a bit before continuing “she or he turned to us and it seemed like the sun was disappearing as darkness engulfed us the others said for me to run and when i looked back i was the only one the dark mass thou stopped growing and the… thing whatever it was… is now heading in this direction” The king gave a nod his eyes looking over the horizon standing in the walls he seemed rather tired to the trained eye. Being a ruler for him wasn't a easy job albeit he was more accustomed to dealing with taxes and even if a different field warfare was equally tiresome with costs, resources, and wasted lives looking over the horizon he sighed checking the fortifications walking away checking the archers on guard duty looking over the wall while some people still left and entered the castle. His eye seemed to stick to a figure in armor walking to the city with a tattered cape for what he could see stopping he could feel a strange chill down his spine.

After a moment of silence a thunder seemed to hit close by everyone blinking from the sudden event. The king could soon see as he opened his eyes a huge black mass swallowing the sun as darkness fell in the city. Soon tentacles exploded from the ground around town swirling, hitting people killing them, some dropping dead suddenly. The king was evacuated by his guards he saw as a dark being the size of a castle broke through the wall swinging its arm as destroying an entire block as death could be felt around the region smashing the land the creature moved forward several dark tentacles emerging from the ground from a tar ponds that seemed to be underground the king soon saw the giant entity become smaller as the entire city seemed to be assaulted landing down the streets his bodyguards and himself draw swords. The being gave a bow before rushing forward killing a guard as blades began to be traded by the guards against it the being dodging with grace killing each one of them by crushing their heads or even body with extremely strong punches, and one just by touching with its hand as its skin seemed to grow pale and falling over as the last guard fell she turned to the king who after seeing the scene unfold readied for battle.
It stared at him with its red eyes before giving a nod. Jumping forward the king managed to stop the blow of its hand with his sword as both started giving blows, the king continuously retreating up stairs, the city burning as fires began to take hold of the ruins as the shadow tentacles began to slowly disappear, after destroying much of the city. As the fighting continued to proceeded up stairs he soon grabbed a bucket with the sword throwing at it punching to the side with a look at it quickly dodging as the king seemed to strike forward close by turning to him it them hit his back sending him flying down the stairs hitting the floor he groaned looking back to it walking down the stairs calmly looking at his neck was a two rings held by a string taking deep breaths the world seemed rather calm from the chaos around. But with bloodshot eyes opening he quickly turned around swinging quickly the being able to dodge the way out but his face or just eyes showed a level of surprise soon retreating as he seemed to swing quite quickly against it its dodging becoming seemed to be a bit more with effort as he marched forward with more energy the being seemed more interested.

With a side step it soon quickly grabbed his sword with its hand, looking at him it gave a nod before breaking the blade in half, raising an eyebrow at the king he quickly grabbed a rock throwing at it being held by its hand like nothing, before noticing the blade quickly approaching its eye. Albeit it was slow for it as it quickly it seemed to leave its way, punching the king on its belly making him fall on its back in the floor looking up he was exhausted as it approached its hand before stopping as it stared at him going back its form seemed to give way to something more tangible while still enveloped in darkness he could see a woman almost looking sickly with red eyes and armor she then said “...oh we are not so different.” Looking shocked he then said “I am no monster…” He said panting and she twisted her head lightly saying “Monster? Hmmm maybe I am the legend I build… but legends are nothing but twisted sights of what people wish to see… like you and I, we both would go far for those we love.” she soon turned into the dark being before walking away almost as quickly, seemingly able to fly in the direction she wanted the sunlight returned over the burning region he coughed rising up in the ruined city, one of the few remaining survivors.

Over the next two months more kingdoms disappeared with survivors, telling stories of a shadow creature, marching through it cutting through everything like butter. In total 300 kingdoms fell apart in under three months in what was nicknamed the dark spring. Oa’qeisskesi walked away from the lands she seemed less happy or just felt as her expression barely changed, sighing she thought. “Sparing a few after the death of thousands… what is the point…” she continued marching west.

