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Location: Haly´s circus
Interactions: The Team
Ambience: Flora vs Fauna

Daphne sat in the audience and watched the act of the Bearded Lady and the Tiny Man. A couple of jokes went over her head but she found herself laughing quietly during most of the show. She got herself a new small sweet popcorn and iced tea. Her thoughts went back to her own act. They really did a great job, the audience loved it. They rehearsed only once and despite improvising some of her lines she didn't miss a beat. It was really similar to playing pretend, just with grown ups. Daphne had a baby sitting job before joining the initiative, looking after two six year old siblings. Their favorite games were playing dress up and fighting imaginary monsters. They would probably love her new job. If they knew she was a superhero now they would freak out!

She felt her phone buzzing and checked to see the message. It was Zach. She texted back what she discovered.
"It's not the firebreather guys, I searched his room backstage and overheard he's leaving the circus after this run is over"
"I couldn't find anything linking him to being an operative for Kobra"

Daphne conveniently left out the part where she needed to be rescued by Talon after the firebreather had unknowingly locked her into the room while she hid in his closet. Hopefully that would stay between Talon and her, she couldn't afford any more failures. He promised he'd keep it a secret and she trusted him.

Daphne eyes shot up from her phone when she heard screaming, it wasn't easy to distinguish at first between the laughing, but people were definitely screaming outside. It was getting louder too. Small horses burst through a tear inside the tent and galloped into the ring. Daphne's body tensed up and she got up from her seat, ready to run, but she suppressed the urge. She was a hero now. Daphne tried to stay calm and figure out what they were up against. There was something seriously wrong with the ponies, they looked unnatural. Their behavior made no sense either.

The crowd started to panic once they realized what was happening. People were scrambling to get out of the tent, running and pushing against each other. Everyone needed to get to safety first. Daphne rushed down the rows of seats to the front. Parents were already grabbing their children, yelling their names. One of them was crying, seeing the others around him being swept up by their moms and dads. Daphne couldn't see his parents anywhere and the ponies were galloping dangerously close.
"Come with me!" She called out. The boy held up his arms so she could pick him up.

Daphne ran to the nearest safe exit carrying to boy. A high pitched scream caught her attention and she stopped and turned to find the source. One of the kids was being pulled by her ankle into the center of the ring. Immediately Daphne's heart got stuck in her throat and panic set in.
She was going to get trampled!
Daphne handed over the boy to a teenage girl making her way outside, instructing her to help him find his parents once they were safe. There was no time to come up with a plan or hide out somewhere safe so Daphne quickly transformed throwing off the costume she was still wearing. She jumped into the ring, evading one of the ponies. Grabbing one of the toy weapons which were left behind after her act she threw it at the pony dragging the girl. The animal didn't even flinch.
Oh crap...

Daphne searched around frantically for something else while trying not to get attacked by the other ponies. In between the trash she spotted a bent half pipe. She grabbed it and flung it as hard as she could at the pony, careful not to hit the girl. It collided with its head, drawing its attention to Daphne.
"RUN!" She yelled. The girl got up from the floor but her ankle injury prevented her from running.

The animal was galloping towards her. Daphne jumped out of the way. A second pony came out of nowhere and ran straight into her. The sheer force of the muscled animal sent her crashing into one of the stage obstacles. During the impact something sharp cut into her side, she felt a numbed sting. She got up from the floor, holding onto her head. Everything was spinning. A piece of wood stuck out of her left side, green sap leaking from around it. Her vision sharpened and she gasped.
If she hadn't transformed this would for sure have killed her. The bruises on her plant body started to form into bark until she was completely covered, aside from her head and the small spot on her side. Maybe she should have done that earlier.

She had to get to the Team. The pony had actually kicked her much further than she realized, nearly all the way across the ring. Daphne drew in a sharp breath and stumbled through the curtains, holding onto her side. She wasn't experiencing any heavy pain, but she definitely felt light headed. Backstage there was also chaos. She walked as fast as she could. Zach's room was closest. Daphne pushed through the door entering her teammates room.

"Zach, something crazy just happened. We got attacked by a bunch of wild ponies. I don't know where they came from, I think I saw about six of them. We have to do something, but I couldn't stop them. They are freakishly strong."

