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“Okay so Parasimon has buggered off to make the Dinosaurs extinct” Dynasmon muttered to himself as he watched the crystalline digimon take to the air and head out into the city. In all honesty, seeing even a glimpse of it made him shiver with trepidation, though he would not admit it. Hopefully it wasn’t actually an enemy. Well, more likely it may become an enemy once… Well once existence became just that again.

Shaking his head and leaving that whole situation to Parasimon, Dynasmon began his search again. The fog made directions difficult, not to mention the rubble and destruction. But, rising higher into the air to expand his field of vision, he caught sight of the crystalline structure at the heart of the chaos: and below that, the shimmering waters of the harbour.

Meanwhile, BanchoLeomon glanced up from the harbor, seeing Dynasmon hovering around in the air. Judging the knight to be too high up in the air to be able to hear him, BanchoLeomon resorted to flaring the aura of his Ruin Mode up high enough for Dynasmon to be able to see him.

Out of the corner of his eye, deep in the fog, at what Dynasmon assumed to be the edge of the harbour he saw a flash of light out of the corner of his eyes. Turning towards it and angling his wings in the air he launched himself towards it, it could have been a comrade or an enemy, either way he had to check. Once he was close, he opened his wings to catch the air and slow himself down. Better to have a little caution than attack recklessly just in case it was a friend.

“Though punching someone could be funny” thought Wizardmon, causing Elle to giggle and admonish him,

“Be serious, this is serious.” she said, while stifling a few more giggles “Let’s go find out who is behind fog number.. Infinity!” Elle added as they pushed Dynasmon through the last of the fog and to a landing roughly 50ft from where they last saw the light. It was clearer down at the ground, though only slightly, and they could make out the outline of BanchoLeomon a short distance away. Almost nothing to Digimon of their size.

“Hey, finally awake?” Dynasmon called to him with a grin, it would be good to have everyone together again for a start, though Elle decided that if she could help it, this would be her last fight. Though it was entirely possible it would actually be her last fight.

“No time for banter,” BanchoLeomon snarled, his usual demeanor soured by his Dark Digivolution. “We need to regroup. You find the others?”

This wiped the grin from Dynasmon’s face and he sighed before responding, “Yes, yes I found Parasimon and Examon, Examon is still comatose but alive and Parasimon went to hunt a Dinosaur. I thought I also saw something else a while back. Another Digimon, definitely.”

“Alright, alright.” BanchoLeomon murmured, rubbing his chin in thought. “You can get around faster than I can. I’ll go cover Examon while you get that other digimon back over to us. We can go after Parasimon and...whatever Dorumon turned into afterwards.”

With a nod Dynasmon pointed out the direction and rough distance as well as describing briefly the surrounding scenery so that BanchoLeomon could find the place easily before launching himself back into the air and beginning his search anew. From the air he tracked back to where he first saw that Digimon and began his search with care. After all though he had gotten lucky with finding BanchoLeomon there was no telling what else was here.
Jake - Poor Council

>>>Running Boot Sequence
>>>Model A-ED510-042 Eden Series
>>>Pinging Prohibition Chip for ARR Protocol
>>>ARR Present and Prohibition Chip functioning
>>>Latest Download Version 1.00.12
>>Running Diagnostic stress test
>>100% complete. No issues found.
>>Drivers present and permissions for non baseline equipment confirmed
>Bringing software online
>Checking Network for updates or messages
>No updates available
>No outstanding messages
>Bringing A-ED510-042 online
>Good morning, Jake.

Jake opened his eyes, allowed his visual sensors to adjust and checked his internal chronometer. It was 7am and the sun was only just beginning to rise. As with every other morning he awoke ready to work. His diagnostic had already been done moments earlier. It wasn't something he made himself aware of however, his boot sequence, even though he could check it at any time. Jake stood up and opened the door of his containment area, a small space with the most basic of amenities, he had a shower, a bed and four insulated walls. He didn't need much more after all. As he stepped outside he gave his synthetic musculature a stress test of his own, even though a theoretical one had been done while he was coming online, he always prefered that a physical one be done as well. It was safer as well, he was well aware that things done in theory weren't necessarily as safe as his creators thought. Jake stopped himself there, curious as to why he would question his creator's planning but decided to allow the thought to gestate through the day as he began to open up the work site.

As he was technically the first one to the build site and the last one there at night, being able to work faster and for longer than normal people, he made a point of setting up and reviewing the architects' plans in preparation for that day's work. By 7:30 on the dot he had pulled the gate aside and allowed the workers to pass through. To each he gave a small personalised greeting, it was this that sometimes unnerved those that he interacted with, he was able to remember everything about each of them. His memory bank being far superior in storing and recollecting information. Jake himself was the only Android at this particular build site, though not the only one they had ever encountered. Jake often found it odd that some humans still prefered to do work by hand themselves. It was a definite point of confusion for him as he was purpose built for this and it was less dangerous for him to do it than a human.