A queen’s subjects and a queen’s fury

part 1

Oa’qeisskesi stood watching at a distance the maze seeing the sunset in the horizon as Rirakuri’s started leaving the maze to hunt in the woods around, she kept a stare as they moved through the night eating before they returned to the void hunting with their limited skills. Fixing her eyes she soon heard the dark sun whisper “having an idea?” she gave a nod still staring at the hole they came from as the silence of the woods was somewhat calming for her. The sun rose and set at least one more time before she lifted up going down again into the tunnels saying “better prepare them more…” “Shouldn't we… oh wait i see what you are thinking” The sun said disappearing for her once down bellow walking through the halls of the city maze arriving at the spawning pools bellow she gave a nod looking at the architecture that shined illuminating part of the surrounding area before sitting Rirakurian’s kneeled when passing by her not being able to talk unless in primitive forms of clicks, humphs and others. She ignored their attempted ramblings before saying “technology, magic, and hmm more…” her eyes widened a bit as she took her divine form of a dark being floating above the crowd.

Standing on the edge she then made a gesture as the Rirakuri gathered around her she then said “my family… I by here grant you boons and wisdom” She hand waved them as they soon were able to speak in the abyssal language finally talking after emerging from the abyss. Lowering down to their level standing still tall amongst the mumbling crowd as silence finally descended she then said “this is but the beginning there is much to be done…” She felt happy at the current plans and from there she started teaching them about abyssal magic, its ability to devour magic, summon strength from the darkness, cast tentacles, eldritch blasts, summoning tentacles to pin kill or just immobilize an opponent. Magic that came from the abyssal realm itself fueled by soul consumption, corruption, and the dark sun itself. Oa’qeisskesi watched her students from a distance, wandering through the outer layers of the maze watching the exits to regular caves and some mines she hide a small smile with her next plan, observing the mines she quickly categorized the resources around iron, copper, tin and other resources deep beneath the earth. After returning to the Rirakurian pockets of population she started teaching them how to make forges from the architecture and the resources of the great maze before teaching them how to extract the resources of the caves around to melt these resources and to make metal tools from them to use in battle or inside the city for their own benefit.

Once all was in place she sighed at her hard work noticing one final thing to note seeing they seemed to go more distant from the abyss. She sighed raising her hands, she soon grabbed the souls of the Rirakuri, they were abyssal of origin, meaning an afterlife was complicated using her powers, she then tied their sapience and souls into the abyss tying their existence into the abyss if they died they would return to where they came from, even if products of them sometimes they could slip into their own ways but if walking too far they might even forget who they are and disappear after all. After some effort, their souls were tied to the abyss this time without needing her to constantly be around them. Sitting again on the ledge of a bridge seeing the situation below she then rose an eyebrow at a dispute between them she soon sighed realizing a problem; since they had the freedom to choose and to act they most likely would split into petty kingdoms and infight thinking for a moment she soon connected with all the Rirakurian’s in the area. “I realized something, we need organization in this area so let us do something… for all hearing that wishes to rule over this side of the world here a challenge a championship whose prize is to rule over this land shall begin”

Oa’qeisskesi after some days of worked carved a giant colosseum in one of the paths of the maze, suspended over a chasm, and held by chains, the strange architecture also sustaining it, sitting in the royal podium, she watched the mass crowd of Rirakurians bellow in the middle of the stands, cheering the champions more below roughly 100 in total she could count. As the games began she stood watching as they started fighting in matches, the songs of drums, trumpets, and music could be heard. She never was much to bother with these things as she sat almost looking bored but in reality, she was interested in the outcome, seeing the participants start fighting one seemed to be very quick, unfortunately, he fell quite quick as well to the might of a strong man, the strong man as well seemed unbeatable until defeated by the smartest of them and the smartest person fell to the those who could act quicker than he could think. The conflict raged on for many rounds. A new one was soon put on top, not surprising. It was the one who managed to balance all traits needed in combat but in ruling, that would be another story Oa knew that and gave a nod, for now, might, would make right but in time they would choose a new ruler. Floating down in front of the champion she soon extended her hand and in them, her hands manifested a crystal. Its energy was rather, unique giving its users the ability to have more strength than usual but also giving an aura of leadership, around them she soon floated turning to the crowd saying in abyssal. “Aaukisseai!” The crowd went silent and she then said “behold your new ruler and prepare for the future for now… times are starting to change.” She quickly flew up breaking a hole through the arena’s roof and launching debris to the sides making non-fall back leaving a bright hole up before she flew away thinking. “Too many emotions i need to burn some…” her hands were clenched as she soon landed north of the dark woods, seeing villages she felt a tinge of anger, feeling the abyss clenching for relief, after so long her ears could hear rather static.