E P I S O D E T H R E E : S T A G E F R I G H T


May 29rd, 2021 | 20:38p.m | Gotham City, Conneticut

After such a splendid performance by Nymph that had children and adults alike in a joyous mood, the show seemed like it'd only get better.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! We will be taking a brief intermission to allow you to stock up on snacks and use the restroom before the next main acts! In the meantime, give it up for the power couple of our grand circus. The Bearded Woman and the Tiny Maaaaan!” The two walked onto the stage with the hefty Bearded Woman bridal carrying her almost child-sized partner to the stage. The Tiny man waved at the audience while the Bearded Woman kept her chin held high to show off her full black beard that nearly reached her navel. Besides her beard, she was adorned with several pieces of jewelry.

As the couple approached the microphone, the Tiny man grabbed it, tested it and then held it up to the Bearded Woman's face.

“Ladies, take notes.” She set the Tiny Man down who now held up the microphone overhead with both hands as if he was the Bearded Woman's mic stand. She stroked her beard with a pleased grin as if to silently say "See what I mean" to the audience.

Her performance was simply a stand-up comedy act with bits centered around the couple's odd relationship. She was meant to keep things PG but pushed the line several times. All in all, things were going quite smoothly until screams were heard from outside the circus tent in between the audience's laughter.

Some in the crowd looked around to find the source, while others ignored it as they wanted to enjoy the show. Unfortunately, what was happening outside couldn't be ignored as two ponies burst through the tents. These ponies had an abnormal appearance. They were salivating and appeared to have gained more muscle mass than normal. One ran straight for the audience while the other towards the stage. The Bearded Woman pushed down the Tiny Man who curled up in a ball before being struck by the pony's hooves. Six more ponies entered through the tear in the tent, one using its mouth to drag a young girl by her ankle. The crazed roided up ponies only sought to harm and destroy.

Despite how unsettling these creatures looked, Cybergirl would find them awfully familiar…

Location: Haly's circus fair, on the stage
Interactions: The audience

As soon as her last trick was done The Contortionist left the stage in a rush, not bothering to stick around for applause. She was stopped by one of the other performers, the pyrotechnics guy. They were talking in hushed voices. He seemed to tell her something which upset her. His reaction to her displeasure was very strange, nearly falling to his knees to show how sorry he was. He attempted to cling at her legs which was swiftly dismissed by a rough kick to his side. The man tumbled to the floor, landing on his back. For a girl her size the strength in her kick was uncanny. She stepped over the moaning pyrotechnic and continued on her way.

Meanwhile Daphne was pacing back and forth behind the thick velvet curtains separating the stage from the back. She fidgeted with her costume and fixed her mask, making sure it was secure. There were so many lines in the script of her performance, she worried she wouldn't remember them. Not only that her performance partner was nowhere to be seen. Five more minutes to go before they had to go on stage. Hopefully he'd show. She looked at her phone, trying to memorize her lines. Her performance was a re-enactment of the Greek myth of Apollo and Daphne. She heard the ringmaster start of the myth.
"Long long ago in ancient Greece the god of Love was insulted by Apollo who said he was the better archer between them"
After a minute, Apollo was nowhere to be seen. The ringmaster cleared his throat loudly.

Backstage the performer who would play Apollo rushed up to Daphne. He was laughing and carried with him half of a cotton candy which he stole from the food stall. The vendor was yelling behind him. "Apollo" offered the cotton candy to Daphne.
"Got you this, I ate half of it though" Daphne took the cotton candy. She shook her head and smiled.
"Come on, come on, we're late" Daphne giggled and pulled him with her onto the stage. The stage was set up like small obstacle course. In their version of the story Apollo was supposed to chase after Daphne for a kiss. The nymph would employ the help of children in the audience to help her win the race and fight off the Sun god.

Apollo fixed his quiver of arrows and immediately got into character. He ran up to the center of the ring and flexed his muscles dramatically. He posed, smiling at the front row of children.
"I am the best archer in all of Greece! Way better than that dumb Eros, diaper wearing baby!"

Daphne entered the stage waving excitedly at the audience. She took a seat near the first obstacle, idly playing with her hair. She really had no idea how nymphs were supposed to act.

Apollo's insult angered Eros and he stomped forward into the ring, climbing up one of the obstacles. His movements were overexaggerated to make the children laugh. Eros took two arrows from his quiver, taking aim at the pair. He laughed evilly and released the toy arrows.
"I will teach you not to make fun of ME!"

