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7 mos ago
Current To all my partners, Father’s Day plans today so no replies till tomorrow or Monday thanks for the patience
2 yrs ago
To all partners waiting on replies, I have come me down with something , so I won’t be posting rn. I’ll keep you updated and in the loop
2 yrs ago
Welp I’m back. Sorry for leaving without warning to all my partners
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3 yrs ago
Guild seems quiet today
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3 yrs ago
My roommates dog has broken two glass tables now... Pitbulls
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Miraboreasu 3 yrs ago
Ghost Stories
Highschool of the Dead
Oni Chichi
Gonna Be the Twin-Tail!
Shoujo Ramune
Jurassic Weeb 5 yrs ago
I won't insult you. You're doing a good job in the RP. Thanks for being patient. My ADD is a real bitch to deal with sometimes, so I find it difficult to write consistently. ^^;

Have some cookies, courtesy of Anna.

RumikoOhara 5 yrs ago
I think I scared someone
RumikoOhara 5 yrs ago
I don't mind

What a rude new girl I seem to have, I guess I shall have to either change her, chase her away or find somewhere to hide the body
RumikoOhara 5 yrs ago
I see you sneaking around
Smystar99 5 yrs ago
Good luck with your surgery! Happy thoughts all around~ ^^
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