A underground maze, and its squatters

(made for turn 3)

Jeon wiped his brow and clipped the hammer and chisel he had been using to a little work belt he’d made

“Phew. You know, I think maybe the Kitty had a better way of doing this, because stars above, I am beat” he said, sitting himself down to take a rest. He reached for the other thing on his belt, a flask, and took a swig, only to find it empty. He lifted it up to his eye, then up turned it and shook it. A tiny drop of cider dripped out and fell down, down, down into the abyss he was sitting on the edge of, the drip vanishing into the bottomless pit the bridge the god was sitting on crossed over.

“Drat” the god cursed, before hurling the flask into the abuse as well before delcating “I can't work under these conditions! Pausing for a few moments, and then hoping to his feet and deciding simply “so I won’t”

Then he pulled out a crude map he’d been drawing as he worked and examined it. The labyrinth of tunnels interspersed with large rectangular chambers and massive perfectly circular ones did not do what he had done justice, for while the scale seemed to show just your typical maze, it was anything but that.

No after exploring some of Lekto’s underground, he had concluded that what it was missing was some ancient ruins to explore, and then he had gone completely overboard. Sprawling beneath the darwood was now a massive, sprawling necropolis made of architecture that had started to lose much of the rationality it might have had the further down his booze supply. At this point there was only a bare semblance that the environment had been built with people in mind, architecture sprawling out endlessly for actitectures sake with little rhyme or reason.
Staircases of jutting stone steps hung railingless over massive pits, had highly irregular exits, spiraled down into nothing or up to just below the surface. Tunnels bored deep into the earth and stopped for no reason, spiraled in on themselves, suddenly dropped away and then continued on as if nothing had happened. Buildings carved into the tunnel walls, where laid out in ways no sane person would build them, to big, to small, to long, to high ceilinged.

The centerpieces of these were the sets of perfectly round rooms that continued within themselves equally perfectly round walled cities within themselves, who’s structures within their walls piled up ontop of eachother till they reached the domed cavern ceilings.

Scattered through this labyrinth were mineral treasures. Store rooms holding piles of ores, crystals and other treasures of the earth all neatly laid out for the taking, no mining needed, if you could find them that was.

In contrast to this mineral wealth, the labyrinth was dead when it came to life. Jeon had intended to do that next, but, well, in his own words, he was going on break. The only issue was, of course, that even he had no idea where he was.

“Bah, this is worthless” he declared, tossing the map aside before pulling his tools out again and announcing to the void “ you know what, one last bit of work it is then” before taking hammer and chisel and carving out a quite important part of a labyrinth: an exit.

A few dozen heartbeats later and a decrepit castle burst from the earth in the outskirts of the darkwoods, sending the wildlife running. Its decrepit drawbridge slammed down, and the gor matched out, dusting off his hands. “Ahhh, fresh forest air. Now that’s more like it” he said to the trees, before leaping up into them.

It was ever so convenient that Sanctuary towered over everything else, because it made navigating the forest a lot easier. Especially if Sanctuary was your destination. With a gust of wind, Jeon was picked up by his glider and was racing away to raid their brewery for more sweet sweet apple cider.