The ringmaster explained to the audience what Eros had done.
"The god of Love was not happy so he shot Apollo and the beautiful nymph Daphne"
"One arrow made Apollo fall in love with Daphne, but the other arrow made Daphne hate Apollo, and they started to chase each other, through fields and mountains"

Apollo walked up to Daphne who put down her imaginary comb, looking up at him. He took her hand and stared straight into her brown eyes.
"Daphne I think I'm in love with you, you are so beautiful, I just want to kiss you!"
Apollo's blue eyed stare and declaration of fake love made butterflies flutter in her stomach. Wait a second, she was not supposed to like this! Apollo squeezed her hand and laughed sheepishly, bringing her back to earth.
She pulled back her hand and held it to her chest. Daphne stepped away from him a disgusted look on her face.
"No I don't like kisses, stay away from me!"

The two performers started to chase each other across the obstacle course. Daphne took the easy way around each time while Apollo had to navigate every obstacle fairly. Despite that he was starting to catch up to her. The children were cheering on their hero of choice. After a couple of obstacles Apollo took a breather, pretending to be tired. This was Daphne's cue to involve a couple of volunteers in the act. On a plastic tree stump next to her a bunch of toy weapons were set up. She turned to the audience.
"Oh please are there any brave heroes willing to help me? I only want to stay in the forest, far away from Apollo..." She waited expectantly. Most of the children were hesitant and whispered to each other in excited voices. Daphne spotted a girl standing next to her brother.
"You daughter of Athena, will you help me fight off Apollo? I will bestow upon you a great battle sword"

After some encouragement from her parents the girl nodded and armed herself with the toy weapons.
"Wait a minute that's not fair!"
Apollo also turned to the audience, flashing a bright smile.
"Who wants to help the best archer in Greece?, the winner gets a kiss from the beautiful Nymph"

The boys in the audience were not convinced, some of them making a face. Yuck!
Apollo cleared his throat and tried again.
"I mean the winner gets to try out shooting with my bow!"
That got him a whole ton of volunteers and he selected a valiant warrior in his quest for Daphne's heart. Eventually the chase led to the center of the ring. There was no place left to go for Daphne and her warrior friend. The last obstacle was a small pond.

The ringmaster continued narrating the events.
"With nowhere left to run Daphne and her loyal follower asked the river god Peneus for help to escape the god of the Sun"

Daphne gestured for the girl to follow her to the makeshift pond at the center of the ring. She kneeled down in front of it.
"Oh father help me. Change my form which has brought me to this danger. Set me free!"

A booming voice sounded through the circus tent. The river god spoke through the sound system, coming from every angle.
"My daughter I shall answer your plea, step into the pond"

Apollo and his helper were closing in during the final act of the performance. Right on time to witness Daphne's incredible transformation. The show stopping ending of the entire act. She stood in the shallow pond and her skin turned to bark, hair into leaves. Daphne made sure to be completely still, mimicking the stiffness of a real tree. Apollo fell to his knees, defeated.
"With the help of the daughter of Athena and her father the River God, Daphne escaped Apollo and lived happily in the forest evergreen"

The audience got up for a standing ovation, clapping at Daphne and her entourage. She bent down to high five the girl.
"We won!"
The girl looked at her in awe. Like a myth come to life.

"You know...."
"I still don't get why I'm here. I'm supposed to protect your identity, make the baby heroes think someone else is doing what you're doing here..."
"And what were you doing again..?"

A pair of emerald eyes were staring at a man who was tied to a chair, mouth stuffed with a lacy piece of lingerie. The girl raised her already sharply arched left brow, expecting an answer. He made some angry muffled noises and pulled at the satin ropes holding his limbs. She barely flinched and continued to answer her own questions.

"Oh right you are supplying Kobra with some kind of mystery substance to mix up in their venom, to make it more juicy. They want to rise in the ranks, get into the big leagues. I get it, but that's not the way to do it. I've worked for the big leagues, they could care less about stuff like that."

"Now my question to you is this, how does this benefit me? I mean what do I gain?"

There were a couple of masks and other props laid out on her vanity. She picked up a mask decorated with silver and green scales, holding it over her eyes.
"Too on the nose...and it's scratchy"
She tossed it aside carelessly and tried on a second option, a face veil. She smiled, pleased with what she saw in the mirror. It added just the right touch of mystery.

She got up from her seat and sauntered over to a clothing rack. There was a silvery skintight catsuit prepared for her performance. It shimmered in the warm lamp lights of the dressing room. She touched the smooth cool fabric.
"This is definitely going to do nicely, for once those idiots got me something worth my while" She muttered under her breath.

