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I think I'm supposed to put stuff that I like here. Isn't that what people do?

Well, I like to make stuff up.

I like surreal art.

I like to daydream.

I like to look up at the sky. Stars and clouds get so little attention anymore, now that we have smart phones to keep us looking down upon the world and each other. I feel like the stars and the clouds up there must be a little sad lately, giving us all that glory and wonder, only to be treated like the cosmic trophy wives of some narcissistic businessman.

I like to digress. Tangents are so much fun. So many subjects to talk about amd explore, why should we stick to just one?

I like to write. But who here doesn't, right?

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@Kazemitsu lol. Such are the names an old world undead might go by when pretending to be a new world human. He is an elder, after all.

And to everyone, I will have a proper modified CS skeleton up with the OOC thread. Or I'm gonna try to, anyway. For now consider your character's concept and a basic concept for their Sire. Feel free to PM your ideas to me. I am still likely to be just as busy this weekend as I have been this week. So, thank you all fir your patience and for staying interested.

Remember that the characters will have all been essentially handpicked by the Prince because she thinks that they'll be an asset against the Anarch threat and their Sire has proven themselves an ally to the Camarilla.

Right now I'm still putting it all together. But in the interest of trying to keep it rules light and focus on the story, character concept, nature, demeanor, etc. are probably going to be more relevant than specific stats scores.

Special notice: If you want to make a standard CS for your own self, that is fine. But I'm after something that is eventually going to look more like this modified version here:

@Lucian@Tortoise@Rapid Reader@sassy1085@Bounce
Manton City, Delaware. A city divided into two parts by The Murderkill River. The larger southeast side is home to five major districts, including the central Downtown Manton area which touches on the River. West and slightly south of Downtown Manton is the Factory District. South of Downtown Manton, and east of the Factory District is The Glen, or Shady Glen, an old residential area that is seeing quite a bit of prosperity and good fortune lately. Most folks believe it must be the new US Military Base, Fort Baker, bringing good luck. West of Shady Glen and Southeast of downtown is Pinewall, a commercial and cultural area that us home to Manton City University, a museum, a zoo, a major mall, several parks and tourist attractions including an observatory with Delaware's most powerful telescope, and the most popular drive-in theater in town and favored teenage passion pit: Benny's. North of Pinewall and east of Downtown is The Belt, or The Vanderton Belt, named after a wealthy family who did much to establish the Northwest Side but also provided many poor, disadvantaged people and immigrants with affordable residences in the Belt. The Vanderton name is still respected. But the Belt itself is becoming a little worse for wear in the past decade. Once a flourishing. The smaller Northwest Side is it's own district, and is a residential area filled with large homes, wealthy families and mysterious secluded areas in the woods with odd structures of stone.

However beneath this normal human facade there must by vampires. And if course there are! This is Vampire: the Masquerade. Not some psych-thriller. Not a superhero or fandom rp. We've got a legacy of supernatural bad-assery to uphold!

Ahem... Excuse me. I get a bit over exuberant sometimes...

Now then, Manton City is a Camarilla domain. And what follows is the common knowledge that any good Sire would make sure to inform their Childer about:

The Prince if Manton City is the Tremere Lord Justine Hearth, who maintains a large estate in the northwest side and is know by the mortal population as a wealthy but eccentric young woman. She is said to by extremely lenient towards her own clan as well as the Ventrue and the Nosferatu, and just as harsh on the Malkavians and Brujah. With the Gangrel, Toreador, Assamites, and Ravnos being treated with neither favor nor hostility.

The Local Primogen from most to least influential:

The Tremere Primogen and Regent is David Luria, who teaches night classes on philosophy at Manton City University.

The Nosferatu Primogen, known only as Elizabeth, maintains many influential ghouls in Manton City, including the Police Chief, and the Mayor.

The Ventrue Primogen is Meredith Vanderton, a wealthy recluse who maintains close allegiances with the Manton City Tremere Chantry.

The Gangrel Primogen is Sarah Covey, a hunter who has access to the city zoo.

The Toreador Primogen Edwin Blake, Professor of Literature at Manton City University.

The Malkavian Primogen Alex Cavendish, local beatnik poet and eccentric veteran to mortals.

The Brujah Primogen is Nina Baker, who owns the Red Rider Tavern in The Belt.

Elysium is Eddie's Drive-In Diner:

A big restaurant with a big parking lot with in-car service where customers can pull into a parking space and dine in the comfort of their own cars while waited on by a carhop. The restaurant also has a walk-up window with a photo booth nearby. The dining room inside Eddie's is replete with tables and booths, a pinball machine, a jukebox, a dance floor, and even a small stage with piano for live performances. The dining room is adorned with a large "Manton City University" banner on the wall above the jukebox as well as pennants from various fraternities and study groups and a couple of nearby high schools. It's actually located in Shady Glen, but only a few blocks outside of Pinewall.

