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Galdin Frayheart

Galdin shrugged his shoulders slightly, as he approached Xing. "I see. Well then lead the way." He offered his arm, while looking to the younger girl momentarily before his eyes wandered off into the distance. He didn't know where the commoner market were, neither did he know of any culinary masters. Though perhaps the market would hold something interesting, perhaps something which could help cure boredom in those particular days it would show itself before him. At least it couldn't be more dull than watching paint dry, or watching the grass grow.
@Dark Cloud Sure, I won't be able to post until like 11 hours from now though.
Shaliak had tilted his head slightly to the side upon receiving the glare from Dexter, as brief as it had been something had irked the small demon for certain. But what had caused such a glaring gaze to fall upon him which had said nor done anything towards him? Perhaps it was because of him being a half-demon? But to ponder on it would grant the young man no answers.

Some of the arrivals were already making their way up the stairs to the next floor, were they that eager to check their new quarters? Perhaps it was mere curiousity. After all, he too had given thought of how the room arrangements would be. What hospitality did the hells offer really? In search of that answer the half-demon supposed it all depended on who or what you were. Adam and Seiji had indeed met his gaze when he nodded towards them, yet neither seemed interested in approaching, much akin to the short demon boy.

'The second floor hm? I might aswell inspect it myself.' He thought and began to walk slowly, passing by several of the people still on the first floor. Only turning briefly to look over his shoulder to inspect the greenhaired young woman which had now also arrived on the scene, he gave her a slight nod just over his shoulder before continuing along his way. Unless he would be stopped.
So there's a GM post coming? I am going to hold back my post then :P
I hope Queen of Aces make a swift recovery from the damnable virus, we should do our best to keep the RP well lit til she returns. We've got rooms to explore, fellow inhabitants of the hells to befiend or bewitch! Let's make sure she'll get to have an interesting read when she gets well allright? Co-GM willing ofcourse. *Loads mutiny flintlock revolver*
derp, forgot to add the statuses I wrote up on my notepad for my character >_<

It was with determined steps that the young man took towards the door of the building that gradually came closer and closer, his right hand reached out to open the door. There was no past worth returning to, no present worth to linger in, only the future could hold promise. But would it? Shaliak opened the door without hesitation, a suitcase in his left hand, his attire resembling that of a priest. Without the white collar or crosses however, and as black as the night. He also wore shin-high boots, which was normally not considered part of a priestly attire, aswell as a short black cloak.

Under the robe-looking attire, the young man had much tighter but also black clothes in the shape of pants and a dress shirt. Ofcourse he couldn't always dress in black, thus the suitcase was stored with some alternate shades of black, such as grey or dark grey. As when it came to the building to which he had just entered, there were already people within it aside from the obvious hosts. All with their distinct appearances, some were more extreme in their distinction if one were to judge by what could have been seen in the mortal world. A canine looking creature and something that looked like it had lept out of a lovecraftian piece of art. While no doubt the canine had a nose capable of prying, the other being seemed also to be a handful to say the least. Then there were others which appeared more humanoid.

His eyes wandered over all of them, giving them nods in greeting without saying a word however. This was going to be awkward wasn't it? Awkward as hell. But that would have to do for now, there were more pressing matters. To not intimidate anyone or pick a fight, while at the same time not looking like dessert. There was a reason for them all being there, he couldn't help but wonder why the others were there. He knew his own reasons, and where we needed to go. In time he would surely grow strong enough to fulfill his dream. Perhaps some of these would come to be of assistance to him? Yet he who fights with monsters...

He allowed his eyes to momentarily close as he pondered on what would lie ahead, the path would surely not be an easy one. But had his path been easy to begin with? The young man slowly opened his eyes again and observing the growing gathering of people. How many of those present were the results of the sins of their parentage? How different was it to be created and being born? Was the creator free of guilt for what it's creation would do? Someday the answer would surely be in his hand, perhaps created from it even.

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