She was about to switch outfits when she thought of something.
Without saying anything she walked back up to the vanity and Kobra's supplier. She made sure to stand in eyeshot before slowly taking of her robe and slipping into the suit.
"Nah ah, no peeking" The girl glanced over her shoulder at the supplier, a mischievous smirk on her face.

In a matter of minutes she'd changed into the silver suit, ready for her performance as the contortionist.

Location: Backstage, firebreather room
Interactions: Talon

“Just don’t screw things up”

Daphne stared at the text, coming to a halt. Even through text she could feel the animosity. It made her stomach turn uncomfortably.
Her fingers hovered over the screen for a while, even typing up half a reply, before deleting it.

I’m not….I’m not going to screw up. Daphne thought. She looked up from her phone an…

“Hey girl, you’re blocking the line” A irritated voice came from behind her. A woman holding a two year old boy by the hand stared at her. Daphne quickly put away her phone and apologized, letting them pass her.

Okay come on Daphne, get your head together. She really needed to not let Viktor get to her this much. She was going to stick to her plan, at least the part of the plan she’d actually thought out.

A couple of minutes later

Daphne walked past several rooms backstage. She’d changed into her costume making her more inconspicuous, blending in with the other performers. Some of the doors were conveniently marked with name tags of acts. It made finding the room of the fire breather much easier.

Found it!
Now all she needed was to find a way ins…

“Drinks and snacks on the house! I’ve got soda’s, popcorn, hot dogs, corn dogs, any dogs”
The vendor laughed at his own joke, slowly passing by each of the rooms. Her mind raced to think of a way she could use this to her advantage.

Daphne walked up to the man not knowing what she was going to say until she opened her mouth. The vendor beat her to it.
“Hi there, what is up, what's cooking good looking? Plant girl right?”

“ I uhm… the big boss sent me to help you out, he said you needed a pair of extra hands”

“Needed help?” The vendor looked perplexed for a moment before appearing as if a lightbulb clicked on in his head. “Ohh yeah. You're the relief. Wow, the big boss sure is one hell of a guy!” The vendor smiled as he removed his apron and set it on the concession cart. “The prices are on the side of the cart and no, you cannot snag a bite for free. Anyway, thanks for the relief and seeya later missy!”
Daphne stood next to the cart stunned, she was totally surprised her impromptu plan worked. She put on the apron over her costume and looked at the cart. It was stacked on each side with something sticking out of every nook and cranny. There was no use in trying to organize things, it would be a waste of time. When she approached the room of the firebreather, pushing the cart to the door she started to feel nervous.

A light knock.
“Hi there, snacks on the house!” She said in her most cheerful voice. There was no reply, so Daphne began to list some of the tastiest snacks on the menu. Still nothing. She glanced around. There were still a couple of people in the hallway. Just barging into the room would be suspicious, anyone here could be working for Kobra. Daphne remembered Batman’s briefing.

She pushed at the door, it wasn’t locked. Daphne had an idea.
“Two hot dogs with extra ketchup?” “Coming right up Sir!” She made sure she was loud enough for the other performers to hear her. Daphne prepped the two hotdogs and made her way inside the room. There was no one inside. She set the hotdogs on a side table and looked around.

The room was just a regular room. One corner was used to prepare props the firebreather used for his acts. What was she even looking for? The supplier probably wouldn’t leave evidence just laying around. The room smelled vaguely like sulfur. Daphne made sure not to move things around unless she absolutely had to.

The sound of footsteps approaching the door drew her attention and she glanced over her shoulder. Oh no….
Her heartbeat jumped up and her first thought was to hide. She quickly inched closer to the walls of the room getting out of the immediate line of sight.

Alright, just stay calm. Daphne was considering her options. She briefly considered lying to his face, making up some kind of reason on why she was in the room. Who was she kidding? She couldn’t pull that off, hiding was the next best thing. There was a standing closet a few steps away from her. This needed to be quick. She ran to the closet, pulled open the doors and pushed herself in, squeezing her body between a row of costumes hanging from a rack. Daphne carefully pulled the doors shut and put her hand over her mouth.

“Who the heck left this cart at my door?! And where's Tommy? Sheesh, that dude is gonna get fired quicker than the last guy.” Daphne could easily hear the Firebreather's voice behind the door. In the next instance, the man entered his room as if he expected someone to be waiting there. More specifically, Tommy who manned the cart.