Oa’qeisskesi wandered through the forest of the southeast; she noticed activity around the region via magic; she made sure to mask herself, while wandering but also keeping a bigger eye around for any inconvenience. A dark sun followed her saying “So several deities are around us if our feelings of energy are correct… and we are forced to move slowly and hide ourselves ah how life is we meet only one and forever haunt ourselves.” “Not a good time for philosophy” she replied quickly jumping to the top of a tree to oversee the area around from the tallest place possible her vision soon picked something quickly jumping in its direction. Her shadow whispered to her she gave a nod, going careful in her steps approaching the tower of stone in the distance.

As she approached she saw a tower or an abandoned fortress of sorts, when close enough at the gates, she soon stopped looking at the structure. Staring for a moment analysing her senses and feelings she quickly moved in. Her senses soon noticed an entrance to the underground with a quick thought she proceeded down below her eyes being able to see in the dark she traveled through she quickly faced many dead ends before turning back and continuing soon arriving in a ravine of many bridges over what seemed like the void continuing her exploration with a curious mind.

She soon found staircases leading to the mass labyrinth below, expending months if not years underground wandering passing through bridges, dead ends being found and places close to the surface. As she counted the seconds once inside as she found herself walking over another bridge the dark sun said “We've been here for years, what are we trying to find?” “well… just something, the place is mostly an empty castle… with this being occasional stuff.” She said pointing to a chest filled with precious ores the dark sun soon said. “A deity built this place that I can guess obviously…” She gave a nod she used most of the time underground to ponder for the most part. Sighing she kneeled on the bridge and gave a large punch to the floor. It barely cracked, indicating fine architecture, it could resist a lot but it was not her goal to break it. Instead, she kept her hand on feeling the echo of the vibrations, she could feel a large structure covering the southeast surrounded by just a few caves she fixed her eyes to bellow in the void beneath the new ravine saying. “A large monumental labyrinth many times the size of a regular castle or fortress with just a few exits.” The dark sun beside her soon said “Oh great a prison for a mortal to go mad.” “But also a hiding spot…” She added thinking for a second.

Both stood in silence as the sun soon said “same idea as me?” Oa sighed saying “we both think the same.” She soon looked down, kicking a small rock down. She then said “create an abyssal spawn here…” “With the full layout of the maze in their brains.” He added to her, giving a quick turn she then said “giving us also a place for them to rule and be easily hidden” she quickly stopped as the sun said “and for them to raid the surface…” Oa stopped thinking before saying “Ashvelen asked us not too…” the sun quickly approached saying “True… a truce exists between them and her people… for now… for we know what is the main problem…” She gave a nod with a sigh the room was empty turning to the void she soon jumped, squeezing her hands liquid began to fall faster than her and what seemed like a pond formed at the bottom of the pit as she fell in a tar lake as the lake grown in it there were white eyes glowing through. But soon many others began to appear and as the lake grew until reaching a limit, many hundreds of thousands of eyes could be seen.

Emerging from the pond there were several tentacles emerging more roofs hit the soil as they arose they began to wander around they, had tentacles in their head, four legs and three sets of mouths around them their tentacles made up most of their body moving, twisting and twitching Oa soon floated up from the lake as the kin arose once in a bridge she soon shouted “Arise Rirakuri’s.” They soon turned to her and she soon said “This city is yours to rule and govern it now go….” She waved her hand as the creatures started to shapeshift into other horrors or disguise into parts of the wall and to move across the walls into the maze spawning from the spawning pool quickly turning to other areas of the maze she created other spawning pools where more could appear.

After done she walked to the closest part to the surface, breaking a hole through the maze leading to the surface after the smoke settled. She sighed seeing the night sky almost made her feel happy she soon said “well… this was an interesting experience.” She soon moved under the cover of darkness and the sun appeared again, soon saying “Down below we also felt more than just the maze…” “Several hundred thousand kilometres of caves I noticed… seems like an interesting point for the future…” She said moving away in the direction of the mountains. “Indeed…” he replied as the sun rose again in the left-out crater howls could be partially heard in the.


