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Current Still looking for players for Reality's Heroes, a Casual, Multi-Fandom RP starting in Hyrule.
8 mos ago
Still need players for Reality's Champions, a multi-fandom RP. Starting world is Hyrule.
8 mos ago
I just wanted to listen to a silly song about beer from 2011. Instead I get a song about people partying during lockdown. All because Corona is the name of a beer, a girl, and a horrible virus.
8 mos ago
Multi-Fandom RP, looking for players-…
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Looking for a co-GM for a fandom RP.
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You could have her run into the thief, since she's specifically staying away from the princess and guards.
Duke Strax von Catterwall

Strax kept pace with the princess easily. His stride was long and heavy, each step echoing off the polished stone floor and reverberating through the large halls. The large grin that had been fighting to be seen finally forced itself onto his face when he heard those two magical words; Speak freely.

"I hail from Catterwall, far to the north." He answered proudly. "It's roughly forty-three thousand nautical miles from here. Took three months to get here, but it was well worth it." Of course, it would have been a much shorter trip if he had flown, but Strax had a hard time trusting flying vehicles. The only time he employed them was for warfare. "Tell me," he said, changing the subject. "Do you have any interest in combat, your majesty? In my country, it is tradition for those who wish to grow closer to spar with one another. Nothing brings two souls closer than the heat of combat... athletic competitions are a close second, though." he added.
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Duke Strax von Catterwall

Duke Strax kept his expression stern and emotionless, despite the proud, beaming smile that tried to force it's way onto his lips. He remained at attention up until the princess turned her attention to the guards. Crossing his arms, Strax finally allowed himself a smirk as he listened to her put the armored bullies in their place. While he knew better to speak over royalty, Strax did make eye contact with his own guard, giving them a series of looks that nonverbally communicated that they were to move his things into his room, guided by the palace guards. Strax straightened once more just in time for the princess to turn back to him. "It would be my great honor, your majesty." He answered. A tour of the castle was just the sort of thing that would give them time to get to know each other. And for him to learn more about the challenges ahead.
Sorry I'm so late with my post! Things have been happening very suddenly and all at once. If I do nothing else tomorrow, I'll get a post out.
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