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Here lies a man of a kind, Single to none he had created a mind, through the light and dark he had always tried, to be the best he could despite the crimes, he endured much, became what he had shunned, everything he had done, acclimation from one, blessed and favored he ran to his destiny, a wolf he became to fight off the 'integrity', of all those that lied they'd hide in what shines, the true sickness of our world, the liars that scribed, convinced the sheep to follow the blind, that their ancestors had preached since the dawn of time. To the death he fought for the lives of the lost, never again did he allow those he loved to be crossed, a sheep to a wolf, the ultimate regression, though to him to fight the wolves was nothing but progression.


Hey, I hope your having a great day. Hit me up together we'll make, Our dreams come true, lets go and create.

I go by J



Heterosexual, Though in rp I can do Bi aswell (Me being Dom)

Mixed (African American, Eastern European, and Native)

Only Interested in roleplaying with those 18+

I enjoy all kinds of RPs... Though mixes of genres are the best for me.

(War, Drama, Romance, Nations, Kingdoms, Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Slice of Life, Dystopian, Sci-fi and just about everything inbetween.)

I don't have much preference, your enjoyment and participation is my question. That I will answer to the best of my ability. You do the same for me, it'll be hard to get rid of a G.

If you have a problem, a hurt, or a lama; Know that I'm here to take some of the drama.

I love you for you, I'm not interested in fallacy. Know that I fight for you, as your health is what's best for me. Universe bless you for reading. Now lets go have fun, share laughs and cries until our hurts are gone.

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@Vampiretwilight Wow.. You have some great Roleplay Ideas.. Literally right up my alley. Bodyguard type rp's are AMAZING. Seems like you lean more towards the drama/romance over the action/war type stuff which typically I think the best of those are mixes of both as you said in whatever page I saw you say that in. I'd be 100% down to try something with you sometime if you were interested. Just an fyi, I'm going to start my 2nd year of college here in like a week but its all online so I should be able to still be pretty active. Im Assuming your on the discord?
@Vampiretwilight Yea, Lmao. I figured it would be, but I wanted to just give those interested a general idea of where my head is at. THANK YOU for the welcome! ^^, Also. Im trying to update my status however it says that I need to make a post on the forum. Does this not qualify?


NVM xD I realized that was just a warning. I believe my status was updated. :D
Hello fellow roleplayers, I'm new to this website/discord. With that said, I am definitely not new to roleplaying. I have done so for over 10 years of my life and am dedicated to making an ideal story with my partner/'s. I will say this now, that I am looking for 18+ individuals because I like to include a lot of more mature elements into my roleplay experience. I clarify this now because I will not tolerate any failure to meet that requirement. I typically can get down with pretty much any plot or scene. Though my favorites would be a mix of action, adventure, fantasy, romance, and drama. I enjoy creative and original plots over more fixed ones as world building is another one of my favorite things to do. (The more crazy the plot, the more intrigued I am.) HOWEVER, Im always down for more realistic, lifelike rps as well. I'm all about accommodating my partner's needs and interests. My roleplay styles are flexible, I can do anything from semi lit to advanced literate. (Although Novella isn't really my cup of tea, I'd still be willing to give it a try). **WARNING** I do really enjoy combative, gore filled, dramatic conflicts; Such as war and battle. With that said since I already warned yall about continuing- xD.... I am not fond of abusive type roleplays. Dont get me wrong I love being a Villian, however if your just looking for some kind of messed up thing where essentially the entire experience revolves around me doing X,Y,Z to you and it is all nonconsensual, straight up physical, mental abuse; Then I am not your guy. ANYWAY. Literally the way I look at it is, we are truly only limited by our imaginations. The SKY IS THE LIMIT. We can make it as surface level, or as indepth as you'd like. The bottom line is, I'm looking to meet people to have a great time with and hopefully even maybe become friends. To circle back about what I was saying earlier about my roleplay experience. I've done a wide slew of things that include roleplaying such as DND, Text based roleplaying, Pen and paper roleplaying, Minecraft Realms Kingdom roleplays (One of which I happen to own), Verbal roleplaying, EVEN LARP xD (Granted that was when I was like 16 but still you get the point). ALSO I'm a history nut, mostly history that involves conflict which if we're being honest has existed since the dawn of time. So I like to consider myself pretty learned on that topic. I also am very spiritual, but easy going and accepting. Not gonna judge someone for what they beleieve and if anyone reading this just even needs a shoulder to lean on... Know that I am here. Looking forward to hearing from yall! Thanks for allowing me to participate in this. Have a great day ^_^.
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