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10 days ago
Current Uhhhh why do I keep forgetting everything? Oof, we sincerely apologize…
22 days ago
*Ahem* announcement… my witing skills have seriously fled my body… if I take a while, I apologize
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26 days ago
"You push us past our limits just to watch our numbers grow…"
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30 days ago
AHAHAHAHAAA I have been lacking sleeeep
30 days ago



What I'll rp:

1-Clan Cats. I'll really rp this stuff any time. I'm in love with it, so if you want to, PM me.
2-TWD. I'm really into TWD rps at the moment, so, again, PM me. I'll do Cegan and Regan, but mostly Cegan. I could also do Carnid, but less likely.
3-Really much of anything. Just PM me your ideas, and see what I think!
4- Wings of Fire. Wow, okay, so I love, love Wings of Fire. I can do it in PM or an actual topic. I have my favorite ships, but if you want - or have - other ships you wanna try, tell me!
5- Death Note. Oh god, yes. Absolutely, yes. I love this fandom. Best in the world. Lawlight is a given. Definitely. But so is MelloxMatt or MelloxNear. Any. REALLY.


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Hmmm actually I would like for that to happen, but it might take a bit to make! I'll keep you updated if it does!
Ah hi sorry for the late reply! Yes I am, and yes it would be. ^^
Welcome to the guild! I hope you find the right people!
Welcome! Nice to meet you! Nova and Orion are beautiful! Have a good time! Okay bye I'm out haha!
Hoorah! :3
sorry for the late reply oof oof! But yeah, this is still open! if you both are still interested, that is.
Hiiiii howdyyyyy you are so cool already you have NO IDEA!!!!
Welcome (back) to the guild! I hope you find the partners you're looking for! I might check out your Interest Checks, we'll see. ALSO amazing username. Ha, I'm Slytherin myself.
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