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I am back from hiatus and looking to play.

Hi, all. My Wizarding World Interest check blew up and I had way more messages than I expected to get. So if you sent me a message and I never got back to you, I apologise. It probably got buried at some point. That being said, my previous posts are closed (or will be soon) and I am filled up on those Interests.

However, I do have a new idea for a rp if anyone would care to indulge me. It is heavily inspired by the new Amazon series The Boys. I am not necessarily looking to do a story set in that universe, however I am very interested in playing out a similar story. I love the dynamic of corporations capitalizing on Superheros. Corrupt hero's taking advantage of people and using their abilities and game for nefarious gains.

Essentially I want to tell a dark, gritty, adult story of superheroes. Less campy and flashy. More realistic.

Of course as with all my roleplays, there will be heavy smut. So be over 18 please. All gender pairings are on the table including any poly or trans characters or relationships.

Please message me if you're interested so we can discuss specifics.

Hi all. I am once again craving a role-play set in the Wizarding World. Whether this is our first year at Hogwarts or our last, whether we are already graduated and working wizarding citizens... Hell whether we go to Hogwarts or ilvermorny, it is all up for discussion.

I do have some plot ideas that can keep the rp very action packed, however I do enjoy there to be 50% smut to plot ratio in my stories as you may have guessed from my above picture. So please be 18+ and please be comfortable with writing out smut as well as capable of carrying a story and plot along as well. That means no one sentence replies. I will drop the role-play instantly if I am given nothing to respond to. That being said I don't require much. One paragraph is fine if it gets across everything your character thought, said, and did.

So with that please feel free to message me and let me know if you would be interested in playing a story set in the Wizarding World.

Also, I am open to any and all gender pairings, as well as playing any gender or role.
I will bump this and see if I can find some interest one last time.
Still looking for more partners on this aswell.

Hi all! So I just woke up from a very hot dream and was left wanting much more from it. So I thought the best thing to do would be to bring it to the guild and see if I could get some bites.

I want to play a young 18 year old college girl living with her sister and her husband. I'm sure you can tell where this is going. You would play as my brother in law, I don't mind if you are male or female in real life. In fact, if anyone would prefer to swap the genders around and play the female, I am perfectly capable of playing as a male too. Or even a FxF pairing. If thats what you would prefer just let me know when you message me.

Things are bound to get spicy as we start to grow closer and closer. I do play out all adult scenes. So if you aren't looking for a smut filled good time, this is not the prompt for you. I also use pictures in the rp to add some visual cues. I don't expect it from my partners. It just adds to the experience for me.

If you are interested in playing with me, please send me a PM. I am usually on to reply in the evenings EST. Thanks.
Anyone interested in modern targaryens?
Still looking. Please PM if interested.
Hello all. I am back from a brief hiatus there. Got a bit busy with life but I have been really craving some more deep roleplays.

Ive had an amazing idea for a rp set in A World of Ice and Fire. We fast forward to either the Revolutionary era or the modern era. We can either use the same world and lore and houses from the book to create our own plot or we can retell the story of the War of Five Kings but with Napoleonic or modern tech. Same characters and all. Could even play out the age of petty kingdoms or aegons conquest set in a different era.

Rob stark leading a column of musketmen through the whispering wood, or Jaime Lannister invading Riverrun with tanks.

Of course, because I like adult content in my rps I am gonna need my partner to be 18+ and okay with mature and sexual content. And even enjoy it lol. We can discuss plot preferences as well as kinks and limits in PMs.

I am female but can play any gender and I am open to any pairing.

I hope to hear from all of you.

Please go ahead and send me a PM if interested.
Anyone else interested?
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