The Keeper of Elysium is a Ventrue named Edward Whitmore (though he is currently going by the Mortal alias Ed "Eddie" Brooks) who owns the Diner.

The local Harpy is a greaser mechanic, amateur boxer, and motorcycle enthusiast who goes by the name Cricket. He is the Childe of Malkavian Primogen Alex Cavendish.

The local Sheriff is a Gangrel bounty hunter with a long black ponytail and a longee blacker goatee style beard. He's known as Vance. He's never been seen in public without a hat. Usually a cowboy hat.

The local Tremere Chantry is located somewhere on or nearby the MCU Campus.

The city has long tolerated a Ravnos presence in the Vanderton Belt as long as they follow the rules of the Camarilla and pay proper respect to the Prince.

Due to the Bujah having had known connections to the Anarchs in the past, they are not very well liked or well respected in Manton City. And the Brujah Primogen has had to viciously oppose any Anarchs within the city in order to maintain her frail position. Yet despite Nina's best efforts, she and her clan are generally treated with suspicion and scorn in Manton City.

The Giovanni are conspicuously absent from the city. As are the Setites. There is at least one Assamite living somewhere in the Vanderton Belt.

The area's Anarchs are lead by an elder Caitiff known in this time and place as Leroy Jenkins. His top agents, and those who've actually be organizing and leading the younger Anarch Kindred in the recent trouble, are a Brujah biker who goes by Demon, and a Toreador thief named Marcus.

Demon and Marcus haven't been seen in Manton City since the rumble and Leroy has been detained by the Prince. Though know one knows where Leroy is being held.

And just one more thing: in case anyone is interested in a bit of musical inspiration for the period, I've put together a little youtube playlist that's guaranteed to razz your berries!
Ok, then. Fine tuning the setting and I should have some basics up for you guys soon. Work is a bit rough this week. So, I'm measuring soon in terms of days rather than hours at the moment. Please bare with me, and you'll be baring your fangs in no time.

@sassy1085@Bounce Excellent! If we get some more interest. I'll knock out some details. As of now I'm thinking of running a Camarilla controlled fictitious city in the northeastern USA. With minimal game mechanics except aa a flavoring tool (as in CS's and so forth). Starting clan options being Assamite, Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Ravnos, Toreador, Tremere, and Ventrue. And Starting sect being Camarilla.
Just a thought I had that I liked so much I'd be willing to give it a go GMing it. (Or "Storytelling" to use the proper term in-system)

The Fabulous Fifties. When men were men and women were kept out of the workplace. And racism was rampant and open. A decade of Jazz. Rock'n'Roll. The fear of Communism. The beginning of the civil rights movement. When that biker boy in the leather jacket might be a Brujah out to cause trouble for the local Prince of the City and his square, suit-wearing thugs. But he's not good at covering his tracks, you see. Because the real out there beatnik fellow who only comes out at night and swears he saw those little grey space men land in their flying saucer back when he was fighting against the nazis, is actually the Malkavian Primogen. And he sees more than he let's on. He sees what the Brujah has planned and he's told the Prince. And now a diverse group of locals are gearing up for a nighttime rumble with a bunch of Anarch Greasers. After the Anarchs beat the Camarilla in this ritual brawl, and begin threatening to burn Elysium down when they return, the Prince decides that it's about time the Camarilla got an infusion of new blood. Calculating as ever, he decides to put together an anti-Anarch task force and with that vision in mind, begins re-examining requests from his undead citizenry for permission to give the embrace.

Anybody like where I'm going with this? Perhaps you wouldn't mind coming along for the ride?
@Distant Vistas

Between the two of those, I lean toward the latter. I think the digital age has resulted in some really great hybrid surrealist works as well.

I can certainly see the appeal. Less Freudian and less exclusive in theme than Giger. I've found myself drawn to more modern artists lately, like Judson Huss, J.K. Potter, and Dan Hillier. But I also find that one can never have too much Bosch.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


I appreciate the thought. I will take a look.


Giger or Beksinski?
Greetings and salutations to all humans, cats, and other intelligent lifeforms, my name is Dis and I find that it's good to be internetting on your lovely guild spaces.

I've been interested in writing and roleplaying since the cows left. I've tried to get into roleplaying a bunch of times, and even succeed in some of the online times. But those times were long ago. And I was but a wild youth, with so many distractions on my mind.

My favorite kind of roleplay is fantasy slice of life and I really like most other kinds as well. I prefer original ideas instead of fandom stuff. But I do enjoy Old World of Darkness material. Especially Vampire: The Dark Ages and Vampire: The Masquerade. That's kind of/sort of a fandom, right?

Outside of roleplays, my interests and hobbies include philosophy, poetry, surreal art, stand up comedy, mysticism/spirituality, and technological minimalism (so says a lone voice in the machine world of internet-land, yes, but I am in fact sincere in this.)
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