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Interested, happy to help co-gm too
Communication is key yet you don’t communicate your expectations without giving ‘warnings’!?
You’re a megalomaniac and your reply’s have been uncreative and poorly delivered. I had hoped engaging with another player would make this game more sufferable but I can’t even have an IG conversation without your hindrance.

I can only assume I’ve stumbled upon some pre-teens little setup so I have broken another rule and edited my last post.

I can’t say that it has been fun, nor do I wish you luck.

@Dark Light So I noticed that you made a post, you'd have to wait until I update before you can make a post again. So you'll need to get it removed, ask one of the mods to do that and then wait until I update and the post it again. I also highly suggest you reread the rules again as well. This will be the last warning on that.

Cool, so no where in the rules does it say I have to wait for you to post again only that I leave two posts in between.

Gerric Roar Halfden

Location: Niflheim
Skills:Water manipulation

Unsure where to begin or how to answer, for what seemed like a long moment Gerric just stood and stared blankly at Lara. A faint hit of confusion stuck to that frozen face of his. Now that he was unmoving the shivers where undeniable. He wasn’t sure if her first question was a real one or if simply the frost had already started to settle on his brain. The thought that Arnora was behind him, someone he hadn’t seen in many many years, pulled at his focus and caused a whirlwind of emotions to plague him.

Wh, What!?” Gerric finally responded to the blonde woman incredulously as he denied her advances to aid his injury with a waving hand.
Sceptically he found words enough to answer that which he believed too obvious to need explanation. His words came drawn out and slightly slurred, slipping between chattering teeth and through tired numb lips.
”I was fighting. was his first and complete answer, speaking as though those three simple words covered everything. He continued on to the next, a pitying look in his eyes.

”Yer never had the cold in your bones before have you?” he asked without really asking.
”Were I not a son of Aegir, and fool enough to follow your advice, the cold would put me to a sleep I’d never wake from. No amount of walking could distance me from that fate, especially here. I am of the sea and lands of snow and still I have never known a chill like that of Niflheim.”
Then he pauses before adding in with a coy smile.
”Besides, everyone knows huddling naked is the best way to warm a body.”

Proving he had no intent to get naked, he threw his arms out wide and closed his eyes in concentration. Before his feet a small pool of water would appear as he tried to drag all the moisture out of his clothes, essentially drying the freezing cold fabrics with his father-given magic.

Despite his best efforts it was all too late for him. The ice of Niflheim had sunken deep into his bones. His body temperature had dropped drastically, and here, in this cold dark cave, being watched over by some of the fiercest and most merciless of creatures, Gerric would not find aid. Had he the strength he’d spend the last of it to stab Anora through the back. But he didn’t.
His limbs were weak, his head heavy and his mind sluggish. Darkness encroached upon his vision, his use of magic draining his life as quick as the cold he sought to remove.

It was not an honourable death, nor a brave or mighty one. He’d rather have gone out to the blade of a drugar, fang of the world serpent or tentacle of the kraken. But just like his life, his death did not go how he planned. This time there would be no valkerie, this time the darkness would be final.

With no words of warning, just a battering of his eyelids, Gerric slumped against the rocky wall and slid down to the hard unforgiving floor, falling into his last and final sleep.

Gerric Roar Halfden

Location: Niflheim
Skills:Blades, Water manipulation

A hand caught Gerric’s collar and only chance saw him delay before impaling the assailant with a dagger, a delay that let him see the very living features of Arnora. Surprise took the edge off his wild reckless rage but not before a torrent of water swept a draugr up into the air and removed its undead limbs one by one.

Satisfied, he followed one of his least favourite people back to shore and into the cave. In there he hoped he would find some of those that came with him, but to his disappointment he did not.
Instead there were others that he was not familiar with. All had that hint of a warriors soul but one seemed as if that soul was ready to disembark from its body.
He was speechless as he stood shivering before them with blue lips and ice in his beard.

Gerric Roar Halfden

Location: Niflheim
Skills:Blades, Water manipulation

Gerric didn’t hear anything over the splashing of water, his engagement with the drugar and his own growling. The slash across his chest caused him to rethink his choice of not wearing armour.
He drew his largest dagger and used it to defend against any oncoming blades while constantly controlling the flow of the icy water around him. He pushes or pulls enemies away, slamming others with a jet of water or erupts a wall to block projectiles.

Jörmungandr in the distance was as awe inspiring as it was terrifying, even if it’s presence came with a flooding of questions. Gerric didn’t allow those thoughts into his mind. His focus was on those around him. The spay of water around him increased as their surroundings grew more and more choppy. Gerric backed away, pushing the undead into a cluster as he prepared his escape. The world serpents presence didn’t change his plan, what good would an extra 50ft on land do to hinder the will of a creature large enough to wrap the world.
@Nallore Should I be surprised that the world serpent is in Niflheim, or is that something everyone is aware of.
But yea, how and why?

Gerric Roar Halfden

Location: Niflheim
Skills:Blades, Water manipulation

Gerric knelt over the body of his fallen comrade, her dirty blonde hair matted over his bloody hands as he lift her head up off the cold hard ground and searched her soft features for signs of life. There were none. Her icy blue eyes stared emptily up at the sky.
Behind him, the sound of shuffling snow and rattling bones neared without notice. A one footed Draugr limped towards him alternating between foot and shin as it stumbled forth with out stretched arms and a hungry abandon.

A moment before the claw like fingers raked across his back, Gerric twisted and shift his weight, his friends abandoned head fell lifeless to the snow as he drove a closed blunt fist up towards the skeletal figures jaw. Quicker than his flying fist, a silver liquid flew from the drinking horn at his side and splashed upon his hand. The blunt ineffective force of his uppercut was replaced by a long steel blade that grew from the now solid gauntlet he wore.

Gerric’s raising force tore the draugr’s head from its already dead body as he came to stand. He growled with rage as he stared up at the half-rotten lifeless face impaled upon his raised bladed gauntlet. He brought the creatures face closer to his own and opened his mouth wide as he let out a loud blood curling war cry that echoed his wrath out across the frozen tundra.

His emotions took control of his magic and the steel gantlet began to melt away letting the Draugr’s head fall to meet its body. In the wake of the vile creatures dark face Gerric saw the consequences of his outburst. He had called the attention of all undead in earshot. All around dark silhouettes in the white snow began to redirect towards him.
Good. he thought to himself. Let my brothers flee. he knew death out here would be truly that and if his was to come, hopefully it would be in the place of any more of his Einherjar allies.

He owed these people that came with him nothing but coin, barely even knowing their names, yet somehow their deaths weighed heavily on him. Not all were dead though, not yet anyway. Gerric would try keep it that way. Drawing the dripping liquid metal back through the air to join the rest still on his hand, it rolled over his body and made its way back into its drinking horn.

Looking around Gerric noticed what might be a cave in the distance, a draugr passing it by. It looked like not only a good place to hide but also fight. It’s narrow entrance would funnel the numerous enemies into a narrow line, making their numbers worth naught. Unfortunately that was not where he was going. Hoping the others would find it, Gerric instead ran across the icy ground leading the dead away from there as he raced towards the water like his life depended on it. Although it lengthened his journey he sprung from left to right zigzagging his path to remain unpredictable to any Draugr archers. In no time he was panting and sweating as his heart pounded heavily in his chest.

The ocean was his domain and would be his best advantage over the undead, he just had to make it there. He flung a heavy knife out through the air here and there to clear his path all’s whilst running his heart out.
Can I get a little more info on the Draugr and where Gerric is?
Thanks! Working on a post now.

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