He avoided small talk throughout the day for the most part, the typical banter between Scottish workmen bored and irritated Jake, besides the fact that he could not emulate it convincingly enough. On occasion he would try to join in, calling one colleague a "twat" for standing where he shouldn't. Though that had merely gained him stares and laughter at his expense. He rarely had the need for breaks, only stopping briefly for a few minutes at a time when he needed to allow his coolant to catch up with his exertions. It was for this reason that he rarely wore a shirt in the summertime. He would have removed his jeans as well were it not for the fact that his programming would not allow it. After checking the specifics, he realised that something like that was inappropriate to humans, they were uncomfortable seeing one another like that.

The next hour was one that Jake would always have at the forefront of his mind for the rest of what could be considered his life, however, as a horrible series of freak accidents occurred at 13:07. First a girder had not been connected and braced properly, in a critical load bearing location on the skeleton of the building. Jake himself was working on an upper level bracing a new girder when he felt the entire place shake and begin to collapse. His processors began to slow down his perception of time as what was supposed to be his prohibition chip, short circuited and instead of pulling the nearest person out of the building and sacrificing himself, he instead leapt from the second floor and on to the ground. He hit hard, thankfully his frame was designed for far larger impacts and forces and held up. Jake raised his head to see that what had begun as a simple collapse had worsened. It was a sinkhole. He heard the screams of confusion and pain as people were pulled down into the ground as it opened up. He felt shame as he realised that he no longer was compelled to comply to the Adams Rules of Robotics, he was free to run and save himself and save himself he did.

He ran fast, he had already made it quite far before he heard the sirens of the emergency services being alerted to the scene and making their way towards it. Jake realised that he needed a place to lie low, some clothes and a new identity. He needed to learn and adapt. This was new to him and the concept seemed alien, but not unappealing. He was free. Though he remembered that he was now Rogue and subject to reclamation and probably destruction. He didn't want that. He was alive. Wasn't he?

It was raining, which was good as it washed away the dust and dirt from his synthetic skin, though a reminder that the sun not being out meant that his nano-weave was no longer reserving energy prompted him to run a thorough diagnostic on his systems to ensure that nothing else was harmed in his fall and evasion of falling debris and rapidly opening ground. He opened the gate to a garden, making sure that there was nobody else there. He noted there was no car in the driveway but there was a large shirt for some obscure band on the line, it seemed the man of the house was a little on the fat side. Though it worked for him. Jake tore it down and pulled it over his head before hiding in the corner of the garden and checking himself for any injuries internal or external.
Well I'm interested!
<Snipped quote by Draconis Nevyn>

A very likely scenario, there have been a a number of them before.

Yeah that was my point. The Romulans have masqueraded as Vulcans in the past, who's to say they wouldn't do it again. Pretty sure they were still trying to cause war between Klingons and Humans at this point. Though when are they not doing that?
Unless they're a spy posing as Vulcan
Simia K'laa was deep within a panel checking that critical systems had sufficient backups and redundancies just in case a random fault or combat were to damage a section of the ship. In his hands were his Tricorder and Hyperspanner, moving steadily along the circuit pathways looking for physical faults and correcting where he could while his team looked for potential faults of other types - computational errors and coding mistakes. They had been at it on long hours for a full two days already, having arrived and taken command of his team, more than 50 people all told. To his surprise he was also the highest ranking officer onboard. As soon as he realised this he had shut himself inside Engineering and Jeffries tubes to make sure the ship would be ready when the Captain came aboard.

While correcting a minute error his communicator chirped and a voice he hadn't heard before spoke "Captain Juvum to Lieutenant Cloudborn and Lieutenant Commander K'Laa. Meet me in Ten Forward in ten minutes."

"Damn!" He exclaimed before closing his tricorder and pulling himself out of the panel. He handed his tools to a nearby engineer and warned him "Don't break my ship." Then he gave the rest a quick rundown of the remaining systems. They still needed to do a few simulations and a dry run with the Warp core. As well as that, there were a few issues with the Impulse systems that needed sorted. He issued orders and split them into groups to hopefully get the work done a little quicker but with the same standard he'd kept since he set foot onto his new boat.

As soon as they left he downloaded his status report to a datapad and tapped his communicator "Apologies for the delay,
Captain, order acknowledged. Simia K'laa on route."
Then he set off for the turbolift, hoping to be able to make good time to meet his new commander. He supposed he should meet the rest of the officers as well. He knew for a fact that the tactical officer had been on board for a day and he'd managed to dodge her so far. But it was time.
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