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7 mos ago
Current To all my partners, Father’s Day plans today so no replies till tomorrow or Monday thanks for the patience
2 yrs ago
To all partners waiting on replies, I have come me down with something , so I won’t be posting rn. I’ll keep you updated and in the loop
2 yrs ago
Welp I’m back. Sorry for leaving without warning to all my partners
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3 yrs ago
Guild seems quiet today
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3 yrs ago
My roommates dog has broken two glass tables now... Pitbulls
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Bump cuz edited
I am looking for 1-2 RP’s over PM


-must be 18+, please confirm this in your message to me
- must be fairly open limit wise
- must be able to write atleast 1-2 paragraphs per post
- must be willing to play a male in MxF

Below are some fandoms in your message just indicate which one interests you

- Naruto
- Persona 5
- league of legends
Looking for like one more partner bump
Edited and plots added
Hey there, rose here, and I have a few ideas swirling in the ole noggin, but first some rules and expectations

1. Must be 18+, my RP’s often include mature themes, dark and twisted plots, and so this is a must. Not that every RP will include or has to include romance or adult content, if it should arise I’d prefer not to fade. It just takes me out of the story a bit sorry I also do MxF or FxF, some plots below have me as either male or female some have me as a specific one.
2. I write anywhere from 2-5 paragraphs depending on the situation, if it’s dialogue, etc. that being said I expect a similar length from my partners.
3. I write at a high casual level so grammar and proofreading are important, not gonna say I won’t or haven’t made mistakes before but it’s it becomes a problem I will have no issues bringing it up as tons and tons of typos makes reading hard.
4. All RP’s will remain in PM’s I’m old school and it’s just my comfort
5. Have fun!! But if your not and need to end the RP for any reason you can just say something, we can either try and rework to find a somethingn your missing or we can end all together, either way no hard feelings. If you, because it’s easier, want to ghost me, that’s fine, if two weeks go by and I haven’t heard anything I’ll assume it’s done and move on.

Now we can get to the stuff that really matters, plots!

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