The deserts overlooked the dark clouds of the north as a figure wandered through its sands. “The Nature of existence and the meaning of life is to seek…” “what?” a voice uttered in a dark tongue as Oa’qeisskesi wandered the sand lands of the west heading south, the sun high in the sky. The winds blew, the shifting dunes as Oa'qeisskesi wandered through the land. From the sun's rise and set to the rise of the night she wandered, the land mortals along her way perished and their souls consumed as she wandered. She found a lost soul wandering in the sand before she plunged into it devouring it and soon stood still pondering as her victim is none existent anymore. “ in fear of death that meaning is found?” She soon moved forward, passing through the sand occasionally, stopping to make a pit before crossing through the channel. Beyond the lands of the great desert, her mind was aware of some things in the world. Yet the information was still being gathered in her travels under the sun and the night for many days and still she pondered about herself while learning about the world. Staring at the night sky, seeing it pass with every minute seeing the magnetism of the planet but also the pillars of reality, she soon said. “ meaning found in discovering the unknown?” sitting on the sands she sighed seeing the night set and a new day. The red scorching moon, burning in the heavens soon disappeared with the rising sun as the sky turned blue time, seemed to move fast and the sun reached high in the sky. She soon sighed, closing her glowing red eyes.

“It's not good to lay in the sand” She opened her eyes seeing the dark sun floating above her head sighing she soon lifted herself off the sand saying. “I am relaxing…” “In the middle of nowhere?” The dark sun asked, walking forward and she then said. “I am thinking…” Several whispers could be heard as she moved from several feet before saying. “can you all stop…” She sighed moving forward, at the silence, finding a dead husk of a tree in the sands. She sighed and she then said while taking a seat “What do you guys want can't you see I've been trying to not be found?” A million whispers could soon be heard all talking in dark tongues. She then said “I don't have enough power to bring everyone to this side… well not yet anyway” She cracked part of the wood, grabbed the broken-off branch and moved up the small sand hill. After arriving at the top the dark sun soon said. “Not when dealing with small beings that can't think much and from your zig-zag from coast to mountain don't you think I didn't notice the tar pools you made.” She soon stopped thinking and gave a nod.

Turning around to the empty area below, raising both hands she soon grabbed her palm with her other hand and with pressure tar began to flow down her hand into the pit. The previous small depression soon began to quickly be flooded, with a black liquid akin to tar until it covered the dead husk of a tree and became a large pond of black goo. Touching the liquid with her hand it laid flat like touching smooth stone instead of a liquid. Closing her eyes the pond soon had white eyes looking at her and she said. “Neu kie Lana’sou osa Siaasouai rasrosu Aolrihas.” The sun moved quickly across the sky and began to twilight on the horizon. The region soon glowed in a strange purple aura for hours, Oa’qeisskesi stood at the pool staring at it; she soon gave a nod and rose up as the pond and others in the desert glowed red before the light faded as she soon moved away walking away and looking at the moon staring for a second at the burning planetoid in orbit she soon said. “Better keep my head low if it's true what I felt…” She continued moving going up a hill and marching on, she soon saw the sands end and become grasslands her vision could see a mountain and a passage leading to a forest she fixed her eyes in the woods giving a nod and moving on changing her form a person with a large cover and a walking stick moving through the grasslands south stopping for a moment the figure seemed to say. “Arise…” with a pause in silence it soon began to move away.

Meanwhile back at the dark pond one of several she made along her journey a giant arm with claws emerged scraping the sand appeared rising up two arms were shown but also four legs, spikes were common at its back, and three white blank eyes appeared as the tar left its face its teeth were razor sharp, skin pala black with red spots its tail was akin to a mace. Many others soon emerged as well, all looking up, staring at the night sky before opening their mouths and screaming with a howl akin to a banshee in despair. All of them soon turned in that direction as they noticed the presence of life and the smell of a soul nearby. Before running in a desperate rush. Across the sands more of the ponds awakened more of the monsters being born, the ponds drying up in a single night as they were born the Seis’huenaoi marched in many numbers across the sands of the west. Oa’qeisskesi marched ever closer to the woodlands and the dark sun soon said. “Why did you make them like that?” “What?” she asked, still marching forward the forest getting close. “Nothing just noticed they are not meant to last…” “Exactly...” She said with a small smile. “You are devious…” He said with a chuckle as he disappeared she got close to the Umbral woods.