“Huh? What's this?” He sounded like he noticed something off.

Daphne stayed quiet. She looked down at her phone, quickly muting it. That would be the worst way to blow her cover.
I hope the Team is doing a better job than I am.
So far she had nothing on the firebreather and she was stuck in place.

“Hotdogs! My fave! I… you gotta be kidding me! Ketchup?! I fucking hate ketchup!” The Firebreather grunted muttered a few more curses before speaking again. “Now I gotta wipe it all off… Wait a hot minute. Wait a hot minute! This… this stuff was staged! Those losers are trying to butter up to me now that they know I got a new gig in Metropolis! And even then, they screw it up. After this show, I'm leaving this shit show and I'm eating these hotdogs too! Ha!”

Despite being scared Daphne had to muffle a laugh. Who talked to themselves like that? She listened to what he was saying. Did this mean he wasn’t their guy? It seemed pretty difficult to be a secret supplier hiding at a circus if you were no longer part of said circus.

The firebreather finished the hotdogs and left the room, locking the door behind him. She could hear the lock clicking shut and flinched inwardly. Daphne pushed open the closet doors and stretched after being stuck there for a while. She approached the door and checked the handle, yes it was definitely sealed shut. The teen heroine browsed through the room, looking for something to help her pry open the lock. First she tried a letter opener, next a clothes hanger. It wasn’t budging. Probably because of her poor lock picking skills.

That left her with only one solution, something she’d been dreading, but held out as a contingency plan. Ask for help. It would defeat the purpose of her trying to prove herself a worthy member of the Team, hopefully the information she gathered would make up for it. There was one member on the Team she was sure wouldn’t say a word to anyone. She started to type up a text message.
Hi guys!

There is a second update on the posting turns. Since we've been slowing down a little recently I adjusted the rules some. It might seem harsh, but it's necessary to make sure we can keep the story going. I won't start with keeping tabs until this weekend, so everyone can start of with a blank slate.

Courtaud / Talon is currently inactive. His character will be controlled by the gm's, and will either remain as an NPC or exit the story at an appropriate time.

Location: Haly´s circus, inside the tents
Interactions: The Team

Daphne popped some sweet popcorn into her mouth, chewing on it slowly. Some of it spilled onto her lap. She was watching the performance of the firebreather, her warm brown eyes following him across the stage. There were a couple of times where she could feel the heat of the flames on her cheeks. When that happened she inched back into her seat some more. She thought about the mission objective. The firebreather could possibly be the supplier they were looking for. What would be the best way to figure it out?

He was known to be hotheaded. It was part of the reason why he was on the list of suspects. He would probably respond best to someone calm and collected, sending another hothead after him could end up in a fight. She could do it... but. Daphne glanced around trying to spot her team members. She hesitated, maybe she should ask someone first, or maybe she should ask Zach. He was their leader on this mission.

Maybe she could do something on her own, be pro active for a change. Daphne wanted to redeem herself after her failure at La Hoya. It would give the Team a reason to keep her around and also prove to herself she did belong here. A small success was going to make her feel better. Like Black Canary said, it wasn't enough to want to stay, you had to fight for it. Not react, but act.

The performance of the fire breather was coming to a close. That was her cue, Daphne got out her phone and typed up a message in the Team's group chat.
"Guys I'm going to chat to the fire breather, see if I can figure out if it's our guy" She pressed send and got up from her seat. She brushed the popcorn from her dress and slowly made her way down to the stage.
E P I S O D E T H R E E : S T A G E F R I G H T


May 29rd, 2021 | 19:13p.m | Gotham City, Conneticut

The night started off with a dazzling opening act of Zatanna herself. Amazing the circus goers with illusion upon illusion and a creative repertoire of tricks, accomplished through a secret blend of real magic and showmanship. As far as the mission was concerned things had actually gone pretty smoothly for a change. The Team together with Zatanna had narrowed down the initial list of suspects to six people. Five of them were part of the first half of the show, following up after Zatanna. They’d gathered more in depth information on each of them.

There’s the Bearded Lady. She has been with the circus a long time and has seemed to come across some more money, having purchased a new car and expensive jewelry.

The Firebreather. He's always getting into arguments with the manager and often says he can find better use of his talents elsewhere

The Juggler. A rude guy that doesn't bother socializing with anyone. He's been around a while, but no one really knows him.

