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Current He has no friends, but he gets a lot of mail. I'll bet he spent a little time in jail.
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jesse i have no money for fuckijg bills and steam sales
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i was born in a petri dish / the product of a doctor’s wish / through hubris and arrogance / he killed god to see his son again
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I would post but I don't understand where we are or what we're doing?
I could be interested in this if you're still taking applicants.
I had a pretty specific appearance in my mind's eye for Jagannath, and while this is not a representation of what he looks like, this is similar/an inspiration toward it. Same vibe of a huge, elephantine warrior, with a bizarre, one-eyed headpiece that's an abstract representation of an elephant head.

<Snipped quote by Dead Cruiser>

Interesting. I was expecting to see savage tribesmen and barbarian tribes. It will be interesting to see how they'll fair in this last alliance of Etherean people.

Thanks. The note I'm hoping to strike with this is the dissonance of a giant flaming elephant-man turning your entire body into mist with a warhammer, and then reciting weird poetry a moment later.
Pretty interested in this.

My concept is basically for a tribe of savage Beastmen that have been driven out of more "civilized" lands, but the other nations have accepted a begrudging truce/alliance with them in this time of crisis. They do a lot of weird shit, like worship something called the "Red God" and obey only "the law of swords."

My champion is an Elephant-Beastman, a people normally regarded as being gentle giants, he's the black sheep among his people because he's a barbarian-warlord. Fifteen feet tall, eight tons, and hundreds of years of life-or-death martial struggle. He's very dangerous not because he's an unthinking brute, but has all of the intellectual and philosophical tendencies his people are known for, but has bent them toward warfare. To what end, none are sure.

His regiment are just called "Red Knights," a semi-ironic title. They swear oaths and practice bizarre (usually sacrificial) rituals in the name of their Red God. The only way to become a Red Knight is to kill your master that trained you, and then withstand the presence of the Red God, which is usually an ordeal that leaves one maimed for life. Their motto goes something like, "If it has a pulse, take its skull. If it builds a house, smash it flat. I will cut God to see if he bleeds, and if he fails me I will kill him too."

<Snipped quote by Dead Cruiser>

Flash's dance card is currently empty if you wanna do some shenanigans.

Appreciate the offer, but maybe another time. Don't think what you're doing with the Flash will really mesh thematically with what I want to do with Thor. At least for right now.

Anyway Thor will probably be on hiatus until I figure out what to do with the bag I'm left holding.
Going to have to come up with a totally new plot and arc for Thor at some point. If anyone wants in on this I guess just let me know.
Incidentally I'm in the same lurch right now with DocTachyon vis a vis Dr Fate. They got ahold of me on discord over a week ago saying they still wanted to collaborate, but I haven't heard anything back since.

I wonder if both of the people I was waiting on dropping is a sign...
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