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@Balthazar007 These time skips will catch them to where Han and Niko are right now, correct? Just wanting to make sure I'm tracking events correctly.
@FalloutJack Waiting for you in case you missed it.
Riku POV
@Shiyonichi@KenjuGuy@Blade17@Crimson Lion@Renny

“It doesn’t matter to me if ya see it and the Turn-XCEED isn’t something you can just defeat just by knowing about it. I’ll take ya up on that offer, but the Turn-XCEED’s builder’s currently a three times Mejin Cup winner, think ya can handle it?”

Riku narrowed his eyes a bit, detecting a bit of a challenge to those words, "I built the Yamato, didn't I?" he asked Kai, tilting his gaze over to where the flagship was currently resting, "Trust me, I can handle it." he hadn't noticed until now that Naoki was walking in along with one of the two mercs from the other day. Looked like he only managed to snag one of them.

"May I have everyones attention!!! I'd like to introduce the 6th member of Team Imagine Victory, Ryoichi Seiten!"

"...As for everyone else, its nice to meet you," he greeted, bowing slightly. "It'll be a rollcoaster battling alongside you all."

"I'm Riku." he said to the new guy with a bit of a lazy wave, "I guess you could say I'm the resident engineer around here. You know, if for some reason you need help with builds or repairs. The Yamato over there is my pride and joy, so try not to get it destroyed, yeah?" he said this with a quick point of his thumb over the direction of the resting flagship.

"Oh yeah, and speaking of..." he pulled out his smartphone, "...I've made some adjustments to her, Naoki. Here's the updated specs for you." he sent over a text file containing the Yamato's latest specs. Most of the improvements were minor, but there were two notable changes. Firstly, the GN Drive/Condenser setup had been replaced by a more energy efficient Twin Drive System. This allowed for the second notable change to the specs. The Wave Motion Cannon's 60 second charging time had been reduced to approximately 58.5 seconds. 1.5 seconds didn't seem like much to an untrained eye, but was a significant difference in battles where every second or fraction of a second could count.

"And on that subject, I need to give the cannon a new test run. If anyone's interested in lending a hand on that front." he had a test in mind, but running it would be much less tedious with an extra set of hands or two helping him. If he did his math right, the ship's new Twin Drive System might have also increased the actual power of the cannon as well, and this was what needed to be tested.

The sirens blew almost the moment the phone call was ended. Almost as if orchestrated somehow. Han and Niko both went on the move, and both realized that their faces now appeared on every electronic sign and billboard.

"I think we just became the most wanted men in the world..."

"Looks that way." Han offered in response. It was a good thing they had become so fast as a result of their training. It would make it less difficult to evade capture. But unless they had a solid lead on where they were going, they would just end up going in circles until eventually overwhelmed.

"We don't exactly know where his office is."

Han had to think about that one a moment while the two were slipping into an alleyway for a brief hiding spot. True, he had never come to Mars before now. But did that mean he couldn't locate Goda's office? He had to assume their offices here on Mars worked the same as they did on Earth. In which case...

"If you have any ideas, speak them now. We have maybe a minute or less before someone spots us here. Personally, I think a bit of hiding out somewhere is best."

"I may have an idea. But we should find somewhere where we can hide first." it wasn't a good idea to just sit out in an alleyway to talk plans. Somewhere indoors would be preferable right now. As luck would have it, there was a closed down Mahjong Parlor with an entrance in the very alley they were hiding in. "In there?" Han gestured toward the old Parlor. They could get that door ajar easily enough, and being shut down meant the place likely didn't have any active alarms. It wasn't like they had any better options, nor the time to wait for anything else.

"I think I know how to find Goda." Han said once they got in, "The Wuyeying operates under the guise of two separate shell companies: White Lotus Shipping and Black Lotus Real Estate. Both are used as a means to get assassins into choice locations for carrying out contracts. I'd have to guess Goda is using one of those offices here on Mars." of course, that left the question of which one to check out.