Grasslands and a few lone trees stood in the open cold steppes beyond the Stormbreaker mountains. A bird landed on a tree eating from a small fruit, dangling from one branch. The winds blew wildly in the steppes until they finally for once stopped blowing from the cold north. The mountains were close to be able to see their peaks and the land seemed to be calm. Soon a silence fell as the birds stopped, looking around sensing something wrong. Beneath the earth the darkness of stone that surrounded the area, whispers could be heard if one was present. They talked of anger, happiness, hatred, fear, and many emotions being whispered voices of different beings until silence settled once again into silence but standing in the darkness. An echo was heard as the dark sun was born, starting to be surrounded by darkness, immediate darkness as fires engulfed it. The land around started shaking with a small earthquake, all birds flying in panic sensing what was to happen. The land seemed stable but soon started to crack, the winds growing once again the earth making strange sounds while shaking beneath the surface the underworld, a lava chamber, began to quickly build up and in its center an orb of darkness surrounded. The orb began to soon expand into a dark feminine shape; voices could be heard around in a strange tongue almost like the echo of a thousand voices. On the surface the land started to deform as it was pressured from below, growing bigger like a bubble, ready to burst marked with red and purple veins from the ground cracking. Within it, the dark being stared at her own heart beginning to be encrusted and pulsating in red flames raising her head as the area shook her red eyes looked at a hole in the crust seeing the sky she soon said “Ai lessres…”

A long distance in the mountains themselves the cold winds blew over the mountains. The air seemed calm until the wind seemed to stop in silence as the explosion. Rocked the steppes the light from a small sun glowed in the distance like a sunrise, across the world a small earthquake could be felt for a small moment before stopping. As for the region itself, the shock wave flattened most stuff, close by in the first second, the mountains soon being hit by the shockwave in a much weaker state just lifting some small amounts of snow. Soon chunks of rock lifted up by the eruption began to rain down across the entire area as the smoke and ash lifted up soon began to cover the sky and to run down the steppes burning, and suffocating, everything in toxic fumes and darkness, covering the land, lightning being the only source of light together with the faint light of the sun as it pierced the skys. The land burned as the smoke spread across the region in the center of the eruption. Rivers of molten lava with a taint of purple glow began to pour out of the crater flowing westwards. The skies were increasingly darkened as the clouds moved further west, animals trying to outpace the coming storm. The crater, the center of the eruption, resembled an uncanny, flat volcanic caldera flowing out around it. The land was deformed in several sections raised by the quakes from the earth and the eruption resembled a cracked volcanic landscape. The ash was dense and fell from the sky all around the area, making visibility very difficult and the air was dense and hot with the smell of sulfur and methane. As the lava poured a dark shadowy hand, grabbed the edge of the crater rising herself up Oa’qeisskesi left the cauldera. looking up, seeing lightning. The smoke cloud she soon started walking forward stumbling whispers could be heard around her loudly speaking in an indecipherable memory before she screamed in dark tongue with a deep monstrous voice “SHUT IT!” The whispers soon calmed down and she sighed, gaining footing from her confused state, changing her shape to a knight. She soon said. “March we must… for now...” She soon started to walk west towards the coast away from the eruption site she soon said. “Yes, good idea.”

As she walked through the waste the area of effect of the eruption only grew, within an edge where some plants that survived the ground near then soon cracked with purple veins and the remaining vegetation soon died as the area became corrupted by the abyss as if the ash and smoke weren't enough for the plants in the area. But soon began to be overtaken by the smoke of the eruption, the volcano constantly, making more smog and ash ever-expanding, the dark clouds in all directions. The mountains to its south were the first to stop the smoke forcing it to move west and north spreading, the darkness and shadow further in the northlands as life runs from its effects. Oa’qeisskesi meanwhile walked away from its increasing shadow.

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