The Contortionist. Recently joined the circus. Wasn't the first choice to be hired because of her attitude but somehow managed to "convince" the big boss into giving her the job. Is often mia when she's scheduled for a performance

The Fortune teller. Has been with the circus on and off over the years. She makes good money off her fortune telling but her extensive collection of occult paraphernalia doesn't come cheap.

The Pyrotechnics guy. Has "accidentally" burned circus property multiple times. They say he's just a clumsy guy but what if he's trying to erase his tracks?

It was up to the Team to identify the supplier without tipping him or her off. Depending on their approach they could either question the performers still waiting in the back, or opt to go see them during the second half of the show. That would free the suspects schedule, but they also needed to manage their performances.

Currently the Firebreather was warming up the stage. Lucky for him and the audience he was wearing a mask, so the nasty bruise on his cheek and a left black eye were concealed. The result of a minor disagreement with his colleagues.

The act started out with minor feats such as putting out candles through unconventional methods. The performance flourished into swallowing burning swords, followed by fire breathing and finally walking through a wall of fire.

Location: Haly´s circus fair
Interactions: She-devil, Rain, Mirage

Relationship status.....
Daphne felt like she'd missed out on part of the conversation. Bex and Viktor were talking about something before Kassy and her arrived, leaving the other girls clueless. Maybe it was Bex being abrasive along with Viktor being his usual stoic self, but seeing them together wasn't funny anymore. It left her with this this sinking feeling in her stomach.

Viktor said he was single. Daphne kind of expected that would be his answer. It would take a particular kind of girl to stand up to a guy like that. On the other hand maybe he was different as a boyfriend, she couldn't imagine it though, but maybe.

Honestly Daphne really didn't feel like sharing her relationship status, not that there was anything to share. Bex just made her painfully aware of that fact. She didn't mind being single, or at least she thought she didn't. Until someone pointed it out. Daphne tried not to compare herself to the blonde girl, but she didn't want to come across as plain as she felt. So she panicked and.....lied.

"I have a boyfriend."
She squeezed the stuffed panda a little tighter, immediately regretting her words.

Location: Haly's circus fair
Interactions: Mirage, She-devil, Rain

Daphne smiled. It was nice to see Kassy enjoyed the fair as much as she did. She looked into Kassy's eyes which were now green. That really was a neat trick she did. That subtle use of her illusions impressed Daphne. She briefly wondered if it would work on her too. It could be fun to change up her eye color for a day. Hers were just a boring brown.

She giggled at Kassy's story on how she won Zach´s unicorn. That was sweet of her to get him something. Daphne looked at the blue unicorn, thinking back on all the stuffed animals her dad and brother got for her over the years. Even though she was older now, they never really lost their appeal. Seeing them made her just as happy as when she was a little kid. She could always win herself one. Try her hand at the games that didn´t require as much dexterity.

"I'm glad you're having a good time"
"You know, that man just didn't expect you to be that good, they make the most money off of people who lose"

Daphne shrugged. If Kassy wanted to go back there wasn't a whole lot he could do about it. There were a bunch of rides Daphne knew Kassy would probably like. The rollercoasters kind of made you feel like you were underwater, flying weightless through the air. There were two corndogs in each hand of her hands. Daphne tried to adjust her grip, but was scared that would make her drop them. She dropped enough food today and she promised these to Bex.

She looked over at Kassy, her arms were stacked with food too. She could ask for a basket at the stall. A second stop at the food stall and she was set. There problem solved.
"Let's go and take these to Bex and the others, we can go on some rides after lunch if you want"

They walked over to Bex and Viktor who were standing beside the High striker. Bex was carrying a huge pink stuffed panda. The combination of her mildly sour expression with the stuffed animal made Daphne laugh and she bit her lip. She reached out with a basket of two corndogs, trying to keep a straight face.
"I got you two, not sure how many you wanted, there's more."
"But you'll have to share them with....Viktor" The identity of sexy Eeyore was confirmed to be Viktor. Daphne could sort of see the resemblance and again had to keep from laughing.

Daphne gestured to the pink panda. She looked behind Bex to see if there was another one. It looked like they won the only one. Too bad, it was really cute.
"I can hold onto it if you want to eat"

She turned to Viktor and handed him the second basket of corndogs.
"I didn't know if you wanted some too, so I got these just in case."
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