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Sounds cool! I'm interested!

And, don't worry about that! Things happen!
I'm interested! I don't really know much about East Asian culture, though, so I might need some help.
Gotcha! I'll just wait and see if anyone else is still interested in this.
Is anyone still interested in this? I can delete the Discord and start working on the OOC if anyone is!

Deidamia blinked as the cart came to a halt. She was about to ask why they had stopped when she noticed the ogres standing guard, which raised even more questions for her.

Why were the ogres not letting them in? Was it because Rooster didn't trust them now-


That was probably it, wasn't it?

Deidamia sighed daintily as the rain started to hit her skin and the other passengers started talking, the woman tugging her cloak close to her body as she did.

Hopefully, the ogres would let them in soon, and hopefully, she wouldn't have to do anything rash.


Rascal hesitated. On the one paw, leaving the guy dead felt cruel, wrong even. On the other paw, however, the guy was going to kill the Princess of Heart they were supposed to protect, and he didn't seem to be a very good person, either.


"I'll pass."
*kicks the door down* I'M IN!!!

Rascal visibly gasped when he saw the green man, his eyes wide as he rushed over to him. The cocky facade was entirely gone as Rascal's entire body shook, wondering who would do such a thing.

"Is there anything we can do!?" He asked, looking at Kalak and Cio-Cio.
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