"We're nowhere near shipping yard I don't think. And I doubt that Assassin went very far after delivering the phone. If I'm right, that means there must be a Black Lotus Real Estate Office somewhere in this area. And that must be where we'll find Goda."
@Crimson Lion

@Shiyonichi Small reminder: Riku actually HAS used Gundam Maxter a few times in practice matches before the Kishimoto tournament. And he lost every single time. Something about the whole martial arts fighting style thing is giving him trouble. My personal headcanon is that it's hard to pilot a suit like that without the Mobile Trace system.
Riku POV
@Crimson Lion

"The festival? Ah, yeah, she kind of already pestered me into inviting her. S-sorry about that." he said with a quick apologetic bow. He could be set in his ways most of the time, but apparently Yuna was the one person in the world who could bug him into doing things for her, "Anyway, I'm just gonna print a single set of legs for her Gunpla. Shouldn't need more than that. Thanks, Takemori-san." and he was off to the printing room.

Once in there, he used his phone to grab a quick of the Nobel's leg parts. That would give him the baseline for the legs he was about to make. It was a matter of redrawing the legs with the particular addition he made to them into the printer's settings and then letting the printer itself do the rest. When it was finally finished, he grabbed the newly printed leg parts and hurried back to the build tables where Yuna had been all this time.

"You were gone a while." Yuna said, when Riku made it back, "What exactly were you doing?"

"Printing these for you." he handed the newly minted parts to her, "They might look the same, but don't be fooled by appearances. They've got a special trick to them that I added myself."

"What 'trick'?" she asked, curiosity now piqued.

"Well, why don't you finish building it and I'll show you in a practice battle later? You know, like a surprise."

With this the two resumed work on the Gunpla. While she was painting it, Yuna spoke again, "Thanks for me taking me with you to festival, by the way. Maybe I'll use this Gunpla and win an event or two!"

"Sure, I don't see why you couldn't. I got into competing by just sort of jumping in, myself." it was true. Riku originally started joining competitions merely by jumping into them on a whim. He didn't put a lot of time into prepping for them back then like he did now. But still, it was a start, and it helped get him to where he was currently.

Riku POV

The next day, Riku attended a team meeting. Here, Takemori went into a bit more detail about the Festival and its various events. Riku's natural inclination was to join the Quick Build Event, since build competitions had always been right in his wheelhouse. And yet, that also sounded like it would be too simple, too easy. Perhaps he should instead pick an event he wasn't at all familiar with just for the extra challenge? Well, surely he'd figure it out come Festival time next week.

Tomiyoka was also taking this opportunity to announce his departure from the Team. He instead would be joining team within his own age group. He would be missed, but it sounded like he made up his mind and was determined to see this decision through.

"And when we fight I hope I- *sniff* I hope I can show you guys how awesome I can be!!”

Riku offered him a smile in return, "You already have, Tomi."

And then there was the third item on the agenda. Naoki was absent in order to recruit what he hoped would be the final two team members. Kai was the first to speak up.

“So we’re getting newbies. Since Boss seems to have high standards of recruitment, I’m guessing it’s the mercs from last time.”

Riku nodded in agreement, "It's gotta be them. Not sure how he plans to recruit them though, unless he plans to hire them or something." Still, having two others around to bounce ideas off of and practice with couldn't be a bad thing, though. He just hoped they didn't butt heads as much as Kai and Jun did.

“Hey, Yankee if ya also got time left over, do ya mind helping me with my Gunpla as well? I’ll be in yer debt if ya do.” Kai scratched his head before saying. “Though I’ve haven’t got a clue for how to settle that debt, besides beating someone up or something along those lines.”

"Don't see why not." Riku answered with a shrug, "Assuming of course you don't mind me seeing its specs and design secrets. Can't exactly help you much if I don't know what I'm working with, after all." he said this before holding up an index, "And if you really want to pay me back, then there's one or two things I could use a hand with. I'm still having some trouble with Gundam Maxter's fighting style and I could use a sparring partner on that front."
How do you think I should fix my little timeline discrepancy?
<Snipped quote by Double>

The team meeting is three days later.

Sooooo I fucked up even harder then. Lol
I'm a tiny bit confused. Were we supposed to remain in the team meeting scene? If so then I made a mistake by jumping forward to 3 days later.
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